The Brazilian Wanderer


Heidihad almost forgotten what dry clothes felt like. Two months in the rain forest had been an unbelievable experience but the constant heat, humidity and hammering rain was wearing. She knew how lucky she was to be here – in her first year at Cambridge and invited to join one of the most important studies into Pre-Columbian anthropology, spear-headed by Randall: the foremost authority on the subject, best-selling author and History Channel heart-throb. He also happened to be a top grade asshole.She sat up on her bunk, stretched her long legs out and tried to get what air there was between her damp toes. “I swear I’m going to kill him, Ems,” she asserted to her disinterested tent-mate.”What’s he done now?” Emma lazily offered in response. Between the noise of the rain and Heidi’s apparent need to offload she could tell it would be another nap-less afternoon for her.”Oh, only continually belittle my research – he’s constantly picking apart everything I do and yet never lets me see any of his work. What does he think I’ll do? Change my Facebook status to ‘Hey guys! Proved they made Ankara bayan escort blood sacrifices to Pachamama today LOL!!!1!1!’? Honestly Ems, I think I’ve learnt more about spiders here than anything else.””And rain!” Emma chuckled.Heidi was as expressionless as ever, it felt like weeks since she’d had anything to smile about. Though there was some truth in her remark about spiders. From her first night in the camp the huge diversity of wildlife fed her always inquisitive nature. Their guide, Jorge, had taken them on a night walk and showed them how, if you held your flashlight to the side of your head – shining the beam in the direction you were looking – the light would reflect back from the eyes of any spiders there. She did so expecting to see one or two – only to be rewarded with the black jungle canopy sparkling like a Christmas tree.***Randall was admiring himself in the mirror, he’d just finished shaving and was busy striking camera-friendly poses in the mirror. This would be the last time he’d shave until the cameras had gone – Escort bayan Ankara they were due in three days – just enough time for his stubble to reach the rugged stage.He was preparing to take the team out for a dress rehearsal – he’s was a stickler that everything should be just right. He took one last look at the reflection of his torso before throwing on a shirt and striding confidently to the girls’ tent. “Come along ladies. The rain’s stopped, it’s back to work.” However tiresome the constant rain was, the smell of the jungle after it stopped was intoxicating. Once Randall had led the team back to the site, he then proceeded to give them all the performance he would give on camera in a few days time.”This is the altar of Pachamama, the goddess of the earth and fertility. It’s hard to imagine how spectacular it would have looked before the conquistadors stripped it of its gold and jewels. But they left behind the unassuming items – this mixing cup for instance – which shamen would use to create a powerful concoction of opiates and jungle Bayan escort Ankara venoms to communicate with their gods. The stone altar still has the grooves where the blood of sacrificed virgins would have flowed as an offering to Pachamama.” He interrupted the act to flash a snide remark to Heidi “You would probably have been top of their list to offer to her!”Heidi would have been embarrassed if she wasn’t already stunned with rage: the bastard had stolen all her findings. By now though she’d been broken. He’d won. She quietly seethed as she realised he would get rich off her work while she would go back to being a struggling student. As he turned on the impassioned TV academic act again, his arms moved in exaggerated arcs, knocking a nearby branch. Something small and brown fell from the branch on to his shoulder. Heidi watched wide-eyed as four spindly, hairy legs raised up – she recognised it immediately as the attack pose of the deadly Brazilian Wandering spider.”For God’s sake, don’t move, Randall,” Heidi told him in as calm a fashion as she could muster. Unfortunately Randall wasn’t as good at keeping calm as she was – his body jolted and instinctively the spider plunged its fangs into his skin.Randall immediately went into shock. Emma, the only one with proper nursing skills, sprung into action, organising the guides to carry him back to his tent after she’d stabilised him.

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