The Drop


The DropIt was late in the afternoon and I was sitting on a park bench waiting for my contact to arrive. I normally would have never agreed to a ‘drop’ in a place like this but according to my handlers the contact was scared to death. I am known as a ‘messenger’, I am the middleman between ‘spies’, ‘moles’ and other nefarious, traitorous characters that I have to interact with on a daily basis and the unnamed government agencies that I work for or “the alphabets” as they are known. You know, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc, etc, ad infintium. I work for them all since I am a free lancer and am very good at my job, pick up and delivery.As I sit on this bench trying to look as innocuous as possible, I am surprised at how crowded the park is this evening. The weather is warm but there is still a chill in the early spring, late afternoon air, so the number of people hanging out is surprising. Dammit, this makes things worse, if my contact is being followed or if I was being followed it would be that much harder to spot our pursuers.From what I understand, this mole is part of an industrial corporation doing business with certain unsavory characters that will sell their merchandise and soul to the highest bidder, consequences be damned. I know nothing about this person, not how they look, their age or even gender. Nada. I hate coming out to the field with so little information. I feel so vulnerable, so naked. My eyes scan slowly across my field of vision to see if I notice anyone staring too long or deliberately not staring. Usually ‘pursuers’ as they are known, operate in teams of two or more and their job is to intercept, by any means necessary, the mole or spy prior to them making the ‘drop’ (passing information). Right before the drop is the most dangerous time, that is why I keep my hands in my pocket on my weapon, just in case.I perch on the bench like a statue trying to catch everything around me. Then I see them, the ‘pursuers’, two man team, one on a bike fixing his tire for over a half hour and one sitting on a bench reading a paper. I suspected the man with the paper but I might not have noticed the biker if not for the almost imperceptible nods exchanged from one to the other. Then I noticed how the biker fiddled with the tire for an unusually long time. However, as important as I think I am, the mole is the one they want; the one with the secrets. So we all sit here and wait for this mysterious person to show up.Time seemed to freeze as we sat in a stalemate of sorts looking to see if the “tell” or indication would come on my side as to who the mole was. Funny thing is. I had no clue. All I was told was that the mole would make themselves known to me. I didn’t have too much problem until I saw Heckyl and Jeckyl over there. Now I am concerned that this civilian maybe walking in to a trap that me and my little ”friend’ might not be able to get out of.”Hey, baby, wanna go out on a date?”I looked to my right and a tall black woman is standing there, a hooker. She was wearing short shorts and a halter top that barely contained her huge breasts. Her long legs sat atop seven-inch high heels and made her look statuesque.”So you want sum of this or what?” she asks with major attitude and a certain aggressive need to survive on the street.”No thanks,” I say.”Come on you look like a good guy and I can make it worth you while, baby.” She was now in my face and she leaned forward and pulled down her top showing her chocolate brown breasts.”See baby,” she said still holding her top down. “Don’t these look good? I ain’t your average illegal bahis siteleri ho, I takes care of myself and I am disease free. I don’t go anywhere with out these” and she held up a package of condoms.“Good for you,” I said as I tried to scan around to look for my contact.”Here baby you should take one,” as she handed me the package. “Even if you don’t get some of this here,” patting her groin,” you may need this later.””No thanks,” I said quickly but my two friends took a special interest in her attempt to hand me the condom. Damn, I had to think quick. “OK, let’s assume I want to ‘date’ you how much is it going to cost me?””You ain’t po po, are you? You smell like po po, and I don’t know …” She looked me up and down. “Oh, what the hell, it $50 for a blow job and $100 for sex.” She looked at me as if she were proud of her business savvy.I reached into my pocket and pulled out two 100 dollar bills. “Here take this.””Oh baby that will get you an ‘around the world’?” she said as she snatched the money from my hand.” ‘Around the world’?” I asked, she laughed out loud.”Yeah that where you get to do it all including Greek…ass fucking. I don’t do that much but for a big spender like you I would.” She said smiling at me. Her smile was infectious as was her attitude but I was here for a job.”No sweetheart, you take that and go…now.””OK, your loss big spender.” she said as she put the money in her halter and started to walk away. But as she walked away my two friends looked like they were about to follow her. I realized with the condom and the money being passed back and forth they might have thought she was the mole.Great I thought, while they tail her I can get the drop from the real mole and get out of this thing with my gun unfired and my nerves just a little less jittery. Then my thoughts turned back to that poor girl, if they find out she wasn’t the mole, they would hurt her bad or maybe even kill her. Damn. I can’t let that happen.”Hey you,” I called to her. She turned around and stopped. “I think I am going to take you up on your offer. ‘Around the world’ you say?””So you got a little freak in you, huh.” She said as she grabbed my hand. I kept an eye on my new friends who stopped in their tracks and waited to see what would happen.”Listen I have to stay nearby, do you mind if we went behind those bushes over there.””Shit, I have done it in worse places than that; come on,” she said loudly, “You won’t believe this but this is your lucky day, I am horny as hell.”We moved to the back of the bushes where she grabbed me and started kissing me. I felt my dick jump as she pulled me into her big breasts and her tongue found its way into her mouth. I knew my friends would come over to look at what was going on so I said to her, “Hurry, I have to meet someone soon.””Don’t worry baby, let me just get out this condom and we will get started.” She fumbled in her purse to get one. I reach in my pocket to give her the one she gave me. “No baby, I want you to keep that. I have one right here.”She opened the package and then undid my pants. This is so unprofessional, if word got back to my handlers that I was getting a blowjob when I was on a ‘drop’ I would get canned if not end up in the river face down.She reached into my pants and pulled out my dick. “Damn, you got a big ass dick, I am really going to enjoy this.” She the grabbed it and in a single motion put her mouth on my now hardening dick and went all the way to the bottom. Then she came back up and had the condom on my dick. Amazing.She wrapped her hand perabet giriş around the head of my dick and began to move it in a circular motion. Then she moved her mouth in conjunction with it. The feeling was incredible. I just realized it has been months since I’ve even been with a woman. Oh damn, I should do this more often.”Baby, you like that?” She said to me as her hands moved up and down and she stared into my eyes.”Oh yeah , don’t stop.” I said as she kept up the motion and I tilted my head back. But even through the pleasure I was aware that there were eyes on us. In the distance, I could see my two friends peeping around the bushes.”I think you are ready, baby” she stood up and grabbed my dick. She took my arm and lifted up her leg and moved her pussy against my dick. She was so wet and warm.”Come on I told you I was horny, give it to me.”I stuck my dick inside her and she let out a soft moan. Oh it felt so good even with the condom on. I grabbed her round ass and began to fuck her harder. From the sound we were making there is little doubt that we were fucking. I noticed that one of my friends had departed but the other one, the biker was still there. I needed to finish up so I could get back to work. She was kissing me on my neck and face.”Oh deeper , I want it deeper, fuck me with that big dick baby, give it to me.”Her moans were driving me over the top. I wanted more of her, she was so good.”Turn around, bend over,” I commanded her.”Oh yeah baby anything for you, remember you paid for ‘around the world'”Yeah as she stood in front of me I knew I had to fuck her brains out. I grabbed her hips and began to ram my dick into her wet pussy.”Ohhhh, baby… that feels so good… fuck me hard, baby… fuck me harder… I want all of you, baby.I couldn’t help it but the more she spoke the harder my dick got. It was like there was a direct link between her mouth and my dick.”Ohhh baby, I want to feel that big dick up my ass. Give it to me. Give it to me .” She begged. I heard rustling in the bushes.. Probably biker, trying to get a better view. At this point, I don’t give a fuck.She reached back and grabbed my dick. Then she turned around and spit all over my dick. “Don’t hurt me too bad, baby” then she takes the head and pushes it against her tight asshole. I move forward just a little but she is in control of it. “That’s it baby. Put it in slowly.”I grabbed her hips. I waited until about three inches were in and then I pushed deeper. It felt so hot. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. “Oh your ass is so good.” I exclaim.”Fuck it baby, fuck it good, make it hurt so good,” I then slapped her ass, it sounded like a gunshot but I didn’t care.”Oh baby, slap me while your dick is so deep in my ass. You are a freak baby…fuck it. Fuck it.”I kept pumping her ass and slapping it. I felt myself about to cum. I started to fuck her even harder. Her ass rippled from the intensity of my strokes.”Oh Baby, you …are…killing…it. don’t stop ..whatever do …don’t stop.”I grabbed her and shot my load for what seemed like hours…she screamed out loud that she was cumming, which only made my dick jump more. “I can’t take no more, baby…I can’t take more …you were so good.”I looked at her bent over as my dick started shrinking. I took off the condom and threw it to the ground. She turned around and kissed me.”Baby, too bad this is only business because you sure know how to work that thing,” she said as she grabbed my dick.”Is there anyway I can see you again?””No, baby, I am just a street ho, you will see me on the perabet güvenilir mi stroll but I don’t do outcalls.””Can’t you make an exception?””Sorry baby, but no exceptions.” She kissed my cheek and then began to leave.”Here”, I said I handed her another hundred dollar bill.”Thanks Baby, see you around.”As she left, my two friends weren’t interested in her anymore or me. They wrote her off as a prostitute and me as a desperate customer. As I sat waiting for the mole I could not help but think of how much I missed real companionship and how the job wasn’t everything.So I got up from my bench and left. I was going to quit tonight. The mole probably got cold feet. It happens, I have waited days at a time with no contact.As I walked into the warehouse that was the cover for my agency office in New York, my chief handler immediately confronted me.”Did you get it?””No, the contact never showed up.””God dammit it, this is a major fucking screw up, the information she had was vital to cracking the whole bio terrorist operation that is threatening our country. Without it we have zero intelligence on this.”As I stood there I remember the gravity of my assignment I felt ashamed that I had been so unprofessional.”Sir I have something to tell you….””It will have to wait…I am getting a call on my cell…hold on” He turned his back to me and covered the number. Years in the spook game taught us to trust no one, especially those close to you.He closed the phone and strode over to me. He reached into my pocket and pulled out the condom. He ripped it open and out came a computer chip.”You are a slick character. You didn’t tell me you had a couple of high level pursuers on your tail. Dr, Jennings, said you were so concerned about her safety that you put your body on the line, I am proud of you son.””Dr. Jennings..?””Yes, Dr. Pamela Jennings one of our country’s leading biologists and an employee of the company we are focusing on. When she spotted the discrepancies in some reports, she immediately contacted us. She’s provided us with enough data to shut it down.”I stood there dumbfounded; did Dr. Jennings use this poor woman to pass me the condom because she knew about her pursuers? I am sure she was paranoid and set up a contingency plan in case she had to bail, hence the hooker.I walked over to a terminal and put in the name Pamela Jennings, Hundreds of pages of websites popped up. I pulled up page after page of articles she’d written over the last few years. Then I found it, a site with a picture.There it was in front of me, the hooker wasn’t a woman Dr. Jennings sent over. It was Dr. Jennings. I was floored. I can’t believe it.I sat for a long time and stared at that picture and then I knew what I had to do… Security risk or not, some things happen once in a lifetime.I reached for the phone and called the number listed in the company directory…”Dr, Jennings please…?””This is Dr. Jennings.””Well Dr. Jennings, you may not remember me, but we met during a recent business conference. I’m in town and wondered if you aren’t too busy, maybe we can get together for drinks.””Your voice does sound very familiar and while I appreciate the invitation, I must decline, I have a very busy schedule and work is piled up to the ceiling. I just can’t make time right now.””Oh, I am sorry to bother you, Dr. Jennings.””No bother at all. I recall the conference we attended and it was quite exciting, even thrilling. Maybe we can attend another symposium?””Just tell me when and where.””I am unsure of the convention schedule, but I believe the venue is the same.””Dr. Jennings, I’m very much looking forward to your next lecture.””As am I.” With that the phone hung up.I sat at my desk smiling thinking about how being a workaholic is not such a bad thing, you never who you may meet in a job like this. You just never know.

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