The bar-bi-que.

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Heather and Don are a couple who Sherry and I had met through mutual friends. We had attended a few annual charity events that they organized but with exception of the odd social event we very rarely saw them. Both me and Sherry were invited to a bar-b-que at their house along with another couple who we were also friends with.

Heather and Don lived about an hour away in the country; they had a large beautiful house. We had only been to their house once a few years back for a Christmas drink and I remember it being real nice. Heather was an architect and Don owned a construction company so needless to say they were not hurting for money. They had all the toys. Both Sherry and I had always enjoyed their company and we gladly accepted their invitation.

We told them that we would be bringing a dessert.

Heather is a beautiful woman in her mid-forties; she is tall, very fit and has beautiful blue eyes. Don was probably about five years younger than Heather, he was British and spoke with an accent and is also very fit.

Sherry found him to be a very attractive man.

A few years ago Sherry and I were discussing if we could have sex with another couple who we both knew, who we would choose. We both agreed Heather and Don would be right at the top of the list.

Both of us had discussed someday joining a swingers site and having an encounter with a couple who were total strangers. Our relationship needed some spice; we wanted to try something new. We always laughed off the idea of swapping with friends. We assumed it would be too awkward, although we both knew a few couples we would like to fuck including Heather and Don.

We just figured that it would be our fantasy and it would always be that, our fantasy.

Fast forward to the afternoon of the bar-b-que and Sherry and me are driving to their house. Sherry comes right out of the blue asked me if I would fuck Heather if I was given the opportunity. I said that I would. I then asked Sherry if she could see herself fucking Don and she said she would if the opportunity ever arose.

Sherry and me were always honest and open with each other. We talked about having an open relationship. We had agreed a while back that we would only have straight sex with each other unless we were together with another couple. We were both good with a full swap same room encounter should it ever happen. But, if either of us wanted to pleasure or be pleasured orally by someone else, we could. We both agreed that we would never bring another person to our house and we would never discuss with each other who we had been with.

We still came home every night to each other. We have a great life together.

We arrived at Heather and Don’s house around 4 pm. It was a beautiful hot, sunny day as we all sat on the backyard deck. The other couple invited had a sudden change of plans and would not be joining us.

It would now just be the four of us.

Heather had escort dikmen forgotten to let us know that we should bring our bathing suits and have a swim in their new pool. They had just put in the swimming pool a couple months earlier with a gazebo and a large hot tub. Their backyard was beautiful, it was like a resort. I wasn’t a swimmer myself but Sherry was and she was a bit disappointed she could not go for a dip on such a hot afternoon. The house was very private; it was secluded from the neighbors with large high hedges all around the backyard.

“You could always just go skinny dipping.” I jokingly told Sherry

“Or just jump in with your underwear and bra” Heather quickly added.

Sherry smiled, but I knew she would never consider swimming naked or even in her underwear with anyone but me. Although, she had no reason to, Sherry was always a bit self-conscious when it came to her body and being naked.

The evening went by rather quickly and before we knew it, it was 9 pm and the sun was beginning to set. Sherry and I were thinking about heading home since we were both tired. We had been on a 50km bike ride that morning.

Heather casually asked us if we would like to have a hot tub before we left. She said it was very relaxing and both her and Don used the hot tub every night to wind down. They would love to have us join them before we went home.

“It would be nice but we haven’t got our bathing suits.” Sherry said.

“I have an idea.” Heather smiled.

“Let’s all have a hot tub naked, it’ll be fun.” She said.

“I’m in if Sherry’s in.” I added

Surprisingly, Sherry immediately agreed, but I think it was mostly the wine talking. Both she and Heather had been drinking since we arrived. She was by no means drunk but she was a tad tipsy as was Heather also.

Don went over to the gazebo and removed the hot tub cover and turned on the jets. I could hear the bubbling water and it did sound inviting.

“Ready when you are.” Don had already removed his shirt and was pulling down his shorts. He climbed into the tub.

“You guys coming in? The water’s great.” He said.

Heather, Sherry and me walked over to the hot tub, the backyard was now dark with exception of the lights in the tub. Heather got naked her back towards me and climbed into the hot tub facing Don. Sherry and me both took off our clothes and climbed into the tub also. The temperature was perfect as I slouched down into the water to feel a jet pulsating on my neck.

Don sparked up a joint and took a couple tokes. He passed it on to me and I also took a couple drags. Sherry and Heather each had a toke. The joint made it around one more time. We were all so relaxed just talking between us. The sky was clear and there were so many stars visible that night.

I looked over at Sherry, her eyes were closed. She looked like she was getting off. I could see looking down into the water escort emek Heather’s hand was on Sherry’s crotch and she was touching Sherry’s pussy. I could tell by the look on her face that she was enjoying having Heather touch her.

I moved over a bit towards Don to give the girls some more room.

Sherry reached over and began touching Heathers breast. They both had very sexy, small, perky tits. Heather had larger nipples and all four were hard as the two girls began kissing each other’s open mouths. Neither said a word, I heard moans from the both of them.

Both me and Don were enjoying the show.

The water was steamy and Sherry sat up on the edge on the tub, her beautiful shaved pussy in full view of me and Don. Sherry leaned back and spread her legs apart as Heather began to eat her pussy.

My cock was rock hard watching them.

I wanted to fuck both Heather and Sherry right there in the hot tub. Instead, I just continued to enjoy watching them.

Heather was not a newbie, she knew exactly what she was doing, there was no doubt she had eaten pussy before. Sherry tensed up; I knew that she was about to climax. Heather put her tongue deep inside and swallowed Sherry’s orgasm. I knew Heather just like me loved the taste of Sherry.

Sherry gasped loudly as Heather worked her way back up to kissing Sherry’s mouth. The girls switched places and Sherry returned the favor and started going down on Heathers smooth pussy. Heather moaned loudly as Sherry inserted two fingers revolving them inside Heather’s cunt while flicking her clit with her tongue. Heather screamed in ecstasy as she grabbed Sherry’s head and held it tight as she came onto Sherry’s face.

I could tell just by the way Sherry was pleasuring Heather that she was not a newbie either and this was not her first time being intimate with another woman. She had definitely done this before.

I never knew.

I was so hot after watching the girls; the water was also now feeling a bit too warm. I sat up on the edge of the hot tub. My rock hard cock in plain view as Sherry and Heather were still kissing and caressing each other’s breast.

I wished Sherry and Heather would have come over and sucked me off but they were both basking in their feminine attributes.

Don stood up in the hot tub.

“Let me to take care of that for you.” He said.

His hand was now on my cock. I was a bit taken back but I was so horny and Don’s hand felt real good as he started slowly stroking my dick. I leaned back a bit letting Don know I was willing to have him ‘take care of that’ for me.

I never said a word.

I had never had another man touch my cock. I never thought it was possible for me to let what was now happening to me, happen. But it was feeling so good and I was so horny. I knew I needed to cum and I didn’t want Don to stop. Don knew exactly how to stroke my cock. He stroked it exactly how I stroked escort eryaman my dick when I watched porn.

I could see the girls were now watching Don pleasure me. I smiled at Sherry; she was equally surprised at what Don was doing to me. Just like I loved watching Sherry and Heather play, Sherry loved what she was now watching.

Don began to put his head down into my crotch; I felt his mouth on the edge of my head. I could feel his tongue licking my precum. It felt fuck’n amazing and I loved the feeling of his mouth on my cock.

I felt a sucking sensation alternating with long licking strokes while his hand cupped and fondled my balls.

Both of the girls were touching themselves as they watched Don pleasure me. I could tell they were both turned on watching us.

Don brought me right to the peak, I tensed up, I ejaculated into Don’s mouth as he sucked and swallowed every drop out of me. Sherry came over by my side and began kissing me as my hardness started to subside.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked

“Oh my God, it felt amazing, I loved it.” I replied.

“I would love to watch you suck Don’s cock.” Sherry was smiling.

Heather was kissing Don right beside us.

“Excuse me Heather.” I said as I took Don’s still erect cock in my hand.

It was the first time I had ever touched another man’s cock. Don’s cock was longer than mine although it was not as wide and he was cut like me. He was also completely shaved like me. I began stroking his cock slowly. I stroked it like I stroked my own. I could tell Don was enjoying the hand job as he leaned back onto his elbows.

I was a bit apprehensive about putting his dick in my mouth. Sherry prodded me on.

“Suck his cock baby; I want you to take it all.” She was so encouraging.

I closed my eyes and I took the plunge.

Don’s cock now was completely in my mouth. I was sucking another man’s cock; something I would have thought was repulsive just a couple hours ago. I loved being in control, it was so much different than when I was eating pussy. I could feel his head at the back of my throat. I thought I was going to gag but I didn’t.

I sucked Don’s cock like I would like to have my own cock sucked. I sucked Don’s cock like he had just sucked mine. I must have been doing something right because Don came pretty quickly into my mouth. He shot at least three big wads of cum to the back of my throat.

Heather and Don began kissing while I still had Don’s cum in my mouth.

“You save some of that for me?” Sherry spun me around and began kissing me passionately on my mouth. She took and swallowed almost all of Don’s cum from my mouth.

She smiled as she wiped her mouth with her hand.

We were all drained and totally relaxed. I had been an amazing way to finish our visit. We ended our evening saying our goodbyes at the front door with Sherry kissing Don and Heather kissing me.

“Don would love to fuck Sherry and I would love to fuck you.” Heather whispered in my ear.

“I look forward to it.” I whispered back.

The four of us all agreed that we would have to get together for another bar-b-que in the near future.

Who said dreams never cum true?

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