Talking With My sister About Old Times


Talking With My sister About Old TimesFor years, before she got married, I tried to get into my sister Jacquee’s panties. A couple of times we stripped off our clothes and masturbated in front of each other, but we never really did the dirty deed. The closest I ever came was a couple of weeks before I was drafted into the Army. We were alone in the house and Jacquee called for me to help her wash her hair as I had done so many times in the past. As I helped her with her hair my hands started to roam elsewhere. The roaming turned into kissing and playing with her pussy. I loved feeling her very wet, very hot pussy while I sucked her nipples. She was moaning and gasping as if she couldn’t wait for me to fuck her, but at the last minute she chickened out because I didn’t have a rubber. I thought that was the end of it.I recently had the opportunity to travel to my hometown while I was stationed in Germany on my way to attend a military school. At Jacquee’s insistence I decided to stay with her and her family. One night, s*s and I were sitting up alone, drinking a bottle of wine, and I couldn’t get over how good she looked, despite the fact that she’s had a couple of k**s. My old desire to fuck her came flooding back.“I think we should talk,” I said, looking down at the hem of her dress. I could see just the hint of the smooth olive skin of her thighs, and I felt the beginnings of an erection.“What about?” she asked. Her big brown eyes were glittery from the wine she had been drinking.“I’ve been wondering what you thought about those times, you know, when we played around.”“Well, we were both young and horny and I thought that it was a little harmless experimenting,” she replied. Her voice was a little slurred.“Does it bother you to talk about it?” I asked.“No, not really,” she said, “I think that we should get it out in the open.”“I wish we’d done it,” I said.“What?” she said, looking stunned.“Would you have muğla escort let me if I had insisted?” I asked.“I doubt it.”“Really? I thought you were going to let me fuck you that night in the bathroom.”“You thought you were going to have sex with me?”“Yes, I thought I was going to fuck you if I had found a rubber. In fact, I still want to.”“You want to have intercourse with me?” she asked and an amazed look came into her eyes.“Yeah, I want to fuck you really bad.” Underneath her simple housedress I could see her big breasts rising and falling with her breathing.“You’re crazy, Wayne,” she said, but smiled all the same.“It’s all I’ve thought about it since that time and especially since I got here.”“You’re just making horny talk because you miss your wife,” she said.“No, it’s not that. You’re so damn beautiful. I can’t help thinking about fucking you.”She smiled. “You’re terrible,” and after a little pause, she said, with another big smile on her face, “you think I’m beautiful?”“I always have. I have always said you were beautiful and sexy. You have a wonderful face and a great body, and the clearest skin.” I paused and our eyes met. As she watched, I deliberately let my gaze roam up and down her body. “Haven’t you thought about me in that way, just a little bit, since those time?”“Well, maybe.”“Then let’s do it.”“What?” she exclaimed, rather loud, and then looked around.I leaned to her ear and whispered. “Let’s fuck.”She wasn’t walking out of the room. Even if she wouldn’t let me fuck her, it was exciting talking to her about fucking. I had the biggest erection of my life.“brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to fuck.” I never knew the word “fuck” could sound so good.As she said this, I looked into her eyes and she nervously looked away. I knew that she was thinking about us fucking, even though she was saying no. I bent down so that my lips were just barely touching hers. “Let me fuck you, Jacquee,” escort muğla I whispered into her mouth. My one hand moved down to the top of her breast and I cupped the firm mound.“We can’t …” she started to say, as my lips met hers in a prolonged kiss. I maneuvered her as we kissed until she was stretched out on the sofa and I was kneeling on the floor. I reached up and started to unbutton the front of her blouse. “What if somebody comes downstairs?” she said.“If somebody comes we’ll hear them, and you can go into the bathroom and button up.”“Okay, but just so you know, I’m not going to let you fuck me. I’m not going any further than we did as teenagers.”I reached around in back of her and unhooked her bra. I pushed her bra up and looked at her big beautiful breasts, which were capped with crinkly brown nipples. “Still as beautiful as ever,” I said, and she grinned. I cupped one of her breasts and lowered my mouth to the nipple and took it in between my lips and sucked on it gently. I felt her shiver with excitement. I pulled my mouth away from her breast and looked up at her. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back.I put my lips to hers and began giving her a long open-mouthed kiss and she responded by shoving her tongue halfway down my throat. Then I returned to sucking her breasts again, moving from one to the other. Meanwhile, my hand moved under her skirt and I slid it slowly up her silky thighs. When she didn’t object, I cupped her pubic mound in my hand and gently rubbed it. I could feel her wet pussy through her green panties. She moaned loudly. I stopped sucking on her breast, my fingers still on her pussy. She looked at me. “Let me take off your panties,” I said. I was so excited, I could hardly breathe. She had never let me go that far before.When she continued to look at me without saying a word, I reached up under her dress and started to tug her tiny panties down. She responded by raising muğla escort bayan her hips. I got up on the sofa with her and positioned myself on my knees between her spread legs. As I sucked her breasts, I put a finger in her pussy and used my thumb to play with her clit.I knew she couldn’t see what I was up to, so I reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled out my rigid cock. The next time that I moved up to kiss her mouth, I guided my cock toward her pussy lips and rubbed the head against her opening. She jumped when she felt it, but she didn’t stop me so I slowly pushed my cock into her until it was about halfway in her pussy. I finally had my cock in my sister’s pussy. “God, s*s, you’ve got the nicest pussy I’ve ever been in,” I said, pausing to enjoy the feeling. Her tight little pussy was pulsing and squeezing at me.I looked down into her face to see she was biting her lips and she had a wild look in her eyes. Suddenly, she wrapped her legs around my waist and her feet spurred my ass forward. I began to stroke in and out, keeping a nice steady pace. When it was time for her, she wrapped her arms around me and pulled my mouth to hers as she came. I rammed my cock into her deep and rubbed it around the back of her pussy as I sent a huge gusher of cum deep into her womb. She clung to me tightly, and I kept my cock buried in her pussy until my erection subsided.“Wow,” I said, as I rolled off her, “that was really something, wasn’t it? Aren’t you glad we finally fucked?”“Yeah, I am. I’ve never felt so satisfied in my life,” she said. “You’re only the third man I’ve ever fucked, Wayne, and I’ve been wondering what it would be like with someone else.” She smiled and toyed with my still half-hard cock. “And with my own brother. I feel so wicked.”We looked at each other and grinned. I wanted to fuck her again, but she was afraid that someone would come downstairs. The next afternoon when there was no one home but us, we did do it again. It was the first time anyone had ever eaten her pussy, and she went crazy with enjoyment. We now fuck regularly whenever we get a chance. Our emails and other correspondence keep out minds active.

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