The BBQAs the wine and beer flowed the bbq starts to wind down. Im still wearing the red satin and lace underbust corset, nothing else. MM has fucked a few ladies and i have licked everybody clean. I have not fucked as MM has not given his permission.Im walking indoors when MM grabs me kissing me with one hand between my legs fingering my pussy. Everyone saw me being fingerd which turned me on more than i can say. MM picks me lowering me gently on to dinning room table holding my legs apart.”Desert is served, welcome everyone. I know you will enjoy the creamy pudding that is her pussy”Some were shocked alot of people know we have a kinky sex life but never knew how kinky.”Come on dont be shy she is very open minded and loves sex in many forms”MM notices a lady rubbing her pussy through her clothes, he goes over to her.”Are you ok? “”Yes”” If you like what you see, go see her.”They spoke for few minutes more by now im being fucked by a guy, one female sucking and playing with my nipples. Another guy shoots his cum in my pussy. MM brings the lady he has been chatting to over.” I never really seen a pussy only on porn sites, i dont know what to do.'”Do what pleases you’Lady rubs my pussy which had a guys cum dribbling out. Looking at pussy pulling the lips apart i feel a finger inside. She is licking my pussy very gently.”Im a bit shy never been this way with a lady””Dont worry as MM i give petmission bursa escort for my sub to take you somewhere private”I take her to the bedroom, kissing her gently putting my hand up her top, small breasts that i love. Her hands squeezing my large breasts lowering herself level with my nipples.” Can i suck them?”” Yes of course dont be shy”The thought of being with a female she must have kept to herself for a long time, she sucked rubbing her tongue around my nipples, hands touching my pussy. I pull her onto the bed where she goes straight for my pussy fingering me roughly then licking me.I squeal as i cover her face in my cum. We roll over im on top now, i gentley remove her clothes except her bra as she tried to keep it on.”Are you ok? If you prefer keep your bra on.””Its my tits nice shape but ugly nipples and you have lovely large tits and what i think as nice nipples.”” All tits or udders as MM calls mine are sexy. It was not long ago i started liking my udders, MM helped me alot.”” I will pull one tit over my bra, please dont be horrible. Ive had men not make love to me after seeing them.”” Please do not do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”Before i finished the sentence she had slowly lifted one tit above her bra. I was so turned on by her nipple and areola that i instantly stated licking and sucking it. I looked up.”You are embarrassed, you should be proud they are beautiful. bursa escort bayan Lots of men prefer big nipples that swell up and get hard, there is nothing better to them than the sexy tits you have””Wait a minute, please”I laid next to her, she removed her bra. Those tits were getting me very horny.” Im not sure what to say but felt good when you sucked them”We spent a long time on our own, i was very gentle with her. She has most fantastic female body i have ever seen. We are now friends with benefits and her shyness is going. MM joins us whenever posible, he liked her tits so much first time he saw them that he shot his lovely warm juice on them.Back to the bbq, she gets dressed and leaves the room, closely followed by me. I was met with three ladies and two men with cum dripping from them.MM had been busy, i licked all five clean then onto MM i start by licking his balls noticing cum dripping from his ass.”My lovely sweet MM can please turn over?””Of course”I start to lick his star hole making sure i put my tongue in as deep as i could, that makes him very horny. I pull his cheeks apart putting my finger inside. Moving to turn over he rolls me onto my front he gives me anal with everyone watching. Leaning oner grabbing my uders he shoots hot juice in my ass.”MM can i please finish my duty as your sub, i did not finish cleaning you?””Yes dear you are a good sub.”Now on escort bursa his back me on my knees betwen his legs, i start licking his balls slowly getting to his throbbing helmet i start sucking. He gently pushes my head down as i gag on the greatest cock in the world. Everyone was still watching and MMs cum had been dripping from my ass. I finished licking him clean.” Please dont forget dessert everyone”The guys were queing up to fill me with cum in both holes others needed sucking and some could not wait bursting their balls on my udders. When they all finish MM fucks both holes shooting a huge load in them. Putting his head between my legs he licks all the cum, kissing me for me to swallow all of it. I go take a quick shower the door opens, she starts taking off her clothes including bra. We had fun shower together as i leave the bathroom i hear MM telling the ladies they could have me for dessert.A few ask ” Can you be dessert?””Indeed i can and i will”He was loving it must have been six ladies touching him. Some wanted to explore his star as they had never got near mans ass.Ive got tits and pussies everywhere. While some were leaning over guys they did not know were filling thier pussies but only two would allow anal. My pussy and ass were licked and fingered.In the end it was one huge orgy, no one knew who fucked who. I did notice my female fuck buddy getting lots of attention due to her perfect tits.As a sub i try to lick anyone who fucked or had MM juice in them.I adore being a sub, MM is a wonderful Master. Very sexy, gives me freedom to explore my sexual side if i ask permission. He does punish me if i do not obey.

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