The Benefits of Joining a Fraternity


The Benefits of Joining a FraternityI have a strong sex drive and back when I was a college freshman my sex drive was unstoppable. I tried to get laid as much as I could but still that wasn’t enough so I often had to resort to jacking off in my dorm room. I was taking a lit class one day and feeling very horny. There was this girl sitting about two rows in front of me that I took notice of. She was cute but not so hot I would have to put effort into getting laid I figured. After all, all I really wanted was a wet pussy to blow my load in. Her name was Leslie; she was a brunette with tan skin, and kind of nerdy looking with glasses. Leslie’s big tits were her best feature although she did have a bit of a beer belly.After class I approached her and asked if she would like study with me to prepare for an upcoming midterm. She got all bitchy at my asking and said she had a boyfriend. That was bullshit. I couldn’t believe I was just shot down by that nerd. I was a good looking guy, muscular, and hung like a horse. I had slept with plenty of chicks hotter than her. It looked like another afternoon jerking off in my dorm.I was a member of the wrestling team at the State University which I attended and as such I became friends with most of the guys. Pete a senior on the team, along with several other guys were members of the Omega fraternity. They were known as the jock frat on campus and threw the biggest parties. Pete talked me into joining his frat by convincing me that as a member of the Omegas I could sleep with just about any babe on campus I wanted. As a pledge I had to show up at the Omega house almost every night of the week so that I could be hazed with the other pledges. It was a lot of stupid crap with candlelit ceremonies, chugging beer, doing pushups in our underwear, and generally acting as servants for the active members. The crappiest thing about it was that it didn’t seem to be helping me get laid at all.Then one we pledges were in the middle of doing squat thrusts while having cigar smoke blown in our faces when a girl, a member of one of the sororities on campus walked in and started talking to Joe the president of our frat. Joe started talking to the other actives about whatever it was and I could see them laughing. He walked canlı bahis şirketleri up to us and said, “all right maggots, I need five of you to volunteer for a very special mission.” This type of thing wasn’t uncommon. Usually a special mission meant sending us out to pick up a pizza or something. I wasn’t in the mood to volunteer. Pete however had other ideas and he volunteered me.Pete loaded us into his car. On the way he said, “You guys are gonna love this.” He drove us to the theta house, a sorority on campus, the one the girl from earlier that night was from. Pete told us to be quiet as we slipped in through the back door. We entered into a dimly lit kitchen and were greeted by the same girl. Her name was Gretchen she introduced herself as the pledge mistress and made us swear to secrecy what we were going to do that night. “This prank,” she explained, “is done every year to our initiates. Each girl’s task is to have sex with a sybian machine until she orgasms. To build trust each girl is blind folded and requires the help of her big sister. What they don’t know is that you boys are the machines.”This was awesome I wasn’t going to have to beat it tonight. Me and the other guys were grinning and already sporting boners thinking about the chicks we were going to bone. One by one they took us into the other room. Each time I heard moaning first followed by loud cheering. Finally it was my turn.Gretchen told me to strip naked which I gladly did and she led me into a dark candlelit room full of girls. Most of the coeds were fully clothed although some appeared to be in various states of undress, and a few were naked. The girls eyes lit up as I entered the room obviously I was not the only one aroused by the situation. Gretchen called over Jen one of the naked girls. Jen had fair hair and a pretty face, she wasn’t the hottest girl I had ever seen but she did have a nice tight 20 year old body. “Jen is going to assist you through this,” Gretchen said. The first thing they did was hand me a condom to roll out on my 8 inch dick. Bummer I thought I like to feel the inside of a chick while screwing her. The girls explained that for the pledge to believe I was a sybian I had to wear the condom. Next Jen and Gretchen had canlı poker oyna me lie flat on my back while they placed a contraption on top of me that looked like a saddle with a hole in it. I was to stick my boner through that hole which an unsuspecting pledge would think was a dildo.Then it began. The girls got quiet and blew out all the candles except for one. I saw a door open and Jen was slowly leading a naked girl blindfolded with her hands tied behind her back towards me. This was so hot. As the girl got close to me I realized I knew who she was. It was that bitch Leslie who wouldn’t sleep with me since she had a boyfriend. I couldn’t wait to give her what she deserved. My cock hardened thinking about it.Jen said out loud, “This is a test of trust Leslie. Do you trust me?” “Yes,” came Leslie’s unsure response. “Have you ever had sex with a sybian machine?” asked Jen. “No,” answered Leslie, “but I know what they are.” “Good what I need for you to do is have sex with this machine we have here. Fuck it as good as you can for us. We want to see you cum all over it.” Jen explained to her little. Jen stood just a few inches taller than Leslie and I watched as the thin fair skinned girl put her hands on the voluptuous darker skinned girl’s shoulders guiding her towards me. Leslie’s pussy was neatly trimmed and it looked like she was excited by the prospect of fucking a machine. Jen had Leslie crouch over my dong, one hand on my cock the other on Leslie’s cunt. She guided me right into her. “Why don’t you try and get that entire dildo in your cunt before I turn this thing on,” she suggested. Leslie slowly began humping her way down my cock. The sight was very erotic, her exposed tits were jiggling as she made small up and down bounces. Her tits were big at least C maybe D cups with large areolas. She had obvious tan lines leaving them a creamy white color. Finally she wriggled her way down about seven inches of my shaft. Leslie said, “That’s as much as I can fit.” “Alright,” said Jen, “Let’s see how you can handle the low setting.” Jen looked me in the eye as if to give me the cue and said, “Low setting on.” I began slowly bucking my hips trying to stay in time as much as possible so as not to blow my cover. It seemed to be working. internet casino Leslie leaned her head back and let out a slight moan of pleasure. Her big Jen started giving her a shoulder rub and whispering words of encouragement to her. “That’s right Leslie. You fuck that machine.” “Don’t let me down. We need you to put on a show for us.” “You look sexy on that thing. If only your boyfriend knew.”As I looked around the room I could tell all eyes were on our performance. The sorority girls were watching intently some of them even appeared to be fingering themselves through their clothes. “How does it feel,” Jen asked. “Incredible, I love how big this dildo is. It’s better than the real thing.” Answered Leslie. “Are you ready for high?” said Jen. “Yes,” was the response. Jen gave me the cue again as she said aloud, “high setting.”I began to really pound that cunt hard. I wasn’t thinking about keeping time anymore but that didn’t seem to matter. Leslie was lost in ecstasy. She moaned loudly her boobs lewdly bouncing up and down as I fucked her. Jen was tangled in our lust as well. Her hands moved down from massaging her shoulders and back. Now Jen was feeling up Leslie’s boobs. My cock was glistening from her pussy juice. You could hear the squishing sound of her twat being pounded. Jen moved one of her hands to her own pussy and began masturbating herself as she ran her free hand over Leslie’s body. “You like that dildo? Don’t you, you dirty slut?” said Jen. “Oh God, yes” said Leslie. Jen continued as Leslie moaned her agreement. “I can see you’re getting very wet. Does it turn you on when I touch you this way?” “You’re doing a good job being a little slut for us. You’re making us all touch ourselves.” Jen leaned over and started sucking on Leslie’s nipples. “Shit that feels good,” said Leslie. “You’re making me cum.”I could feel her pussy tightening as juice poured down her soft thigh. I had had as much as I could handle. I Unloaded shot after shot of jizz into that condom. The jig was up. The girls all started cheering and I saw a look of embarrassment on Leslie’s face as they removed her blindfold. She quickly got off my dick and left the room.A couple days later I saw Leslie in lit class. She looked really nervous and bagged me not to tell anyone she had had sex with me. She didn’t want her boyfriend to find out. I agreed not to tell anyone as part of agreement we worked out. She had to come to my dorm to give me a blowjob every day after class. That was a pretty good semester.

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