Taxi Sex


Taxi SexAlright guys and girls, so Kate and I finally have a new story for you. It’s from our weekend trip to Virginia Beach. It’s nothing too crazy but it was enough to get us both off pretty hard. So me and Kate were down at the ocean front bar hopping and doing a little sun bathing. We were to meet some friends at a restaurant about ten minutes away from the ocean front so we headed back to the hotel we were staying at took showers and changed into our going out clothes. I called an Uber on my phone app to come pick us up at the hotel. Kate was wearing a super short black dress that was low cut in the front showing off her beautiful tits. The only thing she had on under the dress was a nice bright red thong that made her ass look so amazing! Her dress was so short Kate couldn’t even bend forward slightly without the bottom of her ass showing. As we headed down the hallway of the hotel to leave guys were stopping and letting us pass so they could get a good look at her barley covered ass bouncing by. We even had one guy ask if he could go with us. Luckily it was dark because when Kate and I were getting into the backseat of the Uber she flashed everyone walking down the sidewalk. We brought some mini liquor bottles to drink on our way to dinner just to make things more interesting for us since the people we were meeting with were stuck up and boring as shit. Even though these people were friends of ours they didn’t agree how we lived kaçak iddaa our lives and how we opted to not have c***dren. When we showed up at the restaurant it looked like we were eating dinner with our grandparents. One of the couples were dressed as if they just finished quilting and the other couple just looked like bums straight out of bed. We were fortunate that the only other hot couple there sat next to us and kept the underdressed couples away.Kate and I were technically on a mini vacation so we were putting the drinks down and having a great time while the others just looked at us in disgust. The more drinks we had the more horny Kate and I were getting. Kate kept running her bare foot up my leg to my crotch and was using her toes to rub my hard cock through my dress pants. I was able to slip one of my shoes off and rub it against her pussy too. I’m pretty sure everyone had an idea of what was happening but we really didn’t care. After dinner we said goodbye to everyone we got in our new Uber to leave. Kate was very horny at this point and began kissing me passionately. In the heat of the moment I started kissing her back and running my hand up her thighs under her dress. Before I knew it I was squeezing her tits and biting her neck and we hadn’t even made it out of the shopping center yet. We stopped making out and I apologized to Elyas our Uber driver. I explained to him that we had been drinking and just got caught up casino oyna in the moment. He then assured us that it was fine and he was used to it, but then did something that go my heart pounding. Elyas offered to drive us around so we could mess around and he wouldn’t charge us as long as he could peek every now and then. Kate and I started bashfully laughing and before I could even think about it Kate said ok. I looked over at Kate and she shrugged her shoulders.Elyas turned off his meter or whatever it was and turned down some backroads to head back to our hotel. Kate then unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out, leaned over and started sucking it while softly moaning. I tilted my head back and put my hand on the back of her head guiding her head up and down. I think it’s because of the kinky and risky setting of the situation but it was the best blow job I ever received. As Kate continued sucking I was reaching behind her, lifting up her dress exposing her hot tanned ass for Elyas to see. Every time we came to a stop he would look back to see the action. While Elyas was looking I slipped my finger in the waistband of Kate’s thong and pulled them down around her knees giving Elyas a front row look at Kate’s tight ass hole. I wish we would have been more daring that night and told Elyas to stick his fingers in. As I played with Kate’s drenched pussy and ass hole she became more horny and pulled her top down letting her tits slot oyna swing around as she continued sucking my cock. I could see Elyas making a little movement up front and come to find out he was jerking off as he was driving which now that I think about it probably wasn’t safe riding with him. With Kate’s dress only covering her waist she pulled one leg out of her thong and climbed onto my drool covered cock. I slid into her so easily and deeply. Kate let out a nice cry causing Elyas to stop the car in a random parking lot and turn around to watch again. Kate bounced up and down on my cock for about thirty seconds before yelling out she was going to cum in which she really started grinding my cock hard making sure I was getting deep inside her as she climaxed. I kept pounding her deeply until I softly told her I was about to cum. Kate started grinding me harder until I started pumping my warm sticky load inside her tight pussy. I shot with so much force inside her she could feel it shooting all over her insides.Kate sat in my lap kissing me with my cock still resting inside her. As my cock shriveled up I could feel a gush of cum come running out. Kate hopped off me and started sucking the cum off my cock and started scooping it from her pussy and licked it of her fingers to not get it in Elyas’s car. We sat for a minute and got situated and Elyas took us back to the hotel. I wish we would have invited him in now but after Kate and I came the sexy kinky feeling was kinda gone. We can’t wait to take another Uber again soon and hopefully we get Elyas. I posted a picture of Kate from our dinner in her little black dress. Check it out in our gallery.

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