Teaching TWO young BOYS…the HARD WAY


Teaching TWO young BOYS…the HARD WAYI had always had this desire to stick things in my ass. I was really young when this started and I found all sorts of objects around my parents house that I could use. Glass bottles, tooth brush handles and even some of my dads tool from the garage. If it would fit, I would shove it in and I would cum every time I inserted something. Once, my mom even almost caught me while I had one of her hair brush handles shoved in my ass while I was under the covers in my bed.I had an older brother that DID catch me once and he started laughing at me but soon after, I found him doing the same thing and I got the chance to laugh back at him but that’s another story I won’t get into right now.Anyway, I started high school and after a couple of semesters in my junior year, I met a few guys that seemed cool and we all started hanging out together. One weekend, one of the boys named Josh, told everyone in our little 5 boy group that his parents were taking anybody that wanted to could go on a camping trip to the north Georgia mountains. They had a cabin up there in the hills but that it was in a nudist resort! I was a little shocked about that and figured that there was no way in hell my parents would let me go so guess what, I didn’t tell them about that part.I got my parents permission and none of our buddies came with us, it would be just me, Josh and his parents. We rode up to the place in their motor home and I was really excited when we entered the main gate. There were naked people everywhere and I saw some cute ass guys walking around, butt naked with their tight asses out there for all to see. We went to the cabin and everyone got undressed and were handed towels to sit on around the pool. I could barely keep my young eyes off of all the guys there and seeing their cocks hanging down was really a nice site to see.I found myself getting really horny as hell and I wished that I could just bend over and get my very first time ass fuck! I sat down with Josh and we talked about seeing all those girls hanging around naked. As for myself, I was more interested in the guys but I kept that to myself. My buddy and I decided to take a walk down the nature trail thing they had and after a few hundred yards into the woods, we heard some noises coming from an area just off the trail. We decided to investigate and when we looked through some dense bushes, we saw some older man fucking some young guy in his ass! We both were shocked but amazed that someone would be doing this outside and in the woods but both of us kept watching. The old man was really pumping this guys ass and I was actually envious about it all. I wished it was my ass he was fucking. We watched as the man finished and he pulled his cock out and I could clearly see how wet and cum soaked his cock was. He patted the young guy on the ass cheek and I heard him say thanks and that he was looking forward to them doing this again later. Josh and I giggled about it and we headed back to the trail, trying not to make noise as we didn’t know what the guys would do if they knew we had been watching them.We got back down to the pool area and hung out a while. All this time, I was thinking about what we had seen and I was really wanting to get my own ass fucked or maybe even try sucking my first cock. I was also checking out all the hung cocks and ass that was down there and I figured that this was my best chance at getting what I wanted while we were here for the next two days. I told Josh that I was going back to the trail to see if I could see anymore stuff going on and Josh decided to follow me up there. We walked down up the trail almost to the end and Josh asked me if I had ever had anything stuck in my butt before. He laughed when he said it but I told him no, I hadn’t (knowing I was telling a lie) and I laughed but Josh then asked me if I had ever wondered what it would feel like. I told him I had wondered that myself and he stunned me when he asked if I would like to try doing what we saw those men do! I grinned but told him I thought it might be fun and he said we should go out farther into the woods. We were already naked so when we found a little spot no one could see, Josh bent over and asked me to try and stick my cock in his butt! I really was excited but I had rather him try it on me first but I went ahead and put my cock head against his young virgin hole. I tried as best I could but it was to dry I guess so I told him to try it on me. I bent over and he tried but also failed.We figured we needed some lube of something so Josh said we could grab some of his mom’s suntan oil and come back and do it again. He then asked me if he could put my cock in his mouth. I told him yes and he got down on his knee’s and took it in! It felt good and seeing my best friend suck me was pretty cool. We got nervous about canlı kaçak iddaa getting caught though and decided to go back to the pool and try again later. On the way back, we saw that same old guy walking back up the trail and when we were right next to him, he said that my friend and I should be more careful, that he had seen us together and that if we needed a place to play around, he had a camper there at the resort we could use. I was nervous and didn’t want tell tell him we had also seen him butt fucking too but we kept our mouths shut and went to the pool.Most of the day passed and we met his parents for lunch and dinner and they said they were going to the pool side dance that night and that we could just hang out anywhere we wanted but to stay close in case they needed to see us for anything. We decided to explore the camp ground and see what we could do. As we walked by everyone’s campers, etc. , we saw people sitting around and talking and we were trying to catch glimpses of some big cocks or maybe someone fucking again! We saw no fucking but I heard someone yell at me and when I turned around, it was that old guy and the boy that he had been fucking in the woods. He motioned for Josh and I to come over to his camper and we did. It was getting dark so he invited us up on the porch that was attached to his place. He was a really nice guy and DID have a big cock like his friend. They introduced themselves, etc. and after a few minutes, he invited us inside where it was air conditioned and much cooler. We went in and he closed the door behind us. He had nude pix everywhere of guys that he had taken pix of and he friend that was also there told him to show us his private photo album. The old guy then took out a big photo album and told us knot to tell anyone about the pictures we were about to see. He went on to say that he had seen us watching him and his friend in the woods and when we passed them on the trail the second time, he was actually following us to see what we were going to do. He had seen us trying to fuck and he also saw Josh sucking my cock but that he was not going to ever tell on us, if we didn’t tell on him! We both agreed and he opened the photo album. Inside were pix of guys fucking each other and a bunch of him doing the same stuff. We could tell that they were all taken in the same camper we were in right now!Josh and I thumbed through the photo’s and he and I both were getting turned on as hell and I was hoping it would lead to something fun. Here was a guy my daddy’s age with a big cock and also with the same interests as me! After a few minutes of photo surfing, I looked over at his friend who was now gently stroking his cock. He caught me looking at it and asked me if I would like to touch it. I was nervous about it but told him that I would. Josh and I looked at each other and we both knew what was going to happen. The guy told me to come over to him and he stood up. I recahed over and took it in my hand and it was my first time touching a cock other than my own. It was really warm and hard and the head was as big as my little balls sack. I stroked it a few times and then he asked Josh to do the same. Josh did it too and he even reached under the mans balls and rubbed them as the same time. The old guy then came over to me and put his hand on my ass cheek and asked me if I had ever been with a grown man before. I stammered no and he asked if I would like to touch his cock too. I grabbed it and stroked it a few times and it was bigger than the other guys and was getting harder by the second! He led me over to his friend and I watched as Josh put that guys cock in his mouth. I reached down to stroke my own and the old guy then took out his camera and took some pictures of us doing this.After watching Josh suck cock, the guy took it from Josh’s mouth and motioned for me to do it too! I was a little scared but I wanted to in the worst way. When it first entered my mouth, I could feel the soft but firm hardness of it and I swirled my tongue around the head and up and down the shaft. Josh was watching everything I did and I felt a hand on my ass and then a finger swirling around my virgin hole. The old guy stuck his finger in my butt and asked how it felt. I nodded it was good but since I had a cock in my mouth, I couldn’t talk! The guy pulled his cock from my lips and told me to follow him to the bedroom if I wanted. He led the way and I was now in his room, naked, with a hard on and ready to learn everything I could! He told me that if I wanted him to, he would show me how to fuck. I said sure and he asked me to get on my tummy. I did as told and felt him start kissing my ass cheeks and massaging my balls. He then started licking my hole and when his tongue went in, I nearly passed out it felt so good. His mouth was all over my hole and I had canlı kaçak bahis been dreaming of this for as long as I can remember! He made my hole really wet with his spit and then I heard the door open,. The old guy was video taping it and told me that he liked taking video of young men like me losing their virginity! After a few minutes, the guy told me that he thought I was ready and asked if I was ok with this, I nodded a yes and felt the head of his big cock push up against my hole. I knew it might hurt but he was gentle about it. Finally, I felt the head enter me and it dad hurt but it was a good hurt if that makes any sense! Once the head entered, the rest slipped in with ease and he started fucking my ass! I was really liking this and feeling, FINALLY, e REAL LIVE cock in me! He fucked me for about 5 minutes when all of a sudden, he tensed up and I felt a huge rush of warm liquid shoot inside! I knew he had cum in me and I liked the feeling of it! He pumped a few more times and pulled out. I looked over at it and his cock was a dripping wet mess, covered in his cum and my ass juice I suppose! He left the room to clean up and the old guy told me to spread my cheeks apart so he could video the cum leaking out. I did as asked and he got really close with the camera lense. I was still on all fours with my cheeks held apart when I felt his entire mouth cover my hole and start sucking on it. He sucked out and licked up all the cum from my hole and balls and then asked me if I had enjoyed what just happened. I told him yes and he said that now it was Joshes turn to be fucked.I followed him back into the front room where Josh was sitting down looking at those photos in the book. He told Josh to follow him and I followed them both! I wanted to watch Josh get fucked like I had. The old guy told Josh to get on his tummy and he took a pillow and placed it under his stomach. This made Josh’s little ass stick up. The old guy then motioned for me to come over to the bed which I did. He asked me to lube Josh’s hole with my mouth! Honestly, that was kinda weird but I leaned over, put my mouth close to his little hole and gingerly licked it a little at fisrt, not knowing what it would taste like but I think nature and my horniness took over and I started licking and tonguing it for all it was worth! I found myself loving the texture and taste and as I licked and sucked, I noticed that the younger man was now video taping me again! After a few minutes of ass sucking, I raised up and let the old guy put his cock in my mouth. He told me to get it as wet as possible which I did and it was dripping wet with my saliva! I backed up and watched as he pushed it in Josh’s asshole! Josh screamed for a second but the man told Josh that it would be just fine in a little bit. I knew that once the head went in, he would be cool and just as happened to me, The head passed and I saw Josh relax! He was now fucking my best friend and after a few minutes, shot his load inside and then pulled his big, cum soaked cock from Josh! He spun around to me and told me to clean his cock up. I stupidly starting looking around for a towel but he laughed and said NO, use my mouth! I was already use to tasting ass by now so I let me do it and I used my lips and tongue to clean him all up. He pulled from my mouth and pointed to all the cum spilling from Josh’s hole adn told me to clean that up as well. I put my mouth over that creamy hole and sucked out everything I could. I licked it from his crack and little balls too!Josh got up and he seemed to be loving all this as much as me and we all went back out on the front porch and sat down in some lawn chairs. As people walked by and waved and said hello to us, little did they know what filthy things that we had just done to each other. I assumed the night was over by now but when I told them we had to go meet Josh’s parents, the old guy told us he knew them very well and to just let them know that they were over at his camper! Josh and I kinda freaked, thinking that his parents would find out what we had just done, but we went down to the dance, found them and told them were we would be. Josh’s dad looked at me a little funny but I didn’t know why but I was suspicious of the reason. Maybe he KNEW what we had done or something.We got back up to the mans camper and we were more than ready to have more fun! We took turns sucking each others cocks and Josh even came in my mouth! I enjoyed his cum too and after that, the younger man ate my ass for a long time and then the old guy fucked me! I was happy as a clam and at around 10:30 that night, another guy came over and we let him do things to us as well. He had a smaller cock but it felt good in my ass and Josh even rimmed the guy! He was fun and told us about lots of people that were there and either bi or gay and that we could bahis siteleri canlı get fucked all we wanted by just letting him or the other guys know the next time we are up there! Around midnight, I saw Josh’s dad coming up the side walk toward us and I told Josh about it. When he got to the camper, it turns out he knows the old man really well and they even hugged each other after shaking hands. He asked how Josh and I had been and did we behave ourselves! The man told him that we were especially good and we were welcome to hang out there at anytime!We left for home the next day and I didn’t want to leave at all, EVER! I knew I had to though but a few weeks later, Josh’s parents invited me to join them again. I jumped at the chance to be a little slut again and this time, we had an entire week to stay! Josh and I had by now become fuck buddies and we did all sorts of things to each other but we both wanted to see those guys again and maybe even meet some new ones. When we got ready to go, Josh’s mom decided to stay home to take care of some business she had so it was just me, Josh and his father. We took the motor home up and set it up for the night at the camp ground.Josh and I wasted no time in looking for some new things to do and new cocks to use us. We went back to the old mans place who was there but down at the hot tub so we waited for him to return. When he did, we were more than ready for anything he wanted us to do and he didn’t disappoint us either. He said he had several friends that were coming over that night and that he would love us to meet them all. He patted us both on the ass and said that his friends would especially like our young asses and wet mouths too! We went to eat and came back to his place at the time he requested us to arrive. There were already 6 or 7 guys there and since everyone was naked anyway, we didn’t have to guess who had the biggest cock! We met everyone and after just a few more minutes, the old man asked me if I would like to go to his room. I knew what that meant and went inside where some guy was sitting that I met earlier. I sat next to him and let him fondle my cock and balls and I grabbed his too. He asked me to let me give me a blow job which he did and he was really good at it. He licked me all over and even my asshole too and then asked me if I would like for him to fuck me. I nodded yes and he lubed my hole up with some oil and plunged his old cock in me. It felt great and after just a few strokes, he shot a load in me. When he pulled out, I heard someone say to stay where I was do I di and another man started fucking me! He was pretty big and it hurt a little but soon he shot his load and pulled out. He stuck it in my face so I licked him clean!Another man was now in there with me when I felt the bed move and saw Josh laying on his stomach next to me. We were both now getting fucked side by side and we were having a blast. A couple more guys used me and then I looked over at Josh and I was totally freaked out to see Josh’s dad standing right there watching us! He had his cock in his hand and then left the room. I think he fucked me but I wasn’t sure but I was terrified that he was pissed. I told Josh and we got up and went back out to the porch were everyone was. His dad came over to us and said that he knew we were little cocksuckers but it was ok with him but for us to be safe and use condoms next time. That’s all he fucking said I swear and he walked off back towards the motor home! Josh and I were a little shook up by it all but we continued on for a while letting the men do things to use! After another few hours, we were full of cum and really sore and decided to go back to the camp where his dad was. He was sitting inside having a beer and looked up at us and said that he wasn’t mad, just a little upset. He told me to turn around and show him my asshole. I did as asked and he said he saw cum leaking from it. He led me to the bedroom and had me bend over for him on the bed. He said that he couldn’t fuck Josh, him being his son, but he could fuck me! He stuck his cock inside my hole and pumped me really hard like he was punishing me. He shot a load inside and made me clean his cock off with my mouth and then made Josh come in and told Josh to suck my cock while I sucked his.We did as told and while doing it, his dad jerked off and then came all over my face while I had my mouth over Josh’s cock. He left the room and said that as long as he gets HIS, we can go get OURS!The next day, we were used by every gay and bi man in the resort and we were passed around like whiskey bottle. We spent the entire week getting fucked, sucking, rimmed and cum on till we were exhausted. One guy and his wife even had us over to their place to use and I got to eat the cum from my first woman ever! When the trip was over, I now go over to Josh’s all the time to fuck around and I let his dad do whatever he wants to with me. I know he likes fucking me and I actually got to cum in his mouth a few times! he says that he wants me to go with them every time they go because he knows I’ll keep Josh out of trouble!

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