THE CREATURE WITHIN 17: DOLPHIN TRAININGCHAPTER 17: DOLPHIN TRAININGDuring the rest of the day following the thrilling encounter with the dolphin, I was visited by the same dolphin twice more. How did I know it was the same dolphin? It wasn’t by noticeable scars or other marking that I had distinguished during our mating. I hadn’t noticed anything of the sort. My attention was decidedly on much more important things at that moment. No, it was a very obvious indicator of his familiarity with me, not the other way around. Each time I saw a dolphin in the cove the rest of the day, I went through the same scramble to get fins, mask, and breathing in place to waddle into the water. After all, I needed to have five dolphins for the team to enter the target cove naturally and undercover. No, the reason I knew it was the same dolphin was because each time I swam out to meet it, his penis was out of the slit and quite erect. The first time, I stopped twenty feet from him at a depth of about ten feet below the surface. Even though I was dealing with an a****l, this seemed rather bold of him. However, I remembered that dolphins were quite sexual and enjoyed sex for the sake of sex. Hmmm, like someone else I know …I decided to initiate the next part of my plan with him since he already knew my interest. My plan was to go with the training methodology I used in the villages with Wolf and Thor. Simply, using sex as a training reward for positive response. It worked for the dogs and something had to happen if they were to be used for the mission.I moved to him and he boldly moved vertical, holding his position as I neared him. I smiled to myself because I knew it wouldn’t properly show with the mouthpiece in place. I came up vertical in front of him and reached my had out, taking his erect cock in my hand, then stroking it up and down several times. He looked at me, maybe thinking he had me, maybe he wasn’t thinking anything, but that it was just to be expected. I didn’t know really, but I did know that when I released my hand and pushed back from him, putting several feet of water between us, his look changed. Now there was definitely something going through that brain of his. We all know dolphins are smart, smarter than dogs. Cats, on the other hand, don’t seem to respond, whether out of not getting it or not caring. That is, except for Preta. Whatever it was that worked for Wolf and him, I hoped would combine for the dolphins.Over the course of the day, I experimented with some simple hand signals to get my intentions across to the a****l. After some initial frustration, for both of us, I reassessed what the expectations were really necessary from the dolphins. I didn’t sleep much that night as the problem of controlling some element of the dolphins weighed on me. The entire mission depended on the dolphins for establishing a routine acceptance of intrusion by the guards at the target and providing a stealth insertion of the Seals. So, the next morning, I was intent on simplifying my approach still further. When I saw the dorsal fin and glistening back of a dolphin rising and sinking in the nearly calm water of the early morning, I returned to the water myself intent on focusing on only two signals: one pointing in a direction for swimming to be used for transporting us; and, two, pointing vertically to the surface for the dolphin to be seen by the guards on shore. Those were the two things required for this mission for a successful beginning.It took some time and frustration but this dolphin finally began to respond to those two simple commands. He finally accepted that doing it would get him what he was really interested in. And, I was perfectly willing to give it to him.It started out with simple expressions of attention to him when he showed some recognition. I started with stoking his cock, then moved to sucking him. Stroking was easy, but sucking was more interesting. It also showed his playfulness and it was then that I knew we were making progress and he would soon break down and give in. Without the mouthpiece, I couldn’t be underwater for long and I couldn’t suck him with the mouthpiece. When he realized what I was going to do, he went into the shallows and rolled onto his back. Knowing that his breathing ability was now underwater, I moved quickly. I straddled him backwards so my head would be towards his tail. I engulfed his cock and wrapped my legs and arms around him. He stayed where he was initially, seemingly content with me pleasuring him in a new and unique way. He eventually needed to breath and rolled, sending me crashing into the water.I should have expected it, but this was something new for both of us. I indicated a motion with my hand out into the cove. I thought he might be able to smoothly rotate if he was moving. At this point, I didn’t want to lose what advancement we had gained. I straddled him, again, and he kicked away from the shallows. He swam in a loose circle with me on top, greedily sucking his cock. It was long and when he kicked hard, his body reacted and tended to drive the tip into my throat. After a few times of that happening, I found I could relax and go with it, feeling his cock slide into my throat and back out. I felt him tip to the side, then regain his position. I felt like he was warning me and I grabbed tighter to him in a five-point clinch: one mouth, two arms, and two legs. He rolled for less than a minute and returned to his back. After only a couple times of that happening, I felt his cock stiffen more and pulse. I made sure the cock wasn’t in my throat and he came in my mouth, spurt after spurt. It wasn’t bad. I have begun to wonder if I just like the taste of any semen …We spent time that day refining our cooperation, including him fucking me, again. That time was much like the previous except that I was even more comfortable with the fucking process underwater. I fully believed in the breathing apparatus and was easily taken anywhere the a****l wanted to take me during our mating. Apparently, when he has a willing female who he isn’t trying to catch and swim alongside, or on top of, the mating event can be quite long.The next day was different … completely. The next day I was watching over the cove when I spotted a dorsal fin in the water. Then there was another. Two dolphins. Making progress.I grabbed my gear and made for the water. I was in the water and confronting two dolphins before I had considered how I was planning to incorporate more dolphins into the process. I had made good progress with the first one, but how does that translate to assimilating more? It was compounded almost immediately when the two I had been looking at in the water became three as ödemiş escort another swam into my view from the side.Three … I hadn’t figured out two … now there are three. But, I was certain that one of them was the one I had worked with the day before. So, I used the hand motions to figure out that one and then find something on his body or head I could use for identification. I gestured up and one immediately rose to the surface, breaking the water and curling back to the depth where I was. I noticed a scar on its dorsal fin that undoubtedly was the result of an unpleasant encounter with something in the past, possibly a shark. I moved in front of it and gestured to a direction, hoping that the others might just follow, if nothing else. They followed, but not in the way or for the reason I had hoped.I held onto the dorsal fin of the dolphin, indicated a direction to him and he responded perfectly. The other two did, also. But, what I soon discovered was their different intention. I felt a poke at my hip and then another on my stomach. I was surrounded by dolphins and the two who were new had erect penises and were poking at me as we swam. I tapped my dolphin on the side of the head and pointed up to the surface, which he responded to, again. I was very pleased with how he was doing, but the other two were focused on me in the wrong way. As we shifted direction for the surface, the other two quickly reacted and I felt an erect penis poking my ass. I let go just shy of the surface, turned and pushed at the snout of the offending dolphin. The one I had been holding onto, turned and faced the confrontation between me and other. Then, from behind, the third rose from below me and behind, his erect penis catching me between the legs and pressing nearly into my asshole. I spun around and swatted his snout. The resistance of the water, however, reduced the impact to a push on the side. I turned for the shore and swam. Again, one of the dolphins attempted mating me by swimming on his back underneath me, his cock moving in search of my pussy. He bumped my stomach and it flashed into my mind how vulnerable the female dolphin was to sexual attack.I was close enough to the shore to stand and swatted back, hitting a snout that was pressing at my ass. I continued to the shallows and sat down in about a foot of water. I reflected on what I was trying to accomplish here and what I had learned in my research about dolphins. The slit in a female was at the same location as the slit of the male. The female had none of the protection that I did. For her, a male intent enough could swim above, below or alongside and possibly maneuver his penis near enough that he could flex it one way or another to enter her. The advantage I had was hands to swat with and legs that needed to be parted for them to penetrate me. It was still a bother, though. I now understood how a female could be corralled by males and become overwhelmed by their persistent attempts. In the short exposure I just had to that kind of attention, it felt very much like gang **** was a real possibility if it had been allowed to progress too much further. The abrupt, blunt jabs I felt from snouts might easily become physically threatening and subduing for a female dolphin, much less a woman.I pulled my knees up to me, my forearms on top of them and my head sinking down to rest on top of them. What have I gotten myself into? How naive could I be to think this could be done? I had thought with one trained that others could be influenced to follow. Maybe that’s not the way dolphins behave …Something pulled my attention away from internal reflection to something happening in the physical world in front of me. The water surface was roiling with occasional splashes as a tail or fin broke the surface. I stood, moving into deeper water, in order to gain a better vantage point to see what was happening below the surface. My view was still restricted by the refraction of light and the reflection of sunlight off the surface. I fit the mask back in place and mouthed the apparatus, leaning into the water and gliding underneath in the direction of the activity. I was a little cautious in case the activity wasn’t just the dolphins but some other aquatic life … of course, my worst fears in the ocean is shark, despite the knowledge that they pose little real danger except in specific locations and conditions.As I swam carefully in the direction of the activity, I found the three dolphins in a swirl of motion around each other. But, the closer I got and the closer I looked, it became obvious that the activity, the commotion, was one dolphin directing snout butts and tail slaps at the other two. And, when I specifically looked, I found that the one dolphin had the telltale scar on his dorsal fin.When I was spotted, the three stopped, and turned their attention to me as I still cautiously approached. They were in an uneven line formed across my view in front, suspended in the water and quietly attentive. Still concerned about the aggressiveness of the earlier encounter, I was tentative about my approach, but there was something about the interaction when I initially saw them and their quiet attitude now that encouraged me to approach closer. The first to move was ‘my’ dolphin, the one I had fucked the day before. He came forward, his snout stopping a foot from me. I gently touched the side of his head and he retreated, somehow moving backwards with just his fins. Then, one by one, the other two duplicated the movement, each receiving a touch from me.I admit to being stunned by the quick change, but I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity. Since they were all facing one direction, I point with my arm behind me, curious just how far this change in attitude had gone. To my additional surprise, they all started moving in that direction, the second two moving a moment after the ‘my’ dolphin responded to my signal. I reached out as mine went past and took hold of his dorsal fin, the other two coming alongside. To push the effort, I pulled myself forward on him so he could see my hand as I changed my signal to point in a direction about 45 degrees to the side. They smoothly curved to that direction. To push my luck further, I indicated directional changes to create a figure-eight movement, which they completed. Each change in direction resulted in the other two reacting after a moment of delay, which seemed to indicate that they were reacting to ‘my’ dolphin’s movements rather than my signals, but I had no problem with that. They were responding and my complete control was not the issue; the issue was for the dolphins to move in a necessary direction and that could be accomplished by following escort ödemiş my direction or following a dolphin alpha.Dolphin pods, I knew, were led by an alpha like a wolf pack would be. The reaction of these dolphins caused me to wonder if they were part of a pre-existing pod that was nearby. Once stopped, again, and the dolphins floating near each other, I could distinguish other markings on their bodies. The one that I had come to consider mine by our initial contact had many more marks on his body. Another had a few raking marks on its body and the other had almost none. I guessed that ‘mine’ was already the alpha and the rake marks and wounds apparent on his dorsal and body were the result of defending his territory and pod. Somehow, I had happened on the alpha; but, perhaps it wasn’t so much ‘happening’ as determined by his authority to investigate what was happening in his territory. This discovery was immediately exciting for me. There was a pod nearby and I had befriended and connected with the alpha. Somewhere nearby there were more dolphins, perhaps females, but more. If there were three males, I conjectured that they should be at least that many females or more. I then wondered how the possible existence of calves in the pod might complicate my thinking or not. Did it matter? I wasn’t intending on the dolphins being involved any further than providing confusion, distraction, and short distance transportation into the target lagoon.After running through a few more maneuvers to verify that what had happened before wasn’t a fluke, I considered how I wanted to proceed. The earlier incident was still fresh in my mind and on my body where I had been repeated poked and bumped. I swam backward a few more feet and considered them. I then remembered my breathing and had lost track of how long I had been underwater. I took a deep breath and removed he apparatus, checked the canister gage and decided to replace it. I removed the old one, replaced it with a fresh one from the ones I wore on my arm. I tested it to be sure I had it functioning properly, then turned my attention back to the three male dolphins.This should be interesting … my intention all along was to motivate the ‘old fashioned way’, which was simply to give them what they wanted when they succeeded. I knew what they wanted. They made that plainly clear, earlier. And, now they had succeeded. So ….I moved slowly to my alpha, who as it turned out was ‘my’ initial contact. I stroked the side of his head and gave him a simple nod of my own head. I didn’t even look at the others, but he did from one to the other. He then slid alongside me and I grabbed a hold of his dorsal fin and he pulled me a short distance from the others. When he slowed, he rotated onto his back, breaking my hold of his fin. I swam above him, looking down into his face as he looked up to me. I moved my hands through the water to move me down over him until, with legs spread, I sat astride him. I rubbed my hands over his body up to his head, then back down. I took hold of his side fins and pulled myself up along him, then pushed myself back, pressing my open and exposed pussy on his smooth, slick body. My pussy slid over his slit and I could feel his penis coiled just inside, the surface of it just opening the slit. I slid my pussy over his slit several times, each time feeling more of his coiled penis exposed against my crotch.I pulled myself further up his body and raised my crotch from his body and peeked between us. He pulled me along as I floated a foot off his body. I watched as his curled penis uncoiled out from his slit and extended along his body, 9 to 10 inches of immediately erect and ready cock. I lowered myself onto his body, but this time I pressed my breasts into him, mashing my erect nipples into his slippery body. My legs were not around him at the moment, but I extended them down his body with my legs spread. I allowed the motion through the water to provide the pressure necessary to move my body back along him until I felt his cock touching my thighs and my pussy. What a marvelous cock! He moved it up and down, side to side, curling it to find not only my pussy, but to ultimately locate and penetrate my pussy hole. And, when he found it, he extended that unusual cock into me and I allowed the water to push me further back, embedding the cock deep into me.A stream of bubbles escaped as the equivalent of gasping came from my mouth piece. Once penetrated, I secure myself onto him with my legs and firm grip on his fins. He curled his head to look down at me and I gave him a nod. We were just passing the other two dolphins and they were watching and fell in alongside us. They swam with us, but there was no competition to penetrate me this time. There was some understanding achieved between the alpha and the others. Their time would come.My current mate turned over so I was now on the bottom, my hold being tested, but I held on. He kicked harder and we went to the surface, just breaking so he could breath, then he slapped the water with his tail and we were diving straight down to the bottom. It was exhilarating, but I found I slipped slightly forward on him and lost some of the penetration. I was considering how to adjust, the greedy bitch that I am. I was swimming in the ocean with a dolphin cock in my pussy and I was wanting to get more of it deeper into me.About the time I felt I had it worked out, he solved my problem himself. I hadn’t realized how close to the bottom we had become until he curved sharply, my back and slides being stroked by the tall, extending leaves of bottom plants gently swaying with the motion of the tide in the cove. Then, he kicked furiously and curved us sharply upward. I watched ahead as the light of surface became closer and closer until he turned again to the side and rolled onto his back, now allowing me to relax my hold a bit as I rode his body.The quick directional changes and the power of his swimming, his body flexing, did amazing things to the inside of my pussy as his cock jammed into me and I slid one way, then the other, his cock sliding along one side, then the other inside me. But, the truly amazing thing, the thing that I could now focus on since I was comfortable with breathing, was the voluntary movement of his cock inside me. Not only was I sliding back and forth on this cock, but he was moving it, curling it, touching my walls and even my cervix with the tip of his cock like he was teasing me with a long finger.When I came, my mouth piece released a long stream of bubbles as I silently shrieked out my exploding orgasm. I felt my pussy clamp on his cock and I felt him move the tip of his cock rapidly around ödemiş escort bayan my insides, as if he was seeking the most stimulation on the head. His cock swelled and convulsed and my pussy was filled with his seed.He slowly moved us to the surface where he lulled with his blowhole exposed to the air. Meanwhile, my legs released their clamp on his body, then my hands released my hold on his fins. I drifted near the surface a short distance from him. I kicked a couple of times with the long dive fins I was wearing and my head broke the surface. I removed the mouth piece and moved to my aquatic lover and kissed him repeatedly over his head, snout, and face. I moved a bit from him and his head nodded rapidly up and down.I shook my head to clear the last remnants of fog from it, replaced the mouth piece, curled my body, and kicked down below the water. I swam to where the two were gently floating just below the surface. This could be another challenge. Were they equals and how would I choose which to take first?The answer to that solved itself very nicely, though. I swam to them, placing a hand gently on the side of each of their heads. I stroked them, then leaned in and kissed each on the snout. I was sure the action meant nothing to them, unless some other human female had seduced them at some point, and I doubted that. But, I was sure it expressed the tenderness and willingness I was intending and feeling. I used their bodies to push myself underneath them and I found what I was looking for immediately. Both had already extended their penises from their slits, the result of watching me with the first dolphin. I stroked both at the same time and I knew I had their attention as they both flinched; but, they both remained where they were.What followed was an example of how a****ls can manage when they are properly incented. I moved along the side of one, gently pulled up on his fin, trying to get him to roll over. I had a very weird idea.I felt him start to roll and I held onto his fin as he did. It pulled me over with him and I swung my leg over his body coming astride him. He kicked and started swimming on his back. I moved down his body until I was again feeling a cock at my crotch. As soon as the contact was made, I felt his cock tip start moving, vertically, side-to-side. When he felt the head slip into my slit, the head moved up and down within it. Soon, he found my hole and he extended his cock into me. That was when I slipped down his body, taking more of his cock into me until I came to a stop at the base of his cock where it went back into his slit. That was when I took the next amazing step. This was more involved than I had any right in believing it should work, but things had been going my way since the alpha had that confrontation with these two. I moved my right hand to his head and opened my hand to give him a signal to slow. After a couple attempts, it worked and he glided on his back through the water. The other dolphin had been swim alongside us, perhaps the old aggressive impulses only being held in check, as opposed to being eliminated. I motioned with my hand to it and he glided alongside and I touched him. I put my hand on his snout and pushed backward. When he was behind me, I acted out the next step.On top of the one dolphin, I raised my hips off him, his cock still inside me. I presented my ass to the other dolphin. To make it more obvious to him, I balanced myself carefully, then used both hands to spread my ass cheeks. I glanced over my shoulder and he was watching. He was doing more than that, his snout came down and approached me. I felt his contact with me and then lost it as I needed one hand to reclaim a fin for support. But, in losing the feel of contact with his snout on my ass, I felt his body on my back. Then, unbelievably, I felt his cock touching my ass, then it slipped between my cheeks. Like the other cock, this one moved around my ass, touching the area inside my cheek crack, probing with his marvelous, dexterous cock. When the tip touched my asshole and probed the opening, I knew I sucked in a deep breath. I was wondering if this could really work when the pointy tip sank past my sphincter and I let out another long stream of bubbles against the underside of the dolphin I was riding.In a moment, he had kicked powerfully with his tail and he was deep inside me. It took a few moments for the two to get into sync with each other and I don’t know how they worked that out … but they did. Their tails soon were moving together, me sandwiched between two aquatic lovers, a double penetration of unimaginable sensations.We rose to the surface. I saw the light of the surface getting closer and I sensed that they were both needing to get air. In anticipation, I reached up with one hand and grasped the fin of the dolphin on my back, now holding onto each loosely, my legs around the dolphin below me. We rode on the surface this way for a while, then I felt an indication of a roll, but it didn’t seem to happen as easily as they intended. Instead, they dove back down and rotated underwater before returning to the surface, me now underneath the dolphin I was primarily holding onto, the other one swimming slightly against us to maintain his contact and his cock inside me.Their tails kicking together had the effect of pulling slight out while the other one was pushing in. All the while, I felt their cocks moving around inside as though seeking something along my walls or at the end of my canal or just fascinated with touching my cervix opening, sometimes penetrating it. I came, and when I did, it was hard and intense. They joined me, almost at the same time, both of my holes being filled with dolphin seed. Then, the next surprise. They slowly parted, their cocks being pulled out of me at angles. I was exhausted. Exhausted even though for all practical purposes I was just along for the ride. I slowly floated to the surface. There was no focus to my vision, I simply floated to the surface. I removed the mouth piece and gulped in fresh air. I saw a dorsal fin moving to me and I recognized it as the first dolphin, my dolphin, the alpha. For a moment, I just watched it, recognition not quite closing the circuits of understanding. The fin disappeared as he curled and dove under the water. I looked under and saw him approaching from the deep and the circuits closed and recognition made the connection of understanding. I replaced the mouth piece and opened my legs just in time. He rose directly in front of me, curled onto his back and lifting me with him. I was again astride him, his cock touching my pussy. I chuckled around the piece in my mouth and voluntarily slid back down his body, his cock again finding my hole and working itself inside.I had no preconception of their recovery time. I can, however, now attest that their recovery is very good!* * * CHAPTER 18: DOLPHINS & SEALS will follow * * * Thanks for reading

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