The Beginning- Part 12


The Beginning- Part 12My Friday night.After our heart to heart conversation about having our second c***d, I figure we have a good 6 months of no holes bar sex life. Besides in a couple of days it will be my Friday. I get to choose what black dick gets to fuck my wife as I watch in person.Thursday roll around. The day seems so long. I met Bill for lunch to catch up on things. Bill wanted to know how was the family. I told him ever thing was fantastic and how we are thinking of having a second c***d. “If you want me to I will fuck your wife to make her belly swollen with a black baby” Bill saidHow did you know we wanted a black c***d ? I did not mention that part to you I said.Bill laughed. “It is only natural to go from fucking black dicks to producing a black baby. It is the nature of white women when they fuck black men. Bill said.Thanks Bill for the offer but I think Karen has someone in mind all ready. Besides I wanted you to just ass fuck her the 2 months she will be off the pill. I wanted someone who I can trust to not slip it in her pussy and knock her up . I can trust you huh Bill? “Yes you can. No way would I screw up our friendship over a little pussy. Bros before hoes. Besides I enjoy fucking your wife’s white ass more than her pussy.” Bill said After we got pass the fucking my wife in her white ass I was telling Bill how Karen made $500 by modeling for our c***ds education fund. Bill told me that will be a little too rich for his black dick. I told him no to worry Karen will put her ass up in the air free for him. Besides we are buddies. I told him too about how Friday night into the late Saturday morning is mine and she has to go with whom I chose, I get to call all the shots as long as it is black.”I have an idea for you. There is a club I know of and on Friday nights they have amateur pole dancing. No stripping naked because the dam city takes the fun out of ever thing. The winner gets a $100 cash prize not counting the tips they make dancing.” Bill said.Is this a black club I asked?”Of course it is. A lot of married white couples go so the white wives can dance on stage in front of black men.You mean there are quite a few white husbands who let their white wives dance in front of black men? They must be doing it only for the $100 and before I finished both Bill and I busted out laughingJust then Karen called me. She was on a video call to me.Hi Hon what is going on I asked her.Karen took off her blouse to show me her large breast while twirling her nipples.Honey we have company I told Karen.Karen pulled a towel over her chest. “You can remove the towel I don’t mind” Bill yelled towards my phone.Bill is that you ? Karen asked.Before he could answer back Karen dropped the towel and then removed her pants. She did mooned the camera and told Bill she needs her ass fucked. Then she hung up the phone.Bill had a tent pole in his pants. I told Bill he was lucky she did not say “Mother” before hanging up. I then went into the story about what happens to me when “MIL” is mention.”If your MIL is any thing like her daughter I would not mind fucking her in the ass. ” Bill saidThanks Bill for giving me that vision. I just hope my dick can get hard come Friday night replying back to Bill as I was shaking my head.I get home from work. Karen had supper fixed.We ate and had a glass of wine after. I put my arms around her waist as stood behind her. I was pumping up against her ass and whispered how much Bill miss fucking her in the ass.Karen replied ” I have to go to the store . You know the one close to Bill’s house. I will be back in 3 hours”I told her to have fun and I will let Bill know you are coming over as I handed her a big jar of personal lube.I called Bill letting him know company was heading his way with a big jar of lube. Bill said thanks and he will take good care of my wife’s ass.Karen gets home. I gave her a big welcome home kiss. So how is your ass I asked”Bill and I did not talk about you honey” Karen replied.I removed all her clothes so I can check out the damage to her body. Her breast were not marked up and were leaking a little milk. It looked like no breast were sucked or mauled. I got on my knees to get a better view of Karen’s pussy and it was just as fresh as when she left. Now when I got to exam-ed her butt hole it was full of lube and cum. Bill said he was practicing on just fucking me in the ass. He wanted to show you he can just fuck my white ass. He is looking forward to the 2 months of him only black fucking my ass. Karen said.My dick took over. I stood Karen facing against the bedroom wall. I was feeling her wet and sticky asshole with my left hand as I was jerky off with my right hand.”That’s it hubby. Jerk off to where your black friend Bill was fucking your wife. Can you feel me bucking back on your dick as you jerk off. That is what I was doing to Bill but his black cock was fucking my asshole. Not like you jerking off thinking about it. “Karen said.Karen could sense I was about to shoot my load. She grabbed my dick and inserted the head into her ass. I lost it and camed hard.Karen went and jumped into the shower. I just washed my now soft dick with soap and water.Karen just finished taken her shower. I had the pleasure of rubbing her down with lotion . It does help her skin stay soft and smell so good. But after a couple of hours having black sweat on her it all goes away. Not that I am complaining. Then I use the nipple cream.”As much nipple cream you use on me, do you have stock in the nipple cream company” Karen ask joking.You know I want to keep your nipples nice and soft. We can’t have cracked, dry and hard skinned nipples illegal bahis for my Friday night I replied back giving her nipples a soft pinch.Karen shoved one of her nipples in my mouth. “Bite on my nipple like a black man will do Friday night” Karen moaned.I bit hard and ran my fingers into her pussy. “You almost bite as good as a black man” Karen said as she started to jerk me off.We brought each other off by using our hands. Easy clean up and I wanted her pussy to rest. I was just happy not to hear a certain word.Friday rolls around. Karen said she will get plenty of rest and hope to build up her milk stock. “I don’t want to disappoint my husband being tired and not having milk in my breast. You know I will do any thing you want me to do tonight, even have sexual intercourse with a person of another color ” Karen said.It was Karen’s way of telling me I had better plan on her fucking some black meat tonight.I left work a little early. MIL was just picking up her grandc***d. MIL and I was doing some small talk. She wanted to know what were our plans for Friday night.I said Karen and I plan on getting a couple of drinks and dance the night away.She said that sounded like fun. Then she wanted to know if I let other men dance with Karen. I told her yes. She then went on to tell me how her and her late husband used to go out dancing. He would let her dance with other men. “One night we went dancing. It was one of the first dance halls where you had negro couples and white couples. I saw my husband talking to a negro man in the club. Next thing you know a negro man asked me to dance. My late husband said to me to go ahead and dance with the negro.”I get up on the dance floor. Them negros sure know how to dance. Of course they seem to not be able to keep their hands to themselves and my late husband, rest his soul, seems to enjoy watching it.” my MIL saidOhh man now I know where Karen got her sexual arousal black gene. A big thank you to my late FIL.Finally I got MIL out the door. Now was the time for us to get ready. I handed Karen a dark purple blouse. I told her no bra. I button up her blouse for her leaving the top 2 buttons not done. It showed a good amount of cleavage but you could not see her nipples even from looking above her. Then it was a pair of dark purple panties but not crotch-less. Next it was the black leather mini skirt. Of course black high heel shoes.”This is the most conservitive look I ever had going out a night on the town” Karen said.”Don’t worry I am sure tonight you would not have a problem attracting something to play with no matter how you dress. You have what black men want. ” I replied.We get to the black dance club.”Oh yes honey you are taking me out to dance with black men” Karen said with glee.We get in the club . The music is blaring. It takes a couple of minutes for our eyes to adjust to the darkness of the club.There on the dance floor was an white woman about Karen’s age dancing with a blackman.Very slender girl with perky breast. The black man was grabbing her breast and ass on the dance floor. She was not pushing his hands away. I spotted an older white guy about 20 years older sitting at the bar watching intensely.Then there was another white couple sitting at a booth next to each other. They were an older couple , about mid fifties. You can see the woman had breast implants and she was proud to show them off. Not a bad looking woman for her age. A young black man walk up to the couple. The white guy shakes the young studs hand and invites him to their booth. The white man gets up to move across the booth from his wife as the young black buck sits next to his wife . In no time the white wife was kissing the black stud with her opening her legs so he can finger her.Karen looked at me.”Well what you going to do stare at the other white women or get me a place to sit down”. Karen said.I got a table for us. I ordered a couple of drinks. As I tipped our waitress I had to ask her what would it take to have some of these nice black gentlemen to dance with my wife.She replied usually the black men wait till the white wives have a couple of drinks in them. Karen gulp down her drink and then grabbed mine. She finished mine too in record time. She placed both empty glasses in front of her. Next thing you know I could see a few black men walk towards Karen. The first one got to Karen and asked her to dance. Of course Karen said yes. They go on the dance floor. The other black men turn to walk away. I stopped the.Hey fellas, if you want to dance with me wife, just take your turn and ask her. What are you drinking I asked the 5 other black men. They eyes lit up. We all were having a drink watching Karen dance. Of course Karen was getting her breast pinched and ass rubbed on the dance floor. They came back to the table.I told Karen tonight I wanted her to dance with as many black men as she can. It will be fun and the black guys all like the idea too of sharing you around on the dance floor.They all had their chances with grabbing Karen’s good parts. Sometime as many as 5 black guys at a time were dancing with Karen. I could not see her with them surrounding her but Karen did come back to the table with her drawers in her hand.It was like 25 single black guys in the bar with only a total of 3 white women. They had some black couples but the black women were not letting their dates get close to Karen. The 2 white couples we originally saw in the club still had the same black guys hanging on to the white wives while Karen was passed around for all to grope .Karen looked at me. “All night long you had me pass from one black man to another. Not illegal bahis siteleri that I am not enjoying the attention but you know I can’t do 25 black guys at one time. I only got 3 holes” Karen said.Just then an announcement came over from the DJ. He was talking about the amature dance on a black pole contest. He gave the rules of the contest which included the women can not take off their clothes. All the guys booed. However the women can give you a little peek a boo of what is under her clothes. All the guys cheered. Then there will be voting to who is the best black pole dancer. Voting will be calculated by which woman gets the biggest amount of tips while dancing.Karen said no way she is going to win with how good looking the other two white women are. The first white woman up was the one Karen’s age. She got up danced around the black pole a little . The black man she was with earlier came over. She opened her blouse so just he could see her perky small white breast. He got close and had his black hands on both of them. Her husband looked like he was ready to beat off watching them. The black man gave her a twenty then went back to the table. A couple other black guys went up to her and she did not open her blouse to them. They just laughed and shook their heads. They left no tips.Up next was the older white wife. She grabbed the black pole and swung around a couple of times. Her breast were just about hanging out. Her young black stud came over . He pulled one of her white breast out her blouse and started to suck it. The other black guys in the bar started to walk over to try to get a closer look. The white wife smiled at her husband and let the other white breast get man handled by a pair of black hands. This went on for about 5 seconds then she covered her breast up and finished her little dance. She was tipped about $50. Not bad. I was getting a little rise watching her white breast being squeezed. Next up was Karen . Karen walked out onto the stage bouncing to the beat of the music. She unbutton all buttons on her shirt to were her large sagging milky white breast were just about hanging out. She took off her skirt throwing it behind her. Her blouse barely covered her bald pussy and in no way would it covered her big soft white ass. The black men went nuts. Then Karen went up to the black dance pole and played like she was running her mouth up and down the pole. Then she straddle it humping the black pole acting like she was having an orgasm. Then she started to wiggle her ass against the pole slowly at first then building up speed like when she gets fucked in the ass by a black dick. I thought the roof was going to cave in from all the noise. Just about all the black men went to the stage to tip Karen. Karen sat down on edge of the stage . All of them was grabbing and pinching Karen’s breast and ass. They put their tip money inside the front of their pants. Karen reached into the pants one by one where she would stroke their hard black cock as she took the tip money. I was ready for Karen to pull their cocks out their pants so she could suck on them but then it would have been pushing it just a little to far. Karen won. She collected about $400. Ron the owner of the bar came up on stage to present Karen the $100 prize. I was standing next to Karen with my arm around the top of her to where I would move her shirt open to fully expose my wife’s breast. Ron gave us the cash and asked us on stage what we were planning to do with the prize money. Karen with her breast and pussy fully exposed said it was going into our c***ds education fund. Then she said we plan on having another c***d and we need to build up the fund. Next thing you know I was handed a bunch of napkins with names, how big their cocks were and their athletic prowess. You can say it was the stats I could look at to pick a black breeding bull for my wife. I may have to do a spread sheet when I get home.All the men went back to their tables. The white couples left with their black men they started with. The black couples left too but it looked like the women had to drag the men out. The bar was closing down and only about 9 black men were left. Karen went to go get dress in the women’s bathroom.Ron and I started talking. Ron just wanted to know how far my wife was willing to go. I told him I like to watch my wife cum on a hard black cock. Ron then said if we wanted to my wife can pick out a black man to have a private party in the bar after it closes. I told him tonight I get to pick who she goes with since Friday is husband night.Karen came back. She had her skirt back and only a couple of buttons on the bottom of her shirt button. Her and Ron was talking. I was talking and having a beer with the 9 black men as I watch Ron playing with my wife’s breast. I asked them if they like watching my wife’s breast getting man handled. The’y all said shit on that they want to fuck my wife. I told them someone will be lucky tonight. I had 9 straws in my hand. The one with the longest straw will be the winner tonight for a private dance party with my wife. They all took a straw .Ron ask me if things were settle for the private dance party. I told him yea. He then made an announcement the bar is closing and the it was time to leave except for who was invited for the private party.Karen went back into the women’s room. Some dance music came on. She then came out completely naked to show herself off. As she came out Karen was greeted by 9 naked black men. It look like they were happy to see my wife with all those erections pointed towards my wife.I went up to my wife and kissed her deeply. canlı bahis siteleri I then led her into the group of black men telling them to fuck her hard. A mattress was thrown on the floor.One of the black men got behind Karen. I hurried up and lube up my wife’s asshole. I then handed him the lube where he then lubed up a rock hard black dick. It was quickly inserted into my wife’s rectum. He then pulled Karen backwards as he laid on his back with Karen following him backwards. Karen looked up and to grab a black cock into her mouth. Karen’s legs were then supported by two black men holding them open so another black cock can filled the last remaining hole. Karen then had a black head on each breast biting and sucking on her nipples. Not much milk was left from the earlier breast play but I did not hear anyone complaining. As one guy cummed in my wife another hard black cock was ready to take his place. These guys worked as a team with every one taking their turn fucking my wife. Karen had one orgasm after another.Luckly I brought a big bottle of lube. I squirted each hard black cock with lube before it entered my wife’s ass or pussy. This non stopped attack of the big black cocks on my white wife went on for 3 hours straight. I think Karen was starting to wear them out. Ron was standing next to me with a tent in his pants. I asked if he had a shower available here. He said he had a private bedroom/bathroom with a shower next to his office. I told him good because I wanted Karen to take a good shower after I eat her. Then I told him I wanted to watch him on top of my wife.You could see now it looked like only one black man at a time was fucking my wife. I looked over at the group of black men. Their cocks were not arching up towards my wife. Looked like they were finish using her. These men were not trying to see how long they could fuck but how many loads of black seeds they could dump as quick as possible. All they wanted to do was drink beer and talk sports. As far as they were concerned they were finished with her as a orifice for depositing their black seed.They got dress and with out saying a thank you left. Just like a black man once their dick gets drained and goes soft no more use for a white woman.Karen was just laying on her back with her legs open. She motion to me to come on over so I can get between her legs with my mouth. I buried my head into her well fucked pussy to taste what 9 black men left behind. It was cum every where. I ate Karen out till she cummed into my mouth. With her cumming it pushed more black seeds into my mouth. I then passed Karen on to Ron who took her into the shower. Ron was naked and he had a big headed black dick leading the way. It was a small shower. Only Karen can fit in it by herself. But before she went into the shower she got on her knees and took Ron’s big headed black dick into her mouth. Lets just say my wife knows how to suck a black dick. Ron was cumming with in a minute.Karen started the shower while Ron went lay down on his back waiting for my wife. I got naked and sat on the edge of the bed. While waiting for Karen Ron and I started talking.Ron was telling me this was one of the better nights his club had. A lot of drinks were bought and people stayed till the end. He told me any time I want to bring my wife over to the club all the drinks for us will be free. Karen was about finish with her shower. I can’t wait to see her crawl on top of Ron with her sagging white breast bouncing around as they fuck. I started to rub my self with anticipation. Ron told me I can rub some lube on his dick while I rubbed my self. So I did.I took Ron’s semi hard black dick and started to rub it with my hand. It got fully hard and erect.Karen crawled into the bed to position herself on top of Ron. I was still rubbing his dick as I open Karen’s pussy lips. With a moan from Karen the big headed black dick disappeared into her womb. Karen was bouncing up and down on top of a black man. I was rubbing myself hard as I watched. This was better for me than watching 9 black men have their way with my wife. I like seeing the action up close and personal. I reached up and grabbed one of Karen’s breast as it swung thru the air. Karen can sense I was about to cum and she stopped bouncing long enough to catch my load in her mouth. As soon as I was finished she went back to riding on top of Ron hard. I went back to the edge of the bed to do some more masturbating watching my wife having interracial sex.The sun was coming up. Ron was on top of Karen fucking away. He started to cum and pulled out shooting his last load onto Karen’s belly. He just laid by Karen with his spent black dick resting on Karen’s pussy lips. I got between the two of them to start cleaning off all the black seeds inside and out her pussy. I started on Karen’s belly licking and worked my way towards her pussy. A black cock was still resting on the white pussy. As I started to lick the pussy Ron pushed the head of his black dick into my mouth. I figure I may as well suck on his black dick since it just got finish fucking my wife. Ron and Karen were deeply kissing while I was sucking his black dick. He had both hands on her breast pulling on her nipples. Ron again rolled on top of my wife to fuck her. Just as he was about to cum he again pulled out but this time I was there with my mouth open.I caught the black dick juice caused by my wife’s pussy.Just as I was drinking Ron’s black dick juice I jerked another load straight into the air.Karen got up to take another shower. She got dressed. I got dressed and Ron wanted another blow job from me. This time Karen sat on edge of the bed as I was sucking Ron off. Nothing wrong with me receiving the black dick juice straight from the source as long as it was the one fucking my wife.We got home and both fell asleep as soon as we hit the bed. It was one wild and crazy night.

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