Tailgating with Jessie


Tailgating with JessieDisclaimer: I have posted this story on another site, but it truly is mine.The sun hung high and unobscured in the cool and clear autumn sky. Two professional football teams were making preparations for week six of the National Football League’s season while I fought my way through masses of cars, pedestrians and traffic cones. I’d actually never been to a football game, and that streak would continue despite the fact that I was trying to get to the stadium on game day as quickly as I could.Beside me in the passenger seat was my fun and lovely friend Jessie. Almost two years had passed since she had been the centerpiece of a threesome in which she had been caught in between her husband and me. Since then, our sessions had been few and far between, though she and I thoroughly enjoyed them. We realized we had to get creative in order to make the most of our opportunities.We finally made it into the tailgate party and began the daunting task of searching for an RV that could be identified by only a picture that had been emailed to me by a man I’d never actually met yet. I probably would have missed the vehicle entirely had that man not quickly identified Jessie and greeted us. Not only was he fairly well acquainted with Jessie’s appearance due to the number of pictures of her I’d sent him, but Jessie kind of stuck out even in her jacket because not many girls wear silver stripper heels to a tailgate.Tom and I had met online as a result of Jessie and my idea to maximize our exploits. Several weeks ago, Jessie had made arrangements to visit home, travelling the 500 or so miles that separated us ever since she and her young family had moved away, which occurred not long before our aforementioned first threesome. Because of work, Jessie’s husband could not make the trip, so my female friend would be alone.It wasn’t the first time Jessie had come up alone. Her husband’s job kept him at home down south often but still left him available to watch their toddler son. At first, those scenarios led to little more than just some time for Jessie and I to hang out. One fateful time, however, I banged Jessie without her husband’s involvement, and it didn’t take me long to get over the fact I’d committed adultery. We continued to shamelessly fuck whenever we had the chance, but, even still, something was missing from our twosome sessions.Finally, just a month prior to this afternoon’s event, Jessie, her husband and I enjoyed back-to-back days of sandwiching Jessie, and I knew it was the group element that had become almost a necessity in our sex life. As wild as any sex with Jessie had been and despite how unthinkable it had previously been to actually double-penetrate my hot friend-which has always been my most depraved fantasy-group sex was now something for which we were willing to push all the limits to attain.”A Delicious Jessie Sandwich” was the name of the ad I posted on Craigslist. Jessie had suggested the website for me to seek out casual encounters when we had very briefly refrained from each other earlier this year. Though I’d yet to do so, now I was suggesting the site to seek out another guy who could take Jessie’s husband’s place in the threesome.In the body of the article, I clearly lay out my inquiry: we wanted a relatively young and fit man to join me for heterosexual intercourse with my beautiful brunette friend who has been involved in group sex multiple times. Specifically, we were looking to double-penetrate her, preferably with me in her pussy while our new friend took her ass. I wasn’t looking for endless emails, and we weren’t willing to share nude pictures of Jessie, but regular pictures would be made available for those who were sincerely interested.We had expected plenty of interest in our advertisement, but nothing could have prepared us for just how many emails flooded Jessie’s inbox. I spent most of that first weekend on the couch in my living room just weeding through those messages, responding to whatever seemed legitimate and avoiding all the unwelcome dick pictures that came my way. What I ended up doing to help narrow it down was ask the guys what specifically they’d like to do and if they could host. With so many inquiries, I realized I could be picky.Tom separated himself from the pack in his very first email: “What weekend is she coming up? I got a buddy coming into town to tailgate at the football game. Is she into airtight?” Tom could host, had a hot idea and even had an extra participant. I was sold immediately but wasn’t sure if Jessie would be on board. I told Tom I’d get back to him.Obviously, seeing as Tom was about to greet me there just outside the stadium on the weekend in question, Jessie had accepted – quite excitedly, by the way. As soon as Tom approached us, Jessie even leaned in to my ear and said she thought he was our guy. He wore sunglasses and a cap pulled down, covering his forehead as he made his way over to us. I noticed he was about my height but a little more built. His light brown goatee obscured even more of his face.Once the slightly awkward introductions were complete, Tom led us into the RV he had supplied. He said he had spotted Jessie’s face right away and that the high heels were a dead giveaway too, as I’d suspected. During our email conversation, Tom and I had agreed on Jessie’s outfit, which included those shoes. I suggested them myself, actually, since, to date, Jessie had always worn a pair of sexy heels during our group sex episodes. Tom had agreed, saying heels added to the vixen factor.Tom said he had half-expected us to not show up and also told me that he still hadn’t told his buddy about this treat he had orchestrated. Even when his friend, whose name was John, met Jessie and me, he had no idea what was in store just yet. I noticed, though, how he eyeballed Jessie from head to toe, taking in the shoes, her bare legs and styled hair, which must have seemed out of place for what he thought to be a casual get-together with some new friends. Tom had wanted it to be a pleasant surprise for John, and it certainly would be.John was a bit taller than I and a little overweight, but not much. He was clean-shaven and had dark black hair that peeked out from underneath his own ball cap. He may have known something was up when the slender, 5’5″ lady took her jacket off, revealing her cheerleader outfit from college. It was a little tight on her, but, hey, she’d had a k** since then and was still rocking it, so it was easy to overlook. The uniform just so happened to be the same colors as the home team at this afternoon’s game, but to protect identities, I’ll leave those colors out. It was a little cool for Jessie to wear a skirt that went barely halfway down her thighs, a sleeveless top and open-toe shoes, but that RV wouldn’t be chilly for long.In addition, Jessie had curled her brown hair, which still hung down to her shoulders. Within her hair, she had tied matching little streamers to add to her team spirit. Finally, her finger- and toenails were appropriately colored as well. Jessie was far from a football fan in real life but was playing the part well this afternoon.Naturally, John commented on Jessie’s unexpected appearance and jokingly asked if she were an escort. Jessie blushed, the nerves starting to hit her (I knew they were hitting me, anyway), and responded by saying, “Oh, no. I don’t charge.” Then she flashed that bright white smile that was outlined by her deep red lips, a smile that almost always made me shudder from some type of arousal.Meanwhile, Tom was getting some snacks and drinks together. The rest of us took seats in front of TV as we listened to the boring pregame show. Football is pretty cool, but I never wanted to listen to people I didn’t know talk about what hadn’t happened yet, especially not when I was anticipating the commencement of a wild three-on-one with my best friend as the centerpiece any minute now.The pregame went to commercial, and Tom, who had taken off his cap and shades to reveal his green eyes and curled, sandy hair, caught my inadvertent gaze and nodded. He then revealed to his buddy how he’d made contact with us and for what we were really here. No, it wasn’t football.I muted the TV and stood up, bringing Jessie up with me as I took her by the hand. John was speechless at first but quickly conveyed both his approval and excitement. Our new friends asked Jessie to show us what she had to offer, motioning back to the couch seat from which she had just stood up. Jessie giggled, some nerves evident from the tone, and sat back down as I joined the two other guys in front of the TV. I’m sure Jessie didn’t mind having the commercials blocked.Jessie started the festivities by pulling up her top. She slid the garment up and stopped once it was just over her boobs, which were covered by a white lacy bra. Her grin grew wider as Tom and John voiced their approval of her B-cup breasts. They weren’t huge but they were perfect for her frame, and my new friends found them as good as advertised even before Jessie had sufficiently disrobed.After taking compliments, Jessie pulled the top off entirely and threw it beside the couch seat before throwing her hair back and fixing it. Then she leaned forward, showing off her cleavage as she reached behind her back to unclasp the bra. As her qualms left her, Jessie showed off an admirable comfort level for this type of situation. She wasn’t a seasoned porn star by any means, but her confidence and shamelessness was evident, as would be mine. And, beside, the more I thought about it, she probably would make a pretty good porn star.Tossing her bra toward us guys, Jessie laughed, played with her hair again and sat there, apparently waiting for orders. We guys were just taking in Jessie’s rack, which hung free, no longer encumbered by the underwear. I felt pride well up inside me for being able to offer such a hot piece to these guys for an afternoon of crazy, debauched shit.”What do you think?” I said to my new friends. “Will she do?””Oh, she’ll do all right,” said John, who was loosening his pants. Tom didn’t say anything but followed his buddy’s lead and started to undress. I decided to follow suit.Over the past couple years, I had grown much more comfortable disrobing in front of other guys. In that moment, I remembered how difficult it was to just take my pants off the first time leading up to Jessie’s husband and my double-teaming his wife, let alone carrying out the act. When it came down to it, Jessie was just too hot to pass up in such an act. Now, though, I had done enough threesomes with Jessie where I could just cut to the chase no matter how many guys were involved. After all, it wasn’t any of them I’d be fucking, and nothing was more straight than giving this hottie in her late 20s the intense nailing she needed.Amused, Jessie watched on as all three men stripped down in front of her. Once we illegal bahis were ready for her, Jessie slid off the seat and dropped to hands and knees. Then she crawled over the few feet to the three of us, who instinctually surrounded her in that RV. Without any words of instruction, we four assembled and prepared for a little pregame of our own.I was so transfixed on Jessie that I didn’t really notice that the other guys were even there, let alone that they were naked. I didn’t even pay attention to the fact that they were as hard as I was until I watched Jessie take a cock in each hand and stroke it while she looked up at me with eyes that beckoned me to step closer. While she slowly beat off those strangers amid their moans, I came right up to her, cock in hand, and guided my erection to her mouth, which readily opened to accept me.”Oh, fuck!” Tom said as he watched my friend suck on my cock while stroking two others, simultaneously pleasuring all three of us. “You weren’t k**ding about this chick!””You haven’t seen anything yet,” I said between pleasured sighs while Jessie’s tongue pressed against the length of my shaft. From that point on, Jessie made her rounds, managing to give attention to each of as she alternated stroking and sucking us. Each of us guys would get a minute or two in her mouth before she would move onto the next guy – but not before taking the previous cock back in her hand to stroke it.As the blowbang commenced, we all varied our pace and intensity. Sometimes Jessie would bob her head back and forth quickly, causing her hair to shake almost violently as she polished one of our knobs while rubbing her hands up and down the other cocks hard and fast. Other times, she moved slowly and seductively, licking the shaft from the base to its head while she gently stroked off the other two. Meanwhile, we guys alternated our response, doing anything from relaxing and letting the girl pleasure us at times and pulling her hair and thrusting deep into her mouth and everything in between.Throughout, moans escaped all us men, while Jessie’s movement on our flesh and her gasps added to the soundtrack. By the time we were ready to progress, at least 20 minutes had passed, and Jessie was already sweaty and out of breath. However, she was more than ready to go. My new friends didn’t need to worry about my long-time friend’s stamina.We agreed to warm Jessie up before really giving it to her by simply taking turns with her on the couch seat. As she dutifully stood up, Jessie reached under her short skirt and pulled out her black thong, drawing a cheer from her male counterparts. She pushed the garment down to her knees and then turned around, shuffling over to the seat and kneeling down on it.Tom and John deferred to me, but I wasn’t quite psyched up enough yet to have sex with Jessie while other people watched. Not long from then, I’d be doing plenty of shameful things to her without a concern, but I’d need to watch her get fucked first if I were going to put on the same show. Therefore, Tom readily stepped up to go first, standing right behind Jessie’s ass and reaching for the thong around her knees, which he began to pull off her.No one had even noticed that the football game had begun. John and I just watched Tom remove the thong from Jessie’s ankles and toss it with her top on the floor. He then wasted no time pushing his cock into Jessie’s ready pussy, slowly but surely until he was deep inside her.Jessie pressed her hands against the backrest and spread her legs a little wider as she moaned and took in that new cock. Tom cursed and put his hands under Jessie’s skirt as he forced as much of his member into my brunette lover. Then he pulled back and began to screw her from behind.”What do you think?” I asked Tom.”She’s fucking perfect, bro,” he said confidently as he nailed Jessie harder and faster with each passing moment. Jessie laughed and squealed as the gangbang just got started. She knew she was in for a long afternoon, and I knew she was ready for it.Watching Jessie get railed had me over the discomfort of being watched almost instantaneously. After just a minute, I was lined up behind Tom, ready for my turn. We agreed to give each other about five minutes with her in whatever position we desired before opening the afternoon up to the really depraved stuff.I really enjoyed the view of Jessie with her eyes closed, open mouth moaning as she sank her hands into the back cushions and took Tom’s pounding. I could have done without the sight of man ass, but it came with the territory, I guess. I waited my turn and then was amply ready to pick up where Tom would leave off.As Tom slowed down to a stop inside Jessie, some loud cheers erupted. It was only then that we remembered that a game was going on, and I briefly looked over at the TV to see that the home team had just scored first. As soon as I noticed the game, I forgot about it and took my place in front of the couch seat as Tom stepped aside. I couldn’t help but see that his cock was slick with Jessie’s juices.I decided to re-position Jessie, laying her on her back, parallel with the seat, her head on the armrest. Then I lifted her right leg as I hovered over her, resting her ankle on my left shoulder as I pushed my cock into her spread pussy. Jessie moaned and looked down, reaching to hold her twat open and help me guide my manhood into her warm, wet hole.I hardly eased myself into Jessie, whose pussy was already primed, thanks to Tom’s work. I slammed myself balls-deep into her immediately and then leaned over her as I started to fuck her hard and fast from the get-go. Jessie responded by laughing and grabbing my waist as I slid in and out of her tight, wet twat over and over again while Tom and John urged me on.With both hands still on my waist, Jessie lifted her other leg onto my shoulder as well, so that both ankles were bouncing on my shoulders as I pummeled her pussy. John commented on how hot it looked to see this beautiful brunette get pounded with her legs up in the air, and I instantly desired to see the same thing. As I leaned over Jessie and looked into her beaming brown eyes while I fucked her, I brought myself as close to an orgasm as I could without actually going over the edge.Rather abruptly, I pulled out of Jessie and asked John to start out exactly as I’d finished, with Jessie’s legs on his shoulders. He obliged, and Jessie lifted her sexy legs back in the air while John got up on the seat with her and prepared for his turn in this round of sex. This time, Jessie dug her nails into the cushion beneath her as the larger man slid in between her legs and pushed his cock into her hole.John was right: it was really hot to watch the hot brunette get fucked on her back while her legs rested on the dude’s shoulders. Jessie grinned and clutched the seat throughout as John gave it to her hard, picking up speed as he went. As I watched this stranger have sex with my best friend, I thought I heard a groan outside, and, sure enough, I saw that the game looked to be tied up at 7. I couldn’t have cared less.After two or three minutes, John buried his cock to the hilt inside Jessie and pulled her up onto him. He then, still holding her tightly, leaned back and let down on the couch seat, Jessie now on top. Jessie giggled and put her hands on John’s gut, her one leg resting on the cushion, while the other dangled down and touched the floor. Holding Jessie by her hips, John began to slide her up and down his cock.Jessie took the lead from there and rode John for the next few minutes until this time was up. For a few moments, she looked right at me as her hair and boobs bounced along with her body as she slid up and down the hard shaft over and over again. The streamers in her hair rustled as well, reminding me of the cheerleader role play. Of course, she donned the skirt as well, which d****d around her thighs and John’s stomach each time she came down on his cock.Moans and groans came from John, who was enjoying the surprise of his life, until Jessie ground to a halt, leaned over and informed John that his time was up. Without resistance, John let go of girl, who stepped off and moved away from the couch. She was giggling a bit and sweating as she caught her breath a little. She was plenty warmed up at this point, now, for the real fun to begin.First, however, we graciously allowed her to clean up a bit in the bathroom. As Jessie took a few minutes, John and Tom sat down naked and watched some of the game. The home team was now down by 10 about halfway through the second quarter, but, again, I couldn’t bother to care. Honestly, I was surprised that these guys could pay attention to football when we were all preparing to fuck a babe simultaneously. Then again, I remembered how uneasy I was the first time in group sex and figured pretending to care about sports was better than dealing with forced, awkward conversation while our prize took her time getting ready.I don’t know what Jessie was doing in there that took so long. I finally settled in and watched the game too in silence as I waited. The home team scored right before half-time to make it a close game, and with it, the cheers of thousands of fans surrounded our little RV. I would have really liked to have been ganging up on Jessie amid those loud cheers and started to grow frustrated with how drawn-out this rendezvous was beginning. Optimistically, I originally thought we’d bang out one session during the pregame and be ready to go for round two during half-time, but it looked like the real party wouldn’t be underway until the second half.Finally, Jessie emerged as the intermission kicked off. She had clearly cleaned up a bit: her hair was fixed, her makeup reapplied and her body cleaned up of the sweat. She was looking awfully yummy, actually, and made me quickly forget my frustration as I anticipated the terrible things we three guys were about to do to her.It didn’t take long for John and Tom to pull themselves away from the screen. The TV got muted again, and three men stood in the open space within the RV as Jessie made her way to the middle of that space. Tom had told me neither he nor John had experience with group sex, so I imagine they were a little unsure as to how to proceed. I thought to take that fact to my advantage and position Jessie just how I wanted, but it was then suggested that I break in Jessie’s ass. After all, we were here to fuck all her holes, and her butt remained untapped up to this point. Jessie assumed the doggy-style position on the carpet, spreading her legs and looking over her shoulder at me as I knelt behind her and spread her ass. I enjoyed screwing a girl’s ass, but never as much as her pussy. However, I was happy to comply here and would be willing to trade off later. As I pressed the head of my cock into the entrance to Jessie’s shitter, I looked up into her eyes, which were barely visible illegal bahis siteleri through that silky brown hair that obscured the rest of her face. I smiled at her and pushed forward, gently filling her ass inch by inch until my balls were on her taint.Jessie sighed as I filled her and she took it rather well. She was clearly becoming more and more comfortable with anal sex the more she did it. She didn’t show any real signs of discomfort as I lodged myself in her butthole, to the delight of all us guys.”Look at that,” John said. “She took the whole thing and didn’t even flinch!””There’s more that I can do,” Jessie said. “Just wait-” and then she yelped just a little as I pulled back, pushed forward and began to fuck her in the ass.I held tightly onto Jessie’s hips, my hands underneath her cheerleader skirt as I thrust back and forth, in and out if her ass. Jessie looked forward and groaned as I plowed her, shoving my whole length into her tight butt over and over again. As I screwed her at one end, Tom finally had the presence of mind to kneel down in front of Jessie and coax her into sucking his cock as she got ravished in her back door.Jessie’s hair and the streamers within it rocked back and forth as Jessie’s body slid between Tom and me. After a moment, I didn’t even have to thrust anymore, since Jessie was doing the work now. I just held onto her as she shifted forward and back, taking my whole cock in her ass while swallowing Tom’s cock at her other end.It wasn’t long after Tom and I began to split roast Jessie that John was eager to join in and make it airtight. We figured the easiest way to include everyone was to disassemble this Eiffel Tower and start over, so Tom and I pulled out of Jessie, who first gasped and then attempted to catch her breath. Tom moved quickly to slide under Jessie, calling dibs on her cunt. Since I’d just been in the adjacent hole, I made my way to Jessie’s head and let the bitch clean off my cock with her tongue while Tom slid into her cunt while he lay beneath her. John, without hesitancy, came in the rear, settling behind Jessie as he pushed his cock against Jessie’s asshole as his buddy slid deeper and deeper into Jessie’s cunt.No matter how many times I’d partaken in a Jessie sandwich, I never lost my wonder of it. I could feel my cock get even harder in Jessie’s mouth as I watched John push into the girl’s ass, double-stuffing her back end while I closed off the front. It took a little extra effort on John’s part to wedge his manhood into that right opening, which I knew from experience was very constricted, thanks to the prick in Jessie’s pussy, but he eventually managed to get his whole shaft inside the bitch so that she was firmly stuffed in all three holes.Tom and John cursed as they took in the reality that they were both balls-deep in the same bitch. I think I swore too as I knelt in front of the sandwich and looked on with lust at my doubly penetrated best friend. I hardly noticed that my left knee was very close to Tom’s head. I wonder if he noticed either. This experience was so hot that it was hard to discern any discomfort.I took the liberty of coaching the rookies a little bit, giving them tips on how to adequately double-fuck this chick. John, who was successfully keeping his distance from me at the other end as he knelt upright and gripped Jessie’s skirt, took my advice and pulled back from Jessie’s ass right before Tom started to stir beneath the girl. Then, just as John pushed back in, Tom retracted from Jessie’s cunt, making Jessie moan on my dick, which I just held in place in her mouth as I viewed this sandwich in front of me.Within a couple minutes, my new friends were getting the hang of double-penetrating the lovely lady, sawing in and out of her while I watched up close. Once the other men were in full motion, their pushing in and out of Jessie caused her body to pop forward just enough so as to make her head bob back and forth on my cock, sucking my cock without any additional effort from her or me.It was an unreal experience to watch Jessie get so firmly fucked by the three of us, all in such close proximity to each other. All the while, we’d pretty much completely forgotten that this airtight gangbang was occurring in an RV in the middle of a tailgate yard amid scores of hardcore sports fans. John and Tom were sliding in and out of Jessie’s ass and pussy while I fucked her face, stuffing all her holes while the nearby football fans were none the wiser to the hot, debauched sex going on.We boys were grunting and moaning as we fucked Jessie harder and faster. Jessie moaned hard on my cock as the tip pushed closer and closer to her throat. I was now thrusting hard into her myself while she was still getting pushed forward into my dick, giving her no mercy. Jessie squirmed amid us, but only slightly as she was pinned airtight. I could hear the squelching of her holes and the squishing of her flesh, which now glimmered from sweat, as we all banged her.As the foursome continued, I decided to pull out so as to accomplish a few purposes: 1) give my poor female friend a breather while she remained double-stuffed, 2) prepare myself for another position and 3) take the opportunity to sit back and simply watch while my best friend got sandwiched. As soon as I was out of her mouth, I sat down on the couch seat, in front of which on the floor Jessie was on her hands and knees with a guy buried in her beneath and above her. As I watched Jessie get drilled in both her ass and pussy as she wore only the silver high heels and colored skirt, I stroked my cock rather vigorously to the point where I had to settle down and not cum too soon. I had a nice big load that I needed to save for Jessie’s face.With unquenchable lust, I cheered the threesome on as Tom and John sawed in and out of Jessie. Jessie had been in kind of a daze for the last couple moments, but upon realizing that I was watching her get sandwiched, she looked up at me with those piercing brown eyes, grinned widely and moaned loudly. It would be impossible to describe just how hot it was to watch Jessie take it in both holes in that position, and it was only going to get hotter as I took advantage of my situation.After a few minutes of watching, I suggested that the guys flip Jessie over. No one objected, so the boys slowed to a stop inside Jessie, and then John pulled out, pulling Jessie off Tom. Tom remained on his back, and John helped Jessie stand up, turn around and then sit down. The whole time, she cursed and begged for more cock. Soon enough, she had Tom’s cock poking her ass as she sank down lower and lower until it was entirely inside her.Still gasping and moaning, Jessie propped herself up by her arms on Tom’s chest and lifted up her legs, spreading them as John stepped up in front if her. Now I was in for a real treat as I watched John sink down on Jessie, his cock pressing into her pussy. It was hot anytime Jessie was fucked, especially by two guys at once. However, nothing was better than when her legs were in the air as she was pinned between two guys.Screaming, Jessie reached over John’s shoulder and sank her nails into his back, still propping herself up by her other arm as John leaned over her and topped off the sandwich, sinking his cock inch by inch into Jessie’s cunt until he was sheathed deep inside her. Jessie’s high heels kicked in the air and her body squirmed as it was squished. Underneath her and buried deep in her ass was Tom, who knew now how legitimate the ad was to which he responded. Seeing Jessie within that mass of flesh was almost enough to make me cum without even touching myself.The boys commenced as Jessie screamed and writhed. Overhead was the flat screen TV displaying the football game, but I’d completely forgotten about the game and our surroundings by this point. Tom and John slid in and out of Jessie’s ass and pussy, sawing in and out of her and moving like a well-oiled machine as they double-penetrated her. As Jessie cried out from probably some discomfort but I suspected mostly from pleasure, her new boy toys moaned and cursed as they double-penetrated her.No longer content to merely observe, I got up and made my way back over to Jessie’s head. I noticed right away how much hotter it was by that pile of flesh and realized how warm the previously chilly vehicle had become due to the sex. Without a word of instruction, I stood to Jessie’s right, opposite where John was leaned over, and stuck my cock in Jessie’s mouth. She obediently accepted my offering, turning her head farther to her right and sucking me off while John and Tom persisted in taking turns inside her other end.My eyes traveled down Jessie’s face to her heaving boobs, nearly obscured by John’s upper body. From there, I admired her slender legs, which protruded from underneath John. Her bright toenails, poking from the silver shoes, pointed toward the roof of the RV as her stretched-out and spread legs made plenty of room for John to fuck her tight, sloppy cunt while his friend stuffed Jessie’s ass. Jessie clung to John with one,hand, the other now reaching to the floor, as we boys slid in and out of all her holes, over and over again.After a couple minutes of fucking her in all her holes in that manner, I called for another change of positions. I pulled away first, followed by John, and then Jessie stood up, but not for long, for which her weak knees could be grateful. John now took the spot on the floor, and I helped Jessie down on top of him, as soon she was secured in his ass. Breathing deeply, Jessie beckoned me to get on top of her, and I didn’t hesitate. It was time for my favorite position.Jessie lifted only her right leg this time, so I stepped over her other leg and under the uplifted one. With one of her legs separating me from John underneath her and her other leg over my shoulder, I aimed my cock straight for her shimmering pink pussy and slid easily inside the wet hole, sinking down until my balls joined John’s on her taint, separated just barely. Jessie threw her head back and cried out with delight as I moaned from the pleasure my cock received from the close confines, neighbored by another erection just on the other side of that thin membrane that delineated her ass and pussy. As she held her head back while John and I worked on stuffing one end of the girl, Tom inserted his dick into her open mouth.Tom urged Jessie to suck his cock while she got double-penetrated at her other end. As John and I remained relatively still for a moment with Jessie in between us, Jessie slid her head back and forth, her neck straining as she sucked Tom off. Even after multiple experiences with DP, it always took me a minute to adjust to the sensations initially. While Jessie sucked Tom’s cock while Tom talked dirty to her, I prepared to fuck Jessie. Once I felt John begin to groan and pull back on the other side of the canlı bahis siteleri bitch, I started to do the same in her pussy.All three of us guys moaned and cursed as we proceeded to fuck the same girl, screwing all her holes, just as she and I had advertised. It wasn’t long before I was thrusting steadily in and out of Jessie’s cunt that pleasured noises involuntarily leaked from my mouth as I took in the reality that my best and hottest friend was getting filled to the brim with cock. John took a minute to sync up with me, but after a while, he was thrusting in Jessie’s ass in rhythem with me. Once our cocks, separated just enough by that membrane, were sliding back and forth beside each other inside the same girl, any anxiety associated with teaming up on a girl with other guys completely evaporated.The four of us plummeted deeper into depravity as we boys thrust deeper into Jessie’s three tight holes. By now, we were all fucking her with the force and consistency of pistons, sawing in and out of her as she lay pinned helplessly within this mass of flesh. Her cries and moans were muffled by Tom’s cock as the girl now stayed still, allowing Tom to just thrust himself deep toward her throat while the other two of us took turns in her other holes. We were positioned just right to not only maximize the pleasure but also avoid unnecessary male-to-male contact. Jessie’s body and left leg were squished between John and me, while her right leg over my shoulder forced me to angle my thrusts a little differently, since my left leg kept me propped away from John’s other leg. This angle placed my head over Jessie’s left shoulder, while John kept his head on the ground, Jessie’s hair falling nearly in his face as he tilted his head slightly to his right. Meanwhile, Tom knelt just several inches away from his buddy, causing Jessie to crook her neck to her right and hold still as Tom fucked her face. I had one hand on Jessie’s right boon and the other on the floor, while John had one in Jessie’s right hip and The other, I presumed, on her opposite thigh. Jessie’s hands were now right where I wanted them: sunk into my back as she was filled airtight. The proper heterosexual double penetration was really an art, and we were pulling it off perfectly in that small RV.The chilled temperature of the vehicle was a distant memory as we were all now sweating amid the intense heat. Jessie’s body was a mess, now that she was coated with sweat, and her hair was tangled and starting to get matted. My body slid all the more effortlessly against her damp flesh and I pushed in and pulled out of her tight pussy again and again, while John did the same in her ass. The helpless chick could probably barely breath as she was pounded in all her holes and writhing amid three grown men who all desperately wanted to give her the fucking her hot body demanded, our flesh slapping repeatedly against Jessie’s.”Oh, shit!” Tom cried out and then moaned. He was cumming. It was only a matter of time before one of us unloaded. I prided myself on my stamina, aided by my experience, no matter how limited, with group sex. These poor guys, however, were enjoying all the amplified sensations for just the first time. I slowed down my thrusts into Jessie’s cunt, and John did the same on the other side as Tom unloaded in Jessie’s mouth. The poor girl could hardly get air as it was, and now she had hard spurts of semen shooting down her throat.Tom cursed and moaned from the increased sensitivity of his prick as Jessie finished sucking him off and swallowing his cum. As soon as Tom pulled away, I decided it was as good a time as any to try at least one more position. I pulled away and out of Jessie’s used pussy, which made a slurping sound as my penis exited it. Jessie was gasping and swearing as we finally gave her some space, but she was undoubtedly turned on by the hot treatment she had just received and was more than willing to proceed without delay as she stepped off John, pulling away from his cock that had been in her ass.Tom collapsed in the couch seat and then, now satisfied sexually, bemoaned the fate of his team, which brought my attention to the game for the first time in a long time. It was now about halfway through the final quarter, and the home team was being soundly beaten. It was too bad, really; dominating Jessie in an airtight gangbang would have been made hotter only by the loud cheers of thousands of sports fans around us. Alas, it just wasn’t meant to be.Jessie had barely caught her breath before John stepped up behind her and gripped her hips. He then lifted her up, switching his hands from her hips down to her ass and then to the backs of her knees once her back was pinned to his chest. Jessie giggled and put her arms behind her, around John’s neck as both she and I anticipated what John was suggesting. With Jessie now latched onto him, John freed one hand momentarily to push his cock back into Jessie’s ass while her unsupported leg dangled toward the floor just far enough for the toe of her high heel to touch the floor. Jessie and John groaned as John’s cock slid into her shitter again, and, as soon as enough of his cock was inside her, John picked up Jessie’s leg at the knee again and spread her nice and wide as I watched her sink down to his balls. For just a moment, I admired Jessie’s sexy body. She was glistening from head to toe with sweat from herself and three men. Her breasts heaved up and down as she drew near the final stages of one of her most intense workouts to date. Her dark brown hair hung loose and damp around her neck, the streamers within it in random disarray. My eyes traced down to her crumpled, wrinkled cheerleader skirt, down her shining legs to her cute toes that poked through the openings of her sexy shoes. Then I looked back up to her vacant pussy and knew what I had to do.Stepping up to the girl who was fastened in her ass to the guy behind her, I easily slipped my cock into her wet, used but still tight hole. John’s cock in her ass was stiff on the other side, but I had long ago gotten over the homophobia of the awareness of another male part that close to me. As my own member slid deeper and deeper into Jessie’s twat, my hands shot up to support Jessie under her arms, while her legs pressed against my sides.She and I both groaned together until I was balls-deep inside her once again. She then let go of John’s neck and threw her arms around my neck instead. Now that she was in position, we were ready to go. Without a word, John and I simultaneously lifted Jessie up and then lowered her back down, poking both of her holes hard as we moved forward with double-penetrating her once again.Jessie screamed as her holes were filled to capacity once, twice and then over and over again as John and I lifted her up and down. With the two of us lifting her slight, 5’5″ frame together, it was hardly any strain on my arms, and the pleasure it elicited made it more than worth it. As we double-stuffed her, Jessie sank her nails in my back, holding fast, and her heels clawed up and down my sides as she pressed her legs against me, still supported at the knees by John as she was thrust onto our cocks again and again.Our pace increased, and Jessie got fucked faster and faster. She moaned in my ear as her hair flew about wildly with her shifting body. Her noises were loud in my ear, and the heat emanating from her body made me sweat profusely, as did my effort to lift her up and down on my and John’s cocks repeatedly. Jessie’s sweaty body slid easily against my own as she bounced between us two guys, accepting the entirety of our cocks each time we lowered her hot body onto our balls.Suddenly, the sounds of scores of cheers erupted around the RV. I came to for just a moment, having previously been entranced in our wicked group sex. The home team had just scored a late touchdown, the TV screen told, but it was a far cry from the amount of points they needed. Then I looked to my right and saw that Tom had his phone out. I wondered if he was capturing the devilish activity going on in front of him. Inside, I hoped he was and that Jessie wouldn’t notice. She’d always said if we took videos or pictures, she’d stop and never have any type of sex with me again, but it would be ridiculously hot to have a couple pictures and a video of my dear friend in the throes of a threesome.The cheers of the rabid football fans around our fuckfest made the moment all the more enjoyable as Jessie bounced between us, holding tightly to me as her ass and pussy were stuffed over and over again. Just as the cheers died down and the game drew to an end, I had just about reached my limit, and so had John. With one more hard thrust into the bitch, we then pulled the moaning girl off our cocks and ordered her to her knees. Then John and I stepped up in front of her, jerking our cocks and preparing to cool off this hot, sweaty cheerleader.I prayed that Tom would get a video undetected as we other boys prepared to give Jessie a double-facial. With a loud moan, I came first, shooting thick ropes of cum all over Jessie’s cheeks, nose and around her closed eyes. Jessie left her mouth closed as well, so all of the jizz stayed on her face. I was about halfway through my orgasm when John shouted and accompanied me in plastering Jessie’s pretty face. Cum was splashing and steaming down all over Jessie’s face as she grinned with pursed lips, and we guys moaned uncontrollably while we finished the bitch off. If only Tom hadn’t deposited in Jessie’s stomach, then we could have enjoyed a triple facial for this gorgeous girl!John and I sighed in satisfaction as we completed our masterpiece and stepped back to appreciate it. Hands on her knees and still dressed in only a skirt and high heels, Jessie grinned wickedly as warm cum trickled down her forehead, around her eyes, and down her cheeks and chin. After a minute, it was dripping down her neck and pooling a bit on her collarbone before dribbling toward her boobs.Our team did, obviously, lose the football game, but we didn’t care one bit. Fucking Jessie in all her holes in the RV at the tailgate while surrounded by sports fans who were none the wiser was as hot as hell, and my new friends were quite pleased with the arrangement. As we cleaned up and set things back in order, we agreed to stay in touch, should another gangbang opportunity arise. I wasn’t sure if I actually intended to keep in touch with them, but it was good to have a couple guys on retainer.Jessie and I actually hung out for a little while longer with these guys, eating some snacks and watching a bit of another football game as we all recovered from the intense group fuck we’d all just enjoyed. When it was time to go, Jessie put her coat on and went ahead of me out the door. As I went to follow behind her, Tom grabbed my shoulder and put his phone out, on which was displayed a muted clip of Jessie’s face being doused with cum. Her eyes had been closed, so she’d been none the wiser when Tom videotaped her. That clip and a couple other videos and pictures would be in my email inbox that night. Now I really had something to advertise.

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