The Best Shag of my life (thus far).


The Best Shag of my life (thus far).I have an 8” cock (not boasting – just genes I guess…) and as such I have had quite a few offers from curious girls and blokes. I am straight and more often than not capitalise fully on curious girls and politely decline boys. But new years eve 2009 was to be the strangest experience of my life.I was at a friend-of-a-friend’s party. There was a good mix of people from both genders and orientations and all ages. From my peers (early 20s) to late 40s. I had been approached by this 30-something bloke before (M.) and had politely declined indicating my heterosexuality. He continued to be my friend and we got on really well. He often chatted up straight girls (as only gay men can!) to then palm them off to his ”well-hung, hetero friend”.At this party it was not necessary. There were plenty of girls and plenty of alcohol. One in particular (S.) took my eye and we spent several hours chatting, dancing, drinking and giggling. It looked very promising.We saw 2009 in and gradually the party dwindled. People departed one by one or in couples until only a few people were left including myself, S. and M. Eventually the owner of the house indicated he would be retiring but we were all welcome to stay. I intended to do just that as taxis are too expensive at that time of the night/year but S. insisted we all (the three of us) go back to hers. She had plenty of room and we could get a good night’s sleep.I immediately deduced I would be getting into the sack with her, after how well we got on. The fact that M. would be there didn’t seem to bother me or look suspicious. The fact that S. and M. were best of friends also didn’t seem to dawn on me. What can I say? I was tipsy and thinking with my nut-sack!Her and I got on like a house on fire again, while M. vanished into his room. I was attempting to get into her underwear when the saucy minx dropped the bomb!“I really like you, T.,” she admitted, “but I promised my best friend…”“Promised what? Who? M.?” I stuttered.She just nodded and I felt my blood rush to my head. I got really furious at first with them for tricking me. Then with myself for falling for it. But it quickly subsided and I weighed up my options in my head: 1) Leave in a strop, spend a fortune on a taxi and leave a horrible, cold atmosphere kuşadası escort with two friends. 2) stay here, sulk all alone, and face the even colder atmosphere in the morning (and still pay for taxi!) 3) play along see how it goes. Option 3 only suggested itself, I confess now, due to me being tipsy and well horny after fondling and kissing and groping this fit chick for the last few hours.She told me to undress, get comfy in bed and she would go to the other room and call him. It had all been pre-arranged!So I did. Stuffed a couple of pillows under my head and closed my eyes stroking my cock trying to relax. A few minutes later the door to my room opened and M. walked in wearing nothing but boxers. He smiled, took them off and straddled me, pulling the duvet over us.The room was dark and cool so eye contact was kept to a minimum and his warmth combined with the duvet soon had me very comfy and relaxed. He slid down my length and as soon as he took my semi into his mouth there was never any going back!He was hot at wet and tight and very, very experienced! Soon my cock was fully erect and bursting to blow its load. I had to reach down and grab his head, but he took that as the signal he needed and just moved back up my body kissing me all the way. He started kissing my neck and with his one hand expertly guided my dick home. I think he must have lubed up before coming into the room, because combined with his saliva it soon peeked into his arse. Eventually he completely let go and braced himself on my chest and gradually sank further and further down my dick.His mouth never stopped licking, kissing, sucking and biting my neck. Eventually he was doing so only sporadically as he was gasping for air and grunting and yelping. I didn’t know what to do with my hands at first but then I just relaxed and grabbed his buttocks. I gently opened them and he concentrated for a second blowing all the air out of his lungs and lowering himself gently.He groaned and wiggled and my entire length vanished inside him. It felt like heaven. My penis felt like it was forced to curve round his colonic curvature. Gently guided by the hot, strong muscles it reached rock bottom and the tip was clenched tight by his insides. I would have come instantly but fortunately, escort kuşadası M. stopped there for a few minutes. Almost as though he could sense how close I was.He then sat up a tiny bit and I instantly realised there was an inch of me still left outside him. But that got gobbled up too. I then noticed his dick, that was pressed against my tummy until now, was all wet and shiny and had leaked pre-cum all over us. It kind of turned me on and the way he squeezed my pecks was a real turn-on. He then knocked his head back with his eyes closed and his mouth pursed into a kiss as he exhaled carefully taking his time to make my dick vanish.He would then take a deep breath, hold it for a bit and then again exhale carefully, as though blowing me a kiss. It was one of the greatest turn ons I have ever experienced.And then he began to wiggle. Well, I was lost! He gyrated ever so slowly from left to right with my member completely engulfed by his lower intestine. It was heaven. Just as I was about to explode, he would change something and delay me even more. He started rocking back and forth. He pressed his penis against me as he did and gently wanked it too.“Mind if I cum?” he then asked… All I could do was groan my compliance.He carried on gently rocking but his hand on his penis sped up. He very quickly came and sprayed his warm seed all over my tummy and chest. He groaned with his eyes closed and his hot ring convulsed with his orgasm, deliriously massaging my cock to culmination.He rubbed his hands all over my body wiping up the mess his dick had made. He started licking his hands and repeating the process and I just lost it. I groaned and ejaculated. I have no idea how many loads I blasted up him but I think it was lots! It felt magical!He sat there, still wiggling on top of me, watching me all the time, licking his hands and smiling. When I could take no more he stopped moving and slumped forward. He kissed me on the neck and I felt his warm body squelch against mine once more.He stayed where he was as my penis softened. But just as it was about to slide out he started rocking ever se gently once more. Like only he knew how to. Soon I was getting hard again. I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying this.I had had anal sex before with girls. But now kuşadası escort bayan it seemed like they were all half-hearted attempts, This guy loved it! When I was fully erect once more and sliding in and out of him with ease he pulled off. I was devastated! I remember thinking: “He better not be expecting to swap!”He got on all fours and started stroking his dick dangling between his legs.“Your turn to do the hard work!”Honestly, I was delighted, now. I grabbed him by his skinny hips and easily slid all the way inside him. He just groaned his appreciation and I placed one foot either side of his knees. Arching my back and thrusting I really put my back into it and got even deeper then before. He groaned and jerked his dick some more. I picked up pace and force, carried away by how his gloriously cavities totally swallowed up the entire length of my 8 inches.Having recently cum I was able to then plough into him something crazy. He had to let go of his dick to brace himself with both hands as I pressed down his shoulder with my hands and hammered my dick home hard and fast. As I hit rock bottom, by testicles slapped against his and he let out a gentle, high-pitched moan.He managed to reach down with one hand and sobbed as he made himself cum once more. He jerked and flinched desperately as I carried on slapping my way home repeatedly. Until I exploded. I grunted and thrashed uncontrollably. Somehow trying to get even more of me inside of him. This was not possible as I had completely vanished inside him. But I did deposit inside of him another hefty load of cum. Several strong jolts and what felt like a few litres or myself emptied once more inside of him. It felt amazing. I carried on rocking until my dick completely flopped out him. He lay forward sighing and I flopped backwards both of us exhausted.Eventually he got up, covered me up with the duvet, kissed my forehead lovingly and whispered goodnight. I slept like a log. That was an amazing shag; one that I will not confess to mates, but one I will never forget!In the morning, S. and M. looked after me again. Orange juice, coffee, toast. I had managed to keep two really good friends (now with advantages!) and got the best shag of my life. What’s more, being the skin-flint that I am, I got a lift home off S. On the way home she thanked me and confessed they had been carefully planning this for months! As it turned out, this stood me in very good stead with S. and we had plenty adventures of our own, which I will tell you all about… some other time…Thanks for reading,T.

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