That Gurl


That GurlThat GurlMonica was a little nervous as she rode the elevator up to the 45th floor. It was the Executive Floor, influential money makers. She worked in the interoffice mail room for the whole building and had never hand delivered to “45”. Monica checked herself out in the mirror like walls of the elevator. Hand brushing her hair, she was satisfied that her cowl neck sweater with her pleated skirt were OK. The elevator stopped on floor 20 and a tall lady stepped in. They exchanged glances before she turned to face the door. Monica really checked her out and saw that she was a “doll” in her Blazer and Skirt, Beige Suit. Below the skirt, seamed stockings and high heels. Women were not Monica’s choice as she considered herself as she male. Having always been small, slim and feminine like with a small cock, cross dressing through tech school led to paid physical changes. She was a Gurl with 2 inches of small cock.The slow climb of the elevator allowed the two to chat. Monica complimented her on her clothing and they were elevator friends by the time they reached the 45th floor. She was surprised when they both got off at 45. Monica was thrown for loop when when they walked to the door of A. Peterson. Her mouth dropped when the lady said, “I’m Ann Peterson”. Monica was in shock as Ann giggled saying, “come on in”. Monica was simply out of it. Most Executives rode a private high speed elevator, she wondered if she had been too friendly or said something inappropriate. She had been warned to be perfect on 45. Monica said, “Sorry Mrs Peterson, I can’t come in, office policy”. Ann laughed saying, “it’s Ms and I’m Ann” as she picked up her phone. Monica heard her call the mail room then hang up the phone saying, “now you can stay a while”. Monica’s pager texted “assigned to A. Peterson until further notice”.Monica sat, looked around Ann’s office which was a large as her own apartment. Ann sat at her desk operating 3 monitors and typing when she told Monica to show herself around. After 10 minutes of exploring, she returned to find Ann standing with a malt drink that she had made at her bar. Monica babbled and giggled talking about how fabulous everything was. Ann let her ramble, letting her become very comfortable and then said, “so, how long have you been a gurl”? Monica was caught off guard and asked her, when and how did she know? Ann told her from the minute she saw her. Ann leaned close to her face, turned her chin up saying, “It takes one to know one”, showing her the nearly invisible scar from having her Adams apple shaved. Ann sat beside her saying, “sisters”. They talked for another hour until Monica became concerned that her office must have forgotten about her since it was approaching lunch. Ann told her not to worry and asked her what she might want for lunch? Before Monica could reply, Ann told her that she would place an order for them. Ann excused herself and 20 minutes later she returned having refreshed, redressed in a casual dress and met their lunch delivery. They ate, talked for an hour until Monica excused herself to freshen up. Ann told her pinbahis güvenilir mi to feel free to use the shower, if she chose.In the shower, Monica’s mind raced. Excitement surged through her, thinking that maybe one day she could be like Ann. The more she thought about Ann, the more she found herself lusting for her. She hurriedly finished the shower and as she brushed her hair before a full length mirror, Ann walked in. Taking the brush, Ann brushed hair while standing behind her. Completing, Ann turned her then gave her a quick pecking kiss. Monica returned a kiss, deep with a probing tongue. Ann’s hand slid down Monica’s torso and she broke the kiss to say that Ann wouldn’t find much there. Ann slid her hand down into Monica’s panties grasp her small cock, finger tweaked it until it until she felt it become greasy. Monica said, “careful, I cum very easily”. Ann replied, “really”, as she dropped to her knees lifting Monica’s skirt. Ann fished Monica’s cock out through a leg opening. It was smaller than her little finger. Ann slipped her lips over it, gave her a gentle suck, then pressed her face solidly against her crotch. She lifted her tongue pressing it against the roof of her mouth and rolling it around. Monica moaned, “Annnnnnnn”. She released her cock as she drew her face back and Monica inhaled a deep breath. When she calmed, Ann pulled her panties, removed them and cupped her small nut sack and cock. Taking the small hand full, she stuffed everything inside her mouth, easily. Giving Monica a soft chew, she shuddered and grasp Ann’s head.Monica slowly rocked her hips forward twice saying, “Ms Ann, I’m sorry” as her cum started squirting. Ann was surprised at the size of her cum dump. It flowed, thick, hot and strangely sweet. As soon as she swallowed, more slugged inside her mouth. As the stream seemed to be slowing, Ann slid a hand between Monica’s ass cheeks. She finger probed her, finding her warm clenching ass hole, she sank a finger inside her. Monica whispered, “more”. Ann probed additional fingers into her until 4 fingers were sliding inside easily. All this time Monica’s cock continued to dribble cum inside Ann’s mouth. Ann felt Monica’s hands lovingly rubbing her face as she slowly squatted, spreading her legs and sinking down on Ann’s fingers. With her hands braced on Ann’s shoulders Monica said, “your hand, Ann. All of it, please”. Ann looked at Monica and forced her thumb then her complete hand into Monica’s ass hole. Monica didn’t flinch as she opened, she only whispered, “yessss”! Seconds later Monica moaned as she threw volleys of cum inside Ann’s mouth. In another minute, she slowly stood on shaky legs, pulling herself off Ann’s hand. They stood together kissing deeply until Ann said “I’m gong to fuck you”.Monica slowly turned raising her skirt and presented her ass. Her hands gripped her ass cheeks, spreading them wide. Ann watched as Monica’s stretched asshole pulsed, rose and budded outward. Her ass bud, angrily red, bulged to vertical lips with a dripping center. Ann’s large, long dripped fluids as pinbahis giriş she struggled it out of her panties. Despite her womanly features, she was well hung with a long cock. Over the years she had fucked men, gurls and women. It’s length even gave her the ability to fuck herself whenever she chose. In the privacy of her office, she often fucked herself or merely sat around with it’s tip snugged inside her ass. This day she hadn’t had the time to cum with Monica around and her cum load gave her pain. Reaching into her bra, Ann pulled a condom out. Monica saw it, reached for it and threw it to the floor saying, “breed me”.Ann slid her cock down the crease of Monica’s ass until she felt the wet softness of Monica’s ass bud. Her cock head lodged against it as she felt Monica’s hand pull her hip forward. Ann sank into her easily. They both moaned until Ann’s pelvis contacted Monica’s ass cheeks. Monica groaned, “I didn’t think you had that much but I like it”. Ann began a slow stroke saying, “I won’t last long. I’m too close to cumming”. She took15 long, slow strokes and said “can’t hold it” as her cock started spewing. Monica felt her draw back until just her cock head was inside as Ann spurted. She then slammed her cock through the cum deposit and rapidly fucked Monica. Each stroke dragging cum outside her anal tube, to drip to the floor. Minutes later Ann said, “Damn Monica, you have some good pussy”. Monica replied, “Thank you”. Monica rolled her hips as Ann rested softly against her with her cock still warmly confined in her ass. More minutes passed as Ann’s breathing pattern changed. She inhaled deep, held it then released. Several times Ann did this until Monica felt a warm spray spill inside her. Her anal canal filled as she clamped her ass bud tightly around Ann’s cock. Ann whispered, “you’re my Bitch now, I’ve marked you”. Monica smiled to herself saying, “yes, Ms Ann”. Ann slowly withdrew her cock from Monica saying, “hold it. Keep it inside. Can you do it”? She replied, “yes”. Ann’s cock slid free and she turned Monica to face her, kissing her deeply. Soon, hand in hand they walked back into the office. For 30 minutes Monica sat as Ann made several calls, then looked up asking, “you OK”? Monica nodded as Ann brought her freshly printed paper saying “sign these”. The documents were transfer papers showing Monica’s new position as Ann’s personal assistance. As she signed, she was told to go freshen up as she had an additional certification yet to fill. Returning, she found Ann seated on the couch with a strange smile. As she sat down. Ann kissed her passionately, swirling tongues until she moaned. Breaking the kiss, she told Monica that she had just cum inside herself. Monica slid Ann’s dress back and saw that her cock was draw downward and disappearing beneath her. Ann stood, then turned to show it trapped between her ass cheeks. “Pull it out”, she said. Monica eased a finger behind her exposed shaft, tugged it until Ann’s cock fell free. A slow dribble of thick, white cum eased from Ann’s ass hole.Monica leaned forward, slid her asyabahis tongue into the dribble and probed deep into Ann’s ass bud. When her lips contacted her soft ass cheeks, she gave a powerful suck, pulling out globs of cum and swallowing. Having sucked her clean, Ann placed Monica on her knees on the couch, then walked behind it. Facing her, Ann placed a blindfold over Monica’s eyes, then lifted her skirt exposing her ass saying, “trust me”. In her blindness, Monica heard a door opening and the sound of shuffling steps. She also felt Ann’s hands gather her face then a finger tracing her lips to open her mouth. Ann’s cock pressed into her mouth as hands explored Monica’s ass. As she gently sucked her cock, Monica felt a cock push into her. It wasn’t long but it was thick. It made shallow strokes for nearly 3 minutes then pulled free only to be replaced by another. Four different cocks repeated the pattern as Ann fucked her face. The cocks took a short break then started again. This time their strokes were fast and thrusting deep. Monica could hear Ann begin to moan saying “you’re doing good, Baby”. The cock in her ass began firing slugs of cum inside her, just as Ann dumped inside her mouth. Ann cleared her mouth as the cock in her ass was replaced by another, rapidly thrusting. It dropped another volley of cum, then was replaced until all the cocks had filled her. Monica’s anal canal felt bloated with warm wax as she heard them leaving.Ann removed her blindfold and kissed her smiling. “You were wonderful”, she whispered then moved behind her and ate her dripping ass. Between slurps she said, “they really filled you. I’m sure they will want you again”. Having cleaned her, they sat side by side resting. In minutes, Monica rolled Ann’s dress back then laid her head into her lap, softly sucking Ann’s cock. Ann hands brushed Monica’s face saying, “got none left, Baby, but you can nurse if you want”. Ann could see the questions in Monica’s eyes and said, “business partners, but you’re mine”. Twenty minutes later Monica was still nursing when she asked if Ann could try to cum for her. Ann told her that she would try but it would probably hurt and most likely it wouldn’t be much. Monica sucked and jerked Ann’s cock furiously. The look on Ann’s face was pleasure and pain until small tears dripped from her eyes. “You can do it. I know it hurts but do it for me. You marked me, now I’m claiming you”, Monica said. Ann burst into tears as her cock threw a small clump of cum into Monica’s mouth. She held it without swallowing, then slowly rose to kiss and swap the cum with Ann.Later that night Monica was wrapped in Ann’s arms nude beneath the covers of Ann’s bed. She couldn’t sleep thinking of the complete change in her life. Ann was spooned behind her, slightly snoring when she fidgeted. She felt her move and asked where she was going? Ann told her that she just needed to pee. Monica grasp Ann’s cock, forced it into her ass saying “ rest, I’m here, I’ll take it”. She felt a strong warm spray as Ann pissed saying “you’re spoiling me”. Monica quickly replied, “I want to”. When Ann was done, Monica rolled to face her saying that she was hers to use, abuse or share. Her lover or whore as long as she wanted her. She snuggled into Ann’s chest, suckled a nipple and drifted into sleep. Ann woke the next morning to find Monica still attached.

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