The Birthday Party: Aftermath 2 Sharing a Hotwife


The Birthday Party: Aftermath 2 Sharing a HotwifeAftermath Number 2: to “The Birthday Party”Sharing a Hotwife After Jane had hung up, Derick stared at the dead phone for a full minute before he placed the receiver back on its cradle. Although very faint, he had distinctly heard the sounds of sex. Nothing else matches the sound of a female grunting in passion as she is being fucked hard. It was obvious that Jane was not the woman being fucked. There were five other women present. It could have been any of them, Derick thought. Or, it could have been most of them or all of them. There was no way to tell. It took Derick less than a few minutes to decide that he needed to visit a couple of suites at the Marriott Inn.Around 1:30 AM, Derick parked his car in the Marriott Inn lot. He still didn’t know exactly what he planned to do. If nothing was happening, he was going to look like an idiot, and Cathy would be furious that he was checking up on her and her friends. On the other hand, if one or two of the women were having sex, but neither of them was Cathy, then what? He still wasn’t sure what he intended to do even as the elevator rose to the 11th floor of the Inn.The adjoining suites were 1142 and 1144. Obviously, the doors would be locked. “Now what?”, Derick thought as he stood outside the doors. He considered just listening at the door to see if he could hear anything but discarded that idea for fear that someone would come out of another room and see him with his ear pressed against the door. He might get arrested.He was still considering what to do when the door to room 1142 opened and a man walked out. When he saw Derick, he held the door open for him. “Have fun, Buddy. It’s some party”, he said as Derick smiled and slide past him into the room.Cathy had told him that each suite had a sitting room and two bedrooms. He was obviously in the sitting room of 1142. There were several large chairs and a couch, a TV set and several tables. Each of the tables had wine bottles and several bottles of booze of various types s**ttered about the surface. Derick saw two empty champagne bottles and recognized them as two of the three he had provided Cathy before she left earlier in the evening. Numerous empty glasses along with some partially filled were sitting around the room.A man was sitting in one of the chairs sipping a drink of some kind. He looked up and smiled at Derick. “They’re all in the bedrooms”, he said before going back to his drink.The two bedrooms adjoined the sitting room. The door to each was closed but not locked. Derick slowly opened the door to one of the bedrooms. There was a king-sized bed in the room, two chairs, a sofa, and a TV set. A naked man sat in one of the chairs slowly stroking his hard cock as he watched the action on the bed.Female moans and male grunts of passion filled the room. The woman on the bed was naked save for her heels. Louise’s chunky thighs were spread wide and elevated with her knees bent. Every time the man mounted on her thrust his cock into her cunt, she moaned and her feet jerked back and forth in the air while her tits danced on her chest.Peering between the spread thighs, Derick could easily see the connection of cock and cunt. The man fucking Louise was riding her high keeping his prick in contact with her clitoris as he thrust in and out of her. The position completely exposed her upturned ass and her widely stretched vagina. Derick was surprised at the huge size of the man’s cock. He estimated that it must be 8 or 9 inches and he was driving all of it into her on every thrust. “No wonder she’s moaning and grunting”, Derick thought.His eyes shifted to Louise’s ass. Her raised and widely spread legs exposed her gaping asshole completely. It was obvious that it had been fucked several times. Judging from the size of the gaping hole, Derick guessed that one of the cocks that had been in her ass was the one presently in her cunt.The man stroking his cock spoke to him.”What? Sorry. I didn’t hear you. What did you say?””I said she’s overweight but a really hot fuck, isn’t she.””Yeah. Looks like it””I’m next. If you want her, you have to wait till I finish fucking her. If you can’t wait, one of the other woman may be available. Check the other bedrooms.””Thanks. I will. Have fun.”Derrick exited the bedroom. He moved to the other bedroom door and slowly opened it. The room was identical to the first one except this time there were two women being fucked on the large bed. Two men were waiting their turns with the women.Derick easily recognized Jane even though she had her back turned to him as her ass pounded up and down on the hard cock. She was bent over the stud under her, her tits hanging down being sucked. Every time her hips rose, the dick exited her cunt until only the head was left inside. It didn’t stay out for long, however, as she quickly rammed her ass down on the male shaft until was again buried inside her pussy. Jane would then grind her sex in circular motions on the man all the while keeping her clit pressed hard against the man’s pubic bone.Right beside her, Derick saw another woman on all fours her ass high in the air. She had her head buried in a pillow that muffled her shrieks of pleasure as the cock rammed in and out of her asshole. The loud squishing noises of the cocks inside the two women made it obvious that both had previously received numerous loads of semen earlier in the evening. The man ass fucking the woman pulled all the way out while Derick watched. He kept his rigid cock right at the entrance of the woman’s huge, gaping asshole. She groaned loudly as he again pushed it all the way into her depths. Derick’s cock was now as hard as those of the men fucking the two women.Going back into the sitting room, he looked around and easily found the door to the adjoining suite 1144. The scene in the sitting room of 1144 was nearly identical to that in the other suite, empty and partially filled bottles and glasses were everywhere, but there was no one in the room.Derick chose one of the two bedrooms and carefully opened the door. A huge black stud was mounted on a woman in the center of the king-sized bed. Except for her heels, she was naked. Her legs were up in the air and jerking back and forth. One of the biggest cocks Derick had ever seen was plunging in and out of the woman’s widely stretched cunt. It seemed impossible but the entire 10 or 11 inches of black dick was sinking all the way into the woman’s vagina on every thrust. Each time it sank into her, the stud would grind against her, his balls resting on her ass, as the woman groaned and gasped with intense pleasure.Derick listened to his wife begging the stud to fuck her harder, to make her cum. He began to do just that. The loud sounds of his body thudding against his wife’s sex saddle filled the room: WHOOMPF.. WHOOMPF.. WHOOMPF.. WHOOMPF.. WHOOMPF.. WHOOMPF.. WHOOMPF.. Cathy screamed that she was cumming. Derick would have known it without the announcement. He saw his wife’s asshole opening..closing..opening..closing.. as her cunt contracted in one hard spasm after another. Even when her asshole contracted, it did not close completely. It was obvious that his wife had been ass fucked as much as the woman in the other room.A man behind him spoke. “Hurry up, Man. Cum in her. I’m so hard, I’m about to shoot off right here. Let me have a turn in her.”Derick carefully exited the room so his wife would not know he had seen her. He thought about leaving but his curiosity got the better of him. He had to look into the fourth bedroom.Inside he again found two women on the bed being screwed. He recognized Janice and assumed the younger blonde woman was probably Cindy. The two studs had both women bent almost double with their knees pressed against their tits or on either side of them. Thick white froth bubbled out of both cunts as the two cocks churned previously deposited cum loads. The aroma of hot sex filled the room.Derick made a quick count. In room 1142, there was one man in the first sitting room, two men in the first bedroom and four in the second. In room 1144, a black guy was fucking his wife with another man waiting his turn in one bedroom, and there were two more on Janice and Cindy in the second bedroom. Counting the man who had opened the door for him, that made a total of 12 men. He wondered how many more there might have been. When he left the Marriott, Derick’s cock was so hard it hurt. ——————————It was nearly 4 PM the next day before Cathy got home. Derick was waiting for her in the den. As soon as she walked in, he jumped up, took her in his arms and kissed her warmly, then more passionately.”I was really bahis siteleri canlı worried about you, but you look fine. Welcome home!” Derick kissed her again, and Cathy returned his kiss.”I’m so sorry, Honey. I just don’t know what to say. I’m dog tired. Would you mind if I take a nap. I’ll tell you every thing later, but right now I need to sleep. Let me take a nap for a few hours and then we’ll go out for dinner around 8 PM. Do you mind?””That sounds like a plan to me! I’ll wake you around 7:30 PM. And I’ll take care of dinner for the k**s.” He kissed his wife again.——————————Later that night, after the family had had dinner and the k**s were asleep, Cathy sat facing Derick in the den.”I know I told you that I would be home around midnight last night, but I got drunk and did a lot of things that are so awful that I can’t believe I did them.””Listen”, her husband began, “you don’t have to tell me anything.””Yes, I do. Let me finish.”Derick nodded and waited.”I can’t think of any good way to tell you this so I’m just going to tell you. I got drunk, but not so drunk that I didn’t know what I was doing. I danced with several men at Carl’s and they all felt me up, rubbed their erections against me while we danced. I just got hotter and hotter. After Carl’s, we went to a male strip club. The dancers were all very young with incredible bodies and huge cocks. They stripped completely and I got even hotter.”Cathy stopped and buried her head in her hands. When Derick rose to embrace her, she motioned for him to stay away until she had finished.”When the men finished dancing, they joined us at the table. It wasn’t long before they had their hands all over us. I was half drunk and too turned on to stop them, even when one guy got my tits out right at the table. Before we left, I had been felt up everywhere. One of the dancers even finger fucked me.””Once we were back at the hotel, six of the dancers and more of the men we had danced with at Carl’s came back with us. We had more to drink, including your champagne. Cindy and one of the dancers began to strip together until they were both naked. He picked her up and put his cock into her right there. He was bouncing her up and down on it when he took her into the bedroom. By that time, I was nearly naked and helpless. A guy named Max had his hands on and in my pussy while he was sucking my nipples.””Anyway, to make this awful story short, I got fucked by numerous men all night long. I don’t know what to say. Saying “I’m sorry” is just too trite and ridiculous for words.”Cathy began to cry. Finally, she regained enough control to say, “I won’t contest a divorce. Please let me see the c***dren though.””What the hell are you talking about? Divorce? You want a divorce? Are you in love with any of those men? Just because they have big cocks doesn’t make them real men. I’m a hell of a lot better man than any of those big-cocked strippers.””Oh NO! I’m not in love with any of them. I just got hot, like a slutty whore, and wanted them to fuck me. You’re the man I love, even though I didn’t act like it last night.””All right enough of this bullshit about divorce. If you think I’m going to let a hot, beautiful, sexy woman go just because she gets turned on and strays once in 16 years, you’re crazy!””You’re not furious with me? I wouldn’t blame you if you were. If you got drunk, fucked some slut, and passed out in a hotel room, I’d be livid, and you’d be sleeping on the couch for a month.””I know, but note that you didn’t say you would divorce me.”Cathy smiled. “No. I wouldn’t let you go. I love you.””Ok. That’s settled. Now, it’s my turn to confess. I got worried about you when I called and Jane answered. She said you were sleeping, but I could hear a woman moaning in the background. I became concerned.”Cathy blushed and began to cry again. “I’m so sorry. That was me you heard. I was being fucked for the first time of the evening.””I want you to stop crying. There’s no reason to cry. I don’t expect my wife or anyone to be perfect.””Anyway, I became concerned and went to the Marriott. A man left and let me into the suites. All of you were in one bedroom or another being fucked. I saw it all.””You saw me having sex and you didn’t stop me? Why?””Because I love you and my making a big scene would have been awful for you and for me. This way is much better. What I want you to understand is that when I left the hotel, my cock was hard as stone. I was only somewhat aroused seeing your friends being fucked, but when I saw you getting it, I got hard as steel.. so hard my cock hurt. So I got just as turned on as you did. You don’t need to feel ashamed around me.””I promise.. I truly promise that I’ll never do anything like that again”, Cathy said.”I don’t want you to promise that. I found out last night that I love having a hot, passionate woman as my wife. I hope that I can satisfy you most of the time, but if someone else really gets you hot and wet, I’m not going to explode in anger if you end up being fucked.”Cathy moved over to her husband. “Would you mind if a dirty slut sat on your lap right now?”For an answer, Derick pulled his wife onto his lap. She kissed him with passion and love and then straddled his legs pressing her pussy against his crotch. “Mmmmmmmmm.. you really are hard, Lover. I can’t believe how lucky I am.”Cathy opened her dress and removed both tits. She pressed them against her husband’s face.”God.. I love this. You know the k**s might catch us.””So they see their father playing with their mother’s tits. That’s what fathers are supposed to do. Suck my nipples, Lover.”Derick cupped and squeezed his wife’s big globes and then sucked hard and bit her nipples until she moaned. Grinding her cunt against his erection, she asked, “Would you like to hear all about how your slutty wife got fucked last night?” She felt his cock jerk and throb against her pussy. “I think he wants to hear about it.””You dirty hot Slut. Tell me! Tell me everything.”—————————————————————At work on Monday, the six women compared notes on what had happened at home when they returned to their husbands. Not one of the other women had confessed. Cathy was not in the least surprised. Glenda, Cindy, and Janice had simply told their husbands that everything had gone as planned. They had returned to the hotel around 1 AM, drank the champagne that Derick had provided, talked until 2 AM and then had all slept until nearly noon on Sunday. Louise had told her husband essentially the same story except she had said that when they got back to the hotel, she had already had too much to drink and had skipped the champagne and the girl talk in favor of going straight to bed.Jane’s story was simple. Cathy had gotten so drunk she couldn’t stand up. They had helped her undress and get in the bed, and then she felt she had to stay to watch over her friend. She told Ray that she just wouldn’t have felt comfortable leaving Cathy alone. He had been totally supportive.Louise and Glenda estimated that about 14 men had followed them to the hotel Saturday night. Six of them were some of the male strippers. The other eight were men they had danced with at Carl’s Club who had found out about the hotel plans for later in the evening. They guessed that the dancers had each fucked four of the women and the other men had had sex with two or three. So the six women had been laid about 44 times Saturday night and Sunday morning. That meant that each woman had been screwed about 7 or 8 times, and none of the husbands suspected a thing! Since it was Cindy’s birthday party, we all suspected she had gotten laid more than the rest of us. We kept prodding her for details until she finally admitted to having sex with 9 different men.Cathy did not tell them that she had confessed everything and that Derick had not only forgiven her, but was ecstatic over his new sexy, hot wife.————————————-Nothing more happened until Thursday afternoon, when the phone on Cathy’s desk rang. She answered it and heard Hal’s voice.”Hi. Remember me, Honey?””Hello, Hal. Of course I remember you and your big cock.””We would both like to see you again. Any chance?””No, not really. At least not under the same conditions.””What does that mean”, Hal asked.”I confessed every thing to my husband. He’s a very forgiving man, and he was also turned on by what I did. However, I’m never going to cheat on him like that again.””So what do you mean by “not under the same conditions”?””It’s simple. I don’t cheat on him anymore, but if you have a nice, black female wife or significant other and would like to get together with Derick casino firmalari and I, it wouldn’t be cheating, and I’m pretty certain he would enjoy having sex with a black woman. Interested?””Maybe. I have a girlfriend. We’re very close but I’m not sure how she would feel about something like that. I’ll give you a call.””Fine. Let me know. In the meantime, I’ll discuss it with Derick to see how he feels about it.”—————–At 10 AM, Friday, the phone on Cathy’s desk rang again. It was Hal.”Anita says she wouldn’t mind having a white cock, so when do we meet?””Suite 1144, Marriott Inn. Do you know the place?”Hal laughed. “I think I know the place you’re referring to. Sounds delicious.”—————Hal and Cathy took one bedroom, Anita and Derick the other. In the first bedroom, Hal stripped Cathy quickly. She laid on the bed naked watching Hal as he stripped. His dark muscular body gleamed in the subdued lighting. As he lowered his briefs, Cathy couldn’t tear her eyes away from Hal’s rock hard penis. She knew from experience that his ten-inch thick shaft was going to give her an incredible fucking.In the next bedroom, Anita and Derick could hear Hal telling Cathy how hard he was going to fuck her. While they listened, Derick unzipped Anita’s dress and let it fall to the floor. She wore no panties, and her mound was cleanly shaved revealing the bronzed lips of her cunt, which fluted open to giving a hint of its pink interior. With a deft motion, he unhooked her bra and pulled it away from her 36DD tits. Her dark nipples were hard, erect. She moaned loudly as Derick sucked them both in turn while his fingers explored inside the wet folds of her pussy.Derick’s cock was as hard as a rock at this point. He pushed Anita onto the bed on her back and forced her legs wide apart. Holding a pillow, he said, “Lift your ass, Gorgeous.” Anita didn’t hesitate. Planting her feet on the bed, she arched her ass high in the air while keeping her legs wide open to let him see her hot cunt.”Have you fucked black pussy, Honey?””Not yet. But I intend to. Have you had white cock?””Mmmmmmm…yes, but I want more, Baby. You gonna give momma yours?””In a moment, but not before I eat that delicious looking dark meat.”Derick shoved the pillow under Anita’s ass and lowered his head to her cunt. When he began licking her clit and she started to moan. Five minutes later, her hips were thrashing around wildly on the bed. “Oh Damn!! Suck that black pussy, you white stud. Make me cum, Man!”In the other bedroom, Hal was kissing Cathy hard, his hand on her cunt. “Ooohhh god.. do it to me”, she moaned, as they listened to Anita groaning in the other bedroom. As Hal finger fucked her, he sucked her nipples. Like Anita, Cathy was hunching her ass wildly up and down against his fingers.Hal stopped just before Cathy reached an orgasm and got between her splayed thighs. She felt his cock pressing into her wet cunt, entering her slowly. When half of his 10-inch cock was in her, he pulled almost all the way out. Then, he thrust his hips against Derick’s wife hard, driving almost his entire length in the throbbing hole. Her pussy stretched into a wide circle around the black shaft. She grunted like a whore when it slugged into the bottom of her cunt.Hal began to fuck her in steady, rhythmic strokes.. in and out… in and out… in and out. Cathy came in less than three minutes, her cunt and clit going into hard spasms.”OH OH OH I’m cumming… OOhhhh god.. I’m cummmingggggg… Screw meeeeeeeee… fuck meeeeeeeeeee!”, she screamed.Cathy’s screams triggered Anita’s orgasm on Derick’s tongue. She came, her body wracked by intense spasms, her cunt hole contracting again and again. “Ohhhh shit.. fuckk… cumming.. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….”Derick mounted the moaning black woman. “Spread that hot hole, Bitch. Take my cock and put it in”, he ordered. As they kissed passionately, her tongue in Derick’s mouth, Anita reached down and held her cunt open for his cock. He speared his hard dick into her open hole.Her sex hole was soaked from her juices. Derick slammed all seven inches of his cock into her on the first thrust. She pounded her hips up and down against him as he fucked her. When her hips were up in the air, Derick slid his hands beneath her ass and drove two fingers into her as his cock hammered against the bottom of her hole on every thrust. Anita worked herself up to another orgasm at the same time as Derick poured his load into her.Cathy groaned continuously, her cunt taking thrust after thrust, each one driving her ass deep into the mattress. Hal fucked her like that for fifteen minutes, bringing her off time and time again. Cathy was cumming when he pulled his prick out of her spasming hole and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. Moments later, he entered her from behind. She was gasping for breath while the thick black cock plowed into her, thudding hard into her cervix.As Hal fucked the moaning white wife, Derick pushed his black girlfriend onto the same bed beside Cathy. Anita was also on her hands and knees, her face alongside of Cathy’s. She moaned loudly when she felt the steel-hard cock slamming deep into her vagina. Derick’s cock wasn’t as big as Hal’s, but it was much harder, like a steel shaft. Her cunt creamed all over his prick when it entered.Both cocks fucked into the upturned cunts of the two wives. Has was groaning, trying to keep from cumming as Cathy’s cunt contracted hard around his shaft and milked him. Moments later, she felt his hot sperm blast against her cunt walls, flooding her throbbing sex tunnel.”Ohhhhh, Anita… Hal’s cumming inside my cunt. He’s shooting it into meeeeeeeeee!”Derick shoved two fingers back into Anita’s exposed asshole. His fingers thrust in and out of the black woman. Anita gasped and jumped when she felt the electrifying thrust of the steel-hard spear into her swollen, gaping cunt. It felt so damn hard.. and so incredibly smooth. It sank in and she envisioned it pumping in and out of her hot hole. The fingers inside her ass were driving her crazy. She felt her hole beginning to spasm and contract.”Ooohhhh yesss… Derick … God.. I’ve never felt a cock as hard as yours! It’s sooo good…sooo hard. Fuck my cunt with it, Honey. Make me cum!”Anita’s head was buried against the bed. Her muffled screams came every time Derick rammed her. His cock throbbed with excitement as he watched the luscious black ass and cunt undulating, helplessly impaled, as he pounded into her holes. He felt her begin to contract in hard spasms as her orgasm exploded. The finger drilled into her asshole and the cock buried in her cunt rammed harder and harder.”Yeessssssss…do it more!! Screw my cunt… screw my ass, Man. ….I’m starting to cummmmmmm.. UUNNGGHHHHH… AAAHHHHHHHHHH”Anita’s body went rigid. Her cunt contracted furiously around his cock. Derick also began to cum and as Anita’s juices flooded her cunt with wave after wave of female sex fluid. Derick pumped his own cream deep into her pit, ramming her hard and shooting load after load of his semen into her.——————————————————The next week, Hal called Cathy at work and asked if she would meet him at 4:00 PM on the top floor of the parking garage. She told him to call back in a half hour. After she hung up, she called Derick at work.”Honey, It’s Cathy. Have you got a moment?””Sure. What’s up?””Hal just called me. He wants me to meet him at 4:00 PM in the parking garage.””And?””Should I? I am not going to cheat on you again, ever.””Are you hot? Do you want his cock?””Oh, yes! You know I do.””Then I suggest at 3:50 PM you go to the ladies room and take off your bra and panties and meet him in the parking garage. I’ll see you at dinner. Don’t be late.”———————————–Hal had parked on the top floor of the parking garage, which was deserted save for his car. When Cathy arrived, she started to climb into the back seat, but Hal got out and bent her over the hood of the car. When he shoved her skirt up to her hips, he was both surprised and delighted to find only her naked, wet cunt. Cathy received her first fucking in that position.Afterwards, putting a load of cum into her cunt, he had her kneel in front of him and suck his cock until he was again hard. For the second fuck, he sat Cathy on the truck of the car, pushed her onto her back as she jacked her legs up into the air over her head. After making her cum on his tongue, he put her feet up on his shoulders gave it to her hard. She squealed and moaned. When she felt his throbbing penis pumping his second load into her, she came for the third time.——————————————————-That casino şirketleri same night Derick attempted to make love to Cathy while she was bent over putting the dinner dishes in the dishwasher. He moved behind her and pressed his body against hers, his hands moving around her body to cup and fondle her large breasts. Cathy pressed her ass back against his erection. When she had him fully hard and throbbing, she said”Don’t tease me, please. Fuck me. Just push up my skirt and fuck me.””Honey, the k**s are still awake. They might catch us.””Who gives a shit. I need your cock in me. I’m throbbing, I’m so hot. Hal’s cum is still in me. I want yours in on top of his.”Ten minutes later, Derick had his wife’s naked ass exposed and bent over the kitchen cabinet. As he worked his tongue and fingers over her pussy and clit, he was enormously pleased to see how wet and open Cathy was from her afternoon fucking. Obviously, she wanted it as badly as he did. He slammed his cock into her and heard his wife groan,”Ohhh yess… that’s the way. Fuck your hot slutty whore. Give it to me good, Stud.”As she surged higher and higher, Cathy could feel her husband’s hard prick working between her legs: “Ohhh yess…like that, Baby.. do it to meee…. make me cum… ooohhh fuck.. harder, Baby.. harder.. NOW..NOW.. I’M CUMMINGG…”Derick’s cock throbbed with desire when he felt his wife’s cunt contract in a hard orgasm around his embedded cock. She was still in the throes of her orgasm when his dick began to shoot cum into her throbbing hole.”Aahhhh…fuck me, Derick.. stick that big hard cock up my cunt, Stud”, Cathy moaned as she felt her husband’s sex gun shooting cum into her. She came again as her vagina filled with her husband’s semen.——————————————————Early Sunday morning, the phone rang in her bedroom. It was Jane.”Cathy, this is Jane. Hope I didn’t wake you.””No. I was awake, just haven’t yet gotten out of bed. What’s up?””Can you talk?””Yes, but quietly. Derick is taking a shower.””Do you remember Jim, the blonde dancer who was the first to get into Cindy at the hotel?””Oh yes. I remember him well. He nailed me in the bathroom Sunday morning when I was trying to clean up. What about him?””He called me last Thursday while Ray was at work. You can guess what he wanted.””You..or more specifically, your cunt.””I was certain you would be able to figure it out”, Jane laughed. “Anyway, we made a date for this afternoon while Derick and Ray play their weekly golf game. The problem is that I got my period yesterday afternoon. Jim was really disappointed, so I told him I would call you to see if you’re interested. Are you?””No. I’m sorry, Jane, but I don’t want to cheat on my husband again.””Ok. I understand. I’ll let Jim know. He’s gonna be very, very disappointed.”————————————–Around 10 PM the next week, Derick and Cathy were watching TV when the phone rang. Cathy answered and heard a voice say, “This is Matt. Tell your husband that you’re going to take a walk to get some exercise. I’m waiting down the block in my car. Take off your panties before you leave the house. Now tell him this was a wrong number and hurry up. My cock is hard already.””Just a minute” Cathy said. “I’m going to put you on hold for a minute.””Who is it?”, her husband asked.”It’s Matt, one of the men who fucked me at the hotel. He wants to do me again. He’s parked down the block in his car. I’m supposed to take off my panties, tell you I’m taking a walk, and meet him. Would you like to watch while he fucks me?””How?””Easy. You just follow me. I’ll tell Matt I don’t have time to go anywhere. That he has to fuck me in the back seat of his car if he wants me. You can sneak up and watch. Interested? If not, I’ll say I can’t do it.””I’m hard already!””I suspected you would be.”Reconnecting the call, Cathy said, “Ok, Honey. I told him I’m taking a walk. See you in a few minutes, but I don’t have time to go anywhere. We have to do it in your car.”Cathy went back into the den, pulled her skirt up to her hips, smiled at Derick and said, “Want to take your slutty wife’s panties off, Stud?”Derick hooked his fingers into the waistband of the panties and stripped them down her legs. She stepped out of them.”Now take off my bra and get my tits naked, Honey.”She slipped her blouse off her shoulders, and her husband unhooked her bra. A moment later, her big tits were swinging free. She pulled her blouse back up but left the top three buttons open. “I don’t think he should have much trouble getting at my tits, do you?”Cathy left. Derick waited 30 seconds and then followed.———————————-“OOOOhhhhh God…”, Cathy moaned as she felt Matt’s cock spear into the depths of her cunt. She had her legs raised in the back of Matt’s SUV. He was mounted on top of her, holding her legs open with his own as he jammed his cock deep into her unresisting cunt hole. Her naked tits bounced back and forth on her chest each time his cock thudded into her cervix.”Yessssss.. It’s good… oohh god… soooo good!””You like to be fucked like this, don’t you?”Cathy nodded. “Say it!”, Matt demanded.Cathy breathed heavily, her cunt sucking eagerly on his huge cock as it fired in and out of it like a long piston. Her tits bounced wildly, nipples erect, hard.”I…. it’s…”, she gasped. Her voice failed as her loins prepared to erupt with passion around his cock as he rammed harder and harder into her steaming hole.”I…I like you cock in me… I like it pounding into my cunt like…. this.. I…ooohh god… I … your cock.. fucking me….fucking meeeeee… fucking meeeeeeeee!””I’m cumming!, she cried.Matt fucked into her married cunt harder when he felt it contracting and throbbing around his embedded prick.Outside the car, Derick was looking through the bushes a few feet from the side of the car watching Matt’s ass rise and fall between his wife’s wide spread legs. He could see her feet flailing in the air as she was fucked. When he heard her cry out that she was cumming, he jacked his cock harder and faster. Derick had already cum once and was not far from another orgasm.He heard Matt’s voice. “Get on me, you hot Slut. Get on me and ride my big cock.”The fucking couple disengaged, and Matt laid down on the floor of the SUV. Cathy swung her leg over him and settled her ass against his cock. Just before she put him into her hole, she looked out the window and saw her husband staring at them, cock in hand. She smiled at him and motioned for him to move closer.When he was close enough to see her ass and the connection of her cunt with the cock, she bent over to keep Matt from seeing her husband. Her hand reached between her thighs and closed around the thick shaft. She looked back and saw her husband staring at the cock in her hand. Slowly, she fitted the big head into her hole. Derick almost came when he saw it entering his wife’s cunt. When it had disappeared inside her, Cathy released his prick, leaned over, and said loud enough for Derick to hear her, “Now! Fuck me, Matt. Fuck my hot married cunt hole.. Shoot me full of your hot load. Give it to me!”Derick watched as the man’s hands grasped his wife’s ass and his hips began ramming his cock up and into her cunt. Each time his hips surged upward, he pulled Cathy down onto his cock so that it bottomed out in her vagina. Cathy moaned and urged him to fuck her harder, deeper… to pump her hot pussy full of cum.There was no way either man could hold out very long. Matt rammed his cock in deep, held it there and announced,”I’m cumming”.At the same time, Derick’s cum load shot out. He had to turn away to keep from coating the side of the SUV. Simultaneously, he heard his wife crying out as she felt Matt’s sex gun firing its load into her,”Yesss… Give it to me…I need your cum….OOOhhhhhh … fuck meeeeeeeee…come …in me… SCREW MEEEEEEEE”.Spurt after spurt of semen filled her throbbing vagina until it seeped out between her dilated vaginal lips and the thick plugging shaft of the cock that continued to screw in and out of her cunt.Twenty minutes later, Cathy and Derick were back in their house watching the rest of the TV show.———————————————-An hour later, as Cathy was climbing into bed with the Derick for the evening, she said, “Oh. I forget to tell you, Honey. Glenda’s birthday is in three weeks. We’re planning a similar birthday party for her as we did for Cindy so she wouldn’t feel left out. Would it be all right if I attended like last time? I promise to call you from the bathroom on my cell phone every time I get fucked and tell you who gave it to me and how.””Of course it would be Ok. Just be sure to call me and tell me every thing that’s happening. I’ll even buy some champagne like last time to help you celebrate Glenda’s birthday.””You’re marvelous. Thank you, Darling.”———————————————–

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