Tales of Lotus Island – Olivia part 2


Tales of Lotus Island – Olivia part 2Throughout the autumn Olivia became aware that apart from his business he father was planning something that involved her but that he was reluctant to talk about. This was odd because outside confidential business matter he was generally very open. Olivia tried to get her friend and occasional lover to find out more. Since they had come back from Italy Meghan had become as much a friend of her father as herself. But Meg found a similar reluctance on behalf of Geoffrey to give details. All that they knew was that he spent some time in the Caribbean.In the end Olivia tried the direct approach “Dad give, what is it you are planning.”“Lots of things have you anything in particular”“It involves a resort in the Caribbean called Lotus Island”“Ah that I am afraid there is a hitch that might prove insurmountable so there is no point in discussing something that is not going to happen particularly as you may find elements of my abortive plans uncomfortable.”This of course intrigued her more but her father would not provide anything. For heavens sake he was a high end security consultant so keeping information to himself was second nature. After admitting that there were difficulties with his plan Geoffrey let things slid until late October when again he flew out to Lotus Island. Olivia was at home happily painting a self-portrait of herself wearing a rather sexy cocktail dress. It was quite provocative without being outright lewd. The intention was that it would be a Christmas present for Meghan. The phone rang and it was her father “Livi darling I am coming back home in a few days and we are going to have a couple of visitors. One will be coming over with me, actually she is flying us back in the company jet to Biggin Hill. The other visitor will fly into Gatwick from the States the next day.”“By the sound of it you have overcome the difficulties.”“By no means and that is why these two young ladies are coming over here as they can help with my problems. There are some other things that may be unsettling for you but it is better we talk face to face and sort them out. Now can you pick us up from Biggin Hill?”So Olivia was at Biggin Hill International a rather grand name for the former World War II airbase that now provided facilities for private jets. Livi drove her pride an joy a red Mercedes convertible now in winter with its top firmly closed. With her father was an elegant red-head dressed stylishly but leaving no doubts as to her femininity with the silk blouse showing a substantial amount of cleavage. Chrissy I would like you to meet my daughter Olivia, Olivia this is Chrissy who runs one of the divisions of Lotus Island Resort.“Hi Olivia its kind of you to pick us up.” Olivia was interested in Chrissy’s accent because whilst clearly American she pronounced her words with the precision of the English upper middle class. “It was no trouble whatsoever Biggin is just round the corner from Knockholt” Olivia unthinkingly spoke with the accent that Chrissy was slowly acquiring.“I think I am going to feel very much at home you sound like a young version of Liz and Lady Vicky.”“That sounds like a compliment so thanks. Shall we go.”When they got back to the house Chrissy was visibly impressed with the large house set back from the road in the woods on top of North Downs. Olivia was pleased because she found that she wanted to impress this sophisticated American women.Geoffrey had some important work that needed secure access not available on a plane so excused himself and left Chrissy in Olivia’s hands.Having found out that Chrissy did indeed like tea they indulged in that oh so English ritual. Olvia had made a Victoria sponge that morning and had brought out her grandmothers silver teapot. As they talked she relaxed more and more Chrissy it was apparent was despite appearance quite nervous herself and anxious for them to be friends. It became apparent that the semi English accent and behaviour was because Chrissy’s closest friends were from a privileged British background (Lady Vicky being a Scottish aristocrat) and part consciously it was rubbing of on Chrissy. In the course of the conversation a suspicion came to Livy that the friendship of Chrissy and Liz may be more. With some trepidation she asked if they were lovers. “Yes we are, though we are both bi and bursa escort like men as much as women.” What really surprised Olivia was when in response she was asked if she was curious about being bi. Since Olivia was and continued to have a relationship with Meghan she already knew that she was attracted to girls as well as men but didn’t want to admit as such mainly to protect Meghan who was a teacher at a girls school. It might cause her embarrassment even though in this day and age it shouldn’t“Yes, though I wouldn’t want Dad to know. I think it would shock him as he equates shy with being a prude.” Since neither Livy or Meghan had ever been with a girl before they started exploring each other bodies in Tuscany Chrissy liked the idea of a girl who had more experience.The way Chrissy was looking at her left no doubt as to one direction she would like to take any friendship. In Chrissy’s room Oliva was careful not to seem to keen but soon they were both undressed and Livi was getting very wet as Chrissy licked and nibbled at her pussy. Olivia wanted to practice what she was being taught so she could give Meghan the same enjoyable treatment she was receiving so she suggested a 69. As the afternoon progressed most of what was done to her she had worked out for herself with Meghan but some was entirely new. Olivia was introduced to BOB“Bob?”“Battery operated boyfriend.” Chrissy proceeded to tease the lips of Livi’s pussy whilst the vibrator buzzed like a manic sewing machine. Slowly it was pushed in a little way before being withdrawn and applied to her nipples. The effect were driving her wild finally it was used to stimulate her further as Chrissy kissed her passionately.They both had thundering climaxes before falling back on the bed lie there fondling each other. Chrissy had much bigger boobs than the average sized Meghan. Nestling up to and caressing the soft creamy bosoms was so delicious.Whilst they were lying in the warm glow of post glorious sex relaxation Olivia admitted the Chrissy that she was neither overly innocent or an ice maiden. Both of these things being what she though her father took her for. The idea of shocking him with the way the afternoon had been spent appealed to her greatly.It was then that Chrissy explained the nature of Lotus Island. It was a resort for the very rich which offered an atmosphere of sexual freedom where pretty much anything went between consenting adults. The staff were chosen for having a very liberal attitude and were actively encouraged to consort with guests if that what they wanted to do. In addition some villas had been built for permanent residents and her father had bought one.Now everything clicked into place as to why he had been so coy, Geoffrey was worried as to his prudish daughters reaction to finding out where he and possibly her were to live her ideas were confirmed by Chrissy.“How much do you know about Lotus island.”“Didly squat other that Daddy was considering moving there but seems reluctant for me to even visit.”“That is because it is a den of sin and iniquity that supplies sybaritic luxury. Your Dad really wants you to join him but is worried you will freak. By the way I am one of the directors and your father has completed on the purchase. With you as the only impediment to him moving there permanently”“Then we will have to disabuse him of his misconceptions won’t we. Look I am going to have to start dinner would you help me and could we not bother getting dressed first. The look on Daddy’s face when he finds us cooking starkers should be worth seeing. Also I have an admission today wasn’t my first time with a girl though we are both reluctant to admit it” there she had told the truth without mentioning Meg.”“I thought I was playing the great seductress and after all you had discovered girls already.”“I won’t say who with, to protect my friend but I have had some very nice times with a friend who knew as much about making love to women as I did. That amounts to doing to each other what we did to ourselves. Now I am learning form the great seductress.”“Hardly this time last year I was a virgin with girls or boys and I suspect more the ice queen than you ever were. I was an uptight little thing from the bible belt. Then Liz happened. What is it with you upmarket English broads so sophisticated and totally decadent.”“Centuries bursa escort bayan of practice darling” Livy was pleased with both her comment and the fact she was lumped in with Liz and Lady Vicky. Oh goodness she was looking forward to meeting them.“I have an idea which I hope you will find suitably decadent.” The idea was that Chrissy help Olivia prepare dinner whilst both of them were naked. As plan it worked brilliantly as Geoff walked in with a gin and tonic in his hand and sprayed it all over himself as he spluttered at the shock. Of seeing his daughter near starkers cooking wearing only an apron. Once he had got over the shock and realised that his serious worries about Olivia’s reaction to Lotus Island’s decadence were without foundation Geoffrey was quite pleased.“I admit that I was worried that you had little or no interest in sex Livi and that would be a shame because you would miss out on so much pleasure. It didn’t occur to me that you preferred girls a bit slow I suppose.”“I am not sure I prefer girls but a certainly like them.”“Oh well on Lotus Island you will have the chance to find out what it is that pleases you. I really shouldn’t be pleased that my daughter is going to be given the opportunity to be so adventurous but considering what I want to do I would be a total hypocrite to object.” “and that Daddy dear I know you would consider deplorable, would you not?”“Absolutely.”The next day they picked up Chrissy’s friend Cath from Gatwick. Olivia took an instant liking to her and later on in the afternoon the three girls went shopping in the huge shopping centre, Bluewater. This proved an eyeopener to Livy who as amongst other purchases they came back with co-ordinating outfits of white corset, reasonably demure dress at very, very tall white boots. All this was in order to please the owner of Lotus Island, Lady Victoria who had a big thing for thigh boots. As it turned out so had her father whose eyes nearly popped out when the girls modelled the boot and corset combination. Amongst all the excitement of the move, was one painful episode when Olivia had to break to Meghan that she was going to live in the Caribbean. It had not occurred to her that they had grown so close and that it would be a terrible shock to her friend As Olivia contemplated what this meant she realised that it was not just Meghan who was going to be bereft but her as well. At least in Olivia’s case she had new friends. Meghan was clearly as lonely as she had previously been herself.Olivia went to her father for advice.“Ah it would appear between the two of us we have hurt the lady quite a bit. I think we need to see if we can recover the situation. Are you still keen on the art gallery idea.”“Yes, are you thinking what I think you are thinking. That idea hasn’t even been put to Lady Victoria even if Chrissy thinks it’s good.”“Leave it to me darling, I am in very good odour with Vicky.”An hour later a rather smug Geoffrey came up to he room. All was arranged in the interim. paintings would be displayed in the public rooms of the resort and the commercial side could be run from a desk.“Of course you cannot do all the painting and run the gallery on your own so you will need a partner.”“Isn’t the cost of staying on the island rather steep even if you don’t have to pay for accommodation.”“Again don’t concern yourself I will subsidise Meghan until you are in profit. Now go and put your love lorn friend out of her misery.”Olivia was not sure that this solution would work because Meghan was a teacher and probably wouldn’t want to give it up her job. When Meghan answered it was very clear she was very low“Meghan you don’t want me to go do you.”“No I will miss you a great deal Liv but it does sound wonderful for you. Don’t miss out for my sake. Will you be able to come back to Europe occasionally.” She said the longing in her voice obvious.“Almost certainly particularly as I am going to have a gallery on the island aimed at the somewhat decadent clientele.”“Oh my darling are you saying you are going to paint nudes and other erotic paintings.”“Exactly that but I have a problem in that I can’t do it alone. Daddy said that he will help me whilst we get things established. I don’t suppose you would be prepared to give up teaching to join me and.”“Yes, yes and yes. I couldn’t join you immediately escort bursa as I need to give the school more notice but yes. But are you sure and is your father sure. It will be some time before we can break even. I don’t know the details but the costs must be enormous.”“It is costly and Daddy will not tell me how much but I am confident we can charge quite outrageous prices. Also to some extent I have been railroaded into this so he feels he owes both me and you. Oh God when did this creep up on us.”“I don’t know but you have made me feel so much better. I quite like my job but I like you more and the idea of being able to paint for a living is sooooo attractive.”“You do know what this place is like. Its very saucy.”Chrissy who walked in a couple of seconds earlier rolled her eyes at the word saucy.“May I speak to Meghan please, I have been chatting to Vicky.” Olivia handed over the phone but put it on speaker so she could hear both end of the conversation.“Hello Meghan, has Olivia mentioned me I am one of the directors of sauce. I shouldn’t worry too much about details the idea of a gallery greatly appeals to Lady Victoria and Geoffrey wants it to happen. Neither is very good at letting details get in the way of achieving their aims”“Thanks, it is a little scary giving up my job and going to live in another country and Lotus Island sounds rather different. I am not exactly an exhibitionist.”“Neither am I and I had a very conservative upbringing. It is really surprising how quickly you get used to wearing little or nothing. Also the sex side of it is still somewhat private. No copulating couples in full view on the lawn though if you investigate the rustling in the bushes you may get an eyeful.”“What happens if you do investigate?”“Nobody gets upset and the chances are you will be invited to join in.”“Oh my goodness. I hadn’t thought about group sex. Livy have you considered a threesome with a chap.”“Yes definitely had, I have tried it with two girls already. You and I are going to have fun next time we get alone together I have been taught some very nice things by a very enthusiastic and experienced lezzy girl call Cath who you will meet I hope.”This conversation had got all of them excited unfortunately for Meg she didn’t have Chrissy to fondle her tits the way that Olivia did.“I know its 60 miles but can I come and see you tomorrow as it’s my evening off duty.”“If you want to make the trip than certainly. How about staying and going back early after all you will be driving against the commuter traffic”“Could I?”The next evening a very bouncy Meghan turned up about 5.30. Throwing herself into Olivia’s arms she announced.“They are not making me work the spring term, I can go when we break up for Christmas. It turns out that it suits the head rather well as one of the senior governors is trying to get a job for his niece who is an art teacher so they are waving normal notice requirements. I only have to wait six weeks before I can join you. I don’t have to pretend to be a serious teacher anymore.” Meghan literally whirled in a circle with her full coat billowing out. Olivia was fascinated as to some extent Meghan had unwound when they were in Tuscany but not to this degree. Seeing her former teacher being so girlish was, well interesting. Geoffrey came out and reacted by giving Meg a hug.“I don’t quite know how I should treat you my dear, but how do you feel about being part of our family.”“I would like that very much I don’t have a family having been brought up by an aunt who has died some years ago”“Good and I think you will find when you get to Lotus Island that you will acquire more family though it is likely you will be sleeping with at least half of them which is slightly weird. To be honest I felt awful when I realised how much you cared for Livi.”“Its you own fault if you hadn’t paid for me to go to Tuscany with her then we would have never moved beyond former pupil/teacher. But thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring and going to so much trouble for me.”“I have let work and other things get in the way of family before, no more. Now come and meet the other two guests.”They had a thoroughly civilised meal with Geoffrey complaining not at all that he had four lovely young ladies. After dinner however the girls dresses somehow got misplaced and much cuddling that became fondling that became well very educational for Olivia and Meghan who were relative inexperienced. At the end of the evening Geoffrey took Chrissy off to bed whilst Cath continued her instruction and corruption of the other two.

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