The beginning of life


The beginning of lifeAt 16 years old my school life came to an end, I’m a fat, lonely boy leaving school with no life experiences of merit to speak of. Here begins my voyage into the unknown, adult life.Luckily for myself, my father was friends with a local electronic retail owner, who happily took me on as a trainee floor worker. Not great money but at my age it was more than enough.My first day began with Dean, the owners son and lead salesman to show me the ropes.I picked it up quickly and began to make the company money. Sarah the owners wife was my boss, she was well dressed and always polite, constantly reassuring me that I was doing a good job.After a few months of working there, I was promoted to floor salesman, this was a big thing to me as it included a decent pay rise. It was now Christmas and a party was arranged. We met at the local pub where the back room had been rented out for the evening. Jeff, the owner of where I work had put plenty of money behind the bar so the drinks were flowing, it was the first real chance for me to really mingle and get to know everyone as at work people tend to focus on the work. By half 9 I was a little worse for wear and had decided to go outside for a cigarette,and it was there I found Jeff and Sarah sitting on the bench chatting. I will never forget the conversation on that damp and mouldy pub bench, Jeff had quietly mentioned in my ear that Sarah would like me to come home with them after the party for a nightcap, I looked at Sarah who güvenilir bahis remained silent and kept her gaze at her glass of red wine. As a geekish chubby virgin, I have to say, left me weak at the knees and rather tight in the trousers.Half 11 rolled around and Jeff signaled to everyone that they were leaving and said their goodbye’s. Jeff came and took me outside while she was getting her coat, saying nothing, he put his arm around my shoulder and led me to his car. He got in the front and I got in the back. A few minutes passed and Sarah arrived at the car, she also got into the back but didn’t sit close. Jeff pulled away from the pub and started the journey home.We arrived at their house in silence, I had no idea what was lying ahead of me but my mind had came up with a few ideas mixed with the sight of Sarah’s high line skirt and low cut top had caused me to ejaculate about halfway through the ride.We walked into their house which was 3 story and huge, Jeff walked into the kitchen and shouted back to me would I like a drink, I answered that if was ok, I’d like to pop upstairs and freshen up.I went into their upstairs bathroom and removed my trousers and boxers, they were both covered in my cum, vigorously cleaning them and washing my cock, I heard a knock at the door, It was Sarah, “We’ll be on the top floor in the living room” “Ok” I replied.With my trousers back on, I made my way up the steep stairs, and there they were, Jeff was naked with Sarah wearing only her güvenilir bahis siteleri red bra and panties, Jeff was huge, and I mean huge, his dick was not only long but as thick as a coke can. He just sat smiling. “Come over here boy!” I walked over and sat down on the sofa where Jeff was, Sarah sat down beside me and pulled my shirt over my head. My hard cock was now easily showing through my trousers.Jeff looked at Sarah and gestured that I should take them off, which I did.Here I stand, completely naked, my cock standing to attention, Sarah took my cock and licked from balls to tip, looking over at Jeff she smiled with a devilish look in her eye. This seemed to stir something within Jeff whose already large flaccid penis grew and grew with the help of his own hand, he stroked it never taking his eyes off his wife who had by now worked up a real rhythm, her head going up and down, breaking every 20 seconds or so to look at Jeff and take a breath.Sarah then stopped sucking and layed back inviting me to penetrate. Leaning over her I felt her shuffle her panties off, her head tilted to the right with eye contact to Jeff seemingly the most important part of the act. Jeff was pumping his cock which by the way had me feeling extremely strange but turned on.My mind is blank, thinking to myself that I should be memorising this as it’s my first time but I’m almost numb, I’ve so far inflicted about 7 or 8 thrusts when I let out a groan and and I’m done. “Good boy” says mobilbahis Jeff, “Now it’s my turn!”He got up, pushed my to one side, sliding into to her pussy with ease with my natural lubrication still dripping from her, he moved her around onto her knees and he was behind staring at me as he thumped and thumped and thumped, I looked on in ore of his mastery. Sarah was uncontrollable, quivering unlike anything that I had caused, screaming with joy, I could see her juices flowing down Jeff’s legs. The sight of Sarah being brought to orgasm over and over again brought my dick back to life, I was hard which Jeff noticed and urged me to stick it in her mouth. Gagging on my cock, Sarah cried with delight at the final motion of Jeff who himself let out an almighty grunt. Sarah continued to focus on making me cum which didn’t take long again only this time I was met with my cum spat on my leg. Wiping her mouth Sarah said “Sorry, I only swallow Jeff’s” Sarah left the room to clean up, Jeff peered over my shoulder and whispered “Enjoy that” I nodded, still fumbling around trying to get my pants on. Jeff called a taxi for me and gave me £20 to pay for it, “we’re off to bed” he said walking up the stairs, still naked, He stopped, turned his head and said “See you monday” I left in the taxi, still in shock at what just happened. Monday came around, I walked into work and there sat Sarah sitting in her office, looking up from her computer she waved and looked back down as if nothing of note had ever gone on. And that was it, my freaky, horny and spectacular first sexual experience.All of the above is FICTION and also my first try. I feel I rambled too much about pointless details, and not enough and sex. I hope if you read to the end you enjoyed it.

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