Teen boy meets Young Girl!


Teen boy meets Young Girl!This is a continuation from my previous story “MILF & Young Teen Boy”In that story, Jerry spent the afternoon with his best friend Brads Mother, and a very heated afternoon at that, in this story Jerry is about to meet another member of his best friends family, his younger sister! read on to hear what happens, Jerry is also a lot more confident in the end.Jerry had been thinking about Miss Anderson ever since they had spent the afternoon together, and now he had to return to the house to look after his best friends younger sister while Brad & his mother were out of town for Brads Soccer tournament, he wondered how she would react to seeing him again, would she ignore it ever even happened, or would she take him somewhere private to see his hot teen cock before he left, he had no idea but he was about to find out.He walked towards the house and rang the doorbell, Brad answered the door in full soccer uniform, “hey jerry! thanks so much for doing this, Mums upstairs, she wants to speak to you, ill be back in a minute” Brad began running from one room to another packing his things for the tournament, Jerry walked slowly upstairs towards Miss Andersons room without knowing what to expect, he knocked softly, “Jerry? Is that you? Oh come in sweetie” She replied”Hello, uh, Miss Anderson” Jerry Muttered”Hello sweetie! Please come in, close the door”Jerry closed the door as miss anderson walked the room wearing only a bathrobe “Thankyou deeply for this Jerry, i couldnt find a baby sitter to look after Lucy, and well i trust you, weve shared good times” she said winking at Jerry, “So Lucy & your dinner is in the fridge and it will needed to be heated up, she needs to have a bath before bed, and then she can be put to bed!” Miss Anderson instructed “Of course Miss Anderson, thats fine” Jerry said”And of course, ill be sure to re-pay you when we return tomorrow night” Miss Anderson said taking her Bath robe off laying it on the floor exposing her bare naked perfect body, she began to rub her nipples, “Let me see that cock, oh just one more time before i leave sweetie” she beggedJerry pulled his cock already hard from seeing her naked”My god, ive missed your cock” She explained sliding one finger into her pussy “Lucky im bringing this” she said pulling a huge purple dildo from her bag, “Im going to fuck this and pretend its you” she moaned, “Well thankyou, for everything Jerry, we will be back tomorrow night, Lucy is in her room playing make sure shes in bed before 9, ill see you tomorrow sweetie” she said slowly leaning into Jerry and kissing him passionatly while groping his cock one last time before she left the room, by the time he had got up to look around the house everyone had left & it was just him and Lucy, all alone.The clock ticked past and Jerry realised it was almost 7:30, he rose from the couch and entered the kitchen, he searched the fridge rumuging through left overs and containers of butter and cartons of milk before he found two plates of spaghetti wrapped up, he took them from the fridge and heated them up placing them on the table, “now where is Lucy’s room” he said to himself wondering up the staircase, he listened silently and heard noise coming from a room at the end of the hall, he opened the door to batman escort see a young girl playing on the floor, “Lucy, its time for dinner ok? Come down now?” Jerry explained, the young girl sprung up from the ground and turned around, “Hi Jerry! Whats for dinner? Im starving!” she said enthusiastically “Uh, spaghetti!” Jerry replied”Oh yummy! I love spaghetti” She said smiling, “Come on Jerry lets go!” She took Jerrys hand and walked with him back to the kitchen.Jerry had polished off his spaghetti and was waiting at the kitchen table for Lucy to finish hers, but at the rate she was going they would be finished by the time her mum got home! Jerry scanned the room looking for something interesting before he looked upon lucy slowly eating her spaghetti, she was quite pretty for her age, her hair a blondish brown colour, almost a dirty blonde, her eyes were bright blue, cute little lips red as roses, the most adorable smile, “get a hold of yourself, shes quite a few years younger then you!” Jerry told himself, he tried to find something around the room to distract himself “Im not hungry Jerry, please?” Jerry thought about it, he could sit for another half hour while she ate her dinner or he could let her leave, he took the second option to save his boredom, “Dont worry about it Lucy, you can go play, then its time for bed” “But, i need to have my bath?” she added”Shit” thought Jerry, he had forgotten about her bath, and it wasnt going to help he now had to see her nude!”Fine, but just a quick bath! Ok?” Jerry agreed”Yay! thankyou Jerry! im going to go get ready and you can run my bath” she said running from the table upstairs,”Great, this is just what i need” Jerry sighed.Jerry felt the hot water as he run Lucy’s bath, he turned the taps off and waited in the bathroom, the tap slowly dripped as Jerry waited, all of a sudden Lucy came bursting through the door, “Yay! my bath is ready!”Jerry looked at her, she was only wearing pink panties, he looked up, her chest had not yet developed but she had little perky nipples and bumps were beginning to grow in place of her breasts, “Uhm, uh, hop in i guess” Jerry mummbled”Silly! i need to get naked first!” she said turning away from Jerry, she bent over sliding her panties from her legs, and left them wrapped around her ankles as she stepped out of them, Jerry’s eyes wandered up towards her bum, two perfect circles better then her mothers, Jerry tried to stop himself but his attention was once again caught as turned to face him showing her bare tight pussy, Jerry turned to the bath, “Ok hop in” he said trying as hard as he could to ignore the naked girl in front of him.Time past as Lucy washed herself & played in the bath, but then came something un-excpected, “I know about you and mummy” Lucy said”what, uh, what do you uh, mean?” Jerry panicked, “That you two played togethor” Lucy sighed as she played”What do you mean played, and why do you think that?” Jerry said worryingly”well, the other week, i was playing in my room, and i heard some noise in mummy’s room, and i walked up the stairs, and i saw you and mummy, on her bed, you didnt have your clothes on, and you were licking her pussy!””Wait, what? you were home? how do you know that word? pussy?” Jerry questioned”Yeah i was home! and i heard escort batman mummy say it, when you were playing! it looked like she was having a good time! can we do that, can you lick my pussy? I want to play!””No! no!” Jerry yelled, trying to refuse the offer, “Now get out of the bath, your going to bed!”Jerry laid in the bed, thinking about what had just happened, when all of a sudden he heard a knock at the door, “Jerry?” He heard a voice whisper, he looked up and saw Lucy standing in a extremely short pink nightie, showing off her purple dotted panties underneath, “I cant sleep, please, can we sleep together?””No Lucy, that not a good idea, go back to bed” Jerry demanded”Pleeeeease Jerry!” Lucy whinged, “I washed a scary show on TV today, i cant sleep!” “Fine, climb in next to me, but stay on your side!” Jerry said giving up”Uhm, i cant, this room scares me” Lucy explained “You have to come sleep in my room! Pleeeeease pleeease pretty pleeease!”Jerry looked around the room, he agreed the room was a little creepy, he decided to go sleep in Lucy’s bed with her in hope to get some sleep, he knew she was not going to give up.Jerry entered her room, it was dark but he could see the pink walls and a small bed, “Are you sure we can both fit?” Jerry asked”Yeah! its fine Jerry! Hop in!” Lucy saidJerry gave in and laid down in the bed next to her, “Now get some sleep! Im really tired!” Jerry demandedFor a few minutes Jerry seemed to drift off to sleep before he felt Lucy move behind him, “Lucy! what are you doing? Stop it!” he said”Sorry..” she sighed, All of a sudden Lucy moved in closer to Jerry, she took Jerrys hand in hers, “uh” jerry mumbled as he went to talk, but he stopped, waiting to see what she was doing, she moved his hand slowly all of a sudden he felt his hand move against something smooth and warm, she began to seperated Jerrys fingers until she was holding just one finger, she moved it closer until Jerry felt his finger being wrapped by something tight, warm, and wet! “Holy shit! she was taking off her panties before and now shes fingering herself with my finger!” Jerry thoughtFor a few minutes he let his finger slide in and out of her wet warm pussy, listening to her moan, then he couldnt take it anymore, he knew it was wrong but he couldnt help himself, he turned to face her in the bed”Uh jerry, im so sorry, i didnt think you would wake up, dont yell at me!””I wont baby” Jerry said as he continued to finger her tight wet pussy, “ooh Jerry! i knew you wanted to play with me! i saw you looking at my pussy when i took off my undies!””I do! but we cant tell anyone” said Jerry taking off his clothes they laid together naked as jerry slowly fingered her pussy, “Jerry” said Lucy “can i please see your penis?” “Of course” he said guiding her hand to his hard throbbing cock”Its warm and hard Jerry! what do i do? Is this ok?” Lucy asked”Thats amazing Lucy! just like that!” Jerry moaned, he had never had a hand job that amazing, her skin was soft and her hand was warm and small, “Can you lick my pussy? Like you licked mummys? i want to feel good like that!” Lucy said while moaning from Jerry’s fingers racing in and out of her tight pussy,”Ok baby, here, lay on top of me and turn around” Jerry instructedJerry laid there as Lucy batman escort bayan spread her legs each side of Jerrys face, her tight pussy right in front of him, he pulled her pussy closer and began to lick it slowly, listening to her moan, “Baby, now you can suck my penis””Oh, yummy!” She said, she began to use her tiny red rose lips to suck the tip of his cock, then she eventally led to taking as much as she could, gagging every now and then “Your cock tastes really good Jerry! does my pussy tastes as good as mummys? do you like it?” Asked Lucy”mmmm fuck it tastes better then your mummys, and your better at sucking my cock too” Told Jerry, and he realised he wasnt lieing, even though she had never sucked cock before, Lucy was better then anyone he has even had! She would run from her small lips and run his cock all the way to the back of her throat, taking it all, and her pussy tasted better then anything! she was so wet Jerry was slurping up her young juices collecting in her flaps, he ran his tongue all over her clit and listened to her as she took a break from sucking his cock to moan, she was shuddering and moaning “That feels so good Jerry, is this how you made mummy feel? oooooh Jerry”Jerry didnt stop to reply he kept going, and so Lucy got back to sucking his cock.Jerry opened his eyes and looked before him, he watched her pussy as he licked it and slurped it and kissed it, she was slowly dripping wet, he began to run his hands on her ass and massaged her ass cheeks “Keep doing that as well, Jerry it feels so good!”He massaged her ass cheeks and eventually he began to rub his fingers over her tight asshole, “Her mother liked it, she might as well!” thought JerryHe slowly fingered her ass, “Jerry i feel really good, like really really good, just uuuuuuuh, keep going Jerry! Make me feel like mummy!”He knew she was close, and so was he, he fingered her ass deep and fast, and he ate her pussy like he had never eaten a pussy before, he could feel Lucy thrusting her hips deeper into his mouth, he stuck his tongue deep and quickly fucked her pussy with his tongue, “Jerry! Keep going! My god! Uuuuuuuh! Yeah yeah! My pussy! feels so good!” Moaned lucy as she thrusted into Jerrys and arched her back taking a break from Jerrys cock as she came harder then he had seen any girl cum before right on top of him.Her tiny naked body collapsed on top of him, “Jerry, that felt really really good, thankyou, now i know how mummy felt! Now, let me help you feel good!”she resumed sucking his cock, but this time he was close, her lips ran over the head of his cock and then she continued down to the very base, he wrapped his hands around her legs as he came, he lifted his back off the ground and shot his cum deep into her throat, suprisingly Lucy didnt stop, she kepts sucking as Jerry shot all his cum into her mouth, he collapsed beneath her, he heard her swallow his whole load! “Did i make you feel good Jerry!?” asked Lucy”Very! thankyou Lucy!” Jerry explainedLucy curled up beside him, and Jerry leant acrossed and kissed her lips softly”Now can we sleep?” Asked Jerry”haha! Yes jerry!” Giggled Lucy”haha, goodnight lucy!” Replied JerryCOMMENT FOR THE NEXT STORY-MISS ANDERSON FINDS AN ATTRACTION IN HER OWN DAUG.HTER (LUCY) – LesbianORJERRY RETURNS HOME TO FIND HIS F.ATHER & M.OTHER, DOES HE STAY HOME TO COMFORT HIS M.OTHER, OR WILL HE TRAVEL TO THE HOTEL TO COMFORT HIS F.ATHER? – Straight or GayOR YOU CAN COMMENT SAYING WHAT YOU THINK SHOULD HAPPEN NEXT, MAKE NEW CHARACTERS ECT!Thankyou (:

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