The Diner a true story


The Diner a true storyTHE GREEK DINERby TheoThis is a true story with embellishment on the conversations. The action I remember distinctly though. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.This, my friends is an account of something that happened to me not to long ago. To the best of my ability, I will try to recall everything as it happened. The names are changed, but they really aren’t important any ways.There is a rather good sized Greek diner that I frequent often because they truly do have authentic Greek cuisine, and it’s really good. I’ve come to know the owner, Andros fairly well. In the past year, I’ve started wearing kilts much of the time. I wear them for comfort, mostly. The first time I walked in the diner with one on, Andros walked over to me and exclaimed in his usual, loud, boisterous, voice, that he’d never seen a Black man in a kilt, and asked if I was Scottish. After having a good laugh over that, we became casually acquainted.Andros, is maybe about 44 years old, about 5’9” tall, and somewhere close to the 200lb mark. He keeps his mostly grey hair in a longer style brush cut, and he’s clean shaven. He’s not a bad looking guy, but he’s also not really my type. I guess the only thing I find attractive about him is his gregarious nature.All that being said, I can now cut to the chase. Andros had agreed, after looking through a plethora of my photos on my tablet, to buy some and hang them in his restaurant. It was a pretty good sized sale for me and he also asked me to come in and help him place them in the right spots. I agreed, figuring it would be the best way to display my work. We set up a date for a night right after closing, around 11p.m. I showed up on the agreed night with all f******n prints plus an extra one thrown in as a sign of friendship. I sat and had coffee and pie and waited patiently until the last waitress was gone. Sitting down next to me, Andros sighed and told me what an exceptionally busy night it had been for a Wednesday.“Let’s have a glass of wine,” he said, getting up from the counter. “You want white or red,” he asked?“Whatever you’re having is fine with me.” We sat and joked and drank wine for a while until I figured it was time to start placing pictures around. Just as I was about to suggest to Andros that we get started, the cook walked out from the back.“Okay Andros, I’m done for the night. You need me for anything else?”“No, Tony. I’ll see you tomorrow. Let me lock the door behind you,” he said, following the man to the front door. I got up and grabbed two of the biggest prints and walked across the diner.“What do you think of these in this area,” I asked?“Tell you what,” he said, putting his hand on my shoulder, “I’m gonna go in back and take a shower while you figure out where you want things. I hate going home smelling like the restaurant. I won’t be long.”“Cool,” I answered back. I took my time finding the right spots for my prints. Twenty minutes had passed and I was just about to take the smaller ones to the rest rooms, when he came back out into the dining area. He was only wearing shorts and sneakers, and when I looked over, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the massive amount of grey and brown hair covering his upper body. I guess my shock must have been obvious because he stood grinning at me rubbing his hairy body.“I know. I look like a damn a****l don’t I? The wife hates it and wants me to shave it all the time.”“Shave? That should be against the law,” I joked with him. I put the smaller prints down on the closest table. “Take a walk with me and tell me what you think”“I trust you 100%. Let’s just get them put up.” It didn’t take us long, working together to get them hung. I did notice that he would stand extra close every once in a while, rubbing his body hair against me, but I thought nothing of it. The last one, the largest, I was holding against the wall and asking his opinion. He came up behind me, pressing his body close to mine and reached over to hold the picture up, telling me to step back and take a look. I started to let go and duck under his arms when he yelled for me to wait and pressed even closer into me. I could feel his crotch pressing against my ass. “I almost dropped it. That was close. I think I got it now,” he said, giving his crotch a slight thrust against me. I still didn’t give any thought to what he had done and continued with hanging the prints. Half an hour later, they were all hung in the dining area. The last places were the rest rooms. The men’s room was the easiest. Two pictures and done. We both headed to the ladies room, where it took a little bit more finesse, but we both got it done.“I have to take a wicked piss,” I said, walking into the stall and lifting the seat. No sooner had I started to piss than Andros walked in and stood beside me.“Hope you don’t mind sharing,” he said, pulling down the front of his shorts.“Nope. Not a prob……. HOLY SHIT,” I said, taking a glance down at what he was holding“What’s the matter,” he responded?? “Do you club baby seals with that thing,” I asked, not being able to tear my eyes away? It wasn’t so much the length, but the thickness.“That’s funny. You oughta see it when it’s hard,” he said, shaking the last few drops off but not pulling his shorts back up. “Wanna hold it,” he asked, turning towards me?“What? Uh no,” I stammered.“Come on. You know you want to,” he said, stepping a little closer, and waving it at me. Tentatively, I reached out and clasped his huge meat. I knew if he were hard, my fingers would not even touch.“How big is this thing,” I asked?“It’s a little bigger around than a beer can,” he answered, smiling at me. “Never seen one this big?”“Honestly. No.”“Why don’t you see if you can make it grow. Then you’re really gonna see something,” he said, putting his hand on my shoulder and gently urging me down. As much as I loved sucking cock, I knew this was going to be the ultimate challenge for me. I can deep throat with the best of them, having very little gag reflex, but this was a matter of how wide I could open my mouth.Before I lost my nerve, I flipped the toilet seat down and sat. Face to face with this thick piece of meat, I leaned forward.“Put it all the way in your mouth and let me get hard that way,” he said. My mouth had previously been dry, but the thought of sucking on this immense cock, made me start to drool. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and gulped all of his soft cock in.“That’s it baby,” he said, holding my head, preventing me from pulling back. “Oh yeah. I like a hot fucking mouth like this,” he moaned. He held me there, moving ever so slightly back and forth and side to side. I could feel him begin to grow, stretching my jaws to the limit. “Yessssss,” he hissed. “You’re doing good.” He began to slowly fuck my mouth, not trying to jam it down my throat, but enjoying the feeling of the hot wetness. “That feels so fucking good. I don’t get to feel a hot mouth on my dick to often,” he spoke quietly. I knew my jaws were going to be tired and sore after a few minutes of this, but I wasn’t going to give up either. He kept slowly pumping my mouth for a while longer.“Let’s go somewhere more comfortable,” he said, releasing his grip and stroking my head. I wasn’t ready to let go, so I swallowed him all the way down to the base. Immediately, all my oxygen was cut off as his huge cock head filled my throat.“Mmmmmmmm. You’re hungry for that dick, ain’t ya,” he said. “Slow down though. I wanna make this last.” Slowly I pulled off his cock, gasping konya escort for air. I finally got my first look at it hard. I couldn’t believe my mouth and throat had opened enough to accommodate this fat snake. I was right. I reached up and grabbed it and my fingers were not even close to touching as I made a fist around it.“Come on,” he said, grabbing my arms and pulling me up off the toilet. “Let’s go to my office. It’s better.”“Seriously, Andros, I don’t know how much longer I can suck on that. It’s fucking huge.”“We’ll work something out,” he laughed, pushing me back against the stall wall with his body. Being the same height, I could feel his hard cock rubbing against mine as he ground his body against me. “I promise I won’t take long if you promise to let me cum in your mouth,” he whispered in my ear. I didn’t answer as he ran his tongue down my neck. My body stiffened and I let out a small gasp. He had found my most sensitive spot. Realizing what he had found, he lightly bit and licked, causing me to groan and moan loud. The harder he bit, the louder and longer I moaned. He knew he had me right where he wanted me.“Come on, hot stuff. Follow me.” I was putty as he took my hand and led me out of the rest room. It seemed to take forever to walk the short distance through the waiting area, and kitchen to get to his office. Opening the door, he led me inside where it was more furnished than I expected. There was a big desk, and sofa and a futon, with several deep cushioned chairs around. Andros wasted no time tearing his shirt and shorts off and tossing them across the room. I stood wondering if I should do the same. Before I could even ask if he was cool with me being naked also, he walked over to me and pulled my tee shirt over my head. I quickly followed and soon was standing toe to toe with him, naked as the day I was born. I looked over his body, quite amazed. He was covered in brownish, grey hair, and I mean covered. From shoulders to feet, hair blanketed him. What a plus, I thought to myself.I buried my face in the thick mass on his chest, searching with my tongue for his hidden nipples. When I found one, I began to lick and suck like there was no tomorrow, causing him to shiver with pleasure. He walked backward with me following, still attached to his nipple, and sat on the futon.“Here ya go, baby. It’s all yours,” he, said, splaying his arms and legs wide. That was all I needed to hear. The futon had not been pulled out into a bed, so I took this opportunity. I straddled his legs, and semi sat on his lap. I could feel his massive, hard cock rubbing against mine.Leaning in, I kissed his forehead and slowly worked my way down the side of his face. I knew that it was probably avoid any mouth contact. I knew that many “straight” men will do every thing in the book except kiss, the ultimate taboo. Something I always found sort of amusing. This time, I was mistaken. Andros turned his head and engaged me in a long, deep, tongue delving, kiss. During the kiss, he was holding tightly on to my ass, pulling me firmly into his hairy body. I could feel his fingers searching and prodding, trying to find my hole. The thought of him trying to wedge his fat cock in me caused me to tighten up. There was no way in hell he was getting in there. It had been many years since anyone had fucked me and I didn’t want to start with something this size.“I’m ready to feel that mouth of yours on my dick again,” he said, breaking the kiss.“Anything you want,” I said, sliding my body down until I was on my knees between his hairy thighs.“Hand me that phone on the table behind you, before you start. I gotta call my wife and let her know I’m gonna be a little bit late.” I chuckled inside as I reached for the phone and handed it to him. “Be quiet though,” he cautioned me.“How am I going to be able to talk with my mouth full,” I answered him back? I lowered my head and sucked in his enormous cock head as he dialed. I half listened as he spoke with his wife, telling her that the pictures were hung but he was going to finish up some paper work that he had messed up earlier, and it would probably take him a little while. The whole time, he had one hand stroking my head as I worked my way down his shaft. The conversation was short but not so short as to arouse suspicion, and when he hung up, he dropped the phone on the floor.“Ooooo baby, lets get to it,” he said, pushing my head down. He groaned loud as I opened my mouth wide and swallowed almost the entire length. “We’re gonna be here a while, I can tell,” he moaned. I was bobbing my head up and down, each time, swallowing him to the base, filling my throat. “Slow down. I don’t wanna cum so fast,” he said, holding my head still.“Let’s try it this way then,” I suggested. “Stand up.” When he stood, I opened up the futon to it’s full bed size and lay on my back. “You get on top. That way you can take control.” It was only a matter of seconds before he was on his knees above me, legs on either side of my head. He bent over and guided his cock into my willing mouth again. I knew my hard seven inches was pointing right at his face, but I also knew that was something I was going to have to take care of myself. Up to now, he had never made a move to touch my dick. That was okay though. I could jerk myself off. I reached down and started stroking myself while he slowly fucked my mouth. “Don’t do that,” he said, grabbing my hard cock above my fist, stopping me from stroking. “I don’t want you to cum yet,” he said, moving my hand but still holding his fist around my dick. By this time, my jaws were getting tired again, so I decided to take a break. I turned my head and let his massive meat plop out of my mouth. Sticking my tongue out, I began licking his balls.“Oh yeah,” he said, grinding his crotch down on to my face. “I love my balls licked,” he groaned. I was in hog heaven, licking and sucking on his ball sac. He still smelled clean and fresh from his shower and my tongue could not get enough. I wanted more though. Reaching up and gripping his furry ass, I slid my tongue past his balls. It didn’t take me long to adjust him so that his ass was right on my face.“DAMN !!!! You’re gonna eat my ass,” he asked? I didn’t answer, just spread his cheeks and buried my face inside. My tongue quickly found his tight little pucker. I could feel his body shaking with ecstasy as I lapped at his hole. He was enjoying this as much as I was. I love eating ass, especially when the person really gets in to it. The deeper my tongue went, the louder he moaned and groaned. He must have gotten lost in the feeling because he began to stroke my hard cock up and down in his tight fist. I didn’t want to stop him but I didn’t want to cum either, so I wrapped my hand around his and slowed his pace down.I was really surprised when I felt him slide his mouth down on my cock head. I could tell he was a novice at it by the way he was only able to suck a little of it in before gagging. That was okay with me. It would slow down my orgasm. I was ready again, so it was back to sucking his fat meat. This time, Andros was more aggressive in fucking my mouth. He was bucking his hips up and down, slamming his balls on my face. It was almost too much for me to take but I wasn’t going to give in.Even if I wanted to stop, I couldn’t. I was trapped beneath his bucking body. By this time, he had raised my legs, bending my knees far back and was fingering my tight hole. He hadn’t stopped sucking my cock, but he was paying more escort konya attention to getting into my clenched hole. Every once in a while, he would spit on his hand and rub it across my ass to lube me up more. He must have been mistaking my groans of discomfort for pleasure or else he didn’t care, because he soon had two fingers in me, sawing in and out.“Man, that ass if fucking tight,” he said. By now, he had stopped fucking my mouth and was just slowly working my hole open. “I’ll work it open though,” he added.“Andros, wait,” I said, pulling his big cock out of my mouth. “I’ll suck you all night, but there’s no way you’re putting this big thing in me,” I exclaimed, grabbing onto his rock hard dick. Slowly he pulled his two fingers out of my gripping hole and rolled off of me on to his side. I could see the obvious disappointment on his face.“I never get to ass fuck,” he sighed. “I thought you would be man enough to take it. You seem like a tough guy,” he added, stroking my chest. “You can handle these,” he said, grabbing both of my nipple rings in his fingers and giving them a slight tug.“It’s not the same thing though.” I started to speak again but he climbed on top of me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. We kissed for a while, hard, wet cocks grinding together. The feeling of his hairy body against mine was intense, but not intense enough to allow him entry where he wanted to go.“I’ll be real careful and go real slow,” he whispered in my ear. “If it hurts too much, I’ll stop.”“I don’t know Andros. That’s an awful lot of dick you’re asking me to take. I really don’t want to get torn.”“Hold on a minute,” he said jumping up from the futon. “Don’t go anywhere.” I watched as he ran out of the room. In less than a minute he came back with a small dish.“What’s that,” I asked?“Come over here and see,” he said, setting the dish on the desk. I walked over to where he was standing and saw that he had put a big dollop of what looked like Crisco in it. When I laughed, he spoke up again. “Give me a chance. I’ll get you so greased up and ready that you’ll be fine.”“I’m still not sure about this Andros,” I said.Not being able to take no for an answer, he stepped behind me. I tensed up again as I felt his hugeness rubbing against my ass. He pressed his body to mine and began to bite on my neck again. Damn him for finding that spot, I thought to myself. I knew if he kept that up, he would be able to do anything to me he wanted. I tried to fight it but he reached around and grabbed my cock and slowly stroked it while chewing on my sensitive neck. Then he began talking softly in my ear. Fuck. Another of my weaknesses.“Don’t worry baby. I don’t wanna hurt you. I’m not gonna just ram it in you.” In between sentences, he would nibble and lick my ear. “I want to make you feel good. Give you something you’ve never had before.” That was it. He won this round. I groaned and pushed my ass back to him.“Please just go easy,” I pleaded with him.“As easy as you want,” he answered me, burying his face in my neck again. I saw his hand reach for the grease and scoop most of it up. What the hell was I getting myself into, I thought as I felt him place his hand between my ass cheeks and spread the heavy grease all around my hole. He never stopped biting and sucking all over mu neck as he slipped a finger in me, then two fingers. He also had kept a firm grip on my now dripping cock as he gently introduced a third finger into my tight hole. All I was capable of doing was moan in pleasure as he worked on me with the skill of an artist. This went on for a good ten minutes before he had me so worked up I thought I was going to shoot all over the desk. He must have realized it because he stopped stroking my cock and slowly slid his fingers from my ass.“You let me know,” was all he whispered in my ear as he nuzzled his immense cock head between my cheeks. My body stiffened in terror at the thought of him trying to get his over sized piece of meat in me but that was soon curbed as he bit down on my neck again. For a few minutes, he just easily rubbed his cock head against my hole, never trying to gain entry. I was so fucking hot now, as he rubbed the head of my cock with the pre cum I had been dripping. I began to push back on him, feeling the pressure of him against my now wanting ass.“That’s it baby. Just take it nice and slow,” he whispered, still not making any effort to get his dick in me. He was going to let me go at my own pace. I groaned loudly as I felt my hole begin to stretch open around the tip of his meat.“Oh man,” he said. “So fucking hot and tight. You can do it,” he urged me on. Pushing back a little harder, I felt his thick head pop past my gripping sphincter.“OH GOD,” I yelled out. “Oooooooooooooo.”“Don’t move baby,” he whispered in my ear, holding tightly on to my cock and wrapping his other arm around me. The initial pain subsided quickly, helped by his gentle caresses and whispers of encouragement.“You okay Teddy,” he asked? He was one of two people I allow to call me that.I nodded my head and uttered a barely audible, uh huh. He slowly began to work his way deep into me. I felt stretched beyond anything I had ever felt before.“Oh shit,” was the only think I could get out of my mouth as he eased the last of what I assumed was seven inches of crazy thick cock in my ass. Our dicks were the same lengths but I have nowhere near the girth that he does.“You got it all,” he whispered in my ear. “So fucking hot and tight,” he moaned. The fullness I felt was astounding. Gently but persistently, he started to fuck me. Each time he pulled back I moaned and when he pushed back in the loudness of moan was intensified threefold.“What a man you are,” he whispered in my ear. “Feel good?”“Feels fucking incredible,” I answered him. Soon, I had taken control of the thrusting. My ass had opened up for him and I was ready to get fucked. I picked up the pace and started riding his cock. I didn’t think I had it in me but I began thrusting back at him hard and deep.“Fuck me,” I yelled. “Fuck my ass hard.” That was all the urging Andros needed. He quickly bent me over the desk and grabbed my ass in both hands. “Give it to me,” he yelled as he began to slam my hole deep and hard. Yeah, it hurt, but the pain was not as intense as the pleasure. He kept this up for a few minutes more until I felt him stop and bury himself deep in me, dr****g himself over my back. I thought he was about to cum, but he had other plans.“Let’s change positions,” he suggested. Slowly he unplugged his cock from me. I felt a great emptiness in my ass after being stretched so far. “Lay on your back, here on the desk,” he said. shoving stuff to the side. I quickly turned and lay back, my ass right on the edge. Andros lifted my legs and placed my ankles on his shoulders.“You ready,” he asked? I gave him a quick nod and braced myself, hands clinging to the edge of the desk for leverage. Our eyes met as he stepped in, grabbed my cock in his greasy fist and aimed his cock at my throbbing manhole with his other hand. He never took his eyes away from mine as he began to stroke me and slide his huge dick back in me. Once again, I was being stretched beyond my wildest dreams. I squirmed and moaned as he slid all the way out and back in again, all the while, stroking my cock in his greasy fist. I was so fucking turned on and hot that I knew it was only going to be a matter of moments before I was shooting my load.“Andros, stop. You’re gonna make me cum,” I said.“That’s okay, konya escort bayan baby. Let it go,” he said, stroking me even faster.“No. I can’t get fucked after I cum,” I begged him. It was too late though. I hadn’t jerked off in about four or five days and I had a big load welling up in my balls. He groaned loudly with me as my ass clenched his cock even harder than it had been. Driving in, balls deep, he held still while my cock began to throb and squirt. I don’t often shoot far but this time was an exception. Andros had not expected it either as the first squirt landed right across his face. He quickly aimed my still shooting cock away and the second and third squirts landed on my face, chest and belly. Still with his cock buried deep in me, he slowly stroked out the last of my cum. My body went limp as I lay panting and gasping for air. When I opened my eyes I could see Andros smiling down at me, cum still dripping off his face. He licked his lips where it had landed and gave me a sort of Cheshire cat grin.“Not bad,” he said, leaning over and kissing me. There was still the problem of his huge cock filling my sore hole. I didn’t know if I could take any more as he slowly rocked back and forth.“I warned you buddy,” I said, breaking the kiss. “That dick of yours is too fucking big. I can’t take it any more.”“I have an idea then,” he said, slowly extricating himself from me. He stood up and helped me down off the desk. Laying a big towel on the futon, he said, “Lay down on your stomach there and I’ll just cum by rubbing my dick between your legs.”“Yeah, right. I’m not gonna fall for that, and the neck thing. That ain’t gonna work either.” We both laughed for a moment.“Okay, you busted me. Let’s try it though. You’ve trusted me so far. I don’t wanna hurt you. Come on baby. Just lay down.”“All right, but if it hurts, we stop. Cool?” How did I let this man talk me in to letting him stretch my hole again with his enormous cock? I guess it was just the thrill of it all.“Cool,” he answered back, sitting down on the futon, and pulling me down with him. I did as he asked and lay on my stomach. I assumed he was just going to climb on and start fucking me, but I was wrong again about Andros. He laid on his side, close to me. I could feel his still rock hard dick pressing against my thigh as he stroked my body.“Thank you Teddy,” he whispered in my ear. “I didn’t know it was gonna be this good,” he said, rolling me on my side so my back was to him. I could feel him slip his dick between my thighs. Reaching around, he took hold of my dick and began to massage it. To my surprise, I felt a stirring. Between his thick cock rubbing, and him kissing my neck and the cock massage, I was getting hard again. It wasn’t long before I felt him reaching down and aiming his fat head at my tender hole. I was hungering for it again. He knew I was ready for it too, by the way I was moaning and twitching. There was something he was doing to my cock head that was sending shivers up and down my spine, and throwing my body into spasms. He bit down on my neck and started to slide his monster in me again.“Ahhhhhhhhh.” He had slid in almost effortlessly this time.“Oh baby. You have one tight fucking ass,” he said, holding still, plugged deep in me. I could tell he was getting off on my ass clenching around his cock every time he manipulated my cock head in his special way. He kept it up for a while, until he could no longer stand it.“I can’t take it any more,” he said, rolling me on to my stomach while still staying buried deep in me. Laying on top of me with his full weight, he still managed to keep his fist clenched around my hard cock. “Raise your ass up so you can cum with me,” he said.“I just wanna feel you fucking me, man,” I growled into the mattress. “Take it dude. Take my ass.” That being said, he wrapped his arms under my chest, bringing his hands up to my shoulders and began to work my ass like he owned it. “Oh baby. I’m gonna fuck you good,” he moaned as he slowly began to pump his meat in and out of me. It felt as if he was driving a tractor trailer up my ass as he stated to speed up. Even if I had wanted to get away, I couldn’t have. I was pinned beneath him and he was holding on as tight as he could. The harder he fucked me, the louder I yelled. Andros wasn’t far behind me in the noise department either. His grunts and snorts were just as loud as he rammed my hole deep and hard. God, it hurt, but I couldn’t say stop. I knew it wasn’t going to be much longer by the way he had sped up even more.“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh,” he yelled, driving deep one last time. He kept grunting as he shot his load deep in my ass. I could feel his already huge cock, expand. Each spurt of cum he emptied in me I could feel as his cock jumped.“Shit,” he gasped, collapsing on top of me. We lay there for a good while, until Andros collected himself and regained his composure.Again, he began to gently kiss my neck, whispering in my ear. “Oh my God. That was incredible. I didn’t hurt you did I?”“It hurt, but it hurt good. I have never in my whole life been fucked like that. I know I’m going to be sore for a few days too.”“I’m sorry,” he said, kissing my cheek. “You want me to get off you?”“No. You feel good. Even when your dick’s not hard, it’s still feels huge,” I said, squeezing my ass tightly around his now soft cock, making him draw in a long breath.“You keep doing that and I’m gonna get hard again,” he said jokingly. Slowly he began to raise his hips up, letting his dick ease out of my now really tender hole. We both gave one final gasp as his head popped out past my still gripping sphincter ring. Completely extricated from me, he rolled back onto his side, turning me with him.“I didn’t forget about you,” he said, reaching around and giving my still hard dick a quick shake. He then put his hand between my ass cheeks and oiled it up with his cum that was leaking out of my hole. Reaching back around, he began to slowly stroke my cock with his cummy fist. The whole time he kept telling me how much he liked having his dick in my ass and how much it turned him on to be able to fuck me. He even told me that mine was the first dick he had ever sucked on and that he liked doing that too. It was when he began describing how he wanted to suck me off while I ate his ass, that I got the most excited. It wasn’t long after that description that I could feel another load of cum welling up in my balls.“I’m gonna cum, buddy,” I groaned.“That’s it. Shoot it. Let it go,” he said, urging me on. With a loud groan, my body stiffened and I let loose with my second load of the night. I was now entirely spent. My body went limp and all I wanted to do was go to sleep, but I knew that I couldn’t. I turned on to my back and Andros snuggled up next to me, laying his head on my chest. We lay like that for about twenty minutes, relishing the feeling of each other. We both knew we couldn’t stay like this for too much longer, so I suggested we get up and get going. Andros led me to the shower where we quickly cleaned up and got dressed.I thought he was going to be quiet and remorseful about what he had just done, but he was just the opposite. It was if he couldn’t quit talking about the sex we had. He was actually quite animated about the entire experience. We parted ways that night, but not before he took me in his arms and gave me a long kiss. What an evening that was. I was right about one thing. It was days before my asshole didn’t feel like a train had run through it. Since that night, Andros and I have hooked up again many times. He has since learned how to properly suck a cock, and I actually got him to let me fuck him too. That one took some time. That’s another story in itself though. maybe later.

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