The Clearing

Big Tits

The Clearing”Meet me at the clearing in the woods, and show your meat.” said the note slipped to me by my friend. It was a warm day in May and school was nearly out for the summer. Of course, I had no idea what he meant by “show your meat”, but I planned on being there.The clearing was a small area in the middle of a heavily forested location near our community. no one ever went there. It was the place that we would go and look at porn magazines after school. If I was lucky, I would jerk out a quick load when no one was around. I had fantasized about a buxom lady walking through the woods completely naked and letting us fondle her tits and then give us our first blow job.I eventually gave myself my ‘first’ blow job when I became agile enough to bend myself over while lying on my back in the bathroom.I sat on a fallen log for a while and waited on Russ to come through the trees. After a while, I heard the familiar rustle through the brush and a few twigs snap. When I looked up, there he was. Russ was completely naked, carrying a small backpack, and a sizeable cock hanging in front of him.”What are you doing?” I asked. “Aren’t you afraid of anyone seeing you?” I stifled a chuckle, but at the same time, I was impressed with his penis.”No one ever comes out here.”, he said. “Besides, I said to ‘show your meat’…””I had no idea what you meant, but I also have no idea as to why you would want to wonder around the woods naked.” I told him.”Freedom.” he said. “It feels great to walk around the woods naked. You should try it.”My penis was nothing compared to Russ’ dick. His was solid girth and he had a nice set of balls hanging as well. The most impressive part was that he was still soft. It just hanged there.I was reluctant to remove my clothes, but I was feeling warm and heady from looking at Russ. This was the first time I had ever really looked at another guy’s cock and felt any kind of lust for such a thing. I would dress up in women’s clothing and fantasize about getting fucked, but this was a real cock I was staring at.”Russ, I don’t think taking my clothes off is a really good idea.” illegal bahis I managed to muster.”Hey, it’s up to you. As for me, it feels great.” Russ said as he threw a small blanket out on the ground and proceeded to lay down. “I love the feel of the air and wind across my body.”As he positioned himself on the blanket, he started to rub his cock and stretch his balls. I could sense the blood was rushing to his loins because his nipples were hard now. My own cock was pulsing around a little. I figured if it was hard, it would look big to him.After a few minutes, I mustered up the courage to take my shirt off. Then my pants, and then with my back turned to him, I dropped my underwear.”See?”, Said Russ. “Doesn’t that feel much better?”As I turned, his eyes honed in onto my minuscule cock and sack. I could tell he was holding back a chuckle, but he was minding his manners. I walked over to the blanket and sat down.”It feels ok I guess.” I managed to say.”Here! I brought these from my mom’s drawer.” he said as he gave me a pair of stockings.”You always said that stockings turned you on, so you can put these on.”I had no idea what Russ was up to, but he was right. I loved stockings, and I especially loved the way they looked on my legs, as well as a woman’s legs. My heart was pumping and beating in my head as I slowly slipped the beautiful nylons on to my legs. It turned out to be a moment of truth because as I looked over at Russ, his cock was turning a purplish color as it started to get as rigid as a tree trunk.”You like heels also?” Russ asked as he produced a beautiful pair of strappy black heels that had to have a four inch heel on them. “I’m pretty sure these will fit because they barely fit me and your feet are smaller than mine.”As I slipped on the heels, Russ stood up and began to stroke his cock, which was by now hard and large. It was a thick 8″ dong and I had never seen anything like it. It was purple and angry looking as it pulsed while he stood there looking at my legs.”You have hot legs.”, Russ said as he started to slowly stroke his meat.”Thank you.” Was all I could illegal bahis siteleri manage. By now, my own dick was as hard as a rock, but it was a mere stub compared to Russ’ pole.”Russ.” I said with a shake in my voice. “Can I touch your dick?””Huh?”, he said as he realized what I asked. “Yeah. Sure.”Words were not important to either of us now. I moved to my knees and Russ moved closer to me as I brought my hand up and touched the head of his throbbing dick. Both of us started to breathe deeper and heavier. I gripped his ‘hammer’ as I wished mine was just as big, and it felt like nothing I had ever imagined.”Can I stroke it?” I asked with a heavy breath.”Uh-huh.” was all Russ could manage.I slowly slid my hand to the back of the shaft as I licked my lips in lust over his fat purple head. And without a moments notice, Russ shot a load of cum onto my face. Another load shot forth as I tried to move my face, but it was too late. he could not control himself as he shot a third load right into my mouth.With grunts of pleasure, I could see Russ shaking and about to lose his footing as his orgasm took him by surprise.”Unh! I’m sorry. It just feels so good.”, he managed to say in between grunts.I continued to pump out the remainder of his cum while he laid on the blanket. “That’s a lot of jizz.” I said, still holding on to his flesh-stick. “It’s hot and it tastes pretty good.”As Russ laid back breathing deeply, I couldn’t help myself. I leaned forward and took as much of his cock into my mouth and sucked until I could manage to squeeze more cum from his balls. Russ flinched and groaned as I sucked on his dork like a ball-pop. It felt great in my mouth and the more I sucked the more I salivated.I stopped for a moment and asked. “How does it feel, Russ.” I held his cock as my own dripped precum onto the blanket. Russ could only smile and nod a little as I continued to tease his balls to ready him for another session.”Do you want me to do you, now?” Russ asked as he started to regain his composure.”You know, ” I said as I looked at his cock. “I want to see what this feels like canlı bahis siteleri in my ass.”Russ’ member never went limp for a second. I had it well and ready for my ass with some lube he took from his parent’s night stand. Here I was; bent over, wearing stockings and heels with my boy clit leaking onto a blanket as Russ began to stretch my boi-hole with his fingers. We were going to do it. I was going to get my ass-cherry popped.When I thought I was ready, Russ opened a fresh condom he stole from his brother and he lined up his purple head with my sphincter, and then ever-so-slowly pushed into my guts.I was surprised at how easily he slipped in. It felt full and natural for me to be looking like a slut on my knees with a meat stick pushing into my ass-pussy. After several minutes of adjusting, I began to rock my hips up and down, and back and forth. I increased the speed the more comfortable it became.”God damn that feels great!”, panted Russ. “You look so sexy with these stockings and heels. Like a real fuckin’ slut.””Baby.” I grunted, “I feel like a fuckin’ slut! Your slut!” I don’t know what came over me but I wanted that cock in me. It was as if I was possessed by the spirit of a whore. I looked over my shoulder at Russ and licked my flesh as I looked Russ in the eye, begging him to fuck me for all I was worth.With a hard thrust, he grabbed my hips and began to push up into my like a rabid b**st that could not get enough. My cock was cumming and spewing jizz without so much as a stroke. He suddenly wailed and began to spew another gallon of boi-slime into the condom. I wanted to feel his cum hitting my intestines. I wanted to squirt cum from my ass for a week.The late afternoon was turning to evening and we intertwined our bodies into different positions as our romp continued; missionary, doggie, reverse cowgirl. I was his bitch now and he was my stud as he fucked my ass any way from here to Sunday. Eventually, there were no condoms left and Russ resorted to shooting cum on my face and back.As time would go on, Russ and I would meet more often. He would bring me make-up and more stockings and lingerie to wear during our fuck sessions. We lost touch when we parted ways when I had to move to another part of the country, but I will never forget the clearing. I learned a lot about what a slut I could be during that summer.

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