THE CHAPERON – PART 3THE CHAPERON – Part 3 (of 3)After stopping for gas and having to fend off comments from the garage guys, the girls arrived at the cabin which Evelyn had rented over the phone. It was actually part of motel suite which had about a dozen individual cabins, with one or two bedrooms. Evelyn had chosen the two-bedroom accommodation but as soon as they walked in, it was obvious that the extra bedroom was a sun room with a hide-a-bed. One walked into the small kitchen, then the living room was to the right, and at the end of the living-room, there was a hallway which led to the sun room with a side door to the bedroom. They were a bit disappointed but then Ruth and Mindy were happy to have their own little nest, even if it was a bit in the open.“They are going to make so much noise that we won’t be able to sleep at all”, mocked Mindy, looking at the two older women.“Did you intend to sleep ?”, answered Ruth, elbowing her loverThe two girls began to tickle each other and jostle around.“Girls….girls…I suspect I know where that’s gonna lead”, warned ever serious Evelyn“Mother Superior”’, sighed Mindy“Let’s go eat and then we can have this place to ourselves and let loose”, suggested Rhonda.The four ladies walked out and began to look for a restaurant. If they had been disappointed with the cabin, they were certainly very happy with the restaurant which served fine food complete with a wine list.Even though nobody knew them in this forsaken place (at least in theory), they always had to watch out not to show any signs of affection towards each other. Evelyn and Ruth, having to live in the army with their lesbianism, were used to it but the other two girls had to be constantly reminded.They all ate well and had a surprising amount to drink. Evelyn was quite well-off and always managed to pick up the tab, ignoring the protests of her friends. The other girls had modest means and Evelyn was happy to treat them. Each couple brought a bottle red wine back to the cabin. Nobody was drunk but they were all a little tipsy. Before turning in, they decided to take a long walk along the lake and back which took them about an hour.On the way back, Rhonda and Evelyn were in front while Ruth and Mindy rounded up the platoon, as Ruth liked to call it.“Evelyn….did I ever tell you you have a lovely ass ?”, said Ruth trying to maintain a serious face.Mindy exploded in laughter.“That will do private…you are totally out of line with your comment”, answered Evelyn, pretending to be offended.“What are you going to do about it ?”, asked Ruth whose speech was getting a little blurred“I think you should spank her little bottom”, answered Rhonda“Actually spanking is included in chapter 16 of the rules concerning relations between an officer and a private”, answered Evelyn smiling broadly“Hey I think it’s a great idea”, added Mindy, who usually got very horny as soon as she had any alcohol at all.“Which side are you on ?”, asked Ruth“Anything that can get some action going…I’ll vote for”, said Mindy, who was already sweatingBy that time, the women had reached the cabin. The girls closed the blinds in the sun room to get their privacy although there was nobody in the next cabin. The small oil furnace had been turned on to get rid of the dampness. The women took off their jackets and their shoes and Evelyn took off her nylons which she always wore whenever she wasn’t on duty. The four friends stood around somewhat awkwardly and it was Rhonda who broke the ice by unzipping her skirt, letting it fall around her ankles and kicking it in a corner of the sun room. “So there…I’m gonna show my body off…and I want to see some skin”, announced Rhonda who got a round of applause.She unbuttoned her blouse and stood in the room in bra and panties. It didn’t take long for Mindy to follow suit and get into her undies. Ever since Mindy had started seeing Ruth, she had changed, at least her appearance had, and she was wearing perfume, and dressing up, and having her hair done. She looked nice. Ruth was a bit of a contrast to her rather plump lover. She was short and had a small frame but her tits were a good size and her buttocks were especially fleshy. When she walked in her undies, alanya escort her asscheeks moved against each other and that excited Mindy no end !Evelyn was, as usual, the last one to disrobe since she was quite shy. Her milk-white freckled skin accentuated her blushing. She had a very sexy black silk half-cup bra and some small panties of the same material which barely covered her triangle and was nearly completely lost in the crack of her ass. Mindy and Ruth were getting an eyeful. “I think Chapter 16 of the code needs to be taken to the letter here, and I hereby, by the authority given to me by the United States Government, sentence private Ruth Winters to be spanked until her bottom is red”, announced Evelyn to everyone’s surprise. “I would like to second the motion”, stated Rhonda who knew what her lover was doing and approved of it.“So you want to spank me”, asked Ruth, slightly blushing“It is the military, honey”, reminded EvelynRuth thought at first that Evelyn was joking but the officer was quite serious. Rhonda took Mindy by the hand and led her to the large sofa.“Promise me you’ll listen to me and keep quiet for once”, said Rhonda softlyMindy looked at her wide-eyed, expecting horrible news.“Evelyn and Ruth have to settle this, so let them, and don’t think for an instant that Ruth doesn’t love you”, Rhonda began“They’ve been working together for a long time, side by side, and there are desires that have to come out before you can move on with someone else”, continued RhondaMindy nodded then was distracted by the noise. SLAP ! SLAP !While Rhonda had been talking, Evelyn had sat down on a hard chair, slipped Ruth’s panties off and put the army private over her knee. SLAP ! SLAP ! She hit her fleshy bottom with medium force but enough that the goose bumped flesh became pink. “Why is she hitting her ?”, asked Mindy still confused.“It’s stuff between them…they get excited this way I think”, whispered RhondaThe two restaurant girls then sat with their mouth open as they watched the two military girls, half drunk, let it all hang out.Evelyn pushed Ruth off her knee and she fell on the floor. The spanking was over and Evelyn got up next to Ruth who picked herself up.Once stranding, Ruth slapped Evelyn hard enough that her head snapped sideways. “You stuck-up bitch”, yelled Ruth, “teasing and then running off with any hot-shot civilian you met”.“You don’t sleep within the military, can’t you understand rules, brainless butch”, screamed Evelyn“I just wasn’t good enough for you. Didn’t excite you, did I ? Civilian pie was always tastier wasn’t it ?”, yelled Ruth, tears streaming down her cheeksEvelyn took a swing and slapped Ruth hard enough that she held her nose with her hand and a small trickle of blood made its way to her tits.Mindy got up but was held down by Rhonda.“Let them settle accounts once and for all”, said Rhonda to Mindy, taking her in her arms and giving her little kisses on the cheeks and neck.Ruth took off her bra and she threw it at Evelyn. Evelyn was facing a much shorter woman. She unhooked her bra and pulled off her panties. She threw her panties at Ruth’s face but they bounced off her tits. Ruth picked them up and smelled them. She put them in her mouth and then spit them out. Evelyn took a step forward and so did Ruth. The private spit in the officer’s face and Evelyn winced, then spit in Ruth’s face. The two women buried their hands in each other’s hair. Evelyn who was stronger pushed Ruth’s face towards her crotch. The shorter girl fell to her knees and Evelyn held on to the private’s head so that Ruth’s nose ran up and down Evelyn’s furry crack. Ruth grabbed Evelyn’s ankles and pulled. The redhead fell hard on her ass on the wooden floor. It was Ruth’s turn to straddle her with her hairy wet patch. Her legs wide open, she moved over Evelyn’s body leaving a trail of shiny juices, first on her tummy, then her tits , and finally her face. “Suck my ass, private”, ordered Evelyn, “You always wanted to”.Evelyn turned over and kneeled with her ass in the air. Ruth got behind her and began to lick her ass, and her face disappearing between Evelyn’s freckled round buttocks. Ruth’s head was engaged in a back and forth motion escort alanya which left little to the imagination at where her tongue was and what it was doing.Rhonda was shivering and it was Mindy’s turn to kiss her neck and cheeks. “I just wish it was my tongue”, smiled Rhonda “I bet”, whispered MindyWhen Ruth finished rimming Evelyn, the redhead turned on her back and Ruth mounted her. “They’re gonna fuck ?”, asked Mindy in a low whisper“Yes…they’re gonna fuck”, answered Rhonda,” they have to…do you understand ?”.“Yes…I understand…I’m not jealous…Ruth will be happier after this”, said Mindy with some excitement in her voice.The officer wrapped her legs around the private’s waist and she crossed her ankles on her lover’s back. They continued to spit in each other’s face until it became a very wet kiss, saliva dripping from both chins onto their breasts. Mindy got up and got on all fours a few feet away from the women’s feet. She bent her head down so she could see the two hairy cunts rubbing, black on red. Rhonda also got up to watch. Rhonda took advantage of the fact that Mindy was standing and horny to take her in her arms. The two women hugged in the middle of the room and Rhonda kissed her friend. When Mindy tried to break the kiss, Rhonda put her hand on the back of her friend’s head and pulled her so that their mouths came together in a sloppy kiss. She could hear Mindy groaning. Then Mindy pushed Rhonda away but Rhonda grabbed her again and started to suck on her nipples. Mindy fell to her knees and buried her face in Rhonda’s furry triangle. Rhonda moved her hips against her friend’s face for a few minutes then raised her by the arms. The two women stopped a moment and looked at Evelyn and Ruth who were screaming together for the second time and were beginning a third fuck. “It’s so weird to kiss you”,said Mindy, her breasts heaving with every breath.“I’ve always wanted to”, assured RhondaMindy’s head was spinning because of the wine but also because she had Rhonda’s juices spread all over her face.Rhonda led Mindy to the bed and they lay down side by side.“What you said about Evelyn and Ruth working side by side..and about desires…I guess it applies to us too, doesn’t it ?”, said Mindy, her voice cracking.“Yes it does, baby”, comforted the older woman.“Why didn’t you ever tell me ?”, whispered Rhonda, slowly stroking Mindy’s puffed-up labia“You didn’t seem interested and I’m so plain”, answered Mindy, touching Rhonda’s erect clit with her finger.“You’re lovely”, said Rhonda kissing her forehead“Whenever you went off with those rich older women from the big city, you always showed up the next morning smelling differently”, smiled Mindy“They often gave me perfume”, answered Rhonda blushing“Did you fuck them ?”, asked Mindy“Sometimes I did…”, began Rhonda”, “’re nosy”. “I’m just horny”, admitted Mindy, “I’m just so horny for you”. “Ok…well sometimes I got on top and we rubbed…sometimes we just licked…and sometimes we did other stuff”, admitted Rhonda“Would you fuck me ?”, asked Mindy, “Please ?”.“Of course”, answered Rhonda. Rhonda rolled over her friend’s body and they began to rub together. Mindy opened her mouth wide as Rhonda spit into it. Rhonda opened her pussy lips with her hands and invited Mindy to do the same. The sat face to face comparing clits and lips. “I want to lick you where Ruth licked Evelyn”, said Mindy“You little ass-licker”, said Rhonda, teasing her“Crack-banger”, answered Mindy, making a faceRhonda turned on her stomach and raised her ass. Mindy positioned herself behind her and poked her tongue between those round asscheeks. Rhonda moaned as her friend rimmed her. “I have to do as well as those well-dressed ladies”, said Mindy between two licks“Oh you are…you are”, groaned Rhonda.When she was finished, Mindy resumed her passive position and Rhonda mounted her much the same way Ruth had mounted Evelyn. The two women began to rub cracks. Mindy had never been fucked by a woman before, Ruth’s lovemaking having been limited to licking. Rhonda was aware of that and was moving on top of her lover and giving her instructions at the same time.“You are very wet…Miss Mindy”, teased Rhonda“Move your lips against mine”, alanya escort bayan continued the more experienced lesbian“Ahhhhhhh…GODDDDDD….”screamed Mindy“Sorry….sorry….that’s for later”, laughed Rhonda who had inadvertently moved her clit against the younger woman’s organ“That’s my little pecker”, smiled the blonde, “the one Ruth sucked on”.“Are we gonna have babies ?”, asked Mindy “because I’m a virgin”.“I don’t think so …sweetheart”, laughed RhondaThe younger woman had grabbed Rhonda by the asscheeks while Rhonda had slipped her hands under Mindy good-size rump.“Squeeze my ass”, asked Mindy“Yeah….and you squeeze mine”, answered Rhonda.Rhonda pulled the younger woman closer and moving her clit all over Mindy’s hairy triangle. “Just relax baby…I’m gonna take you”, warned Rhonda, “Open your legs a bit more”.Mindy began a low moan which turned into a steady groan when Rhonda’s hips began undulating against her lover. The two women kissed and the groan stopped, only to start again when Rhonda sucked on Mindy’s nipples which were staring her in the face.“Fuck”, whispered Rhonda in her friend’s ear“Fuck me”, asked Mindy“Be my bitch for tonight”, asked Rhonda“Be my butch, baby”, answered MindyAnd the two women undulated against each other faster and faster until Mindy exploded in a loud orgasm soon followed by Rhonda who was about a minute late. The two friends lay there for 10 or 15 minutes before they seem to come to.“You snore”, said Rhonda, smiling“Oh no , did I fall asleep ?”, answered Mindy“Oh yes…the usual…roll-on…roll-off…it’s like fucking an otter”, cried Rhonda teasing, while tickling Mindy.“I’m so sorry, I must have dozed off”, admitted Mindy who turned beet red“That’s ok baby….we’ll credit the wine”, answered Rhonda.The two women were suddenly aware they were watched. Ruth and Evelyn were standing next to the bed. They were a mess. Evelyn’s long red hair was plastered to her forehead, her neck and her breasts. Ruth was covered in sweat and juices and her tits stood out like two rockets. She was still very horny.“Oh…baby…you smell strong”, said Mindy to her lover Ruth“Yeah..sorry…we are on our way to the shower”, said Ruth looking away from everyone“Got carried away…”, admitted Evelyn, who for once was the bold one,”but we mopped up”.“Accidents do happen”, said Rhonda apologetic“It wasn’t an accident…”, smiled Evelyn as she pushed her army lover to the shower.“Hey…little army butch…do you have more in the tank ?”, yelled Mindy“Sorry…running on empty”, answered Ruth, surprised at Mindy’s request“I have a tank-full”, said Rhonda, resting her forehead against Mindy’s“Oh yesss….I didn’t know if you liked it”, answered an excited Mindy“I usually include it in the “other stuff” category”, laughed RhondaWhile Evelyn and Ruth were under the shower, Mindy sat on the toilet and Rhonda straddled her, but they soon changed places, Rhonda being more comfortable with her plump friend on top. They continued kissing and talking while feeling the warm liquid roll down their thighs and tummy. ————————————————————————————————————————Activities continued throughout the night. Evelyn and Rhonda did eventually use the bed in their room and neither felt like sleeping. Ruth and Mindy copulated in the bed in the sun room, then next to their friends in the bedroom bed, on the floor, did “other stuff”, until they both fell asleep in a heap where they were found by Evelyn in the early morning. “When is garbage day ?”, asked Evelyn“I think we have to bury them, the garbage people don’t take that type of trash”, mocked Rhonda“Oh God…what time is it ?”, mumbled Ruth“Rise and shine private…review in 5 minutes and I want those shoes to shine”, yelled EvelynRuth suddenly got up and ran to the bathroom.“Oops…wine didn’t settle that well”, said Rhonda“Didn’t have much settle”, laughed EvelynMindy and Ruth finally got their act together and crawled into the back seat of the car. Ruth was supposed to drive on the way back, but she wasn’t in any shape to do that. Evelyn took the wheel again.Rhonda squeezed Evelyn’s freckled arm. Evelyn took her friend’s hand and, much to Rhonda’s surprise, put it between her warm thighs. “Don’t worry, we’re chaperoned”, said Evelyn looking at the back seat through her mirror.“What would we do without our chaperons”, Rhonda agreed, listening to the two girls in the back seat begin to snore.THE END

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