The Boss

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James was such a brute. He didn’t care about my feelings. He just cared about himself and what he wanted.

“Take that bitch,” he said as he fucked me in the ass.

I didn’t want him fucking me like this, but there was little I could do about it. If my husband ever found out, my marriage would be over for sure. There was no way he could ever forgive me for allowing me to get fucked by Chris. Hell, he hated his guts.

Yet, as he fucked me in the ass harder and harder, I couldn’t help but feel a certain sexual excitement from the dangerous situation I was in.

Chris was my boss and he’d once been Steve’s boss too. But then Chris took a disliking to him for some reason and ended up getting him fired. With only one of us earning we really needed the money, and Chris knew it. It had even crossed my mind that he had fired Steve just to get inside my ass the way he was riding me like his dog now.

It wasn’t the first time, he’d been fucking me for a while now. Steve couldn’t find a job and Chris was the kind of asshole who would take advantage of anyone’s tough situation.

I guess it was me who put him on the right path though. I don’t know why I did it, but I kept telling him how tough it was for us now Steve wasn’t bringing in any money.

I bahis firmaları knew I wasn’t the best worker myself and I’d already been fired from other jobs and had to tell Chris that when he interviewed me. But that was a long time ago and it seemed like he wasn’t going to use it against me.

The problem was the other people on my team. They pretty much hated me and told me constantly I wasn’t good at my job and should be fired. So eventually when Chris started to tell me it was out of his hands I figured I was a goner.

That was when I broke down and told him how much I needed the job and how I’d do anything to keep it. Even then he didn’t take advantage of me. He was already screwing at least two or three of the other girls in the office and at least one of them was married too. He had a way with women so that meant he could have his way with pretty much whoever he wanted.

I once even caught him screwing one of the new high school interns in his office. A real cute little thing who shouldn’t have been so easy for older guys to seduce. Yet Chris made light work of her.

When I kept getting complaints from the other stuff about my shoddy work, it was clear he wouldn’t be able to stop me from getting fired. I was desperate and used the only kaçak iddaa bargaining tool I had left, my fuckability.

I was pretty angry at my husband, as I figured I had to do everything myself. When it seemed clear I was about to get fired I got down on my knees in Chris’ office and stripped off his trousers and sucked him off until he shot his load straight down the back of my throat.

Then I let him fuck me on his desk and he really seemed to enjoy it, especially because I was on the pill with my husband and he could fuck me without a condom. After he fucked me, it was clear that he enjoyed it so much and he had enough energy and cum left to fill me up with that I let him fuck me in the ass.

I knew that was something every guy wanted more than anything else. I’d never done it with my husband because he’d never made me feel he deserved it. But the way Chris fucked me and could still fuck me some more, made me feel I should let him have my virgin ass too.

After that, he wanted it all the time. Whenever he got me in his office he would go straight for anal and skip a BJ or a fuck.

So now here I was again, as usual, Chris deep in my ass, banging me as hard as he could, getting ready to blow his load inside me, all the while, my office colleagues kaçak bahis were mere metres away past the thin walls of his office. But this time I discovered there was a new colleague out in the office.

As Chris rammed his cock faster and harder into my gaping ass he whispered into my ear. “I decided to do a good deed and called up your husband and told him he could have his old job back. He’s out there right now,” he said smirking and quickening his thrusting power even more. He was clearly turned on by the fact that my husband was so close while his cock was fully loaded in my ass and ready to blow its sticky white wad inside me.

To be honest it got me pretty hot too, my legs buckling a little as I realised Steve was just outside. I knew Chris was a real asshole, but this was defiantly a new low, even for him. I didn’t realise he could get even lower though!

But as he powered fucked me in the ass ready to fill it up with his hot cum, he did something that really shocked me.

“Steve,” he said, picking up the phone and connecting to my husbands’ desk just outside, “Welcome back to work,” he said as he started to fuck me harder with his final throws, my legs turning to jelly beneath me. “I’ve given you a second chance, so you’d better not fuck up again. Cos if you do, I won’t just fuck you up, I’ll fuck your wife too.” He said as he delivered the final thrusts and came into my ass.

“Got it Steve?” he asked, the cum seeping from my ass as he pulled himself out of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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