The Cream pie Portal and the Witch


The Cream pie Portal and the Witch
The summer of 1987 was stinking hot. I was kind of down on my luck as far as women went. Not that I really cared, I was working really hard, but my nosy good friend, Ken, was concerned about my “lack o’ love” as he called it. Actually, it was all Ken’s wife, Jessica’s, doing really.

Ken and Jessica reckoned I had gone too long between girlfriends and was taking my work too seriously. It’s true I was drinking pretty hard and smoking too much. Probably jerking off too much as well to make up for my lack of female companionship.

One hot August night Ken called and asked if I want to go with him and Jessica to a very cool house party. Nah, I said, I was going to work late that night.

But Jessica wrestled the phone from Ken and fucking read me the riot act: “Tony, you silly motherfucker, you ain’t gonna meet no nice girls sitting in yer bedroom in yer undies, honey. Now you get showered and dressed. It’s a goddamn Saturday and we are gonna PAAAARTEEEEE tonight. WHOO HOOOOO…. We gonna be there in an hour to pick you up! No excuses! Love yeeeeew!…”

She hung up before I could get a word out. I listened to the dial tone for a whole minute. Sighed. And pulled off my dirty underwear to get into the shower. How did Jessica know I was hanging out in my underwear? Well, she was a witch, after all.

It’s true. Jessica was a formidable woman. She dominated her husband, Ken. Me too. Jessica really was a Wiccan high priestess witch. Not that I believed a single word of that kind of hokey bullshit. But there was always something slightly weird in the air whenever Jessica was around. I always just let her have it her way, whatever she wanted. Easier that way.

Ken and Jessica picked me up in an hour. Their good mood and high jinx spirits was contagious. The house party was in Montrose, a cool part of town. I didn’t know many people there. A lot of people dressed in black. Musician types, post-punks, punks, goths, a few drag queens, glam rockers, a couple of local celebs, skaters and bikers, that kind of inner-city mod crowd. I stuck close to Jessica as Ken wandered off with some guy covered in tats.

Jessica was clearly scanning around the house for someone. I was getting our plastic cups refilled at the keg when Jessica spotted who she was looking for and grabbed me by the elbow to drag me through the crowd with two foaming beer cups sloshing around in each hand. I almost poured half a cup of beer down some burly biker’s back side.

Our destination was this rather stunningly cute little goth girl leaning up against the wall, engaged with no one in particular. In fact, she looked a bit dazed and confused.

Jessica pulled up with me in tow, “Oh, Debbie, Debbie, oh, Debbie, you look so cute in that!” She was practically singing. “Debbie, Debbie, oh girl, I’m so glad you could make it! Debbieeeee!” Jessica is so over the top.

Debbie broke from her forlorn look into a big smile. Man, she was pretty when she smiled. “Jessica? Is that you? Oh, hi, Jessica, so glad to see you!” The two women hugged and kissed and talked over each other about, you know, lady stuff, I guess. Then there was more hugging and kissing and whispering. They held hands. I thought they held hands way too tightly and whispered.

It was like I wasn’t there, they were so involved with each other, whispering. Jessica brushing Debbie’s hair out of her eyes and looking intently into her face like she was helping her with her mascara. Debbie’s eyes were different, beautiful different. Something about them…

The party was loud and crowded. Jane’s Addiction was roaring on PA sized speakers. I was just standing there with two beer kind of daftly, my mind wandering off around the room. I could smell high quality dope smoke starting to tint the air purple from somewhere across the room.

“Tony.” Jessica shook me, beers sloshing, “TONY, now pay attention.” She grabbed me by an elbow and pulled me tight into Debbie’s personal space, beer cups sloshing around again. “Tony, I want you to meet Debbie.”

“Uh, hi, Debbie. I’m Tony.” Debbie smiled and put her hand out to shake mine but then giggled as I shrugged nodding towards the beers in both my hands.

“Hi, Tony,” Debbie purred, “I’ve heard a bit about your work from Jessica, it sounds fascinating!”

I stood there gawking at Debbie’s eyes, my mouth half open. Something about those eyes. Jessica gingerly took one of the plastic cups of half-sloshed foamy keg beer from my hand and gave it to Debbie. My God, this girl’s eyes were so big and… deep, like two black holes. She was gorgeous. “Tony? TONY.” Jessica poked me to snap me back to life.

“Well, yes, I have been working a lot on my project…” I stammered as I climbed back out of Debbie’s bottomless eyes.

Jessica interrupted, “Tony, Debbie’s major is in a related field to your work, I’m sure you’ll have a lot in common.”

A few more awkward exchanges later, Jessica excused herself saying she needed to find Ken. She parted by taking Debbie’s hand and my hand and putting them together so that I was holding Debbie’s hand. It was so white, small and soft. Her fingernails were black gloss, like her eyes. I smiled at Debbie her hand in mine. Jessica holding both our hands. This is weird, I thought.

Jessica looked up to the ceiling in such a determined way I thought something might be up there and so looked up myself. Our three hands still clasped together. Then Jessica started chanting in what sounded like gibberish, but I knew – because I knew Jessica – it was really ancient Aramaic. Jessica is so weird.

Jessica parted with: “Bye-bye, ya’ll, have fun…. Be gooooood!” She kissed Debbie and winked at me and magically disappeared into the crowd. I could hear Jessica’s disembodied voice trailing off over the chords of The Cure’s “Ya’ll do me proud now!”

I have to admit I was really hating on Jessica at that moment. So that’s what this was: Jessica’s fucking big plot to be matchmaker. Super Wiccan woman had put some kind of sex hex on me. Or married my immortal soul to the devil or something. Fuck this shit. But if Debbie was a devil, she was my kind of devil for sure.

Debbie was smiling up at me like a porcelain doll. I was still holding her hand, which was so soft and light as if made of nothing. Her hand in mine was electric. I could feel the blood rising in my groins. Debbie seemed to notice too and we dropped each other hands, blushing.

“That Jessica is something, ain’t she?” I said nervously. Debbie said distantly, “I feel like I have known her all my life.”

“Oh, yeah, Ken and Jessica are great, we’re good friends, how long have you known them?” I asked to make conversation.

“We only just met now,” Debbie said, staring after Jessica who had disappeared into the crowd.

OK, then…. that’s…that’s interesting,” I was a bit confounded by that news.

Debbie turned to look back up at me with those deep dark eyes of hers, “How long have you known Jessica,” she asked earnestly. I felt pierced through, as if Debbie was looking through me to some distant point in space/time.

The funny thing was is at that moment, looking in Debbie’s doll face eyes, deep as a Scottish loch, I couldn’t fucking remember. It felt like I had also known Jessica for a thousand fucking years. See? That’s what I mean about Jessica. That bitch is spooky.

As we relaxed and talked. I realized that Debbie was the kind of girl I could fall in love with. She was super cute, rather petite, she barely came up to my chin in height and had mousy blonde hair which fell straight and cut tattered in sort of post-apocalyptic goth style. Her make-up was goth. Black lips, white powdery face, way too much mascara. It deformed, but could not hide, that here was a beautiful, fresh faced young woman who was as smooth and healthy as new born baby underneath. I could see she basically had no breasts to speak of, other than gorgeously puffy nipples on top of conical mammary under her black blouse. Her skin was so white too, like Carrara marble. Like she never seen the sun. And her bum. I couldn’t tell for certain then, but she had the hips of someone designed to drop c***dren with ease.

Personality wise, Debbie and I clicked like pieces of a puzzle. We talked for hours in the backyard away from the crowd. Just talked. I was trying to figure out some way to hit up on her, but it wasn’t that kind of talk. She gave me her phone number and said she would like to see me again. I stammered, I would love that.

She said “my ride is here, call me soon” and left me sitting there. I sat there like a stunned mullet for a few minutes. Usually, I’m a lot better at closing the deal. Shit! How did I let that sexy little goth thing just walk off and leave me sitting here all hot and bothered and alone on a Saturday night?

I waited a couple of days so as not to appear too impertinent, then called Debbie. She was cheerful and our conversation was light. Jessica’s hex on us at the party seemed broken. We made a date for the coming Saturday night. As I hung up, I heard on the radio a ridiculously serene New Age lady – probably a friend of Jessica’s – talking about the so-called “Great Harmonic Convergence” that was coming in August. Hey, the sky signs were looking good, maybe I would get lucky with Debbie.

I had friends who invited me to drive Enchanted Rock in the Hill Country with them, drop acid and wait for the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius or some bullshit. I told them I had to work on my project and I’d take a rain check.

“Next convergence isn’t until 2012, bro’,” my buddy chirped, “you miss this one and you miss enlightenment, dude.” Hokey bullshit, I thought.

Our first date was entirely different than our first meeting. Debbie wasn’t in full Gothic regalia. She wore a light cotton dress and no make-up. No bra either, not that she needed one. Her nipples, sharp as nails, dented her blouse. She was still white as a Japanese ghost and still had black finger nail polish, but she looked younger and carefree. She laughed a lot and flirted with me, batting her luscious deep, bottomless eyes at me. I could still see infinity in her eyes and I knew I was falling in love, falling into those eyes, down, down, down. I didn’t care if I drowned in those eyes.

We had a nice dinner at a quiet restaurant. I was the perfect gentleman. Our conversation sparkled, but I don’t remember word of it. Afterwards, I took her to a movie. I can’t remember what it was because we didn’t finish it.

About ten minutes into the movie Debbie took my hand and put it on her bare thigh just above her knee.

Now, I’m not shy. I rate myself a smooth operator with a good game for the ladies. But this just didn’t feel Kosher to me. I mean, Debbie had given me no signs at dinner she wanted to jump straight to into forth gear, skipping all the bases. What happened to the whole seduction part of the date? For god’s sake I hadn’t even kissed her yet.

I just let my hand sit there on her thigh above the knee, pretending to watch the fucking movie, as if fine, I can just rest my hand on your bare thigh here all night. But I could feel that electricity flowing and I was afraid I might start sweating. And her skin! Her skin was utterly unreal. Softer than velvet as if it weren’t skin at all but something silken. In the dark of the theater I wasn’t even sure I was touching her skin or whether my hand was hovering suspended magnetically just nanometres above her thigh feeling only her electrical aura.

Debbie saw that I wasn’t taking her not so subtle hint and so took my hand and moved it to the inside of her thigh, illegal bahis siteleri higher up her leg, pulling up her little cotton dress up so high I feared if I looked down – which I dared not to – I would see her panties.

Just in case I was so frigging daft that I still didn’t get the message, she whispered in my ear: “I didn’t wear any panties for our date tonight.” Oh, God.

It’s hard to describe how stunned, yet turned on, I was by this surreal revelation. It was a situation that called for some really fast and cool decision-making skills. Here I was sitting in fairly full theater with an apparently highly sexed gorgeous woman who I have not even kissed, only hours into our first date and she was inviting me to play with her pussy while we watched the movie.

I thought to myself: OK, Tony, pull yourself together. You da man. You da man! You can handle this. I slid my hand up to her pussy and very gentle began to feel her up. Debbie had gorgeous thick thighs, but when I got to her pussy it was a kind of mound in a space between her legs which didn’t actually come together tightly. She had a huge gap between her thighs dominated by her mon pubis. It was gloriously angelically shaped. Michelangelo couldn’t have carved better from the finest Italy marble.

Her pussy was absolutely hairless and baby smooth like her hands and thigh. This woman had absolutely no hair on her body. I wondered if even the mousy blonde mop on her head was a wig. Meanwhile the electricity flowing up my arm from her cunt was doing magical shit to my body like an intravenous d**g. My pulse accelerated, the hair on my arms was standing up. I felt dizzy. My crotch was stretched with my bulging erection. I struggled to maintain my composure.

I explored the outside of her cunt and her mound of Venus very gentle. She had no real labia. Just a slit. I gently probed it with my finger to part what little labia she had. She was already wet. I ran my finger up to the top of her slit and there I found her clitoris. It was swollen and hard and protruding from her labia like a little erection. I used a bit of wetness from her vagina to lube her clit up and gentle began to swirl my finger around and around and around it. Debbie slipped down and opened her legs a bit too wide for being in a theater full of people. She let out a little squeal before she could catch herself. A few heads turned. I stopped while she composed herself and then went back to my finger work with her clit. Another squeal uncontrollable sprung out of her depths. This time louder. More heads turned our way.

I thought it best if maybe I didn’t make her cum in a public theater and so tried to gingerly withdraw my hand from her cunt. She would have none of that and took my hand back to her vulva, folded out my forefinger and began to use the goddamn finger to fuck herself like it was a little dildo. Then she folded my forefinger and index finger together, now that her cunt was opened and wet, plunged the two of them inside her warm wetness right up to my knuckle. Damn, this woman knew how to take control of a situation.

She had both her hands guiding my hand. I was no longer the suave louche cleverly diddling my date’s clit in a crowded theatre, but merely the owner of a hand she had commandeered as a dildo to fuck herself with in public. I had the odd sensation that any hand would have done. I just happened to be sitting next to her.

Debbie’s legs were wide open now, her knee bolted up on the theater seat in front of her. People were started to watch us instead of the movie. Thank god it was in an age before the iPhone. We were putting on a better show than the movie. Debbie was still emitting little hyper-sonic squeals, but they were so high pitched, echoing, it was hard to tell where they were coming from. I could feel her cunt muscles contracting my hand. Three fingers inside now. She was having an orgasm!

Things came to a head when someone in a row behind us broke the spell. “Excuse me, yeah you there, excuse me! COULD YOU TWO GET A DAMN ROOM???”

Debbie awoke out of her reverie with my fingers up to the knuckle in her wet cunt. Some punk started tossing popcorn at us. Heads were turning to see what was going on. Debbie was practical spread eagle in her seat. A lady in the row in front of us gasped when she turned around to see Debbie’s legs spread, her wet cunt glistening in the movie’s glowing light.

I had to close Debbie’s legs myself, then whispered to Debbie, “let’s go!” I took her by the arm and we shuffled down our row over knees to the sound of applause for us. Not sure if it was because we were leaving or for the show we had put on.

Some jerk reached up Debbie’s dress and grabbed her bare wet ass as we were climbing over him, I slapped his hand away and grabbed him by his collar. “Get your fucking hands off me,” he yelled. I moved on after Debbie.

He shouted “What a fucking whore!” pointing us out to the pimpled-faced theater staff now coming down the aisle to escort us out. “She was letting guys feel her up,” another punk shouted.

Out in the lobby, Debbie wrapped her arms around me and we made out for a few minutes, tongue kissing deeply, passionately. It was the first time I had kissed her. She looked at me with her black hole eyes and as I fell into her, I felt compelled with all my being to give myself of her.

The words just came out of me, “I love you.”

She smiled and blinked purposely to release me from her eyes. “Let’s go to my place,” she whispered.

Now I could spend the next few paragraphs describing our love making that first night. It was epic. But I can’t do it. Sex with Debbie was like a sacred ritual in Notre Dame Cathedral while on an LSD trip.

Let’s just say it was the beginning of a very intense relationship. That witch, Jessica had matched made us well. Debbie was easy for me to be open with. I told her I was bisexual that first date as was my style back then. She said, “I know. I like that about you. I’m bi too.” Fucking Jessica that witch must have told Debbie I was bi when she was setting us up. But how could she have? She had never met Debbie before the party. Aw, fuck it. I’m confused.

Debbie had one major kink. And I mean major. A fetish really, that I could have guessed at from her behavior at the theater. Debbie was an exhibitionist. She got off being watched while having sex. She needed an audience in order to achieve a state of complete multi-orgasmic ecstasy. The bigger the audience the better. She told me if me if I had kept going with her in that theatre she would have let me fuck her until the police arrived and arrested us for public lewdness.

She warned me not to ever start kissing her on the bus or sitting on a park bench, because she might just open her legs right there in public and try to mount me. I’d be forced to hold her down. Likewise, I shouldn’t start making out with her at a party, unless of course, I want to fuck her right there on the couch or coffee table in front of the whole party. The more people watching the better for Debbie. And once that gets going, Debbie said, she can’t guarantee she wouldn’t let it devolve into a full-blown gang bang.

Besides being an exhibitionist, Debbie might have been a nymphomaniac. She had about half a dozen young bucks on speed dial as well as six girlfriends she said were also her lovers. I found that incredulous. None of the 12 lovers she had an emotional relationship with like she did with me, or so she claimed. Debbie and I were in love. These six guys and six lesbians were just flesh she knew would happily come over to be used and they understood they were never going to be her soul mate. They were just lucky to even get called back more than a couple of times. At the time, I reckoned this was just all part of Debbie’s elaborate sexual fantasy world, not a real thing, so I played along. Looking back, I’m not so sure.

I could see our sex life together was going to be really kinky. Debbie collected cameras, mirrors, lens, kaleidoscopes, dream catchers and she had six dildos she kept in an antique drawer next to the bed. She had names for each. Silly goth names like Raphael, Baracheil and Jegu. Although, one dildo was plainly named Mike and another Gabe. Go figure. Debbie was odd one, but her kinks were kind of exciting me.

I asked, “So Debbie, why do you call this dildo “Mike”, is that the name of an old boyfriend?” I held up the rather strangely shaped “Mike” dildo. It weighted a ton.

“Oh, Michael,” she waved it off, “Pffft…He’s so ancient, seems like 3,000 years since I thought about him.”

On our second date, we didn’t even bother going out after dinner. We went straight to the bedroom. She had a video-cameras on tripods and we had sex under the hot lights as we taped ourselves. Even when we didn’t tape ourselves having sex, all the cameras and mirrors in the bedroom had to be arranged just so, pointing towards the bed. Debbie thought she might have been a porn star in another life. “So many eyes, so many watchers are watching us now,” she would whisper to me as I kissed her totally alone with her in her room. She needed to pretend we were being watched. We never had sex without the lights all on and cameras watching.

After sex we would lie around naked with each other cuddling talking about ways we could safely expose Debbie having sex while real strangers were watching.

Some of our ideas: I knew of a park where gay men often had anonymous encounters while other men watched and jerked off in the woods. We could take a blanket to fuck there in the open and I’m sure we’d get a friendly audience.

We could rent a hotel room across from a tall building and fuck our brains out with the curtains open so that the office workers in other buildings could watch us. Or I could bring a friend or two friends over to watch us have sex while they masturbated quietly in a corner. Or vice versa. I could sit in a corner and watch while Debbie fucks some guy. Or I could take pictures of her having sex with another guy. Debbie was quick to remind me it doesn’t matter the gender of whom she is fucking or who is in the audience. A female watching us fuck would be just as good as a guy. Likewise, Debbie was willing to have lesbian sex if there was an audience for it.

Debbie wanted me to have a portfolio of nude pictures of her and even fuck pictures of her to show my friends. Of course, if I were to show them to guys while she was sitting there with us, legs crossed, that would be the biggest turn on for her, but she couldn’t guarantee she could control herself and not initiate a threesome or gang bang as the case made be. Or I could go to a bar alone and show her nude pictures she had me to keep in my wallet to strange men. Then come home and recount how I showed her nude photos to strange men. That would be enough to push her into an evening of multi-orgasmic sex with me, surrounded by her six oddly named dildos, the mirrors and cameras, dreamcatchers, telescopes and kaleidoscopes all watching us.

Debbie and I never got around to doing any of these things in the never-ending quest to satisfy that sexual lust in the black hole of her beautiful eyes. But we did rock the fucking universe down to its very foundations, or so I am told, one fantastical evening of love making.

It happened barely three weeks after I had met Debbie on the very night of that hokey so-called Great Harmonic Convergence, August 16, 1987. That evening, out of the blue, Debbie came up a very simple exhibitionist plan. One that had not occurred to me.

Just canlı bahis siteleri outside her bedroom window was a dense stand of azalea shrubbery so dense you couldn’t see beyond it. The bane of an exhibitionist, no doubt. But one could imagine if someone were to stand in between the azaleas and the window one would have an unobstructed view of whatever occurred on her bed, should the curtains happen to be open and Debbie’s curtains were always open. The plan could happen that very evening it was so simple, according to Debbie. All we had to do was call Jimbo.

“Who the fuck is Jimbo?” I had to ask.

Debbie explained while sitting naked crossed legged on her bed. Jimbo worked as a security guard at Walmart. He had to be at work at 9 pm. He was one of the six gorgeous stud losers on Debbie’s speed dial for male sexual companionship. Jimbo, according to Debbie was handsome and well hung, but not up to Debbie’s speed in any other way.

“Oh, I get it. You want me to climb out the window into the goddamn bushes and watch you get fucked by – what’s this guy’s name?”

“Jimbo,” Debbie smirked. “I know, I know, it’s a horrible thing to ask you to do, I feel so bad asking you, Tony. You were chosen to be my hero. My Heimdallr.”

“Yeah, right…and this Jimbo guy, he’s a fucking security guard at Walmart? How did you…”

“Don’t ask. He’s nobody. He’s got a great cock. That’s all he is to me. A big cock. You’re my man, my lover. You’ll do this for me, Tony, if you love me. After he’s finished with me, I’ll cum with you like you’ve never seen before.” She was pleading with me.

“And the plan is I don’t have to be out there in the bushes all fucking night while you and the security cop watch the Late Show together after sex, right?” I said sarcastically.

“See, that’s the beauty of the plan. I’ll call Jimbo in ten minutes. That’s like…” She checks her watch, “like almost eight o’clock. Jimbo will be getting his security uniform on and be so excited that I command… I mean called him, he’ll rush over here for a quickie with me and then have to split or be late for work. He’ll only have about 20 minutes to do me. And I can make him cum sooner than that anyway. He’s such a chump.”

“Yeah, I wonder who the real chump is,” I said.

“Darling, you’re not a chump. As soon as he’s cum all over me and leaves, I want you back in that window as fast as you can to take up and finish the job he’s started. You’re my real hero of the whole world. Everything depends on you.”

Let’s face it. I was a fucking natural cuck in the making anyway. Sure, watching Debbie fuck some studly stranger was going to make me jealous, but the kink was strong. I thought the idea was fucking too hot. Debbie gets her exhibitionist kick and as her new lover if I can give that to her, who’s to say it’s not a good thing?

Debbie, predictably not want to miss any chance for an exhibitionist moment had me get down between her legs and lick her pussy while she was on the phone to what’s-his-name, Jimbo.

I gotta say, I loved to orally service her beautiful cunt. So, there we were. Debbie on her bed, legs spread and me lying between her thighs licking her pussy. She picks up the phone, pushes the speed dial button # 6, labelled “Jimbo.” I can hear the phone ringing as I use my nose to diddle her clit.

“Oh, hi Jimbo baby,” Debbie chirped in a kind of sickly-sweet voice I had never heard her use before. “Can you come over tonight to play with me. I’m so lonely tonight. It’s special to me, what with all the stars and planets all lined up out there in the sky, just like your big cock… Sic transit gloria mundi!”

WTF, is she babbling about now, I’m thinking. I could hear a male voice vaguely over the line as I stroked my tongue up and down her slit. I caught Debbie’s eyes and started that downward journey into them again.

“…I know you have to work tonight, baby. I just need that one thing. Come over now, I’m all ready for you. You can still please me and get to work on time… OK, see you soon, big boy.”

She hung up and started to pant. The act of having her pussy licked while she was inviting some jerk to come over and fuck her brains out was close enough to exhibitionism to send her into a mild orgasm.

She pushed her hair back, blinked her eyes to wake me up and said, “OK, it’s on. Get out that window! Jimbo doesn’t live too far away.”

I slithered out the window head first into the azaleas like a graceful python. Fucking nearly broke my neck. I brush myself off. The bushes and their branches were pretty tight and I was covered in spider webs. Outside in the cool of the night I was in the dark. Inside Debbie’s bedroom I could see everything, the light from her room glowing on my face. I rapped on the glass, “Can you see me standing here, Debbie?” She answered, “nope, all any of us in here can see is my reflection.” She giggled and flashed me her ass.

Debbie tidied the bed and put a video tape in the camera. The bitch was gonna video tape this Walmart guard fucking her! Fuck, man. I felt a pang of jealousy. I’m standing out here in the dark, swatting mosquitoes and that’s not exhibitionist enough for her? She’s gotta film it too? I watched Debbie do fine tune adjustments to all her mirrors and still cameras, none of which even had film in them. Debbie was a beautiful lunatic, I realized, but I loved her. She smiled at me every once in a while, but then I realized she was smiling at her reflection, not me. She couldn’t see me.

I suppose the wait wasn’t too long before I heard a very loud car pull up at the curve out front, but it seemed like forever, mosquitoes buzzing in my ear. I peeked over the fence and saw a beat-up Chevy Nova. A guy in a security uniform jumps out and dashes to the front door like the house is on fire.

Debbie totally in the nude, let’s him in. There’s about 15 seconds of muffled talking in the front room and then the two stumble into the bedroom, Debbie’s walking backwards kissing him, helping him undo his belt while he works the button on his security officer’s shirt. Jimbo even has a big handgun in a holster he takes off and kicks across the floor towards the window. I ducked down below the glass. Shit, this mofo has a gun. Goddamn it. When I poke my head up again. He’s not ten feet away from the window, his pants down around his knees, his shirt off and my beautiful alabaster Debbie is on the floor in front of him, her back to me, working his cock.

For a moment I panic, because Jimbo is looking right at me. But then I see he’s smoothing his hair back after tossing his hat on the floor. He’s looking at his reflection in the window and can’t see me. They are quickly naked and on the bed. Debbie climbs on top of him in the sixty-nine position facing me. She was right, Jimbo is massively hung. Porn star material. The brain of a security guard and the cock of a Greek deity. Figures.

Debbie looks straight at me in the window as she fellates his boner and rubs his penis all over her face. She can’t see me, just herself in the glass fellating Jimbo’s gorgeous manhood. But she knows I am watching and that’s what really matters here. By this time, I’m also fully erect in my jeans. I thought about taking my dick out and jacking off, but I needed to save my bone for Debbie after this monster cock cums and leaves. Besides, the goddamn mosquitoes were eating me alive. My blood gorged member would have been a mosquitoes’ feast.

Debbie went through every humiliating sexual act she could think of with this guy. She sucked each of his plum sized gonads into her mouth whole watching herself in the window. They rolled over in the sixty-nine position, this time with Jimbo on top. Debbie tried to deep throat his 10-inch behemoth and did a very commendable job. I could see her neck swelling up as his cock head throttled her gullet right down to her collar bone. How the fuck she did do that without gagging was a total mystery to me. Then a clap of thunder startled me. It smelt like rain might be coming. Shit.

She licked her forefinger and started to finger his anus. I could fucking see it all. He had her legs so far up that her knees were next to her ears. He was eating her ass. Debbie pulled her finger out of his ass, sniffed it, looked at the window and then started to give lucky Jimbo a slow deliberate rim job.

At this point, I was so stunned my mouth was just hanging open and I had quit swatting mosquitoes to let them feast on my ears and neck to their blood-sucking content. I could hear the thunder, louder now. Fuck! Was it going to rain on me? I worried that a flash of lightning would silhouette me standing outside the window like the fucking dildo perv I was starting to feel like.

Debbie and Jimbo had been eating each other’s various portals-of-love in just about every position they could get into for so long now, I wondered if Jimbo wasn’t going to be late for work. But Debbie had not lost track of time. She got to her knees and demanded that Jimbo fuck her from behind. He complied with great passion. At first, he was fucking her from behind away from my view. Debbie stopped him and got into a position on the edge of the bed, where her cunt was not three feet away from the window so that I could have a cuck’s eye view of her getting her cunt reamed but good. She commanded, “Now fuck me in ass.” Jimbo obeyed. “Now go back to my pussy.” Jimbo obeyed.

Jimbo whose muscular body was glistening with sweat by this time started moaning, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.” Debbie pulled his thick penis out of her cunt, the inside of her thighs slick with her own juices and shouted, “wait, wait, wait.” She flipped over on her back, her legs up around her neck and said, “OK, Jimbo, now fill me with your fucking hot semen, big boy.” She cocked her head back as he mounted her and arched her back like she was made of rubber as he fucked her hard. Her pupils rolled back so far in her head all I could see was the white of her eyes.

For a guy about to cum, Jimbo had some real staying power as he just keeps thrust his mammoth erection in and out, in and out of Debbie’s cunt. Damn, he was good it this at thought. He moved to fucking her ass, her knees back behind her ears. How long could he last? I started counting the thrusts. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Jimbo’s face was all contorted and he was groaning so loud the neighbors could probably hear. 7, 8, 9, 10. Debbie was squealing now like some kind of raven or maybe a cat being strangled, her eyes still rolled back so far, I couldn’t enter into those bottomless black pupils of hers. Then I could make out something like a language. Debbie was babbling in, what? Speaking in tongues? The thunder behind me now rose to a constant growl. The wind was starting to come out. A rat ran between my legs, or something. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Debbie no matter if I was risking being struck by lightning.

That’s when Jimbo pulled his cock out of Debbie’s now gaping asshole and started in on her quim again. 11, 12, 13… and then it started.

Normally when guys cum, it’s over. With this motherfucker, when he came he was just starting his end game. He groaned in a rising primal howl and arched his back filling my Debbie’s pussy with first shot of his cumload. His glistening hard buns were quivering. Debbie was also arching her back in orgasm and shaking violently. She was growling like a wombat in heat between rapid fire bursts of speaking in tongues. He pulled out and started to jerk his massive cock, now swollen and red, even larger than before, sending a great fountain of semen arching over Debbie’s belly bahis firmaları and conical titties with her tall hardened nipples quivering like pawns on a chess board in an Earthquake. In fact, I could feel the house shaking in the wind and thunder. The mirrors rattled on the bedroom shelves.

Jimbo just kept cumming and cumming and cumming. I was thinking, you know I am really starting to be impressed by this lowly security guard guy. He’s real class act in bed. And how the fuck did he get that much cum out of his gonads? They say the average guy cums about 10cc of semen. Thus, the name of the old rock band, 10cc. You didn’t know that did you? But Jimbo, this guy pulled at least 100cc out of his balls for Debbie and just about every drop ended up on her or in her somehow. Even the cum he splashed on the sheets seemed to magnetic run uphill to climb her side and puddle between her breasts or on her belly. It started to rain. Giant drops, each the size of a hummingbird, slowly at first, then accelerating, started to crash down around me.

Inside the bedroom the last drops of Jimbo’s semen were still being splashed around on Debbie’s fabulously silky thighs, when her gorgeous eyes rolled back into her face and her ridiculously arched back relaxed. She collapsed on her back, motionless.

Through the glass, over the increasing storm swirling behind me, I heard Jimbo say, “Holy shit, I’m late for work! I’m sorry to cum and run like this baby girl, I wish I could stay, but I gotta run.” He was already pulling his uniform pants back on over his boxer shorts by the time he had that out. Debbie just lay spread eagle on the mattress slowly gyrating her hips and dipping her finger in the pool of his milky semen that filled her belly button. The sky opened and a torrent of rain came straight down in buckets. It was mixed with hail and I think frogs. No shit, frogs! I mean suddenly there were fucking frogs everywhere.

I could hardly see through the rain, buffeted by frogs and hail as I tried to continue to watch. The window streaked with flowing water. Jimbo grabbed his holster and his hat and flew out the door, his shirt and fly still unbuttoned. As he did, the rain suddenly stopped. Just like that.

I peeked over the fence long enough to see him skipping across the lawn cursing the frogs who were hopping around in his path under the street lamp. He jumped into his battered Chevy Nova and rip out in a cloud of smoke, shedding frogs as he hurdled off into the wet night. Damn that car was loud. Must be Thrush glasspacks. No sooner than he had pulled out into the street I was fumbling to push the sash window up and came tumbling in the window head first on to the floor in a puddle water, bringing a few frog escorts with me.

I crawled across the floor to Debbie on the bed, shedding my soaked clothes as I moved. She hadn’t move. She just lay there quivering on her back, almost shaking like she was in shock, legs spread wide. Her eyes were open. Her pussy was swollen and pink, leaking white viscous fluids. The room smelt kind of smoky, sulfuric. Semen puddles and smears covered her belly and breasts. She had cum droplets in her hair and on her cheeks. Her hands were slick with Jimbo’s cum. We said nothing to each other. I knew what I had to do now, although we hadn’t talked about it. I just knew.

I looked into her million-mile deep eyes and could see something glistening way, way off in the distance down in there, in the black abyss of her pupils. I don’t know what it was. Maybe just the light reflecting in her eyes but it looked like an angel’s wings flapping, far, far away, drawing me into her void. I felt like I was falling into her through her eyes, hypnotised. Like something was calling me.

Then Debbie’s voice woke me from my trance. “kiss me,” she whispered. She blinked in that slow deliberate way she did to release me. I kissed her passionately with my whole mouth, our tongues wrapped together, writhing like serpents, wet and fresh and wetter still. I sucked her salty lips and licked the semen off her cheek and then kissed her deeply again.

She didn’t have to say it. I knew what I was required to do and I was going to do it well. “Kiss me pussy”, she hissed in an Irish accent, “Li-ndish farne.”

I ran my tongue down her body past the two pawn-like nipples on her chess board chest parting the puddle of semen in her belly button so that a tiny rivulet of sperm ran down her side and blotted out on the cotton sheet beneath her. I thought of the millions of wannabe beings extinguished in that single innocent act. I could almost hear them sing in a celestial choir far far away. I was dizzy.

When I came to Debbie’s swollen cunt, I could see it was quivering with electricity, lush wet anticipation combined with animistic lust, this wet gaping well-fucked sacred cave, Debbie’s other portal into the unknown, a river of cum flowed from its bowels. I wondered if her cunt was as bottomless and dark as her eyes. I could hear the rain start up again outside.

Time had moved very slowly up to this moment, then suddenly like a b**st, something took control of me and I buried my face in her cum filled quim. I didn’t just lick her cunt. I use my face, the entire topography of my face to stimulate her. Somehow this seemed important. Like all the acupuncture points on my face were needed for this connection.

Or maybe I was baptising myself by total immersion in her juices and the semen of a stranger. I rubbed my whole face in her quim, using my nose and chin and my cheek bones, lips and tongue and brow to penetrate her as if I was climbing inside her cunt in a desperate voyage back to the womb to roll up in a foetal position and continue back in time until I was nothing but part of that infinite abyss in Debbie’s eyes where the dark angel must surely live and need me. I could hear her calling distantly.

I licked and lapped and faced fucked Debbie’s cum-loaded cunt like a man possessed and she began to writhe upon my face, holding my face firmly buried in her cunt so that I felt like a baby being drown by its own mother. Debbie was cumming on my face over and over again in oceanic waves that passed through her cunt and into my face, down my spine like an electrical current, my Kundalini tide running backwards time. A thousand years of moon phases spinning out of the heavens, pouring like mantric rain down, down, down and out through my cock and into the soil, into the dead bones taken up and used by the Earth. Seed long lost. Born again. The entire life cycle of the universe running backwards to a whole new beginning. The Harmonic Convergence completed!

Suddenly, a voice pulled me back out of Debbie’s astral womb.


I blinked opened my eyes. Dazed. My face was buried deep in Debbie’s pussy, but peeking over her mound of Venus I could vaguely make out through the cum in my eyes a figure costumed vaguely like security guard backing out the bedroom door with his hands up. I wondered in my dazed state: Who could this man be?

Jimbo said, “Oh, my god. My god. Don’t get up. I’m leaving now. I just came back for my keys. I don’t wanna know. I see nothin’.”

He was backing out of the room, a ring of shop keys in one hand. Then he was gone. Debbie did not even stop her orgasmic quivering, nor did I stop grovelling my face in her cummy pussy.

Suddenly, Jimbo popped his head back in the door for one last shot: “And Debbie take me off your goddamn speed dial, I ain’t answering your fuckin’ phone calls no more.” With that he was gone. I could hear his Chevy Nova fire up like a dragon in the distance, burning rubber in the quiet suburban street. Then there was only the sounds of a million croaking frogs and a gentle rain.

I don’t know how long I lay there eating Debbie’s pussy while she spasmed in orgasm on my face. The cum was already drying on her breasts by the time she commanded: “fuck me now.” I had already spent my own seed spontaneously while my face was buried deep in her cum-filled quim, but I had not lost my erection. I climbed on top of her and slowly, deliberately mounted her and she continued to shed orgasmic electricity drawn down from the sky gods to pour into the Earth through my member until late into the night. That’s all I remember.

The next morning Debbie and I were still there, lying naked holding hands side by side. Viewed from above, surely, we looked like a medieval Adam and Eve painting. We were awakened from our sweet slumber rudely…

“Well, God damn it all! Look at you two love bird! Ain’t you the sight naked as blue jays.”

I shook my head trying to open my eyes, they were glue shut with a combination of dried semen and Debbie’s juices. I got one eye pried open and saw Jessica standing there lording over us, beaming, hands on her hips.

“Oh, fuck, Jessica, get outta here.” I moaned.

“Hey” she scolded, “you two left the fucking front door open all night. Anyone coulda waltz right in here and stole the TV set, or worse. What if an axe murderer or some pervert popped in to have a look see? You two be gonners now.”

I groaned sitting up, struggling to find the sheet to pull up over myself, rubbing my swollen, sticky eyes.

“Look, you two, get up, take a shower together, you love birds. I’ll wait outside on the porch.” Jessica said.

“Wait outside for what, Jessica? Just go home, will ya. We had a big night last night.” I said. I looked at Debbie, she was still stone cold asleep on her back, beautiful. Perfect like an angel. Barely breathing.

“Oh, no! No, no, no! I’m taking you two out for a nice big Sunday brunch at Ninfa’s, complete with all the Champagne orange juice you can drink. On the house. The Temple is gonna pick up the tab. You two done me proud last night, real fine job there. Of course, it was all my doing bring you two together with the portal. If I don’t mind sayin’ so myself…” Jessica was rambling.

I was staggering to my feet now wrapping the sheet around my waist. Debbie just lay there like sleeping beauty motionless, naked, perfect. I rubbed my eyes again. “What the fuck are you talking about, Jessica?” I said.

“I’m talking about the chakras of the world ya’ll blew the fucking gates to the Mysterium wide open last night! Whooo HOoo! You and Jimbo and…” Jessica nodded to Debbie still motionless on the bed. “And The Portal, of course.”

I stopped stone cold and looked up, “What, now wait one goddamn second here, Jessica did you say…. JIMBO? What the fuck do you have to do with this!”

“Ah, never mind. I don’t know why I bother talkin’ to ordinary humans. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you the sky is blue, would ya? Woulda ya?” Snapped Jessica.

I started to come around the bed toward Jessica, I was pissed now, half a mind to throttle the bitch. “Why you…”

“Ah, ah, ah! Calm down now, Antonio. You is a big hero. A world saver. Now you waltz your handsome little buns over to the en suite there and have a shower. I’m gonna see if I can wake up The Portal here.” She waved me off with a kind of fluttery wrist motion carving a signet in the air.

I did as I was told. The shower felt good. There was a brand new bar of Irish Spring in the soap dish. I whistled a tune I had never heard before while lathering up.

All dressed I came out to find Debbie sitting on the back porch dressed too. She smelt lovely and clean. It was only later I remembered Debbie didn’t have a shower. She didn’t need one. How could that be? Whatever. Suddenly, I felt ravenous! Champagne brunch at Ninfa’s sounded great…

“Now let’s go to brunch, my little darlings,” Jessica rattled her car keys. “I’m driving!” She tossed back her hair and cackled like a witch.

She winked at me as we walked gingerly across the St. Augustine lawn through the frogs to her car.

“There are some people who want to meet yew two.”

Antonio Jorge DeMaldias. ©2018

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