The Door is Always Open

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Elena and Gabi had been the best of friends for so long they often asked each other if they had a life before they married and had their boys, Niall and Oscar, around the same time. The similarities did not end there. They were each divorced, Elena longer than Gabi, but when their men had left them their sons were almost through college and Elena’s business, ‘Verdant’, active in landscaping and lumber. It had been the foundation for her life from the moment the ink had dried on the papers. Gabi worked at whatever she could find and that kept her mind occupied, rather than be at home and suffer the silence now that her son, Oscar Kennett, had left and joined the Marine Corps. His loss in that way had cut her deep.

He had been into all things military since he had been a kid, his closest friend, Niall Jackson, not tempted by doing the same thing. He was now a vital apart of Elena’s business, it being his idea to also deal in lumber, what Verdant cut down on a customer’s lot and that they either logged and stacked for the customer’s fire or the brash was shredded for mulching. That too a client could keep, or Verdant took it all away. Once rotted down, some, Niall bagged it and they turned what had been mulched into cash.

The boys had been inseparable until Oscar had joined up and had gone to Parris Island. It might just as well have been the other side of the country, San Diego, because Gabi had not seen him until recruit camp time was through, she never doubting that he would pass out from boot camp.

“There sure is goin’ to be a space to fill in my life once you’re gone…you’ve always been my best pal around here and we’ve done almost everything together,” Niall had blurted out when he’d been round at Oscar’s place, a compact ranch style house set in a patch of woodland scrub and where they’d often throw a football or a basketball into the hoop and net set high over the garage door. Girlfriends came and went; they’d fooled around with them and learned along the way, but none had hooked them enough to make either think on what the future might hold.

“I’ll be back soon as I get through boot and recruit camps…and have found my way around the Corps,” Oscar had observed casually, not wanting to let his pal know that it was going to be a wrench for him too.

He would also miss the four of them, their moms and them, having a barbie out in the yard of respective homes, but he knew that Niall was way deep into the business his mom had set up before her marriage to Niall’s father hit the skids. The woman sure didn’t deserve that, and he’d gotten to thinking that he would miss the sight of her. She sure was competent, never could conceal what she’d bring to a man even when she wore only too functional work clothes, some washed-out dungarees along with a blouse or T-shirt, a colourful bandana at her throat and her stark blonde hair cut in an only too functional bob. In winter that would be hidden by a knitted beanie hat, her body wrapped in a quilted jacket zipped to her throat, and only too functional patch-pocket pants replacing the dungarees. Her bright smile always made up for it all.

But relaxing at a barbie, out would come the swirly skirts and tops, clothes to catch the sun, the bracelets and the necklaces. When she, and his mother, did that both he and his buddy saw another side to the women who were constants in their lives, and that set them talking.

It was then that they gave voice to youthful fantasies that the girls they went with, or had gone down on, never quite satisfied. They had also taken to wondering what their moms found so funny when seeing them fooling around before them. They were both lean and strong, jocks in their college days, he the more muscled of the two, taller and broader than Niall, but he had seen how his friend had filled out some more when he had begun working for Verdant. The heavy lifting bulked him out. Yeah, they were over six foot tall, lean and strong, their mothers not knowing that they still catalogued every curve and dip of their bodies when they had the chance.

“I sometimes think it’s disrespectful…to think of them as we do, sometimes… as we each do, pal,” Niall had gone and told him.

“It’s not sometimes when I’m with you…and Elena, your mom, so I’m glad that I’ll be away for a spell. It will let the heat cool down…”

He had stopped from saying how his mother wound his clock too. She’d touch his arm, give him a smile that revealed what was at work in her again, an unmistakable tremble of her lips, a softer wondering look of her eyes on him as the clock wound down to him leaving her.

“But it won’t help me…with what I feel, sometimes.”

“Then you’ll have to find a way to work it out of your system, pal,” Oscar had laughed.

Niall had been too embarrassed to admit that he already did that, when he was alone and in his room. His mother’s frequent calls to Gabi, how they were heard to laugh and, sometimes, the cutting short of a call when he was near, suggested who it was they were again talking about.


Gabi istanbul escort heard the knock on the front door. It was louder than usual, and she knew that her months of waiting were finally at an end. Her small home, with its clapboarded walls and neatly trimmed hedge to the front, had been spotlessly cleaned, the ceiling fan in the living room cooling the air.

“I’ve gotta go…sorry, Elena…my boy’s home!”

She spoke out in a soft, honeyed voice, her look in the mirror soon showing a bright smile, her long auburn red hair brushed out and a blush of makeup and soft lipstick just as she wanted, the wide-eyed wonder that the house would again be lively to the sound of Oscar’s deep voice and engaging laughter, his energy as he strode from room to room, or slumped down on the sofa beside her and they could talk. There was so much to catch up on.

“I’ll leave you two to it…won’t trouble you until tomorrow, okay?” Elena felt her spirits lift too, hoped it wouldn’t be long before they were all together.

“Sure…we can meet up for supper,” Gabi enthused, checking her reflection in the hall mirror, once again, and adjusting the fit of her patterned wrap around dress that shaped her. She had a reason to make a fuss over how she looked, doing her best for her ‘boy’, as she still thought of him. “I sure have missed Oscar being around…”

“That goes for me too…”

“You missed him too?” Gabi blurted out in some dismay. “I guess it’s no longer illegal…”

Elena was heard to laugh softly. “I remember us talking of our boys often enough. Who else was there in our lives? I work all the hours I can with Niall’s help, so we’re bonded really close…”

Gabi knew it well enough, but being abandoned by her husband, and Oscar’s father, had shaped their much further than she dared to speak of, even to Elena. Joking about the young men took things too close to how it was for her, had been before Oscar had gone away. Now she had a week or so to make good their bond once more and that Zoom calls were no substitute for.

“Sorry, girl, I really do have to go, or my Marine son will smash down the door! I’ll call you, promise!”

On a last look at herself in the mirror, and in the grip of anticipation that seeing him again had aroused in her, she was gone.

“At last, you’re really here! I can kiss and hold you…you’re not a face on a Zoom call anymore!” Gabi let him enter the house, soon closed the door and flung her arms about his neck, kissed his face and met a moment’s look of his eyes over her. “Yes, I dressed up…came home early from work…didn’t want to be late for you, darlin’…”

“I wondered how you’d look…if you’d wear the dress from that last night before I went away…” He stood before her as his bag fell to the floor with a thud. Oscar brushed his fingers over Gabi’s face, touched her trembling lips. “It was difficult for me too….no let up from anything. There were times I wondered what I was doin’ there…no release for how I felt or was goin’ through.”

“But you’ve changed…look so lean and strong.” She sensed it in all of him, his broad shoulders, his body narrowing to the waist, the strength in his arms, his biceps hard. She felt that as her hands gripped his arms and Oscar drew her to him once more. “It’s sounds crazy, I know…but I don’t want to let you go. Make me believe you’re really here…please?”

He knew her not to be the needy sort, far from it, but where it concerned him they lived out their lives quite differently. In their early calls she had confessed to the turmoil that being together in tempestuous ways had aroused, the sense of raging guilt that she had persuaded him to concede and before he had lost himself in her. Once dismay, and inhibitions, had fallen away everything they had shared had become consensual but taboo.

“I sure am glad…feel it in my blood, mom…again.”

“Gabi…I’m Gabi…I became Gabi after that last night together and before you left me.”

“You know why…why it was right that I left you. I’ll always come back…as I know that the door’s always open.”

“Even after all that we did together…it was a crazy time?”

“Yes…even after those moments.”

They fell into a tightening embrace as he answered her, as they kissed and held each other so close. He clutched her hips. She would feel his state of arousal against her belly. Gabi clung to him as best she could, looked up at Oscar and understood what was at work in him.

“Darlin’…you…you want me to…again?”

Gabi remembered, felt the ache of a destructive longing as she recalled his last night with her, of them meeting in the hall outside their rooms, his hugs of consolation for the upset he was causing her soon giving way to embraces, questing caresses, and of finally being impaled on her boy’s long bloated prick and losing it completely with him. Idle talk with Elena had become ragingly real, even if it was her son who sought it of her.

“Let me….let me,” istanbul escort bayan he murmured, pressing his face to her breasts, felt Gabi’s hands on his head as she kept him to her, “let me find out where you’ve put your perfume?”

All that she and Elena had teased and joshed each other about, laughed at the idea of it, had again been made lovingly and passionately real, her body gloried in as Oscar caressed and kissed, sucked and clamped his lips to her skin, to her thighs and the soft swell of her belly, to her breasts, his wayward sucks those of a lover and not the boy she had nurtured, all of them a prelude to him being taken inside her body, to feel the deep and tamping rhythm that he sought from her and that she craved. It had never spoken of, not even with her closest and trusted friend. Incest was taboo, you never spoke of it, although it happened more often than folks dared to realise. She’d always been so close to Oscar, denied him nothing in her motherly loving and care, but she could not fully explain just how she had gotten to this place, where they both were, again.

“I should stop you…make enough of you just being home again with me…to feel you close but no more!”

In thrall to him, it had again become depraved and destructive behaviour, what she had hoped for and talked of with Elena, in the abstract, made ragingly real once more. She offered a lingering caress to his skin as he left her bed, the flashes of lightning and rolls of thunder close overhead, and the blustery wind battering the window.

“It sure is stormy out there,” he laughed softly, looking out through the net curtains as the rain lashed the glass and blotted out the view. “I’ve worked out in that until I looked like a swamp animal…covered in mud!”

His laugh was infectious, her boy like she had never seen him before, confident and only too self-assured in his claims upon her. Gabi held out her arms to him as he returned to her bed and leant over her, looked down at her naked body, the splay of her breasts and how she brushed fingers over the mat of hair on her mound. He joined her in doing that, tugged gently on her hard nipples with his lips. Her boy had become someone else, and she was behaving in her own complicit ways.

“I wondered about this you know?” he said in a husky voice, locking eyes with her as he said it, a hand again brushing over the skin of a passionate woman. “It was comfort for you then…now it’s become something else. I won’t force myself on you…I would never do that.”

“Come back to me!” she gasped, squirming under his touches to where she had taken him, holding his head as Oscar knelt on the bed beside her and bent down to kiss and lick her out, to have her taste what they had shared a few moments ago on his lips. He did so shamelessly, again and again.

“Like this…come back to you like this?” His breaths were on her mouth as he moved to settle between her legs, pushed her aching thighs apart before he slowly entered her slicked heat, all thoughts of restraint soon dispelled on feeling the clamp of her hands on him, as they again sought a wild union of their bodies.

“Yes, like this! I have you back with me…know it’s so wrong, but I’ll never know when you’ll be back again…and you’ll end the emptiness of my life!”

She wanted to fuck and wanted to do that with him. Anything could happen to him, at any time, and in any place. She wanted to blot that all out and do it with the young man for whom she felt a raging devotion, futile as it was to think their affair could continue. She’d been wrecked by being abandoned by her boy’s father, trusted few men she dated as she sought to recover the balance in her life. Eventually, their reckless and unrestrained passion would ebb away, and she and Oscar would live on, only differently. There was no turning back, just as there had not been when it had happened the first time, only now it felt so different. Then, it had felt like a mistake and not to be repeated.

Oscar groaned as her wrenching claims brought him on once more, her lustful energy defying what he had shared during that last night with her many months ago.

“You…you feel so wonderful!”

“It’s like that for me too, darlin’…but how can we keep this a secret?”

“I sure don’t know…or want to think about it, not now!” he gasped, reaming her body with the strong sinuous movements of his hips and the plunge of his prick into her wet, slicked heat.

Her gasps of effort, groans of pleasure, became a long shriek of his name as she gushed, gripped his prick and succumbed to her orgasm. He expelled darts of cum into her body, and did not stop, until they were utterly exhausted by the physical and emotional toll on them.

“I’ve taken care of everything…just to share this with you…maybe for one last time!”

On hot gasps of breath, Oscar collapsed on her. “We’ll see, Mom…Gabi…I’ve only just come home…back to you.”

She tugged on his hair, such as it was, and made Oscar look at her. escort istanbul She saw again the drift of his eyes over her body. What she and Elena had talked about in moments of candour that had been encouraged, perhaps, by a drink too many, had become a raging and incestuous reality from which there was no turning back

“Don’t tease me darlin’…not now!”


Gabi waited for Elena to answer the phone, her mind racing and wondering just what to say and what to do after a tempestuous reunion with Oscar. He’d given her no rest, nor had she asked it of him. They had become like moths attracted to the flame of light. When he had gone from her again, that would be the time to deal with her guilt.

“Well?” Elena laughed, “has he come back home to you?”

“He sure has…and he’s changed so much,” she chattered in reply, tugging her dressing gown belt a little tighter around her waist and fingering out her tangled hair. Oscar had run his fingers through it as he kissed her, had snorted out his breaths of effort as he rode her, or when she had sat on him and allowed him to feast on all that she brought to his sight and touch. She would have to go to work, on short time, just to get a hold of herself and what she had done.

“Well, I’m not goin’ to take your word for it. I’d sure like to see him again and I know Niall wants that too…”

“I’ll tell Oscar…”

“Do that. I was hoping you could both be here for supper. Niall sure wants that, and I won’t know when I’ll see you both again…”

“Oh, why’s that?”

“Niall’s only gone and sprung a surprise on me, of the worst kind, seein’ as your Oscar’s home. He’s gotten called up for a course that will help us take on different landscape business. Someone called off and the place is his…otherwise it’s goin’ to be six months or more before he can get on another one…”

“I understand…means Oscar will be with me some more…”

Elena was heard to sigh. “I was thinking of asking a favour…”

“You can’t have him too…Oscar’s only just gotten back home and to me!” Gabi laughed out before moderating her reaction. “He’s here for a week or so…”

“If he’s so strong, as you’ve just gone and told me…I sure could use him for a day or so with a project…help fill the gap Niall’s goin’ to leave me to deal with….somehow, if I’m on my own.”

“We’ll have my Oscar all to ourselves!”

“Gabi, what are you sayin’…?”

“Just that we won’t be entirely alone…if that’s how it’s to be. We’d be together if Niall was gone, and my Oscar was too…but we won’t be…he’s here, and I sure am glad!”

“That’s so, I guess,” Elena agreed on a drawn out breath.

“Why, what else were you thinking of, hm?” Gabi teased on a soft laugh.

“Oh, nothing…and not what you’re suggesting. Don’t be so wicked! Niall’s all the help I get or need when it comes to running the business and taking on new work. To me he’s priceless and I hope it stays that way for some time yet…”

“Then we’ll leave it there. You want to have supper over here, tomorrow…catch up on things?”

“I asked that you came over here…Gabi.”

“Sure, thank you. That way Niall meets up with Oscar, and we can be together as we once were…”

“Not quite…”


“My life changed when my Oscar went into the military,” she asserted, something that Elena knew, from many long chats, ever since he had done. “The bond’s still close but different…you may get there too one day with Niall. You have to adapt….and when it does we’ll help each other through…”

“Gabi…oh, here you are.” Oscar’s voice sounded close.

She held fingers to her lips to silence him, Oscar, her son and lover, was standing in the doorway and his bulk seeming to fill it. She shivered, felt again the ache of reckless longing for him, for the man, and what he had brought to her, in her, had done with her.

“I’ll call you…promise.” Gabi rang off and she was left wondering what Elena would make of what had been said. “I’ll go and get dressed…if you’ll let me?”

“Sure, if you’ll let me see you like this for a while longer?” He tugged at the belt of her robe and gasped softly as it fell open to reveal the heavy tumble of her breasts, the curve of her belly and wide hips. Oscar’s hands drifted down over her, remembered how this woman had groaned and moaned loudly, the clamp of her slender fingered hands on his body and her calls for him to ‘do it harder…go deeper’. He eased in his renewed claims upon her. “I’m sure getting lost again over this…mom…Gabi.”

“I know darlin’…I feel that way too.” Somehow, she had to deal with this, all that she had aroused in him, and they had succumbed to. “I won’t be long…”

“And I’ll catch up with Niall…while you’re showering and dressing.”

“Do that…but keep our secret safe won’t you?”

Oscar clenched his lips and nodded. “I sure know the differences between right and wrong…but we’ve become lost in this, haven’t we?”

The women watched their boys saunter towards them, their easy banter like it had always been before. Niall stood a few inches shorter than Oscar but looking lean and strong in his own way, his body slender and movements more graceful, to Elena’s ways of seeing them. The Marine Corps had changed Oscar, of that she had no doubts, and it was just as Gabi had said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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