Sweet Lady


Sweet Lady
So, here’s another thing that happened!

My mom has this friend. I’ll call her Ms E (not the same Ms E from the other story! This is a different lady!). I think she’s in her mid-40s or so? She’s from our country, so she doesn’t speak English all that well, but she does ok. (I’m gonna write her stuff like she speaks English as good as me). Anyway, she comes to visit us a lot and sometimes she stays for a few days. She’s always so nice to me, like telling me I’m pretty and smart and stuff. And I totally am! I’m awesome! 😀

And she’s so pretty too. She’s maybe 2-3 inches taller than me, with short black hair. And she stays so slim! When she smiles her eyes close and they turn into little upside down smiles. And her mouth is a smile the right way up! She always dresses really nice and does her hair really nice. And her makeup always looks so nice. I think that I stare at her sometimes, because she will walk past me and stroke my hair and smile at me. I always kinda shudder when she does, like it’s electricity or something.

Anyway! She lives maybe two hours away. And this time, we went to visit her. She always cooks this yummy food, but usually she brings it with her. This time it was served right after cooking. It was soooooooooo much better! OMG! Sooooo yummy! We were all talking after dinner and she said that I should stay with her for a few days. OMG!

“I don’t have any clothes!”

“We will go shopping. I will buy you clothes.”

Well, it was still the middle of the afternoon…. so…. “OK!”

All three of us, Ms E, my mom, and me all went to the store just to buy me some outfits to wear so I could stay over! illegal bahis siteleri Yay! Free clothes! It’s summer, so I picked out little dresses and shorts and sleeveless tops and stuff. Also I got some undies and bras too! Ms E told me which ones she liked best and I tried them on for her. She was sooooo sweet. She said how beautiful I was and stuff. I blushed and just said thank you really quiet.

We bought all the stuff I picked out! And then we all went back to her house. We had dinner and I even had some wine! Shhhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone!

My mom said goodbye after a while and went home. So, Ms E and me were all alone in her house. She had such a cute little house. She had wallpaper with this really cool pattern, green and gold. And all this super comfy and cool looking furniture!

She took my hand and led me to the bedroom I would be using.

“You can sleep here. My room is over here.” Then she showed me her bedroom. It was sooooo nice! The bed was really big and looked so comfy.

“OK. But sometimes I don’t sleep good in other people’s houses. Could I sleep in your bed with you if I feel weird?”

“Yes yes. You can come sleep with me.” I smiled really big and she stroked my cheek. “Such a pretty girl.” I blushed so red. I wondered if she was thinking about the same thing I was. PROBABLY! I found that out later! But, just you wait! I’ll get to that when I get to it!

We sat down on her couch and started to watch a movie. A REGULAR MOVIE, you pervs. 😛 It was something old. I didn’t pay much attention because I cuddled up against Ms E and she put her arm around me and rubbed my arm. Then she actually canlı bahis siteleri kissed me on top of my head! OMG! I just kinda squished into her more when she did that.

“I am happy that you are staying. How do you feel about it?”

“I’m really glad I’m here!” I nuzzled my cheek against her shoulder and she pulled me closer to her and kissed my head again! OMG! That was driving me nuts! “Ms E?”

“Yes, pretty girl?”

“I… ummm.. I…” I just kinda stammered and mumbled. I don’t even know what I wanted to say.

“What is it? Is something wrong?”

“No! Nothing’s wrong! I just… ummm…. I just wanted to tell you that you’re really pretty!”

“Thank you! I am happy you think I’m pretty!”

“You’re welcome Ms E! I… ummmm… I was wondering…. if… ummmm… I could kiss you?”

“You want a kiss? Yes, come here!” She grabbed my face and pulled me to her and kissed me, like really kissed me! She actually used her tongue and I used mine. OMG! There we were just making out on her couch! And then her hands starting going everywhere! She grabbed my little boobs, really gently. I dunno, grab probably isn’t the best word. And she moved her hands everywhere else too! Over my stomach and thighs, my arms, my boobs, my neck, my chest, my back.

“Stand up. I want you get undressed.”

“OMG Ms E!”

“It’s ok. Stand up and get undressed.”

I stood up slowly and my heart was racing. She just gave me an order to get undressed and here I was doing it! I peeled off my top and set it on the couch. Ms E smiled at me and told me to keep going. I did! I undid my shorts and slipped them off. Then I started unfastening my bra and bahis firmaları got it off. I stopped then.

“Does undressed mean, ‘leave you panties on’ to you?”

“No Ms E. I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok. Just take them off.”

“Yes Ms E.” I took them off and I held them in my hands for a second, then I gave them to her! There I was, naked in her living room. And she stood up with me and her hands started going everywhere on me again. She kissed me on the cheeks, the lips, my forehead, my neck. I felt that she was just enjoying me and that made me so happy.

Then she started undressing! OMG! She took her time, peeling off all of her clothes and making a point to take my hand in hers and place it on her body wherever it got exposed. I was sooooooooo excited and nervous. I wanted to make sure I pleased her.

She laid me down on her couch and climbed over top of me. Now a lot of these stories have me getting squashed by someone, but Ms E was so gentle. She hovered over me and I licked. I actually pushed my face into her myself. She would just stroke my hair while I tried my best to please her with my tongue. She moaned sometimes and breathed really heavy. After, I dunno, like forever (but I totally wanted it to be forever!), she started moaning and groaning more and more. And then she came! OMG! She got soooooooooooooooo wet. I mean, she was wet before, but it just started oozing. I nuzzled my face into her pussy and made sure that I licked her as much as I could. After a little bit, she gasped and jumped up laughing.

“Too much! That’s enough!” She laughed and sat down next to me, and I rested my head on her lap. She stroked my hair and told me all these sweet little things (I’m not sharing those! They’re just for me!). We stayed like that until it was time for bed, and we went to her bed and slept together (actually sleeping you pervs!).

So, that was the first day! I was there for four more! <3

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