The Bathub


The BathubKirsten was getting ready to take a bath, after a long day working at McDonalds. She needed to relax in the bathtub and hopefully masturbate her stress away. With college and a job at McDonalds, her life was too busy and hectic. She had no time for anything else, even boys. She had finally turned twenty, but she didn’t have a boyfriend to celebrate with, instead she spent the night out with her girlfriends.She lived in a small one bedroom duplex. The owner lived next door, but he was gone most of the time, retired and he spent his time with his grown up daughters and his grandc***dren. It was no longer in the best of neighborhoods, but he didn’t charge her very much, grateful to have someone take care of the property while he was away on his extended trips.She went into the bathroom, a large room by most standards, but what she liked was the large, claw foot bathtub that sat in the center of the room almost majestically. She turned on the hot water and let it fill while she got ready. The water splashing in the tub blocked out most of the noise, but Kirsten heard it. It sounded like glass breaking in the distance, but that wasn’t uncommon in this neighborhood. The police sirens broke the silence almost every night. She listened only for a minute before she went back to taking off her clothes. Her shirt and shorts were quickly discarded. She looked at herself in the mirror, standing there in her bra and panties and wondered why she didn’t have a boy that appreciated her firm body. Her breasts weren’t big, but they were big enough to keep a boy busy sucking them. She took off her bra and arched her back, her nipples surrounded by nice brown areolas. Her fingers slipped into her panties and pulled them down. She threw her clothes into the hamper as she turned off the water.  She stepped into the hot water and let it envelope her body in the soothing heat. She put her head back and closed her eyes, her body felt so relaxed.Michael hid in the shadows. He broke the window fifteen minutes ago and then hid to wait. No one came down and the alley was filled with the noise of the neighbors. Some of them were arguing, others had their televisions turned up too loud as they blared out into the streets. He saw the light on upstairs. It looked like a bathroom, the window smaller than the others. He had seen her enter the front door on the street over an hour ago. She was young and attractive and he was horny.Michael wasn’t handsome or young; in fact he was a bit on the pudgy side. He was forty, unmarried and hadn’t had a girlfriend for many years. He wasn’t successful or rich and worked a mediocre job that barely let him live comfortably. Two years ago he sought out young girls, breaking into their apartments and r4ping them. He had five of them so far. Two had made police reports, but the other three never said a thing about what he did. He never knew why, but it made him feel proud that it might have been that he was so good when he fucked them. He rubbed his cock and knew that this one would be number six.He pulled the broken glass from the door, one small piece fell to the ground and shattered, but with all the noise, it was barely audible. It took only a second to reach in and open the lock. It was stupid that they didn’t have key locks on both sides since it was so close to the glass on the door, but he just thought himself lucky. His soft boots were quiet on the wood floors. He climbed up the darkened stairs to the second floor. The light was on in the living room, but it was empty. The kitchen was dark. He could see a light come from the bedroom as he crossed the living room quietly. He looked around the corner into the bedroom, but it was empty.  The bathroom door was open an inch and he could see the light peering out. He snuck across the floor, his breathing rapid and his cock hard as a rock.Kirsten opened her eyes and began to wash her body. She let the soft washcloth pass over her breasts and rubbed her nipples until they turned into tiny hard pebbles. She washed her stomach with the soapy washcloth, her hand dipping lower. She was ready to masturbate, leaning back against the bathtub, shutting her eyes and imagining it was her lover that touched her in such a way. She shuddered the first time her finger pushed apart the petals of her love nest and rubbed her so intimately.Michael saw her naked body in the bathtub and the way she washed herself. Her ecstasy etched in her face and her closed eyes. He got here just in time. She was just as horny as he was. He did this so many times that it didn’t take long. His clothes were piled at his feet in less than a minute. He stroked his erection until it stood out like a spear in front of him. He might be a bit pudgy, but there was nothing pudgy about his cock.   In his 0ther hand was the large knife. The polished steel was over eight inches long, sharp and imposing. Just the threat of it was usually enough to silence his victims.She opened her eyes when she heard a noise, not sure what it was. She was shocked at what she saw. Standing in her bathroom was a naked man, but what scared her even more was the big knife in his hand. He didn’t look like a robber or even a r4pist. He was middle aged, a little fat and not handsome, though he wasn’t ugly by any means. He looked like any middle-aged man she saw on the street, but this one was naked and she couldn’t help but see the cock that jutted out in front of him. He made no attempt to hide his face and that scared her. Would he kill me so I couldn’t identify him? “Who are you, what do you want?” Her voice trembled in fear, one hand over her breasts, the other between her legs. She shrunk into the tub when he got in, his naked body towered over her.He brandished canlı bahis şirketleri the knife so she could see it. “Be good and do what I say or else. I would hate to cut you.” He hoped that he could scare her enough. He had never used the knife on any of the girls, not sure he could do it.“Don’t hurt me,” she could barely get the words out, so scared. Her eyes were continually drawn to his cock. He made it jump and jerk without touching it as though it had a mind of its own.“I’m going to put the knife down next to the bathtub. Don’t think you’ll be able to reach it before I do. You give me any trouble and it will be the knife that pricks you, not my prick.” He moved closer to her, bending over her. He pushed her hands away and with one hand, he began to caress one of her breasts. He wasn’t surprised to feel her nipple was already hard. With the other hand, he pushed apart her thighs and one finger found her pussy beneath the water and entered her with ease. He began to finger her pussy, feeling her tight muscles fight him.“No, don’t do that,” but she dared not push him away, the gleaming knife so close to him. His fingers didn’t hurt. Her nipple grew even harder when his fingers pinched too hard. She felt his finger move inside her, fucking her like a tiny cock. It had been a long time since she had anything but her own fingers inside her and it shamed her that she grew aroused.He shoved two fingers into her pussy, fighting her muscles, but once in and he began to finger fuck her, he felt her muscles grip his cock so tightly. He moved from one breast to the other, tugging and teasing her nipples until hard pointed all while he continued to finger fuck her tight pussy. “Nice tight cunt. What’s your name?”“Kirsten,” the words hard to get out of her mouth. His fingers became more urgent; two of them plunged inside and fucked her. She couldn’t stop her muscles from gripping the fingers, uncontrollable contractions rippled over the demanding fingers.He liked the way she lay back and let him have his way with her. The water rippled as he continued to finger fuck her. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy reluctantly. He moved them to her mouth. He surprised her when two fingers entered her mouth, but her hands stayed down.His fingers were in her mouth, pushing hard against the inside of her cheeks and violating her intimately. It was shameful, the same fingers that were in her pussy were now in her mouth and she did nothing to stop him. Suddenly, he pulled his fingers from her mouth and hauled her up until he bent her over the edge of the bathtub. She struggled but he was far stronger then he looked and the knife next to him was a reminder of the power he had over her. He pushed her up higher until her upper body hung over the bathtub and her ass was pushed up into the air.She had a nice ass and bent over she was exposed, but he wanted more. His fingers pushed apart her cheeks until her pussy and anus was opened up. Her pink, wet pussy was so lovely. Her tiny anus was a brown star in a sea of white flesh. His fingers touched so close as he yanked her open more.“NO, Don’t,” she cried out in fear and shame as he opened her up and looked at her so intimately. She couldn’t stop the powerful fingers that spread her lewdly. He could see all of her, from her pussy all the way up to her anus. His fingers were so close to touching her most intimate hole, spasms in her anus sent confusing tremors between her legs.She was nice, but his cock needed attention now. He yanked her back up and pushed her back into the tub.  He turned her until she was facing him and his cock.She was glad that he stopped what he was doing, but it grew worse when he pushed her back into the tub. When he turned her facing him, she was confronted by his cock that bobbed excitedly in her face. She knew immediately what he wanted and it scared her.With one hand on the back of her head, his other hand grabbed his cock by the shaft. He began to stroke his cock in her face. “Open your mouth, Kirsten.”She refused, keeping her lips tightly shut but he moved forward until she felt the head of his cock rub on her lips. It was so shameful to be used in such a manner. The drops of moisture on her lips weren’t water, but slippery cum that leaked from the head. He held the back of her head as he rubbed his cock all over her face. Even his balls were pushed against her lips, feeling the prickly hairs touch her soft skin. She struggled, but her hands never moved from beneath the water. The knife lay next to him, testament to the power he had over her. He let her refuse him temporarily, enjoying rubbing his cock and balls over her lovely face. Her soft skin felt so good. He could feel her heated breathing on his cock, eager to be in her mouth. He fisted his cock and rubbed the tip of it on her lips as he pumped drops of precum onto her lips. He loved the look of slick cum on her soft lips. It was time. “Open your mouth, I won’t tell you again!”He pushed the head of his cock against her lips and she held him off as long as she could. His cock was so hard and it slowly pushed its way through her lips. She had no choice, unable to fend him off any longer. Her lips parted just enough so that the smooth, slick head of his cock breached her clenched lips. She knew she couldn’t stop it now. More and more of his thick cock head parted her lips, her mouth opened up wider and suddenly she found her mouth filled with the jerking head of his cock. She tried to clench her lips tight, but all she did was trap his cock in her mouth. It touched her tongue. She moved it out of the way, but as she did, it swiped across his cock and made it jump and shudder in her mouth. She felt the shameful wetness canlı kaçak iddaa on her tongue and her mouth was instantly filled with the thick saltiness of his precum. His hand on the back of her head became more urgent. He pushed with his hips as he held her head still. Slowly his cock filled her mouth. It pushed her tongue to the bottom of her mouth, but the slightest movement of her tongue sent it bouncing up to the roof of her mouth and back down to sit heavily on her tongue. He pushed her head up until he could stare into her eyes. He saw them opened wide in surprise as he fed his cock into her mouth. Her soft lips were wrapped around the shaft of his cock like a tight rubber band. “Suck my cock, Kirsten.” He began to fuck her mouth; his hands held her head submissively to keep her from backing off as he fed her inch after inch of cock into her reluctant mouth. “Let me feel your tongue.  Lick my cock, Kirsten. Give me my pleasure.”Her hands went to his naked legs, but she didn’t try to push him away. She steadied herself as inch after inch of cock was fed into her mouth. She couldn’t believe that she was sucking his cock, but as her mouth was filled with his flesh, it became a reality. He began to rock her head back and forth, drawing his cock back and forth through her lips. More of his cum leaked out and blanketed her mouth with the thick salty taste.It felt so good, her mouth hot and her lips tight. He struggled to contain his lust, wanting to fuck her before he came. He felt her hands on his legs and he was ready to slap them away, but she didn’t try to push him away. Then he felt it. The first swipe of her tongue across the head of his cock drew out a spurt of cum, unable to stop it. He saw the look in her eyes when he did, but the tongue began to move again.It was shameful to feel a spurt of cum shoot into her mouth. It was so thick, that it coated her tongue. She couldn’t do anything but try to swallow it as it mixed with the spit in her mouth, unable to get rid of the bitter, salty taste. He used her mouth for a long time, not letting her take it off his cock. Her tongue grew tired, but she dare not stop.She was good; sucking his cock with such enthusiasm, though he knew it was because of the knife. He finally let her pull off his cock.Kirsten coughed and gagged when he pulled his cock out of her mouth. The taste of cum filled her mouth, but she was more concerned with filling her lungs with precious air. His hand was still on her head and she feared that she might have to take it back in her mouth, but she was thankful to be rid of it temporarily. He stood over her, his cock hard and slick with her spit, his belly hung down. “Open up and take my cock back in your mouth, Kirsten. This time you’ll take it deeper.” He rubbed the slick head of his cock on her lips until she opened her mouth submissively. He thrust into the tight opening of her lips with ease and found her eager tongue ready to pleasure him once again. “Suck!”He fucked her mouth more urgently this time. He shoved in hard and deep, the head of his cock slammed to the back of her mouth and blocked her throat, but at least it was too big to go down. With each thrust, his heavy balls slapped against her. She was forced to take more of his cock as his hands held her head smashed against his abdomen. She felt the prickly pubic hairs scratch her soft lips and face, but could do nothing as his cock threatened to breach her throat. She gagged, but he refused to pull away, her mouth opened wide with each fresh gag, but his cock continued to plug her throat. Drool ran down her chin, her eyes watered and her nostrils flared as she struggled to breathe, but he did nothing to stop it, only wanting her for his pleasure.He hated to stop fucking her mouth, but he wanted her cunt. She was like a doll, unwilling to stop him, her body limp, but responsive to the degrading act of sucking his cock. Her tongue was tireless, inducing him to leak his cum onto her tongue.It felt like hours that he fucked her mouth, her tongue worn out, but she continued to try to please him. Finally, he pulled out of her mouth; Kirsten struggled to breathe once again. Then his hands were all over her, flipping her over until her head was bent over the end of the tub. He spread her legs as his hands pulled up on her hips until her ass was poised up submissively. She knew what he was about to do, but she couldn’t do anything to stop him. She tried, crying out. “No, don’t fuck me, pleaseeeeee!” But it was too late. She felt the head of his slick cock slide up and down her slit. He found her pussy with ease, the spread of her legs and the arch of her ass in the air left her open and defenseless. He entered her hard and fast, sending a couple of inches of thick, hard cock into her pussy before her muscles could stop him. It never slowed him down as she felt his cock pull back and then thrust in once again. This time he buried over five inches of cock in her, not stopping until the massive head of his cock battered her cervix with such force. She was pushed forward by the power behind the thrust, but the next time his hands were on her shoulders and his fingers dug into her flesh. When he thrust back in this time, he pulled her back as though she was a sock on his foot. He impaled her fully onto his cock until his flabby belly lay on her ass, degrading her.She had a hot, tight cunt and he used her hard and fast. His cock was like a pile driver, fucking her in and out with such power and ferocity. Her body rocked when he fucked her, grunting loudly when he went in deep and smashed into her cervix with such power that he knew he would bruise her. She took it all, thought she didn’t want to, not whimpering canlı kaçak bahis and crying out, but it only made him harder and more determined.It felt like her insides were burned up by the powerful thrust in her pussy. She had to stretch around the girth of his cock and the hard and long cock battered the depths of her pussy as though he was punching her with his cock. He used her for long minutes, never slowing down, never fucking her softer as a lover would do. He only wanted her for pleasure and she was just a bunch of holes for him to batter with his cock. She knew the only way it would end was when he came in her and that is what she feared the most. He would fill her with his seed.He wasn’t going to last much longer, but he had one more humiliating act to perform on her. He pulled his cock out of her pussy, feeling her muscles grip him as though she didn’t want him to leave. He flipped her back around until she was sitting in the bathtub once again. He began to stroke his cock in her face, one hand under her chin until she looked up and he could see the shame in her eyes when she saw his cock only inches from her face.She was glad that he pulled out of her pussy, but then she was confronted by his cock in her face. She feared that it was her mouth that he would take once again and she would have to drink his cum, but instead he began to masturbate his cock in her face. She was forced to watch, only inches from her face. This would be more humiliating then cumming in her mouth. He was going to shoot his hot cum on her face. He pumped his cock faster and harder, one hand held her head to keep her from escaping while he readied himself to cum.It made the cum churn in his balls when he saw her sweet, innocent face only inches from his cock. He would love the look as he spewed his milky, cum on the soft skin and seared her with his hot crème. He pumped his cock as the cum built up. His body went rigid as he felt the cum shoot up from his balls. It felt so good, opening his eyes so he could watch the cum drip down her face, but he was surprised. He didn’t know why but he couldn’t have stopped his cum from shooting out if he tried. He was surprised to see her fingers on her pussy pumping furiously.  The first jet shot out with such power. It arced the few inches to her face, but it was destined for something different.Her hand went beneath the water and she fingered her pussy while he was jerking off his cock in her face. She didn’t know why, only that she had to do it. She hoped he wouldn’t notice it or stop her, but he was too engaged in getting ready to cum. She knew the moment he did. At that very second, she opened her mouth and out came her pink tongue as far as she could. She smiled inside when she saw the look of astonishment on his face, but then her eyes were drawn to the head of his cock. The small hole opened up in the center and she saw the milky cum shoot out. She had to move her head just the slightest to catch it on her tongue, but she was adamant to do it. The first load landed thickly on her tongue, so hot, so thick and so salty. It blanketed it so thick that her tongue pushed it into her mouth and pushed out again before the next jet shot out. She moved closer this time, not as much power behind the next jet, unwilling to let it go anywhere but on her tongue. She lapped up the next load and brought it into her mouth. She knew that he could cum more, but would lack the distance of the first two jets. She moved her head forward until her lips wrapped around the head of his cock. His hand stroked his cock so urgently that it smashed into her chin, but she didn’t move away. She sucked and licked the next two loads of cum from his cock. Her mouth was filled with cum but she refused to swallow until her cheeks swelled up.She had such powerful suction that it felt like she was sucking the cum from his balls. He didn’t hold her head any longer; she sucked and licked his spewing cock on her own. He never had any of his victims do this before. He noticed that her hand was beneath the water and from the waves, it was moving. She was masturbating as he came in her mouth.  He could see her body shudder and she sucked harder as she came. Even when he finished cumming, he didn’t pull his cock from her mouth until he was sure her orgasm was over. While she came, she licked his cock clean, but he never saw her swallow or spit it out. In spite of the humiliation, she refused to allow the shame to keep her from cumming too.He finally pulled his cock from her mouth. He stepped out of the bathtub and picked up his knife. “You were a good fuck, Kirsten. I just might do you again one day,” he threatened her. He had never ass ****d one of his victims before, but Kirsten might be a first. “Wait five minutes before you get out of the tub!” He went out the door but left it open until he was dressed. He hurried out of the building and rushed to his car, parked a block over. He was gone in minutes, driving slowly and cautiously, not wanting to be pulled over for a ridiculous traffic ticket and somehow be tied to the **** he just committed. He was home in five minutes, his car parked safely in the garage.She waited ten minutes to get out of the tub. First, she swallowed, three times, unable to get the thick crème to go down her esophagus without considerable trouble. By the time she finished, she could feel the warm cum in her belly, or was it her imagination. Her mouth was still coated with his cum, but she refused to brush her teeth until the next morning when she had to. The cum taste was bitter and salty, but for some reason she didn’t want it to go away. She slept fitfully that night. She kept waking up and each time she did, her hand was between her legs she came once again. Each time she relived the bathtub r4pe of her mouth and pussy. She never called the police. She fixed her window, but never changed her locks. Each time she takes a bath at the same time. Each night she is disappointed, but she has hope.The End

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