the begining


the beginingAt 18 I would get my first sex and it was awesome .that feeling of being deep in her pussy our bodies locked together and of course I got to go down one her on a regular basis .I absolutely love oral the taste of a girls pussy and asshole the different tastes as my tongues dances across her body . The sex was pretty straight forward it wouldn’t be till my next girlfriend at 21 that it would get a little wilder. We were together for 3 years and as time went on I became more open and it seemed she became more comfortable. I loved giving this girl oral and she had the sweetest pussy. we would be in a 69 and very often in our last year together she would finger me as she sucked my cock .once she even used one of those old style vibrators on me after I had worked up the courage to tell her I owned it . I now wore pantyhose daily under my cloths and had even begun to shave my legs. I wish now I had had the courage to tell her when she wasn’t home I would try on her clothes and shoes but I was so afraid of judgment and carried such guilt. By now I had learned to keep my ass clean as I never knew when she or I was going to play. She was also the last girl that I liked on top when we were fucking. Once I met my wife things got much kinkier. I remember very early on she had come home from work and she had been wearing a pair of purple tights the whole day. I was naked and she had stripped down to just the tights with no panties underneath. we were lying so that her feet were near my face and mine near hers as we talked I could smell the aroma of her feet after being in her boots all day and I loved it (many times over eskişehir escort the years I have jacked off to the smell of a woman’s feet or pussy in her pantyhose or panties) I began to rub her feet enjoying the feel of them in my hands. she saw my cock growing hard and reached down to stroked it .As she did I began to kiss her feet she pulled me on top of her so that my cock was against her pussy covered by the tights and as I sucked her toes and licked her feet we humped her pussy getting wetter and me leaking precum on her tights. I was going nuts and I wanted a taste of that pussy she pulled me back into a 69 and took my cock in her mouth. I began by licking her pussy through the tights tasting the mixture of my precum and her juice. I pulled her tights down till only one leg still had them one and drove my tongue up her pussy as I did she grabbed my ass cheeks in her hands and began to squeeze them and smack them which I loved . I moved my tongue to her asshole and drove it in using my hands to squeeze her cheeks and pull them apart, she leaned me forward so that my cock was between her tits and she drove her tongue into my asshole, we tongued each other this way as I fucked between her tits soaking them in precum. I wanted to fuck her and wasted no more time I swung off her and got between her legs for one more taste as I did so she brought her feet to my cook and jacked it, I brought my cock to her pussy and ran it up and down her wet lips till she grabbed me and pulled me inside of her ‘I leaned down and kissed her as she wrapped her legs around me. I kissed down to her nipples and she told me to lick escort eskişehir my precum off her tits this drove me nuts. once they were clean I leaned up and pushed her legs back so I could suck her toes as I drove my cock in , she reached down and started to rub her clit like crazy till she moaned she was going to cum . Her pussy convulsed around my cock and I exploded in her. She then did something I really didn’t expect she pushed me on to my back sat on my face and told me to eat my cum out of her pussy. I did this gladly loving the taste of our cum mixed together I didn’t stop till she came again. After our separation our sex life really took off. She loved to have the control to dress me and take me like a bitch. she would get me on my knees and tell me to suck her cock (we had many strap ones) she would hold the back of my head fucking my mouth telling me how good of a cock sucker I was and how much she would love to see me suck a man’s cock and to suck it together. She would pull it out of my mouth and make me beg to suck it. Usually she had me wear some lingerie and thigh high stockings. she would tell me to kneel with my ass in the air like a god slut and lick my ass then slide some fingers in, she would tell me to ride her fingers and tell her how much I want her cock, I would beg “please baby fuck me I need your cock so bad” she would tease me by rubbing it all around my hole driving me wild till I couldn’t take it anymore then when I least expected it she would slide into my ass. she always fucked me hard telling me I was a faggot whore that loved cock .we could go for hours like this till either eskişehir escort bayan I fucked her or we got on a double dill do and watched as she played with her clit and I jacked my cock . At one point she purchased a male and female doll. I was working for a convince store downtown. He had been coming in since I started the job flirting with me and even though I was married I flirted back till one day he asked me to his place after work. I was so excited I got there he was watching some porn so we talk then kissed a bit. It felt really sexy to be kissing another man I didn’t want to stop we stood up and started to rub each other’s cocks through our pants I wanted his cock so bad. He undid my pants and took a hold of my 6 inch cut cock and began to stroke it, it felt different having a man do it and I knew I wanted to try. I slid my hand into his jogging pants enjoying the feel of his pubes and wrapped my hand around his throbbing cock. He dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth and started sucking. It felt amazing and it was such a turn on to look down and see a man sucking my dick. he stood up and I wanted to return the favor , his dick was wet with precum i licked it enjoying the taste and took it in my mouth , i slid my mouth right to the base enjoying his pubes against my nose and the smell of his cock . it was such a turn on looking up and seeing this man watching me suck his cock . he pulled out of my mouth and turned around i slide my tongue right into his asshole he had a cute ass . I rimmed him for a bit then I stood up and began to rub my cock between his cheeks, he reached down and guided me into his asshole, it felt different from a pussy but in a good way , I watched as my cock slid in and out of his asshole as he moaned asking me to fuck him harder , it didn’t take me long to fill him with cum. we agreed to meet again tomorrow and I couldn’t wait.

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