The Contract


Patty and Mattie were twins. Both were troublemakers. They had turned sixteen, just last week. They had never been spanked in their life. The girls thought of themselves as ‘The Terrible Terror Twins.’Note- these twins are reluctant, but choose to accept corporal punishment of their own free will. They definitely don’t like it, but it is consensual! They had been sent to live with their Aunt Sally for the summer. Sally had married their uncle several years prior. The twins always seemed to be in trouble for something. They were from Hollywood, and were used to running wild; drinking, smoking, and going clubbing with their fake IDs. The small Texas town they found themselves in, was a stark contrast to their previous life in California. The numerous punishments visited upon them by Sally weren’t working. This included grounding and the loss of privileges and technology.Sally worked during the day, and couldn’t watch them constantly, and Uncle John was a long-haul trucker and was rarely home. Their aunt had just declared if one was to be punished, both would receive the exact same treatment.She did this after catching them switching places during punishments. If Patty didn’t have phone privileges, she would pretend to be Mattie when she wanted to make a call. They both got caught doing it, so Sally put her foot down. Sally was fed up with it, and wished the girls had never come to live with her. In short, Sally was pissed-off. Today would change all that. They were walking home, when they heard voices, escort bursa sobbing and a loud crack, coming from an open window behind some bushes at their friend’s house. They crept up through the bushes to investigate. They were shocked at what they saw. Terri, their friend, who was a year older, was bent over her mother’s lap, her jeans and panties were around her ankles and she was being paddled.Her butt was already bright red, but the paddling wasn’t over yet. Her mom would crack the paddle into her ass, say something and then crack it again. The paddle looked like a wooden cutting board to the twins, who had never even seen a paddle. Every time the paddle would land, the girl’s bottom would bounce and get redder. The girl was openly sobbing. After a dozen more swats, the mother finally put the paddle down, rolled the girl off her lap, and told her to fetch the hairbrush.The girl started begging not to get the brush, but her mother started counting and Terri scampered away quickly. She returned holding a wooden oval hairbrush.She had stopped sobbing, but she still had tears in her eyes. She went back over mom’s knee. Her mom told that this was the second time, so twenty swats with the brush. Terri begged her not to do it, one last time, then the brush fell.Her mom delivered twenty hard swats in about fifteen seconds. All were placed in the same two places, the bottom of each cheek in the middle, where the butt crease meets the leg.Terri howled like a wildcat and bursa merkez escort fought to get away. Her mom finished and rolled her off again. Terri was sobbing and holding onto her bottom.Suddenly, the mother spied the twins through the window. She pointed at them and angrily told them to get out of there, and to go home. The girls didn’t go straight home. They stopped and talked about what they had seen. They couldn’t believe a girl their age got spanked. An hour later, they headed home. When they arrived, Sally was waiting. She wasn’t happy.”So you like to watch spankings, do you,” she asked. “Go to your room.”This was the catalyst Sally needed. She had been formulating a plan for days. This was the last straw. She had talked to the twins’ mother after getting a call from Terri’s mom. After much debate, and threats to send the twins back to California, their mother reluctantly agreed to let Sally do as she saw fit. Sally knew a thing or two about corporal punishment, having grown up in Texas. She, as well as her brothers and sisters, were punished in school with a wooden paddle all through school. Her last paddling was at eighteen and a senior. If she got paddled in school, she would get double the punishment at home with a leather strap, whilst laying across the bed with a stack of pillows under her hips.The strapping would occur at bedtime the day following the paddling. This was partially to allow the pain from the paddling to lessen, but mostly bursa escort because the anticipation of the strapping was almost worse than the strap itself.She and her siblings were also punished with a variety of other objects, for various offenses. In addition to the razor strap, she had felt a small wooden paddle, hairbrushes, switches, wooden spoons, and a heavy rubber-like rod from a mini-blind used to open and close the blinds. That rod was the most painful thing ever. It was always given over tight jeans and brought tears from the very first stroke. The pain from the rod was deep and intense. It also lasted for days. The home punishments were given in every form of dress, from fully clothed, to totally nude. It depended on the offense and the number of times the rule had been broken. The embarrassment factor was paramount, especially as they got older. Most punishments Sally received were either clothed or in panties. She was a pretty good girl. Her oldest sister and brother were a different matter. Sally gathered some items and went to the girls’ room. She tossed the items on the bed.The girls noticed a bath brush, an old, men’s leather belt, a thin wooden board, and a huge wooden spoon.”What the fuck is all THAT?” Patty asked.Sally glared at the girls and told them things were about to change. “Those are your new punishment items,” she said.She explained she had spoken with their mother. She further explained to the girls that starting tomorrow, they would have a written set of rules, and a list of punishments for each rule. Since grounding and loss of privileges weren’t working, spanking was now the rule of the land. Since the girls were young adults, they would have input on both the rules and punishment. It would be fair to all parties. Patty said “Fuck THAT,” and tried to walk out. 

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