Tammy Sue and the Survey Party part 1


Tammy Sue and the Survey Party part 1This is a true story and one of my fondest memories:The Seventies, a time of movie house x-rated movies like Behind The Green Door, Deep Throat, and The Devil in Miss Jones. A time of no aids and sexual exploration. I worked for an engineering firm that shall remain nameless as the instrument man on their survey team. The team consisted of myself, the surveyor, Mike, and the 2 chain/rod men, Chris and Tom. We were to do a topographical survey of some land between Dallas and Ft. Worth off the old turnpike. the owner of the acreage was a man named George. He had arranged for his son George Jr. to meet us at the gate and give us a key to the lock, for us to use for the several days we would be there.George Jr. showed up in his convertible with a beautiful brunette, whom he introduced as Tammy Sue, and said that the weather was so nice that he and Tammy Sue were going to have a picnic and sunbath by the old house up on the hill. We took the key and they drove up the dirt road, through the only wooded area on the property and toward the old house we had spotted when we arrived.We began to get our equipment out to tie in the known elevation from the turnpike to our survey property. I set the level and the transit and began checking for line. A transit is basically a telescope with cross hairs for surveying. I looked through the transit and noticed the convertible had stopped and so I curiously looked around. What I saw next I will never forget for the rest of my life. We had remarked after they had driven off that George Jr. was lucky to have such a beautiful girl with him and it must be nice to have money cause in our opinion he did not have the looks for a girl like Tammy Sue.Well what I saw through the transit was even more amazing, I saw Tammy Sue naked and sucking on his cock. Tammy Sue was about 5 feet 5 inches tall with a gorgeous tan all over and round shapely hips and nice set of c-cup breasts. She might have weighed 115 pounds at the most. She was not just giving Jr. a blow job, she was sucking his other attribute (besides money), a large 10 inch cock that was a thick as a coke can, like it was the only thing in the world. Really working it over with her mouth, tongue and both hands. I whistled and said, “WOW”. This got the guys attention and the asked what was up. I said come and have a look. While the guys were looking I got the spare transit and hand held scope we used for sight lines and handed them out so all of us could watch at the same time.When I looked again Tammy Sue was still hard at it, Jr.’s cock was now glistening with saliva and she had increased her pace and was sliding the cock into her mouth so far that you could see when his cock hit the back of her throat and she would then back off and ram again. Suddenly Jr. started to give in to Tammy Sue’s efforts. His legs stiffened and just as we thought he would shoot his load into her mouth, Tammy Sue pulled Jr.’s cock out and still jerking it let him shoot his load all over her face, seven thick ropy shots getting all over that beautiful face. Tammy Sue then put aliağa escort the spent cock back in her mouth and continued to suck for a little longer. Then to our amazement she started facing Jr. and wiping her face off with her fingers and then sucking the cum into her mouth from her fingers. Chris asked, ” If she likes the taste of cum so much, why did she not just let him come in her mouth?” Mike said, ” She likes to let Jr. watch her do it, I guess.”When they started eating their lunch we quit watching and started to work, but Mike asked me to keep and occasional eye on them. Other than the fact that they stayed nude while they ate and then laid out sunbathing for another hour nothing sexual happened. We waved at them as they drove off later like nothing had happened and put in a full day.The next day we were working again and Chris and Tom were giving me level rod shots from the wooded area, occasionally having to use a brush hook or ax to give me a clear shot. About 11 a.m. Jr. and Tammy Sue drove onto the property and headed for the old house. We waved as they drove by and Mike and I got out the spare equipment just in case. About 5 minutes after they got there Tammy Sue began unbuttoning her sun dress and Jr. was spreading a blanket on the ground. Tammy Sue had nothing on under her sundress and stretched her arms out after stripping and just looked fabulous. Then she looked like she said something to Jr. and he immediately took off his clothes, threw them aside and laid down on the blanket on his back. Tammy Sue straddled his head and lowered herself down onto her knees and Jr. immediately started to lick her pussy, Tammy Sue then went down on Jr.’s cock and began sucking slowly. Mike said, “That 69 looks great, I can’t believe Chris and Tom aren’t here yet to watch!” I agreed but looked reluctantly away from the sex scene to see if I could see where the guys were. I didn’t see them anywhere. I then scanned around Tammy Sue and Jr. and just on the edge of the woods I saw Chris and Tom standing behind trees peeking around at the sex scene and both had their jeans unzipped and were both masturbating. Obviously, this was a first time seeing co-workers dicks. I told Mike and he looked over and said that those two were going to get us all into trouble and probably fired! We watched both scenes with worry and excitement. Tammy Sue then stopped sucking and said something to Jr. and then stood and turned with her pussy above Jr.’s fully erect cock. She then lowered herself slowly down until her pussy lips were just touching his cock, she then lowered herself and took all his cock into her pussy in one smooth motion. 10 inches of cock disappearing into that pussy caused both Mike and I to moan. Apparently we weren’t the only ones to make a noise. As we watched, both Jr. and Tammy Sue looked over in the direction of Chris and Tom. Mike said, ” Now we are all in trouble!” As we watched with concern we saw Tammy Sue lean down to whisper something in Jr.s ear. Jr. then looked like he called out and motioned Chris and Tom to get over there. Mike and I were puzzled escort aliağa that Tammy Sue and Jr. were not bothering to get dressed. Chris and Tom sheepishly walked over to the couple. Tammy Sue started talking to them and they responded with gestures and pointing in our direction and Tammy Sue was nodding knowingly. She began to look very intrigued and wantonly glanced from Jr. to Chris and Tom and then in Mike and I’s direction. She said something to Jr. and he smiled and nodded, she then said something to Chris and Tom and they smiled, unzipped theirs jeans and pulled out their cocks. Tammy Sue began to slid up and down on Jr.’s large dick and had Chris and Tom stand on either side of her and she began to stroke each of their cocks with her hands at the same time. She leaned over and put Chris’ cock in her mouth and began sucking, while still riding Jr. and stroking Tom. She then leaned over the other way and began sucking Tom’s cock while stroking Chris and riding Jr. Mike and I were stunned and extremely jealous!Then just as things were really heating up, Tammy Sue was alternately sucking and stroking 2 cocks and riding another. She was really getting into a rhythm and turning Mike and I on so much we had our cocks out and we started masturbating. I had seen this kind of thing in porn films but never in real life. Then I saw the best thing ever, Tammy Sue stopped and turned in our direction and motioned with her hand for us to get over there, then blew us a kiss. I looked at Mike and he just said, “Try to stop me.” We both ran as fast as we could with our pants unzipped and dicks out. When we got there Tammy Sue had resumed sucking and fucking with the guys. Mike and I stood there breathing fast and stroking our cocks watching this fantastic sex scene up close and personal. Tammy Sue stopped again after a minute or so and said, “Have all of ya’ll seen “Behind The Green Door”?” We all nodded or said yes, Tammy Sue then said that she had been so turned on by that scene with the 4 guys at the same time that she had been looking for a chance to try it for herself. She then said, “Now if you guys are willing I will try to one up Marilyn herself!” We all said, ” We are very willing if you are!” Tammy Sue then said, “Lets try it this way, Jr. you stay there in my pussy, pointing at Mike she said will you screw me in the ass?” Mike said’ “Absolutely! ” Then pointing at me she asked’if I liked blow jobs? Speechless I just nodded and she pointed to a spot directly in front of her. She said, ” Let’s give it a shot.” She then opened her mouth and I stuck in my 8 inch cock She immediately started sucking and it was awesome. She was stroking Chris and Tom and sliding up and down on Jr.s 10 inches. Mike spit on his fingers and tried to lube up her asshole and stick in his 7 inch dick. He managed to get it in but could never quite get in rhythm with Jr. But they both tried their best. To my dismay Tammy Sue stopped sucking and said let’s try this.Mike you get on the blanket, Jr. stand up and let him get down there. When Mike was in position Tammy Sue positioned herself aliağa escort bayan over his dick and sat on his dick, Mike groaned in pleasure, Tammy told Jr. to stick his cock in her pussy as she lay back. He quickly complied. She then told me to get on my knees and stick my cock in her mouth again. I obeyed at once. She started sucking me again as Chris and Tom took up their positions in each hand. Tammy Sue started moving what seemed like every part of her sexy body, up and down, in and out, and writhing in the early stages of total ecstasy. We were all sweating and moving in unison as we were trying to turn Tammy Sue on and get off ourselves. Tammy suddenly stopped sucking again long enough to say, ” I am cumming! Keep fucking and no matter what else happened when we came she wanted to see the spunk flying at her!” Then she started sucking me again. I could not see Mike but could hear his panting and he sounded like he was getting close to cumming. I could see Jr. and his eyes were starting to roll back under his eyelids. Chris and Tom were rocking out and looked close and I knew it was just a matter of time before I was going to come from the effects of her sucking.Just then Tom cried out and started shooting his cum at Tammy Sue’s left cheek and side. Tammy Sue cried out, “Yes! Cum on me, cum on me!” I heard Mike say, ” I’m cumming and saw a shot of spunk between Jr. and Tammy Sue’s legs and onto her tan stomach and then another and another! Chris yelled, “Yes!” and starting shooting onto Tammy Sue’s right shoulder and tit, that started me and I pulled out of her mouth and starting jacking off onto her face, five ropes of spunk, I don’t think I ever came that much before! Then Jr. pulled out and jerked his 10 inch cock at her tits, but his first shot of spunk joined my spunk on her face, then hit her neck twice and then 2 shots on her tan tits. Tammy Sue said, “Oh myGod, I am so turned on I am cumming again!” She laid there between Jr. and Mike and gently stroked Chris and Tom and licked the last of the cum from my cock. After a few minutes we disentangled and stood around naked and just looked at Tammy Sue’s beautiful cum covered face and tits and belly. Jr. went over and got a towel from the car and she began to clean up. Tammy Sue then said, “My girlfriends will never believe that I had sex with 5 guys at the same time. They are going to be so jealous, when I tell them about it. I also want to try it again with ya’ll, how long are ya’ll going to be working out here?” Mike said, “It’ll be a while now, especially with these long breaks!” Tammy Sue smiled slyly and said, “If you’re so worried about it, I guess ya’ll can get back to work right now.” We laughed and said profuse thank-yous and started walking downthe hill. When we got back to the equipment I took a quick peek and Tammy Sue and Jr. were sitting there naked and talking.Mike and I saw the car coming back down the road but were surprised to see them stop. Tammy Sue leaned over and said, “Jr. is hosting a party at his house tomorrow night. He has a great pool and my girlfriends and I will be there. We want all 4 of you to be there by 8 p.m. okay?” Mike said,”I know Russ and I will be there and I imagine we could not stop Chris and Tom from showing up.” Tammy Sue gave us the address and phone number. But that story is in part 2!

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