The Boss’s PA


The Boss’s PAI used to work in a place where the boss’s PA had her own office adjacent to his. We used to have a lot of contact and over the time I worked there she became increasingly flirty. She soon took to giving me little flashes of her pussy or tits when I went into her office. She had a lovely smooth and shaved pussy, tiny tits with little hard nipples and a huge arse. She was a cheeky lady and used to tease me that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. However, I only had to ask and she would prove it. things escalated and we would find excuses to travel in the lift together and we’d kiss and fondle each other, if somebody got in the lift we’d act innocent and then carry on as soon as they got out. Often we’d just go up and down the lift until I rubbed casino şirketleri and stroked her to orgasm. Sometimes she’d rub me til I had cum in my pants, which was exciting and difficult to conceal afterwards!One day, she took me into the boss’s office on the pretext of finding a file. He was away all day on a conference and she shut the door behind us and started to kiss me, I responded and we kissed passionately for a few minutes. I pulled her dress up and as usual, no knickers! Just the job! So, I kissed her cunt and my face was engulfed in her juice, she was soaking!! I worked on her, kissing, licking and sucking and she came quickly, so I grasped her big ass and sucked her clit. She grasped my head and tried to push it away, but I kept casino firmalari going until she was a quivering wreck. She was trembling and shaking, trying to pull away, but still I worked on her pussy. She was trying hard not to scream she told me later and stifled squealing was coming from her tightly clenched mouth. I stopped, stood up and kissed her and she licked her juice off my face hungrily. She then sunk to her knees and pulled out my cock, which by now was rock hard and oozing pre-cum. She licked the tip and I thought I was going to cum straight away and told her so. ‘No you don’t!’ she said, I can’t have it all over my face here, ‘I want to gobble up every drop’. She then proceeded to suck me and expertly flick and lick her tongue over güvenilir casino all my cock, teasing. Just as I was about to cum, she’d stop. I could hear familiar voices and footsteps up and down the corridor outside and wondered how they’d react if they knew what we were doing. Soon I could hold on no more and I grabbed her head, ready to cum. She grasped my backside and forced my cock all the way in and I could feel her throat, tight around it. I exploded! I couldn’t stop cumming! It felt incredible as I spurted jet after jet of hot cum into her throat, I swear I thought I’d be sick such was the ecstasy!She was as good as her word, she expertly sucked out and swallowed every drop, licking me totally clean as I twitched and jerked in orgasmic abandon!After that we would often find secluded spots in the building to kiss, lick, suck and fuck. Neither of us work there any more, but we still have the occasional meet for a secret outdoor, hotel or car fuck and it’s always fun to taste her incredibly smooth pussy!

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