Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the


Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the
Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the Week – Chapter 12
Morning seemed to arrive too quickly. Amy was snuggled up against me her back to my front, my right hand grasping her firm breast. I looked at the bedside clock. It was already 10 AM. About three hours until my tee time.
I released her boob and slowly moved away. She stirred, but did not wake. I got up and took another shower and shaved.
My mind was reeling with what had occurred so far. Now, I was going to to the golf course, for round two, with the thoughts of my daughter and Shelly in the VIP room tonight and how Amy was looking forward to getting the biggest dick I’d ever seen.
Morning Daddy. She sleepily greeted me when I came out of the bathroom. “Thank you for last night and for introducing me to Ariel. She’s really neat. I can see why you were attracted to her.”
Good morning honey, you’re welcome, and yes, she really is special. I replied. “What are your plans for today? I have to get ready and get to the course to practice for today’s round.”
She told me she was going to sleep a while longer because she expected to be up late that night at the club and that Ariel and Shelly were picking her up at three to go shopping. I told her I’d see her at the club later that night. Then I got dressed, kissed her and headed to the course.
Mike was waiting for me on the practice range. He looked like he’d been run over by a bus.
Hey Mike, rough night last night with the three gals? I asked.
You can’t even imagine. He began his story of the night with them.
After dinner, which Gloria treated, we went to their home in West Dallas. The place is huge. A three story mansion, gated security and the whole nine yards. We had some after dinner cocktails and all of us proceeded to get a bit looped. Then Gloria suggested we get in the hot tub. OMG Thorn, those three have the hottest bodies I’ve ever seen! They didn’t even hesitate, stripping off their clothes and mine right there in the house and leading me to the hot tub. We made out, the three girls making out with me and each other. I was in a tub full of tits and pussy! My cock was rock hard from them playing with it in the tub. When we got out of the hot tub, Gloria commented on my hardness and said they needed to take care of my problem. They took turns sucking my cock right there with me resting against the tub.
I interrupted him. “I suppose you went ‘Judith’ right?” That was what we called it when Mike’s cock, during a sexual encounter with someone other than his girlfriend, would become erect and stay that way for extended bahis siteleri canlı periods of time without him ejaculating.
Well, yeah, I did. He sheepishly looked at me. “After they all had sucked me, we went up to Gloria’s bedroom and we had an unbelievable foursome. They sucked and fucked me and each other. The three of them slurped on each other’s pussies like you wouldn’t believe. Then I fucked all three of them numerous times in every position imaginable. Gloria especially liked it in her ass. You’ll love her. I finally came in the one daughter, Deb, I had to imagine I was fucking Judy and it worked. We all fell asleep in a tangle of bodies. My cock feels like it was in a vice or something it’s so sore. From fucking so much”
Wow! Was all I could say.
Then I told him of my night in Ariel’s club. When I finished he jokingly said he’d have to come and check it out tonight. Maybe take the girls in the VIP room himself. I think my stern look told him it better be a joke. However, as an afterthought, I knew Amy had a crush on him at one time. Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. At least I’d know the guy she was entertaining. I told him to come on in later. He gave me a questioning look and I told him my thought. He told me he’d think about it. Then we got down to business.
We were just about done on the practice range when a female voice called to Mike from the rope line. We both turned and there stood Gloria, her two girls and another woman, who appeared to be around Gloria’s age. She was a slim knockout brunette with huge tits. We walked up to the rope line. They were all dressed to the nines in cleavage revealing short sundresses and high heel sandals. Eight hard nipples were pressing against the thin material giving us an eyeful. The new gal’s nipples were very large.
Hey guys, I wanted to introduce you to Jennifer. Jen is a good friend and business partner of mine and a big admirer of yours Thorn.
We chatted with the four of them for a bit then had to excuse ourselves to go to the practice green to putt. Before we left them, Gloria added, “Thorn, we’re going to follow you today and wondered if when you’re done we could buy you a drink? Mike is taking the girls out to dinner afterwards and we’d like to get to know you.”
I figured what the hell. I didn’t have to get to Ariel’s club until later on to see Amy and Shelly. So I agreed. Then Mike and I headed to the practice putting green.
Holy shit Thorn Mike said to me. “That Jen has a huge rack. I’d love to bury my face in there and just come up for air once in awhile.”
No k**ding, those are some big casino siteleri tits and they look natural. Hard to say here in Dallas though, they have some great plastic surgeons in this town. I answered. “I might just have to check those beauties out up close and personal.” We both chuckled.
Sure enough, the four of them were at the tenth tee where I was starting my second round. It was hard to concentrate with them following. The other two players in the group were really distracted and it showed in their golf. They were both over par at the turn and I managed to shoot a couple under. I wasn’t leading, but I was still in good position. With a good solid second nine on the front side, I was confident I could secure another late tee time for Saturday. With the way things were shaping up socially, I could use the extra time to rest!
We ran into a two group back up at the par 3 fifth hole. Mike set my golf bag down by the ropes, where the two women were sitting in the grass, while he went over and talked to the twins. I went over and sat on the base of my golf bag. They both had their knees up and were leaning back on their arms. Gradually as we talked, they both let their knees part to the point that I could get a good up skirt view. Neither one of them were wearing anything under their sundress. Both had beautiful shaved pussies with lovely lips and a landing strip of hair just above. My favorite, I liked a bit of hair, or for that matter, I just plain preferred a pussy that had any amount hair.
As we talked they both would move their knees apart then close them a bit. It seemed to make their pussies come alive. They noticed I was looking between their legs as often as at their faces as we talked. They both seemed to be stimulating themselves with the motion as the wetness began to show.
I see you’re enjoying the view Thorn, we’d both really love to give you a closer look later if you’re interested. Gloria spoke. “From what Mike has told me, we both meet your criteria down there.” They both giggled like school girls.
It’s a great view I must admit and the criteria is perfect. I’d love to make a closer inspection later. I told them.
Perfect, let’s skip the drinks here and head to my place for drinks after your round. Gloria offered.
What the fuck, I thought. This was too good an offer to refuse. Amy and Shelly would be at the club late and Ariel would understand.
Sounds good to me. I told them.
Hey Thorn, we’re up next. My fellow competitor Tom hailed me to the tee. Both the two women and I stood up. Mike was coming over to get my bag.
Here’s a kiss for luck. Jen said canlı casino and pressed her huge tits to my body and gave me a deep wet kiss. Gloria followed suit and rubbed my crotch with her hand as she twirled her hot tongue in my mouth. I instantly got a raging boner.
Hmmm, Gloria commented as we broke free of each other. “Don’t let anyone see that extra club you have in your pants, you might get a two stroke penalty.” They both laughed looking at my hard cock bulging my slacks.
Mike came over and picked up my golf bag. “Fuck Thorn, you better let that thing settle down or it’ll affect your swing!” Mike hissed as we walked to the tee markers.
Damn Thorn, you two are magnets to females. Tom said as the group ahead was getting ready to clear the green. “You guys always have the sexiest golf groupies I’ve ever seen. Those four have distracted the hell of of Scott and I today. Yesterday was bad, but today with those tits and nipples sticking out, we can’t even concentrate on our games. I swear I just got a glimpse of pussy while those two were sitting by you.”
You did. I told him.
Scott chimed in. “I still remember that time in at the Canadian Open when that hot blonde in the mini skirt and see through top followed you and every green she positioned herself behind the hole with her legs spread wide open, pussy right in line for the view on the putt. All I could think about was that pussy going snap, snap snap, every time I lined up a putt!” We all got a good laugh out of that remembrance.
That hot little blonde was amazing. I met her after that first round. We fucked every night while I was in Canada. She was beautiful and very sweet. A great memory. But, that’s another story.
I was up first. My erection had subsided and I made a great swing. The ball arched high and true, took one bounce, hit the flagstick and went in for a hole in one! The crowd, and especially the four women, went crazy. After handshakes from Tom, Scott, Their caddies and Mike, I went over to the ropes to the two women.
I guess you two kissing me for luck really did the trick. I told them. At which point they both threw their arms around me and smothered me with tits and kisses. Little did I know, the television cameras were rolling, not live, but on tape. I didn’t know then that this hole-in-one would come back to haunt me, in divorce court, in the future.
I finished the round with a five under par 67, good enough to get me in the final group of the day on Saturday, in a tie for second place. After I signed my scorecard I met Mike outside scoring and told him our time for the next round. He was elated and said would he put my clubs in storage and see me tomorrow unless he came to the club tonight. I wished him a good nought with the twins and he told me to give Gloria an extra good fucking for him. We both laughed and went to meet our respective females.

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