The Anal Game Ch. 02

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Over a rarely used speakerphone system a voice rang:

“Would all Bitch Sluts please come to the main room, for the games.”

“So does anybody have any idea what these games are? I’ve heard a few people mention them but nobody actually explained.” I asked

“Nope,” Said Rebecca, “I was speaking to Heather and Sarah and they’ve heard of it as well but no idea either. Oh Sarah thinks it’s a group thing”

“Well guess we will find out.” I replied.

As we both arrived at the main room there was a group of about 12 people waiting in a corner, with the other B’s sitting away from them. In the middle of a room there was a man who spoke.

“Ah at last, you’re here, my names Fred and I’m the organiser of this event. Welcome to day one of the anal games, a series of contests designed to prove who the best is at anal! Both Bitch-sluts and our beloved visitors will take part in both solo, duo and team events. The categories are currently listed here although more can, and almost certainly will be added as the event goes on. Rules will be explained on a per-event basis. Any questions?”

Rebecca raised her hand and was ignored. “Good”, Said Fred, I’ll put the list up here so the BS’s can have a look, then we’ll begin in about 5 minutes. Visitors you should already have a copy.”

We crowded round. On the piece of paper their all that was written was a few words : self-control, Endurance, Volume, Feedback, Volume 2, team, amount of items , solo, stamina, experiments. Not a word was said, everybody had a pretty good idea of what was about to happen.

“Ok everybody, you should have two visitors each to look after a BS, visitors if you could find your BS then we need all the BS’s to get undressed. When that’s done we’ll start on the rules for the first game.”

Jane and Bill came over to me. Jane already had her camera with the recording light on.

“Well undress then you fool, when your done you can sit on Bill’s lap. Make sure you get his cock in your ass when you sit, so you can get some last minute practice before the start.”

So I undressed in front of them, neither making any attempt to hide their stares, Jane recording every moment. Bill undressed himself, as did Jane, in fact most of the visitors were now nude. Bill sat on a chair and patted his lap. Wordlessly I went over to him.

“Ok babe, sit down, make sure you get as much in as you can. Up to you to get it in, if you don’t get enough in then we’ll have to do a few more practices before we start.” Said Bill.

With that I moved to sit on his lap. I put my hand on his cock, and prepared myself over it. I moved his cock in place below my asshole and pushed it in a bit so it was just entering. I closed my eyes and slowly pushed myself down on it. It felt huge in my ass, even though I knew with the angle and everything it couldn’t be far it. Bill’s hands pushed down on my hips to get every last bit of his cock that could go in, get in. Jane set next to us, and casually placed her hand on my pussy.

Fred started talking, “Ok everybody, first up is a warm up — self-control. All the BS’s will get in a circle in doggy style. Then in the pairs you are now you will take turns to fuck them in the ass, boys first and you go until you cum or the BS loses. Then if you cum and your BS’s is still in the game, the girl visitor will wear the strap-on provided and continue until a time as she sees fit, or the BS’s loses. BS’s — this is a game of silence from you. No noise canlı bahis must come from your open mouth — if your lips are sealed but a noise is made that is fine, but anything with lips open and you’re out. Winner is the last person to make a noise but this isn’t about a winner, it’s about the losers! When you lose you will be spanked hard by any visitor that wants to for a determined length of time — whoever loses first gets the longest of course, with less time to each. Only the winner themselves will not get spanked. Any questions?”

Nobody said a word, the visitors looked on, grinning endlessly, or in Jane’s case predatorily. Me and the other bitch-sluts looked in abject horror.

“Ok well what are you waiting for, all BS’s in a circle around me.”

I moved near off Bill and near Fred. I then got on all fours. I felt Bill’s hands on my hips already, his cock pressed against my asshole, but not actually in yet.

“Ok on the count of three, you will start. 1. 2. 3!”

With that Bill cock fired into me. I nearly shouted out, but just managed to keep myself from shouting. My eyes closed and I heard somebody on my left gasp, well I wasn’t last I thought to myself. All my concentration was going on not letting a noise out of my mouth. How long I lasted was a mystery to me, I lost sense of time even though I knew it wasn’t long before I gasped loudly and my eyes opened. Bill stopped thrusting but kept his cock deep in me.

“Not bad, second although I think that other ones done anal plenty of times before.” Said Bill.

“Ok,” Came Fred’s voice “Well nobody did that well, but it seems Rebecca won, would all BS’s get in line Charlotte who was last comes over here, Charlotte who was second over there. Need your on all fours of course and made sure you have your bum presented well. Then on my mark spankings will begin. When I shout out your name, the people will stop. Rebecca your on camera till this is done.”

I lined up next to the other BS’s and got into the increasingly familiar position of presenting my ass to somebody I couldn’t see behind me.

“Ok on 3 — 1. 2. 3.”

Slap! The first blow was hard on the right cheek. I had been spanked enough times by Jane to recognise how she spanked me.

Slap! I squealed as the second blow hit me, Jane was going hard at this.

Slap! Slap! Somebody else has joined in now, Jane’s hand had hit my right cheek hard, whilst the other person hit the left.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Now they were hitting me almost non-stop it felt like. I shouted out in pain.

“Charlotte your turn is over” I heard Fred say.

I got one more slap from Jane, then another and the spanking stopped. Jane moved in front of me and put her hands on my tits and squeezed them but beyond that I got a moment to rest I saw the 3 other BS’s being spanked viciously hard by their visitors. Rebecca was filming them all, this seemed to be a new trend that Jane had started. Eventually the other BS’s names were called out, although Charlottes seemed to go forever, I could only imagine what it felt like. A weird mix of emotions went through me, mostly gladness that it wasn’t my ass that was that red, however I couldn’t deny a part of me was jealous for some reason. Watching her ass being slapped like that also had made be very horny, more so than normal.

“Ok said Fred time for the next event. You will notice that this is not in order on the list, we will keep things moving as I see fit. It’s time for some bahis siteleri experiments! Each group of visitors will be given a set of objects, and they will see how many of them they can get each BS’s ass. You get 10 points for getting the item in. Then you must test the items out and see if you can get them in and out 10 times, you get one point for each time — however after the fifth attempt of each item the BS can ask for it to stop, although she will then get no points for the item at all. Again punishments will be given out to all but the winner, and will be scalable to were you finish. Punishments this time will involve multiple objects and plenty of licking/sucking. BS’s go get into the same positions.”

I got back on all fours, Jane was sat slightly to my side. I moved my head to look at her but she snapped at me :

“Face front, eyes directly at the camera.”

I noticed the camera was now in front of me, I could see Jane threw the corner of my eye looking in a case of some sort. Eventually she took out a golf ball with some string attached, and put it right in front of my eyes.

“Ok we’ll start with this, Bill you put the first lot in and I’ll choose items, then we’ll swap.”

“Fine by me” Came Bill’s reply.

“Ok everybody on 3 we go” Came Fred’s eager voice. “1. 2. 3.”

With that Bill popped the ball into my ass. It took a bit of a push to get in the first few times but was much easier on me than taking a cock, and I was sure the toys were going to get worse I decided just to take it, get some early points and try to relax my ass as much as possible. After 10 goes, Jane held a smallish pen to my face before passing in to Bill who slid it in. The pen was probably the best thing that had been in my ass, it was smooth and slid in and out easily. It still wasn’t something I would probably have done for my own pleasure but not something I would have been against either. Again, I let Bill push it in and out 10 times to keep the points going. Next up was a carrot, it didn’t look too big when Jane, but in my ass it felt huge. However it wasn’t any bigger Bill’s cock, and despite a few gasps I managed to take it 10 times.

By this point my asshole was feeling sore again, I wondered how many objects could be left. Jane showed me that the next object was a dildo, no points for originality I thought to myself, although I happily noted it was very smooth with not a bump on it. However this time Bill decided on something different. He pushed it in, then left it. After a few seconds I turned around confused. When Bill noticed he said “Well come on, you’ve got to do some work too.”

I said nothing back, and my blank expression must have been obvious.

“Look” said Bill, “I’ll push the toy it, you push it out, no hands, deal?”

“Deal” Said Jane.

I wondered if the question had been intended for me, or if either of them would have cared what I had answered. With that I pushed the Dildo out. It was hard to push out with no help, and I could really feel it inside me. However the worse part wasn’t the push, it was back in. As the dildo started to leave my ass I instinctively relaxed it, then just as it was about to come about Bill’s finger stopped it. I pushed for a second, only for Bill to push it back in. I then pushed back out, again just before I could fully relax it was back in. It was a huge tease. Eventually I managed 10 goes, my ass felt like it was on fire.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please pick one more item, then bahis şirketleri we’ll count the winner and move onto the next round.” Came Fred’s voice.

Jane fiddled around for one more item and I have a second to rest. I was out of breath utterly, I don’t think I realised until now how much I had shouted. My arms ached from holding my ass up high, and my pussy was, well it was desperate. It was so wet, and it would have welcomed any stimulation, instead I had to try and take things in my ass instead.

Eventually Jane gave up looking for anything and found a lollypop. It wasn’t a big and went in and out nicely, even if I was wincing with every take by now. After she was done she popped it in my mouth.

“You can suck on it for a while, it’s not to leave your mouth until I say so.” She whispered to me.

“Ok,” Shouted Fred. “Round 2 is over, Harriet has tied with Emily for top. You will both go to your visitors and await the next round. Everybody else line up from losers down here to winners up here to get your punishment.”

As I walked away, I noticed Jane had a strap-on on. Wordlessly she indicated I should sit on her lap. As I bent down, I felt her hand stopping my ass go down, and her other help move her strap on inside my ass. Was I going to get any chance to recover I thought to myself. After that I sat down as best I could, and Jane’s hands moved to my tits were they ruthlessly squeezed on them. I watched the other girls take their punishment, some huge dildo that surely couldn’t fit in their ass was slowly forced in until the head was inside. Then somebody ruthlessly pounded it in and out. Two of the other BS’s collapsed after, hands unable to hold them up any longer. They recovered into position and were frozen in place allowing the others to finish.

“Ok,” Boomed Fred’s voice again. “Everybody over here, that’s good. Ok next up is feedback! As all the visitors have done all the work so far it’s time for the BS’s to take up some slack. All BS’s will straddle their visitors cock or strap on with the ass, with of course the persons cock/strap on buried within. They will then each have to fuck themselves on that cock/strap on as fast as possible. The will each be given a fuck target, for each one they miss they will be fucked twice by the each of their visitors. BS’s will start on the bell and will stop when it rings again.”

Jane muttered to Bill that he could go first, so I got on his cock. I had often done something similar to Jane, but with my pussy but with my ass it was a different story. On the first bell I went, thinking to go fast at the start and slow up. However I failed that, I couldn’t start quick my ass hurt too much. I moved slowly up and down, riding his cock. Even with that guilty pleasure inside me of this forbidden fruit I couldn’t go quick. When the second bell went and I had finished to move over I heard Fred say to Bill I was at least 30 below the target. I moved onto Jane’s strap on and could barely feel the difference my ass was so numb by now. When the Bell went I could barely move, I would have been surprised if I had did 5. My world was back to that mix of pain, humiliation and weird pleasure I felt. I collapsed after the bell went unable to hold my weight. I was moved into the position I had been in most of the night — ass up, head to the ground when I was frozen. Bill then got in place behind me and fucked me. He fucked and fucked and fucked, I lost count I lost sense of time again. When frozen all sense were twice as sharp. I could feel his cock enter me which felt impossibly huge as my ass struggled to take it. I was lost in this world of pain again when one though flickered through my mind.

This wasn’t even half over yet.

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