Teasing Holiday to Mykonos


Teasing Holiday to MykonosI’ve recently booked a holiday back to Mykonos which has brought back some rather vivid memories of my last trip there. This is a repost of what happened some time ago now – I wonder if this holiday will be as memorable!The tale concerns a holiday I once had with my now ex-wife Wendy, I’ve changed her name – though now divorced it was on the whole a pretty amicable split and as we remain good friends I’d still like to keep it that way.In true Lit fashion I suppose l should now describe Wendy; in a word she was petite, 25 years old at the time, some 2 years younger than me, 5 ft 2in and nicely packaged in a lithe firm body. She wasn’t a super model or a glamour queen, and I didn’t think so even when I was married to her either, but she was very cute and a lot of fun to be with. A head of thick dark, shoulder length hair that was naturally curly, and may god help anyone that dared say it was permed. Her breasts at 34B, weren’t big but neither were they small, sort of in between, perky if you like, with really dark nipples that would stand on end with the slightest bit of provocation. We didn’t have any k**s, through choice, and her use of the pill, consequently, her pussy was delightfully tight, she kept it neatly trimmed with a nice landing strip, even back then, and to top it all, it tasted delicious. Her best feature was undoubtedly her ass, or as we say over this side of the pond, her arse, which truly was the perfect peach. Character wise she was what I would call flirty, preferring male company to female and she loved to be the centre of attention, though without it seemed, ever trying to be. She just had an abundance of that thing that you just can’t quite put your finger on, sex appeal, a****l magnetism or whatever it was; she just had loads of it. There was a fun, naughty side just hiding below the surface that always seemed to show through whatever it was we were doing. Wendy was what could normally be thought of as a sun worshipper. Any chance she got she would be out in the garden, bikini on and topping up her tan, and I have to say, what a tan it was. She had the sort of skin that never seemed to burn no matter how intense the sun was, she just went a deep golden brown, almost chestnut colour within about three days. I on the other hand have to go through the well done lobster stage before my skin gets used to the sun, and even then I would never catch up. While the bikinis she would wear in the garden were a relatively modest style she still had the ability to attract attention, she wasn’t too concerned about showing a flash of side boob or propping herself up on her elbows leaving her top undone while she read a book, suffice to say the neighbours lawns were always being cut when she was out there. Sadly living in Scotland we don’t see nearly enough of the sun, hence the holidays abroad whenever we got the chance.We had been looking forward to the holiday for months and when it finally arrived it was hard to believe the time of departure had come at last. Wendy and I had been planning the holiday to Mykonos for ages, and were looking forward to two weeks of doing nothing except lying on a beach relaxing. We had been to the Greek islands before, Corfu and Rhodes as well as trying a couple of the Costa Del’s in Spain but the two of us had developed a love for Greece and planned on seeing as many of the islands as possible. Mykonos as well as being one of the most picturesque of the islands was also reputed to be one of the most cosmopolitan and it was for these reasons that made up our minds to go there.We arrived on the island mid-afternoon after a coach and ferry ride from the airport, the sun was high in the sky and the place was truly beautiful. Brilliant white buildings highlighted with blue doors to match the gorgeous blue seas it truly was idyllic. The apartment we had rented was just as we had expected having been to Greece before, simple and basic but all that we needed was there, and luckily it was in a gorgeous location half way between the beach and the town. We spent the rest of the first day exploring the old town which was a maze of cobbled streets lined with bars, restaurants and shops before having dinner and heading back to the apartment.First thing next morning we headed for the beach stopping on the way for breakfast. A large bay filled with white sand was waiting for us when we got there. We found a spot just down from a bar, rented a couple of the sun loungers and got out the books, a truly blissful place. About 30 seconds after our arrival and following her usual ritual look around to see that she wasn’t going to be first, Wendy’s bikini top was shoved back into the bag.”Well, I won’t be needing that again,” she laughed as she lay back in the sun lounger. Her pert breasts exposed to the sun’s rays beating down on them along with the eyes of anyone that cared to look. I casually looked around enjoying the view of the many semi naked women on the beach around us. “Nope, certainly doesn’t look like it,” I repliedWe lay there for the day, having a swim now and again and going for the occasional ice cold beer at the bar as the temperatures soared, I watched her in mild fascination; I swear I could almost see her skin changing to brown in front of my very eyes as the sun beat down on her half naked body. The little droplets of moisture from her perspiration seemed to bead on the oil of the tanning lotion making her body glisten in the sunlight. Regular adjustments to her bikini bottoms were made throughout the day to ensure that as little as possible of her skin remained untanned.Back at the apartment we showered and applied the after sun lotions to each other that lead to the inevitable christening of the holiday bed followed by yet another shower. We grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and went out to sit on the balcony and watch the world go by until it was time for dinner. After about an hour we were joined by Pete and Dave, on the balcony adjacent to ours, who were in the next apartment, the balconies only separated by an iron railing. We said the usual hellos, how are you doings and made some small talk before it was time to get ready to go out to eat. Dave and Pete were also there for the two weeks and were studying the same course at university; they were half way through their holiday when we arrived. As we were leaving Dave said we should try some restaurant or other and gave us some directions as they had found the food there to be the best. I said thanks and that we might give it a try. We wondered at first if they were a gay couple but meeting them in a bar later on that evening soon quashed that thought.This was the way the holiday went for the next few days, lying around on the beach all day at what had become “our spot”, catching the sun and just relaxing in each other’s company till it was time to head back to the apartment. Then it was out onto the balcony to catch the last of the day’s sun while having a beer or two with Dave and Pete, chatting about where we had gone and what we had been up to the night before.A few blushes and non-committal comments confirmed that they definitely were not gay, why is it that women always need to extract every detail, Wendy was a total sponge for everyone’s life story, in no time she had found out that they were both 19, where they were from, what they were studying, what they liked and disliked etc etc. We never saw the guys during the day and it turned out that they used the larger more popular beach to the north of where we were staying, joking that it was a better “hunting ground”. It was clear to me that Wendy was in her element as the two guys were clearly chatting to her more than me though not in an exclusionary way, it just didn’t seem to matter what I was saying, if she went to refill the beers their eyes followed. Don’t get me wrong, mine did too, I wasn’t at all jealous or annoyed, it was something I was used to and had endless fun teasing Wendy about, though she knew the effect she could have she always denied it, secretly though we both knew she loved the attention. Watching her though as she skipped away to get a couple of cold ones from the fridge I could understand it, wearing just her bikini bottoms and a sleeveless t-shirt, the way her nipples pushed against the fabric it was clear that it was only the bikini bottoms she had on. The coldness of opening the fridge only made them harder and the return journey to the balcony made watching them jiggle a sight to savour, a sight only I could see until she actually appeared back on the balcony, then it was a case of who cared what anyone was saying there was something nice to look at, though thankfully not in a staring creepy sort of way. Looking back now, for her part, I suppose when you’ve been lying topless on a beach all day, even when you wear just a skimpy vest type top it would feel like you were being modest, on my part, I think having spent the day surrounded by semi naked women, I was probably a little immune to boobs or maybe anesthetised would be a better way to put it and I think the guys were probably the same to a degree. Still, when having a few beers it’s always nice for us guys to have some eye candy to look at. Pleasant though the company was it was soon time to get showered and dressed before heading into the town again for a bite to eat, some sightseeing and a trawl through the multitude of shops that all seemed to be selling the same holiday mementos.At the end of our first week it was time for Dave and Pete to go home and we were discussing the crazy setup found in many parts of Greece where you have to check out at mid-day even though your flight isn’t until 4am the following morning. We had been caught this way ourselves before, and while most apartments would often let you keep the room, for a small fee, it was still a pain. Pete pointed out that being poor students they were there on a tight budget and didn’t have enough cash left to keep the room on for the extra day anyway, even if they had wanted to.It seemed only natural that we suggested that they drop their gear in our room till it was time to catch their flight home, that way they could do what they liked on their last day, shower and change at our apartment then we could all go out for a drink and be back in time for them to be picked up. They both agreed that it would be great if they could do that but only if we were sure it was alright.The next morning they duly knocked at the door, again asking if we were still sure it was okay and if the offer still stood, we both insisted that it was fine, their cases were dropped and we agreed to meet back at the apartment at around 5pm that evening. We headed back from our spot on the beach at 5pm to find Dave and Pete waiting for us on the apartment steps outside, they said they’d come back only a little earlier than usual so we wouldn’t have to wait on them which I thought was very considerate of them.As we opened the door and invited them in they remarked how our apartment was a mirror image of theirs except we had a double bed whereas they had two singles, I pointed out that they should know where everything was so they should start with the fridge. This was accepted as a good thought and the beers were soon passed around and we made our way out onto the balcony. Pete jumped the railing and passed the other two chairs over, thankfully the new guests for their room wouldn’t be arriving till the following day, so we all had somewhere to sit. Wendy went to freshen up before putting on a CD and coming out onto the balcony to join us with another cold beer for everyone.Dave suggested that rather than going out for a meal and drinks that we could pick up a pizza or takeaway and some more beers to have back at the apartment, saying it was just to be sure they didn’t miss the coach that would be picking them up later. I think both Wendy and I guessed that they were running seriously short on cash but rather than make an issue of it we agreed saying it would make a pleasant change. Dave and Pete offered to go saying it was only fair as we were supplying the apartment, I grabbed some notes from my wallet and said to make sure they brought back enough for everyone. About 30 minutes later they returned with a couple of pizzas, some beer and a bottle of ouzo. Sitting out on the balcony again, I watched in amusement as the guys struggled to catch a glimpse down the front of Wendy’s top as she reached down to the table to pick up a slice of pizza. Wendy looked up catching my smirk and immediately guessed what had been happening. As Dave and Pete realised they had been rumbled they quickly tried to look away which was then followed by Wendy sitting bolt upright and starting to blush. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the three of them, Wendy swung a playful punch at my arm telling me to behave myself as I would embarrass the two guys, I pointed out that it was the way she had been leaning forward that had caused them the embarrassment. Dave started to laugh and apologise at the same time for looking, while Pete just laughed asking what did Wendy expect leaning forward like that, the only reason they had been looking at her boobs was because she was sitting down at the time and they couldn’t see her backside. At that point Wendy dissolved into fits of laughter herself saying to Pete, “Well thank you very much!” The laughter and the beer continued with the jokes and comments slowly but surely getting more and more risqué as the evening went on and the drinks flowed. By the time the pizzas were finished, Wendy seemed to be making a point of doing an exaggerated wiggle of her ass anytime she walked to the fridge much to the amusement of us all and I could tell she was starting to get a little tipsy from the way she was behaving. She wasn’t actually being flirty or outrageous, but neither was she being as modest as she would have been had she been stone cold sober. Her eyebrows got raised; there were jaw dropping looks of mock shock to any of the more risqué comments that were made, she was just playing up to the comments. She was doing that thing that she did, effortlessly becoming the centre of attention without even really trying.Instead of returning with beer this time she brought us all back a tall glass of ouzo, thankfully mixed with some water, setting the drinks down she said she had an idea and told us to bunch up together and before we knew it she had a camera in her hand, pointing at us with inevitable cry of, “Say cheese!” We were soon blinded by the sudden flash of light, then it became turnabout for a while as to who photographed who and Pete asked if I would take a few shots using his camera.”No problem,” I said, “so long as it’s easy to use” Taking the pictures of Wendy with one arm round each of the guys was easy, the camera illegal bahis was a simple point and click affair, I just wondered if she realised how good she looked as her nipples were still clearly visible through the thin fabric of her top. A sudden click signalled the end of the CD and Pete asked what others we had as theirs were all packed away, I said that there was a selection in the case lying in the corner and he should go take a look as I took a last snap of Dave and Wendy out on the balcony. Pete looked up with a big grin saying he’d found something to put on, he was holding one of Wendy’s bikinis, one she hadn’t yet worn as she kept saying her tan still wasn’t even enough. Bikini is in fact a bit of an overstatement, it was more like a few bits of string and a postage stamp, a G-string bottom and almost non-existent top.I’d bought it at the beginning of the week for her, more as a joke than anything else and didn’t think she would ever be daring enough to actually wear it other than perhaps in the privacy of the bedroom, her get out if I suggested she put it on was always that her tan wasn’t even enough. Wendy walked over laughing and took the garment from him and tossed it back into the case. As she lifted a handful of albums, I explained to the guys that she would never wear that one because, “Her tan isn’t even enough!” mimicking her voice. Dave said that from what he’d seen of her tan it looked even enough to him and Pete immediately agreed adding that he wished she’d worn it for his picture with her. Wendy laughed commenting that she was very flattered but she wouldn’t dare wear it in front of them as, “What would her husband say?” As she said it she was looking directly at me and I could see that she was silently pushing me to dare her to put it on. It was a silly game we often played and we both knew it well, each of us would try to put the onus for a decision on the other, seeing who would be the first to back down or give in, though I have to say it had never been played in a situation like this! She did know me well enough to know that I wouldn’t mind seeing her to wear it in front of the two guys, but she wanted me to be the one to accept the responsibility for her doing it, I also knew that after the drinks and from the way her nipples were standing up under her top that she just might be crazy enough to do it. As Dave and Pete looked questioningly towards me I raised my hands defensively and pointed out that it was nothing to do with me, it was up to Wendy, it was after all her body, and with a big smile I added that I never stopped her doing anything she really wanted to do, ball back in Wendy’s court I thought smiling inwardly to myself. Dave and Pete started to laugh seeing that Wendy had been caught out and put on the spot, wondering and I dare say hoping, that she would actually do it and put it on. “Right then, if you’re sure, I’ll go put it on for you three pervs!” she replied. Grinning at us, she slowly headed towards the bathroom, waiting for me to stop her, tell her it was all just a joke and to throw the bikini back in the case. Though I will admit part of me was tempted to save my wife’s blushes, part of me wanted to see her with two almost total strangers wearing what really was next to nothing. I looked into her eyes searching for any trace of fear that might be there at what she had just said she would do, seeing none I kept my mouth firmly shut, I wasn’t going to be the one to back down, silently daring her to go through with it.As she entered the bathroom she stopped in the doorway and gave a last exaggerated wiggle which made us all burst out laughing and Pete let out a, “Woohooooo!” which Dave and I both joined in with just as the door closed. We all sat in anticipation, breath baited waiting for Wendy to reappear wondering if she actually would go through with it. After what seemed like an age, the door opened and Wendy stepped from the bathroom to a stunned silence, she looked absolutely gorgeous as she walked back into the main room. Wendy smirked at us as she walked over.”Didn’t think I’d do it, did you?” she giggled while looking directly at me, trying to gauge my reaction. I could see she had also applied a little make up, just some lipstick and mascara, which was probably why she had taken so long. Stopping a few feet in front of us and raising her arms, she ran her fingers up through her curly hair as she slowly twirled around to give us a view of the back, totally flaunting and displaying herself in front of the three of us.”So? What’s the verdict?” she asked. “Wow!” was about all I could manage. Seeing Wendy standing there, her firm tanned body on full show with just her nipples and pussy covered by three tiny patches of thin black material took my breath away. The G-string nestled between the cheeks of her backside beautifully and she had pulled the string ties at sides up high on her hips making her legs look even longer and more slender than normal. The knot of the top was tied in a little bow at the front that seemed to draw everyone’s eyes towards her perky breasts. While I had bought it for her more as a joke, it was as though it had been designed with her body in mind, it fitted her every curve perfectly.”You look amazing” I added, struggling for words to describe the sight before me. I heard Dave say, “You look beautiful in that, you should definitely wear it to the beach sometime” as he added “that G-string was definitely made for your backside,” which brought a fit of the giggles from us all. “Maybe I might just do that,” quipped Wendy with a grin. It was quite clear she was revelling in the effect that she was having on us, “It actually feels good on, sort of like I’m naked but not quite”. I laughed, “Honey, you are naked but not quite” which brought another fit of the giggles from everyone, “Not that any of us are complaining you understand,” I quickly added. I expected her to turn around and head back to the bathroom to change back again after her little twirl and our comments of appreciation, but instead she caught me by surprise and sank back into her chair. I think maybe the drinks had loosened her up a bit and any inhibitions she had seemed long gone as she appeared perfectly comfortable sitting there chatting with the three of us in her near naked state of undress and she was positively basking in the attention.As Wendy sat down she asked, “So what about you Pete, what’s your opinion, hit or a miss?” Pete flushed bright red, “Definite hit” he replied, “and at the risk of ending up sitting on the kerb outside, you’ve just given me one raging hard on!” Whether because of the drink, the blunt down to earth honesty of him or the fact that we were all thinking what he just said, I don’t know, but it caused no offence, just uproar of laughter from us all, including Wendy who nearly spat her drink out as she laughed and her face went crimson. Pete adjusted himself in his seat trying to hide the fact without it being too noticeable which made it all even funnier, Dave said not to worry he was in the same situation which brought even more laughter. When Wendy looked over at me pulling a face of mock shock, I just said “Hell sweetheart, I’m in the same boat and I’m lucky enough to have even seen you without the bikini!”This seemed to amuse everyone even more and got me another punch on the arm, a much harder one than before too I might add.As Wendy got up to refill the drinks we all watched her head over to the fridge, knowing we were watching she continued to wiggle her now near naked bum as she went, and she made a point of bending at the waist as she fetched some more beers. It was clear the effect she was having as the three of us adjusted our seating positions trying to hide the tents we all had in our shorts. I could tell from the look on her face when she returned Wendy knew what we had been doing and she was enjoying our discomfort. Setting our beers on the table she lay back in her chair, raised her feet onto the balcony railing, picking out a lump of ice from her glass of ouzo she started to suck on it seductively smirking at us all in turn. She was now deliberately teasing the three of us mercilessly and from the look on her face she was enjoying every second of it. I knew it was in part some form of payback for me having dared her to put it on in the first place, for my not having saved her by telling her to put it back in the case, now she was going to make the most of it by being a little tease to teach me a lesson.”My turn to try and peek at the goods,” she giggled as she looked towards Dave and Pete who had been rumbled earlier in the evening, “I’ve already seen his” as she cocked her head in my direction. She was intentionally turning them on, and me too I might add. She was making no pretence and was staring directly at their shorts as she swirled her tongue around her mouth and started licking her lips provocatively. I reached over to the dresser and picked up Pete’s camera, “You wanted a picture of you with Wendy in her bikini,” I said. I was wondering if she would still be up for it now that she could see just how revealing the bikini actually was when it was on.”If I could” he replied. I needn’t have worried as Wendy moved over beside him and leant over the chair from behind hugging him and throwing her arms around his neck.I jokingly pointed out that she should stop hiding behind him as it was looking like he had two heads, besides which we couldn’t actually see her in her bikini. “Good point,” she said and scooted round to the front, setting herself down on his lap. “That’s much better,” I said as I clicked the button and another flash lit up the balcony. “Me next,” said Dave and Wendy giggled as she climbed off Pete and onto Dave’s lap, Pete’s hands seeming to linger on her body as he helped her rise from his lap and guided her over to Dave. As I went to look through the viewfinder Wendy gave me a wide eyed look, as I suddenly realised what the look was for, she giggled and let out a sexy “Mmmm” and started grinding herself down onto Dave’s lap. We all couldn’t help but laugh, and as Dave blushed scarlet I clicked the button again. I couldn’t believe what a turn on it was to be watching my sexy, near naked wife deliberately turning these two guys on right in front of me. Here she was being centre of attention with nothing but a thin string running up between the cheeks of her beautifully shaped ass and a tiny triangle covering her most intimate area, rubbing herself on another man’s hard on. Her perky breasts were only concealed by another two tiny triangles of fabric that were struggling to cover her nipples as they jutted out provocatively.My thoughts were interrupted as Pete asked how many shots were left, I passed him the camera and after a quick look he said it was seven. “Three each and one threesome shot? Or do you have other plans for what’s left?” I asked.”Yeah, we might as well finish the roll while we can, provided Wendy’s still willing of course,” he replied. “Sure,” said Wendy, “how could I resist the chance of a threesome shot?” she giggled at her sexual innuendo which was not being lost on anyone, “Just one thing,” she said. “What’s that?” asked Dave still smiling at her threesome joke. “Well I’m the only one in a bikini, you three should really be in your trunks, it’s only fair” she said trying to look all coy, as a wickedly naughty grin split her face from ear to ear, clearly she was daring us to strip down too. We all agreed that it was a reasonable request, the guys said they still had theirs on under their shorts and I grabbed a fresh pair of mine and quickly changed in the bathroom. As I changed, I wondered what was going on outside hearing the giggles and laughter coming from the main room in the apartment as well as a few “whoops” coming from Wendy. When I asked on my return I was told that after mentioning a picture of a threesome the guys had been teasing Wendy about it, asking if she had ever been involved in one and if not would she?, she in turn was claiming that they would be showing any pictures to their friends claiming that she had been a kinky holiday romance with them. The whoops that came from Wendy had been in appreciation of the guys stepping out of their shorts and shirts, which she told me they had both done for her in unison in true stripper fashion; I had to smile at the thought of them doing some sort of Chippendale routine for her. As she had her back to Dave and Pete and they couldn’t see her face, she silently mouthed to me that she was really turned on before turning back around, as if I hadn’t noticed! That last line is perhaps a bit of an understatement, what she actually mouthed to me were the words “I’m so fucking horny!” and I found myself immediately wondering how far she might be planning to go with her teasing of the two guys in what was quickly becoming a very sexually charged atmosphere in the room.We sat back down with our drinks and started to discuss how best to finish the roll of film and I reminded them that we also had a fresh roll in our camera, as I was sure Wendy would want a keepsake of their last night with us, I knew that I certainly did. I watched Wendy’s eyes which seemed to be wandering from Dave to Pete and back again examining their trunks as she mentally guessed at the contents. They were both well-built young men with good chests and flat bellies, something I knew Wendy always appreciated in a guy and it was clear they took good care of themselves.Wendy agreed that she would stand with each of them in turn for one of the pictures, then Pete asked if he could have one of Wendy giving him a kiss, “on the cheek,” he quickly added a little unsure if he was maybe going too far, Dave agreed that this seemed like a good idea and said he would like one like that too. Wendy said she would be more than happy to oblige as long as I had no objections. I replied that of course I didn’t have any objections, the look in her eyes told me she was playing that game again, trying to get me to be the one who spoiled her party. I thought she might have learned her lesson after the last round of “the game” when she ended up wearing the near non-existent bikini for the guys, but here she was trying to play it again. Looking directly at her, I reiterated that I definitely had no problems with her giving a kiss on the cheek if she was willing, only this time I added “Wendy can do whatever she wants to do as long as she’s happy,” and smiled at her. To the guys it was a nothing comment but to Wendy it was loaded and her eyes flashed knowing she had been dared and it was now her choice what happened again, I wondered how far she might take it.We couldn’t decide what to do with the last three shots but said we should take these and have a think about it. Pete went first and d****d his arm around Wendy’s illegal bahis siteleri shoulder, she hers around his waist in a classic holiday pose, already the bulge in his trunks was clearly visible but we were all past caring. I showed my best disappointed face as I laughingly told Wendy that she should pull her shoulders back and stick her chest out a bit for the guys as I was sure they would like to see it a bit better in the picture saying she wasn’t making the most of her body by just standing there.”Ohhh! Don’t you think so?” Wendy asked, as a grin formed on her lips. “I know so,” I replied, again secretly daring her to go a little further, trying to find out just how naughty she wanted to be while also a little curious as to how horny she in fact actually was after her earlier mouthed comment to me.Dave immediately agreed that it was a look that he loved. “Can’t beat a thrusting chest,” he declared, “and Wendy, your chest was just made for thrusting!” We all laughed at his cheeky comment. “Well thank you young man,” she said as she took a bow, “I’m so glad you like it, it’s always nice to be appreciated!” As she straightened up her free hand reached up to the small knot nestling between her boobs and taking one of the loose ends she began to pull at it till it went taught. Looking over at me she asked with a smile “I wonder just how much I should tug and thrust?” I couldn’t believe my wife was doing this to us, never in my wildest dreams would I have dreamt she would go this far. I had never seen her like this in all our years of marriage. Here she was with three guys sporting a hard on they couldn’t hide and she was still teasing us, and basically asking me if I wanted her to undo her top. I could tell by the look in her eyes a part of her actually wanted to do it, I couldn’t help but wonder how wet she must be when I considered the hard on she was giving me. Pete still standing with his arm around her used his free hand to adjust the erection in his trunks trying to stop it poking its head over the waistband, his movement did not go unnoticed by Wendy, another little tug and the string in her fingers grew even tighter. “I see someone appreciates me,” she smiled.”I’m sure we would all appreciate you even more if you just keep pulling that as much as you know we all want you to, and then thrust that gorgeous chest out as far as it will go,” I’d said it, I had told her to undo the knot, to expose her gorgeous breasts to the two guys in the room with us. She had won this round, and I wondered just how she would react, would she actually do it or wouldn’t she? Her answer was another of her wicked smiles as she gave sharp tug at the string that finally untied the little bow and allowed her beautiful firm breasts to spring free. Her nipples seemed to have grown by another half inch and stood out more than I’d ever seen before, the gorgeous tan covering her entire body accentuated the darkness of her areolas. She shrugged Pete’s arm off her shoulder as she untangled the top from her hair and tossed it aside before returning Pete’s arm. “Enough thrust?” she asked with a naughty grin as she pulled her shoulders back and pushed her chest towards Dave and myself, taking obvious pleasure at the way she was now flaunting herself to us. Her perky breasts jutted proudly out in front of her, her nipples standing erect, seemed as though they were begging for attention as she revelled in the moment, savouring the admiring looks from us.”Most definitely,” we both replied almost in unison.While I had seen Wendy topless on the beach all week and indeed naked on countless other occasions, there was something about her that night. She was totally stunning, perhaps because of the situation, or perhaps it was the way she was parading her body before us, her wanton attitude just seemed to increase her womanly sexuality like I had never seen before.Before I could click the button Wendy said to wait a second, she said she needed to swap positions with Pete, as he looked puzzled and went to stand on her other side she giggled, “No, silly, like this,” and she put her arm around his shoulder, rather than his on hers. Reaching round with her free hand she then took his, but instead of placing it on her waist she placed it firmly on her ass. She encouraged him to have a good feel with another of her little wiggles, as she smiled directly at me, “Mmmm, that feels much better.” Pete was grinning from ear to ear, I think we all were, as I took the picture.”Now for that kiss on the cheek,” said Wendy, turning just slightly so Pete could continue to gently caress and massage her bare ass that was clad in only the skimpiest of G-strings. “Ready when you are,” I said as I again put the viewfinder up to my eye. “You’ll know when,” she grinned over at me. Taking Pete’s other hand she placed it on her other ass cheek then looking up at him, took his head in her hands and proceeded to kiss him, not on the cheek but on the lips. It wasn’t just a peck either, but a full on tongue lashing smacker, her naked breasts mashing against his chest and it was clear from the way she was squirming against him she was pressing her mound against the hardness in his trunks. Pete’s hands pulled her tighter against him, his fingers digging in to the firm flesh of her backside. They were practically devouring each other right in front of us, I clicked the button becoming only too aware of my own hard on.Wendy looked towards Dave with a smirk, “Your turn, and I can see that you’re ready for me” she said laughing. While Pete’s trunks had just about kept him covered as my wife teased him, Dave was wearing a set of skimpy speedo’s that left nothing to the imagination and we could all clearly see that he was hard as a rock. He stood walking over to Wendy trying to be modest as he took his place beside her.Wendy went through it all again with Dave this time, Pete commented on how good she looked as he couldn’t fully appreciate her breasts when he was standing beside her though he did smile as he said how good they had felt pushing against his chest. Wendy’s eyes closed in sheer ecstasy as another one of her full on tongue lashing smackers was delivered, only this time to Dave. As they separated Wendy grinned, “I so needed that!” Dave shook his head muttering, “Wow, thank you,” and stood back from her. The bulbous head of his cock was starting to stick up from his trunks which had been pushed down a bit after Wendy had been rubbing herself up against him. Wendy smiled making a joke about someone “coming up for some air” as we sat down again to decide what to do about the last three shots in the camera. As we drank back our beers Wendy reminded me about our camera and said we needed a few shots to take back ourselves, I pointed out that she must be enjoying herself if she wanted photographs, and laughing I picked up our own camera and set it down beside Pete’s. Wendy refilled the drinks as Dave changed the CD when he said he had found an idea for the last of the film, he held up the box featuring the Janet Jackson album where she’s standing with someone else’s hands on her breasts. Wendy walked back laughing, “Okay, if that’s what you want, I can do that,” she said without batting an eyelid but with that wicked grin again appearing at her mouth, the drinks were definitely lowering any inhibitions she may have had. It was clear from her smile and the look in her eyes that she was now looking forward to having her breasts fondled by these two young guys just as they had been fondling her ass. “But let’s have our drinks first, I need some courage for this one,” she giggled. I could tell she was up to something but wasn’t too sure what she had in mind. After our drinks I asked, “Okay, who’s going first this time?” to which Wendy replied that I was to be first this time as she handed our camera to Dave. We arranged ourselves with me behind her and I wrapped my hands around her cupping a breast in each hand hiding my head behind hers, my thoughts had been right, her nipples were indeed rock hard, hard as wheel studs as they pressed into my hands. I couldn’t resist and rolled the hard flesh between my thumb and forefinger, something she loves me to do, in fact the only thing she loves more is to have me suck on them, I gave each nipple a tweak before releasing them. She has very sensitive nipples and can easily reach an orgasm just by having her nipples played with and I knew the effect it could have on her. It was an effect I found myself wanting it to have.She squirmed at my touch moaning softly with pleasure as she put her hands behind her back ready for the photo, instead of over her head like on the cover of the album. As soon as they were behind her back she was fishing in my trunks for my stiff cock, taking it in her hand she slowly started fondling it so nobody could see. Dave pointed the camera, totally oblivious to what she was doing, I stopped playing with her nipples and went back to cupping her breasts, Wendy kept stroking me gently and dragged her nails over my balls as the flash went off, I smiled inwardly knowing now what she was planning to do with the two guys. Here was my wife about to do the same to Dave and Pete whom we had only met a few days ago and I knew there was no way I was about to stop her. “You sure you don’t mind me doing this with Dave and Pete?” she challenged, her wickedly naughty grin becoming positively evil as we swapped places and Pete stood behind her. “As long as you’re happy,” I replied smiling back at her in the full knowledge of what she was about to do.As Pete wrapped his arms around her I smiled at the look on his face as her hands found his cock, it was a mixture of shock and the thought that his dreams had all come true at once. Dave sat watching, blissfully unaware of what was going on as he waited his turn to stand behind Wendy and cup her gorgeous breasts in his hands. After the picture was taken I noticed it took a good few seconds for Pete to adjust himself before he stepped out to swap places with Dave. Again there was the look of shock and disbelief mixed with excitement as Wendy’s hands sneaked into his trunks, only this time it was on Dave’s face, I took my time composing the picture letting her have her fun as I was sure Dave wouldn’t object. After the flash went off we were left with only one shot to take on Dave and Pete’s camera so Pete re-joined Wendy and Dave. I asked what they wanted for their “threesome” picture as it was clear Wendy was turned on enough for just about anything. “What do you mean? Just about anything,” joked Wendy, “I am ready for anything!” From her wickedly horny grin I knew that she meant it too, and I knew she was hoping, maybe even asking, that I would push her limits further.”Really,” I said, questioningly, “How about a shot of you and the two guys together then? You can have them take a nipple each in their mouth, I’m pretty sure they would be willing if you are,” it was a dare to her and we both knew it. We also both knew the effect it was likely to have on her with her love of having her nipples sucked on.I wondered if it would cause her to chicken out, or maybe having the two young guys taking a nipple each just might tip her over the edge and give her an orgasm, I strongly suspected that it would be the latter, if she did it. While part of me was scared that it might there was a bigger part that was curious to see what would happen if it did and I think Wendy knew that too. The look on her face said it was something she must have been secretly thinking about, maybe even hoping for, in that naughty little head of hers but had never been prepared to share. “Well, if that’s what you want to see,” she said, smirking back at having put the blame for what she was about to do back on me. Pete and Dave didn’t need a second invitation and immediately closed in on Wendy who just smiled at me and raised her arms abandoning herself to the sensation of having two hot mouths sucking on her erect nipples at once for the first time in her life. I stood there watching in disbelief as she squirmed in delight as the two young guys worked on her breasts, the closed eyes and the smile on her face told me she was in heaven, holding the camera up I waited to see if she would reach orgasm. I didn’t have long to wait and in what seemed like no time she was moaning loudly as they sucked on her breasts, nibbling at her hard nipples. Her breathing quickened and she started to bite at her bottom lip as the new sensations worked on her body, all the while moaning and whimpering in delight. Her knees began to tremble and I knew it was coming, “Ohhhhh – Fuckkkkkkk!” she moaned in exquisite delight as she gave herself up to the wave of sensation that was now coursing through her body. As she did so her hand snaked down into the wisp of material that was her bikini bottom and started to work at the sweet pussy within, her fingers probing and playing with her most secret area. Both guys struggled to keep their lips locked on her gorgeous breasts as she squirmed and shook with the pleasure running through her, the wetness of their saliva showing clearly against her tanned skin. I pressed the button and the flash of light seemed to freeze the sight before me, my gorgeous, firm tanned wife frigging herself off as two young studs sucked on her breasts. I was having so much difficulty believing what I was seeing, but I didn’t want it to stop. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, the wild side that I had always known was there was being totally set free and I found myself actually wanting to see more. As the three of them parted she looked over at me with a wanton, sultry look on her face before offering her glistening fingers to Pete and Dave, each took a turn to suck her juices from them. The look of sheer lustful hunger in her eyes said she was not about to be stopped and she was in the mood for more.Wendy muttered, “That felt so fucking good” as she tried desperately to catch her breath, clearly still aroused and horny as hell, her nipples rock hard and straining outwards seeking more attention. For a second or two the guys seemed to look a little disappointed, probably by the fact that they thought she had finished. The look soon disappeared as she smirked, “I’m glad you enjoyed watching it too,” as she looked at the bulge in my trunks, “Now get our camera, I want to have some photos for us to remember.” I dutifully obliged and as I picked up our own camera focusing it on the sight before me she reached out drawing both Pete and Dave towards her, pulling their heads to her breasts, her fingers grabbing their hair to guide them. Still a little unsteady on her feet, she moved back to lean against the wall and her legs began to tremble again almost immediately as she guided the hot eager mouths to her breasts. Another low a****l moan escaped her canlı bahis siteleri lips as first she took Dave then Pete’s hands and placed them inside the bikini, I snapped a shot off as I saw what she was doing. As they moved their hands inside her bikini bottoms, little flashes of the landing strip of hair on her neatly trimmed bush could be glimpsed every now and again, each glimpse seeming to show more and more of her juices covering their hands as they stoked her hot little pussy into a raging fire. It was clear that both guys were as turned on by her as I was, their erections straining the fabric of the trunks, Wendy slid a hand down into each, taking their cocks as she had before, only this time she wasn’t trying to disguise or hide what she was doing. Pete started to moan with her as she gently stroked his shaft while Dave just seemed to close his eyes enjoying the feel of Wendy’s hand wrapped around his stiffness. They were taking turns kissing her, her mouth and lips eager to meet theirs and return some of the pleasure, first one then the other, then both would drop back down to sucking on her nipples at once. She was in total bliss, her whole body trembling constantly as wave after wave of pleasure racked through her body, not knowing which if any was going to suck and which was going to nibble or give the occasional bite. I saw the look of uninhibited lust on Wendy’s face and as she moaned that she was going to cum again, the guys seemed to redouble their efforts, sucking furiously as they worked their fingers in and out of her now dripping wet pussy, I could see her legs were now glistening with her wetness as it ran from her. A shudder took over and she had to release the two cocks from her grasp as she struggled to maintain her balance, steadying herself by holding on to the two young men, gritting her teeth she muttered a string of expletives as yet another orgasm shook her to her very core, unlike any previous orgasm she had ever experienced. As the waves subsided, she started to regain some of her steadiness and looking towards me she mouthed what I already knew, “I want to fuck them both so badly!” Raising an eyebrow questioningly over the heads of the two men who were still suckling at her breasts, she searched for my answer, I knew it was what she both wanted and needed right now and I responded to her with a nod and a smile. Wendy mouthed, “Thank you” towards me as she pulled the two heads from her breasts, “My turn” she said as she began to sink down to her knees. Kneeling before the two of them she began to pull down on their trunks muttering a “Mmmm” as first Pete then Dave’s cocks sprang out. Both were rock hard and standing to attention, already they were leaking pre cum and I watched as Wendy wrapped a hand round each. Both were what I would describe as being about “average” in length, Dave however had clearly been one of the first in the queue was when they were dealing out the girth, dear god the guy almost looked deformed the thickness he had, while not extraordinarily long it couldn’t have been far off the width of a Coke can!She pulled them both in close and began to lick, first one then the other, licking them clean of the pre cum, before she took Pete all the way into her mouth, his stiff cock glistening as it went in and out as she slowly and steadily stroked Dave. Then it was Dave’s turn, she began to stroke Pete in the same fashion as she opened her lips even further to encompass Dave’s erect member, I could see she was struggling big time due to its girth but there was no way she was giving up. After a few minutes she returned to Pete’s stiff cock caressing his balls and running her nails along the underside of his shaft as she fed him into the warmth of her mouth. I snapped away taking photo after photo of the horny little vixen in front of me that was my loving wife as she serviced the pair of them. She stopped for a second as her jaw was becoming sore and took the opportunity to beckon me forward; she reached out pulling my trunks down and took my cock deep into her mouth, her tongue swirling over the end as I withdrew. I reached down and removed the only wisp of material that she had on, I smiled, “Only fair, if we’re naked so should you be” I quipped, echoing her sentiment from earlier. “Mmmm, I can live with that,” she smirked back. Running my finger over her now naked pussy I could feel her wetness for the first time, she was soaking, sopping, dripping wet. I licked the sweet juices from my fingers as I pulled her to her feet, guiding her over to the bed I pressed her down onto it, she didn’t resist at all. She looked at us all, knowing what was about to happen, the impious smile that appeared on her face told us all that she wanted it to happen, that she was ours to do with as we pleased and she was the one who was going to enjoy it most no matter what.”I thought this might be a little gentler on your knees,” I smiled, as I turned her over and positioned my cock at the entrance to her dripping wet pussy. It slid in easily, her normally tight little pussy, now so wet, seemed looser after her fingering, or perhaps it was in anticipation of being filled with a stiff hard cock. She let out a soft moan as I entered her, before motioning to Dave and Pete to come forward. In all our life together I had never felt her as aroused or wet, she was positively drenched in her own sweet juices. Reaching out she took Dave’s thick cock and guided it towards her eagerly waiting mouth, I looked over and signalled to Pete to come around before I withdrew and had him replace my throbbing cock with his. Stepping back I watched my horny young wife being fucked at both ends, enjoying the vision before picking up the camera again and taking some more photos. “Now that’s what I call a threesome pose”. Wendy seemed to be having her orgasms one after the other as the two of them fucked her to a frenzy in the classic spit roast position. I can only guess what anyone who was in earshot must have thought was going on in that room, to this day I’m surprised nobody called the police (if they had turned up, I think she would have asked them to join in too!)Suddenly Pete said he was cumming and in a panic asked what he should do, I laughed, “Fill her up, it’s what she wants” and with that he thrust into her squirting his seed deep inside her his hips bucking and grinding against her as he shot each jet into her. Dave was keen to take over and he looked over towards me as I nodded motioning for him to change positions, he guided his cock to the entrance of her gaping wet pussy and started to push forward. I found myself watching intently as he struggled to enter the normally tight little pussy I knew so well, a loud, “Ohhhhhhhhh – fuckkkkkkkkkkk!” came from Wendy as she felt her pussy being stretched like never before when Dave’s thick cock started entering her. I watched, mesmerised, as slowly but surely her pussy stretched to accommodate the bulbous head of Dave’s engorged cock. He started slowly, letting her get used to the unaccustomed girth she was now experiencing, until eventually he was ramming his stiff thick cock deep into her hot willing pussy. She moaned loudly and bit at the pillow as he pounded into her, his thrusts slamming into her, her body shaking with every slam as she braced her arms against the bedhead pushing back onto him with delight. “Ohhh – Fuckkkkk!” she moaned, over and over as he started thrusting into her like a jack hammer, she just kept pleading with him to fuck her harder as the sweat dripped from her body. I took a handful of her the hair and turned her face towards me and fed my cock into her sweet little mouth feeling its warmth engulf me. She sucked for all she was worth as Dave continued to pummel into her from behind, orgasm after orgasm racking her body, moaning and cursing, she was squealing with delight as his hips slapped against her while Pete picked up the camera and continued to take more photos for us. What seemed all too soon for Wendy, Dave started to speed up his pace even more and he let out a loud grunt as he too came deep inside her pussy, as he withdrew his cock there was a loud squelch and a stream of cum stretched from the tip of his cock to her gaping hole. My own orgasm was building and I felt my balls begin to tighten then the sudden rush before a wad of cum spurted out into Wendy’s mouth, then another and another. She swallowed hard gulping the thick cream down while trying to breath at the same time, her own body quivering and trembling at the slightest touch. As we collapsed onto the bed, her body had a thin sheen of sweat covering it entirely, hot creamy spunk oozed from her gaping pussy and a little trickled down her chin as she lay there, her legs still parted, exhausted from her efforts. “Oh fuck that felt so fucking good,” she moaned her face buried in the sheet not even having the energy left to raise her head, her body twitching constantly as the aftershocks of her orgasms coursed through her. For the first time that night she begged for us not to touch her for a bit, to let her catch her breath and let her body calm down.I turned her over and looking into her eyes I saw the sheer lust and satisfaction that was within. Pete came over and passed her drink to her, her hands trembled as she downed what was left in one go, as he told her she was amazing, Dave smiled his agreement from the other end of the bed. The three of us just sat on the bed beside her, she made no attempt to cover herself up, why should she, we had all just seen what she could do and how hot she could be, and indeed was. Despite the fact her body was covered in sweat, her hair was a matted mess and she was physically shattered she still looked truly stunning. It was one of those awkward moments in time where we were all in a little bit of shock I think at what had just happened, nobody really knew what to say, we were all just looking at Wendy and glancing at each other. To break the moment I quipped, “Horny little minx aren’t you,” I said it smiling, realising that things would likely never going to be the same again in our relationship. The wickedly naughty grin came back as she replied, “No I’m not” her eyebrows furling in a mock cross look. With that she ran her fingers down her naked body and slipped a couple of them into her slit, scooping the cum that still leaked and oozed from her sweet little pussy, into the crook of the fingers. Smiling at the three of us, she lifted them to her mouth and started sucking the cum from them, licking her lips as her fingers slipped one by one from her mouth with a barely audible pop. “Now that’s me being a horny little minx,” she smirked as she swallowed and went back to sucking on her fingers.”Oh man,” moaned Dave, “I’m going to be getting hard again” thinking the same thought as the rest of us. Wendy just smiled and reached out to his semi erect cock and started to stroke it again.In no time it was stiff again and she started to stroke Pete at the same time. The sight of my freshly fucked wife holding a cock in each hand, and clearly ready for more, had me hard as a rock immediately. I rolled over between her legs and nestled my cock against the entrance to her, she smiled up at me as she stroked the two guys standing at the head of the bed beside her. I pushed deep into her, feeling my cock squishing through what was left of the two loads of cum that were already filling her delicious pussy. It definitely wasn’t as tight as it had been earlier in the holiday but it still felt wonderful to me. Taking long slow strokes and withdrawing right out I could hear the sound of her pussy squelching and making that sucking sound as it desperately sought to wrap itself around my stiff cock again. I could feel her orgasm build as she writhed around on the bed, stroking vigorously at the cock she held in each hand, lashing her tongue over each tip she brought it within reach. Plunging into her, my cock glistening with the cocktail of cum and her own juices, she began to moan, softly at first then building to a crescendo of screams as she came hard one more time, thrusting her hot pussy up to meet my strokes, her tanned body thrashing wildly, where she got the energy from I will never know. As she came Pete joined her, his cock started to spew forth jets of hot sticky cum that splashed onto her chin and breasts covering her with the milky fluid. As she squirmed with delight Dave too shot his second load of the evening and it too splattered over her boobs with a little running down her neck to form a little pool in the dip of her collar bone, the strings of creamy white goo showing up in stark contrast against her brown tanned skin. As she came for the second time I withdrew my cock adding my own cum to the mess covering her breasts, the last of my spurts hitting her on the belly. She smiled as the last of the trembles running through her body subsided, looking down; she surveyed her own cum splattered body with a considerable degree of satisfaction. She looked like the cat that got the cream and in a way she was, she knew she had just behaved like a willing little slut and had enjoyed every second of it, she had sucked and fucked the three of us as though she were a porn queen while relishing and revelling in every moment of it. The look in her eyes said she was, for now, satisfied with herself, pleased with her nights work and proud to have satisfied us all.”I want a picture of this,” she smirked, her smouldering eyes filled with a mixture of lust and pure unadulterated satisfaction.I picked up the camera and took the shot, the beautiful tan covering her firm body covered in hot sticky stripes of cum, her pussy still gaping open invitingly with a little cum oozing from it to trickle down her crack and the look of wanton lust and satisfaction on her face, it’s a sight I will remember till the day I die. Dave and Pete said they had better start to get ready to go, we understood, they had a ferry and a flight to catch. After running her hands through the sticky mess that was covering her chest and stomach she began to massage it into her breasts her nipples quickly starting to perk up again as she looked towards the guys.”Awww, do you HAVE to go?” she pouted, smiling and knowing that they did, she was again teasing them, sucking the cum from her fingers. Wendy joined each in the shower helping clean the cum from both their bodies and her own, I left her to it and lay back on the bed not caring to wonder about the giggles emanating from the shower. We said our goodbyes and after they had gone she snuggled up beside me, while she now smelled fresh as a daisy the room itself was still stinking of raw sex, its heavy scent hung in the air like a delicious reminder of what we had just done. As we talked through what had just happened there were no recriminations, no regrets for either of us. We agreed that it was what we both wanted to happen. “So would you do it again?” I asked.”Would you want me to?” she immediately replied, a big smile spreading across her face as she played that damn game again.The End,

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