Taxi Office


Taxi OfficeIt was the evening of my office Christmas party and my wife Trish who works for the same company had her own office party. I went up to her department as our party was closing down. There wasn’t many people left at their party either. I couldn’t see Trish at first and went looking for her. I found her in a side office asleep on a couch. She was sprawled out with one leg on the floor. This caused her wraparound skirt to fall open to her waist, showing her stocking tops, suspenders and her black frilly wide legged knickers. Her knickers leg was pulled to one side and her cunt was on show for anyone to see. It made me wonder if anyone had done this to her in her obviously drunken state, to get a feel of her pussy. Looking at her lying there like that and the thought that some unknown men had fingered her cunt got my cock rock hard. I started to finger her pussy myself when I heard people nearby, so I gave up. I roused her and as I was helping her to her feet, her blouse fell open as the buttons weren’t done up. I was surprised to see her naked breasts, her bra was missing. Had they taken advantage of her tits as well or had she removed the bra herself before passing out. I just pulled the blouse closed and didn’t bother to fasten the buttons because she had a long coat that would cover her well enough till we got home. I fastened the coat and help her to the lifts.We had already decided to get a taxi home as we would both be drinking, so we made our way across the road to the taxi office. “Sorry!” said the young girl radio illegal bahis operator. “There is at least an hour wait.” “Damn!” I said mentally kicking myself for not booking a cab. The girl said that we could wait in the back room by the fire, it being such a cold night. In the room another couple were also waiting. I sat Trish down on the couch next to them and I took the only other seat, a rather battered armchair. We had only been there a couple of minutes when the young girl came and told the other couple that their cab had arrived. The warmth of the room and comfort of the old chair soon made me drop off to sleep. I ‘came to’ and as I opened my eyes, I could see a black guy and a white guy bending over Trish who was now lying down. I pretended to still be asleep. The thought that strangers had fingered her cunt back at the office had turned me on, now I was getting the chance to see it happening. My dick was once again standing to attention. Trish’ coat was already open and one of the guys was just pulling her blouse open. I could hear one of the guys say “Cor, lovely tits!” The other one said “See if she’s wearing any knickers.” They pulled her wraparound skirt open, as they did, the movement must have disturbed Trish. She drew her left leg up, then it fell sideways against the back of the couch. This left easy access to her pubic area. She didn’t appear to wake up, so the black guy inserted his finger into the leg of her panties and just moved it to the side. For at least the second time that evening, her cunt was illegal bahis siteleri on display. Both guys looked over towards me. I feigned sleep, so they just carried on with their exploring of my wife’s intimate parts. Pretty soon Trish was murmuring in her sleep. She was obviously responding to the finger fucking that the black guy was giving her. The white guy by this time was kneeling down and sucking on Trish’ tits. The black guy whispered something to the other guy and they both turned to look at me. Obviously thinking I was still asleep, the black guy took out his dick and climbed onto the couch between my wife’s legs. He leaned over Trish, resting one arm on the back of the couch and holding his dick with his other hand. I watched mesmerised as I saw him inserting that long black dick into my lovely Trish. Under the cover of my overcoat, I had managed to get my own dick out and was slowly wanking myself in time to his fucking. The other guy had taken out his dick and was rubbing it over Trish’ nipples. I heard him say in a hoarse whisper. “Fucking hurry up will ya! I’m dying to fuck this Bitch!” “Ok, ok, Ooooo Fuck!” I heard the black guy say as he filled my wife with his sponk. “Oh god! That was good!” “Get out of the way!” said the white guy, almost pulling the other guy off Trish. He was soon between her legs and I was once again treated to the sight of my wife being shagged by a stranger. I could hear the slurping noise as his dick went in and out Trish’ cunt. The slurping noise of course caused by her being canlı bahis siteleri full of the black guy’s sponk. It didn’t take him long, he was soon moaning as he added his sponk to my wife’s cunt. They pulled Trish’ coat together but didn’t bother fixing any other of her clothing. They were just going to leave when the white guy said. “I think I’ll have a souvenir.” And went back and removed Trish’ knickers.As they left the room, I was just about to go over to Trish, when I heard the door opening again. I sat back in the chair, once again pretending to be asleep. The black guy came back in and pointing to Trish, said “There! See for yourself.” With that 3 more black guys walked in. They didn’t wait to see if I was asleep or not and were soon onto Trish. These guys were a bit rougher and stripped Trish down to her stockings & suspenders. I no longer feigned sleep but sat up and watched the 3 black guys take turns fucking my wife. I came 3 times as I sat and wanked openly. After the third one had fucked my lovely Trish, he said to me. “You can have her back now. Your one lucky guy, she’s got the most fuckable cunt I ever shagged.” As they all left, I went over to Trish, who had slept throughout the whole thing. She had never looked so beautiful.As she woke up, I heard Trish say. “This has been a wonderful night, can we do it again sometime Darling?” The sweet lovely bitch of a fuck slut had been awake all the time. Or as she told me later, that she had become awake when the first black guy was fucking her. She said, “Well! How could I possibly sleep with that huge black dick fucking the life out of me? God it was lovely.” And we did do it again. Lot’s of times. We have toured the city every weekend looking for new Taxi offices with lots of new cocks to fuck Trish.

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