The Doctor


The DoctorThe doctor (true story)ok, this would seem like a dream fo any of you, but it was true, though when i think about it and I get a hard on because of it, I’m a too close to make another appointment.I need to say a few things before I start with the actual facts.I’ve been appointed to my general doctor since a few years, and for some reasons, sometimes i had to go to see her quite often, nice serious but colds, flu, pains, etc.and although we treat each other, as Sie (german form to treat people that one is not so close to) but it seems like we know each other very well, as I will prove ahead. This time when I made the appointment, I had develpoed a pain in my penis, everytime I had sex my penis would heart, well not exactly the penis but the frenulum. Which I didn’t know.apparently the frenulum was short and it was about to cut sooner or later and when I had an erection that string would hurt a lot.However, I went to see my doctor to tell her about it, she is a pretty hot chubby lady, tall, big breasts, lond grey hair. I must say she always turned me on, but she was my doctor, right? just a fantazie,I made sure before the appointment not to have the same thing happening, like when I was a teen, that a doctor was looking at my cock and I got a hard on when she managed to touch it very softly, so that morning before the appointment I jerked my self, but it seems like it wasn’t anough.So there I am at the doctor, walking canlı kaçak iddaa to the consultory she was asking me how I was, long time no see you, and what can I do for you this I told her, and she say, ok come here to the stretcher and put your trousers down. I am still shy, but I mangaed to do it and look out of the window while she was getting her gloves on, then she sat in front of me and she said, “wow”, then I looked down to her and my cock first to see if there was something wrong. then she added something in german that I couldn’t understand-and I she was looking at me, ” is there something wrong?” I asked her. “no, not really, it’s something very silly and easy to fix” she said, “I got worried for a while when you said WOw” I said and then she added “it’s that you’ve got a pretty nice cock here, that’s all”at that moment I thought that it was a very nice compliment from a doctor to say, but she was a woman, with beautiful breasts, and very hot, “you see, that’s the problem” she said and she started to stroke my foreskin back and forth to show me the frenulum, “you see that?, well it’s short, so that’s why it hurts when you are having sex” “oh I see”, I said, and my eyes where just on her fingersmoving my cock back and forth, and sudedenly they moved on to the gap of her breasts underneath her doctors apron.I felt it coming, I didn’t know what to do, I almost paralized, my cock was getting hard….”so canlı kaçak bahis that’s all?, I mean, how long would it take to cure?” I tried to think of something else, but we were talking about my cock and her hand was still on it and I could see that she noticed my cock getting hard and my eyes on her breasts gap.”Mr.Tom” she said, I would make an appointment to the urologist and that doctor would solve it in no time, but first I would like to see it well to tell you”. she said. and I thought what’s it that she wants to see well..” what’s that?” I asked her.”would you mind to get a hard on now? so I can see it I might be able help you right now”….I was frozen there, in less than a second after she said that my cock went full hard and I couldn’t think anymore.”Sure” I managed to she started to strike my cock a bit harder and I was about to moan when I said to her “doc, I’m sorry but I’m feeling…” i didn’t finish my sentence when she left my cock went to her apron, open it up, open her bra, and put my cock between her tits…then I knew where we were going, I push her tits together against my cock, and she was sucking it and sucking my balls, Her tits were actually bigger than I thought, and she know how to give a blow.then she stood up and said ” now I want you to fuck my ass!” and she repeated in german “ficken Sie mich, ficken Sie mein arsh” she climbed the stretcher, put her pants down bahis siteleri canlı and gave me her ass in doggystyle, I ate her pussy a bit before I put my cock inside her ass.she was really hot and horny, she grabbed some oil near the stretcher, rubbed it on my dick and put herself in her asshole too, “now fuck my ass!” she said, and in I went,. I grabbed her tits, I fucked her hard doggystyle for a while, then she turned and we made it missionary, ” I wouldn’t miss that cock of yours for nothing, it’s so good, and big and hard, i want it all” she said, and I felt my self coming.”come inside me” she said, I tried to say something but she added “don’t worry, I want to feel your cock exploding inside me, give it to me, please!” she was almost screaming, but it would have been really weird to come out of the consultory so we had to manage to keep it down, but you know at those moments. Her grey hair had really turned me on. anyway, I felt my cock about to explode and I went to her ears and i told her that I was coming and she said to my ear “fuck, come inside, I love it, I love your cock inside me”, she was all red, and I couldn’t help but grab her tits, went up and came inside her. She was shaking for a minute or more after that, my cock hurt due to the problem that I had come to her for, so it went down again, but as soon asI pull it out of her wet pussy, and I saw her shaking and touching her pussy still, I felt to fuck her again.But we didn’t have time, after a while she said, “ok, now we have to pull ourselves together Mr Tom, sure you have a delightful cok there” “So when is our next appointment?” I asked “right after your cock’s surgery, you come first thing to see me” she said

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