Tempted by brother (Part 3 out of 8)


Tempted by brother (Part 3 out of 8)That night was troublesome. He wouldn’t fall asleep. So I had to wait for hours until he finally drifted off. And then I spread my legs, this time, definitely promising myself I wouldn’t make myself squirt. I rubbed my slippery cunt, watching my brother sleep. This alone, became a crazy turn on for me. His face looked twice more manly when he was so serious deep in his sleep. I kept stroking my pussy, caressing my lips, spreading them and then penetrating the puddle that filled my vagina. I rubbed my clit until my legs shook in an inevitable orgasm. No matter how hard I tried not to make myself cum too fast, I couldn’t. My pussy was way too easily aroused, too easily pleased and so eager to cum. I stopped for awhile and tried to fall asleep. But after tossing and turning a couple of times, went back to my previous activity. My pussy was more slippery than butter. My fingers effortlessly slid inside my pussy. I could feel with my fingers how my cunt contracted around them, squeezing them in a massaging motion. I kept touching myself, thinking about how he has no clue what’s going on. Not even a slightest clue that his sister is so horny for him, lusting after him everyday, every night, every second almost. But like any human. I got greedy. This wasn’t enough anymore. I mersin escort wanted to smell his body as I played with myself. I thought about getting into bed with him. But that seemed too risky and nearly impossible to do without waking him up. But I saw the shirt he wore today hanging on his chair. I carefully tiptoed to it, grabbed the shirt and quickly got back under the covers. That was the smell that could have woken my body parts even if I would be paralyzed from the waist down. This woke the b**st in me. I laid on my side or almost on my stomach, my right leg being the top one, bended in the knee and stretched ahead. His shirt was laying in front of my face on a pillow but most importantly at a sniffing distance. One of my arms was under me, playing with my clit. The other one was grabbing my ass and spreading my ass cheeks while simultaneously penetrating my pussy from behind. My body started grinding, I couldn’t help it. It was moving along the rhythm of my hands, until I convulsed in yet another orgasm. It was hard to stay silent. I kept panting and moans were escaping my mouth.Suddenly I saw my brother move. I quickly grabbed his shirt and hid it under my pillows. Pretending I am asleep, yet trying to see through my eyelashes what he is doing. Oh shit. I’m lucky. He woke up. If only escort mersin he did that a minute earlier I would have been busted. He turned on his back, and revealed a boner previously hidden in the folds of the blanket. I could see through my eyelashes that he was trying to see if I am sleeping. So I gathered all my acting talent and pretended my best to be asleep. I even forced my breath to be long and deep, which was incredibly hard considering that I just played with myself frantically. But apparently he bought it. Because he got out from under his covers and pulled his shorts, along with boxers down. Fuck…Someone upstairs is definitely trying to make me sin. He grabbed his beautiful, long, hard cock in his hand and started stroking it. At first his hand was slow. But then he spat on it and went faster. It was hard to keep my cool. My deep calm breathing was gone, but he was so into what he was doing that he didn’t notice the change. My pussy was almost aching to be touched. I wanted that cock inside of me. I swallowed hard at that idea. And maybe he heard me, because he stopped for awhile. Shiiit, my breathing is so damn fast too. I don’t know what to do. But I kept starring at his cock through my lashes, now that he wasn’t stroking it, I could see it twitch and pump. He looked very horny. mersin escort bayan But soon he got back to jerking it. My heart was almost pumping out of my chest. I was watching something so forbidden and yet so desirable. This was better than any of the books, videos, drawings or anything sexual that I have ever experienced.I could feel my cum leak down the inner part of my thigh. It tickled as the stream leaked until hitting the sheets. But I resisted the tickling, and the tingling sensations in my pussy, and my own desire to push his hands of his cock, and claim it as my own. I wanted to bounce on that cock, make it penetrate me, sink into my cum. If it would be me on top of him, he wouldn’t need his saliva.His movements were becoming more and more jerky. He was panting, with each breath of his, I felt a heat wave pass through my body. But what almost made me moan and shake, was his face expression as his sperm streamed down his cock, as he pressed a Kleenex against his dickhead. My body started to involuntarily twitch as if the one who just cummed was me. So I started tossing and turning pretending I am feeling discomfort. Discomfort was a soft word for what I was feeling. I knew he put his shorts and boxers on, by the sound of elastic. I confirmed it through my eyelashes the next time that I turned towards him. He was now in his previous sleeping position. Finally my body calmed down from all the tossing and turning, and I quickly fell asleep, having wet dreams for the next 3 hours. After all, it was 5am and I had to be in school at 8am.

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