The Conference


The ConferenceI had just turned twenty one and had landed this great job with this company. First thing they wanted me to do was go to this conference in another city for a week. I invited my mom to go along so she could get out of the house. We always have together and she said she could entertain herself while I was doing conference stuff.The second day we were there the seminar I had signed up for had been canceled so I went back to get mom and thought we could do some stuff but she was not at our room. Thinkinh she was out shopping I thought I would take a nap till she got back. We had a two room suite that we were sharing, so I closed my door and went to sleep. A little while later I was woke by some noise coming from my mom’s room. It sounded like some men talking and a woman giggling. Thinking at first it was from the next room I ignored it but then realized it was from my mom’s room and that it was my mom. It almost sounded like sex was happening, but I thought that could not be the case. But the more I listened the more I was sure that is what was happening. So I slowly and quitely opened my door and listened some more and sure enough it had to be someone having sex in my mom’s room. I slowly peaked around the corner into mom’s room to see her fully naked with two naked men on her bed. My mom is very good looking, dark curly hair, “C” cup tits, nice flat canlı bahis siteleri stomach, neat bush and killer blue eyes. People always comment that she looks more like my sister than my fifty year old mom. As I watched the two men were over weight and not very sexy. They had their hands all over her, her tits and pushing their fingers up her wet snatch. All three seemed to have been drinking. My dad is a good looking guy and I had thought they were happy so I was not sure why mom had these two chubbys in there with her. I decided to continue to watch quitely as they jockeyed for positions. I caught a good shot of mom’s cunt and from all the pink knew she was very wet and turned on. Then one of the men grabed her foot and pulled her over to him and spread her legs and pushed his short chubby cock into her pussy. The other man presented his cock to mom and mom took it in her mouth. The one man did short hard thrust into her cunt making her tits jiggle. After several minutes the men switched places. The second man pounded away on mom as she sucked the others cock. After a few more minutes the second man pushed deep into her and froze, grunting and then moaning. Mom reached down to his balls and cupped them saying that it feels so good. The man pulled out of mom’s cunt, he had filled her alot of jizz. He stepped back and told the other man that was really perabet good. That man then moved in and mounted my mom. He banged her for several minutes then he filled her full of his load. My mom has the most beautiful cunt and I could not believe she was allowing these men to enjoy it and leave their cum inside her. I moved back into my room and closed the door thinking they would be having an intermission waiting to get hard again, and I was right. They had come out of the room and the men were talking and then mom came out saying they wanted some more pussy they better hurry before last call. The men said they were hard again and they all moved back onto the bed. I came back out of my room and watched as mom took them doggy, then she got on top, then they were back to missionary. This is when the men came, each one pumping his huge load deep inside her. I hid again as the men dressed to leave. They were telling mom they had to get back to their rooms before their wives came back. They laughed and told mom they did not think she would be as good of a fuck as she was. The men left and I could wait no longer. I stormed into mom’s room and started to yell at her for what I had just witnessed. Mom was laying there with the two strangers cum all over and inside her pussy. I told mom I was going to tell dad everything. Mom begged me not to saying she would perabet giriş do anything to keep me from telling dad. Mom pleaded with me saying it was just fun and I did not understand. I was mad as hell and not sure what to do. I could not stop stairing at mom’s juicy cunt, all covered with cum. I pulled down my pants releasing my hard cock, I told mom that she would do anything to keep me quite okay then. I pullrf mom over to the edge of the bed and plunged my cock into her gooey pussy. Mom screamed out telling me no. But after a minute she was meeting thrust and breathing hard, moaning. I realized we were both enjoying this and continued to grudge fuck the hell out of her. Mom was about to orgasim and I had a huge load ready to explode, I was about to pull it out for the money shot when I decided to push in as deep as I could, mom orgasimed hard, her cunt tightened its grip around my cock causing my cock to explode pumping several ropes of my hot cum deep inside her. When we were both done I stood there with my limp cock still deep inside mom’s cunt. Mom was whimpering about this being the best fuck she ever had. I asked mom how it feels having two mens sperm and her son’s sperm swiming around together inside her womb. I told mom she was a cum slut and that I will fuck her any time I want. And whenever she fucks other men she would have to come to me and fuck me too. I could not believe how many other men mom fucked after that. But she always came to me soon afterwards and I got to fuck her. She even told me about her past adventures. My mom sure is a dirty slut but you would not know it looking at her!

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