Sweat 4


Sweat 4Sweat the Finale.After Frank and Marge left never to be seen again, we both undressed and had a good cleaning shower. We had designed the house ourselves and against convention built a two bedroom house. One bedroom at the front with its own ensuite which was not small – shower being about 1.5 metres by 2 metres, the second and mainbedroom at the rear with built robe room, ensuite with large spa batch, separate toilet and again a large shower. Kitchen and main lounge were between the two bedrooms.We showered to get cleanse ourselves of Frank and Marge. Fiona had already made it clear after they left that they were not welcome again. So late afternoon turned into evening, we had a couples of wines then had the late lunch we had missed. Moved into the lounge to watch TV and we sat on the settee which we rarely did. Fiona said “ I am glad that is over but it taught me a thing or two”“How much I can enjoy sex.”” How if aroused enough can have 3 or 4 or maybe even 5 climaxes” “I said to her “ If you let me, I will give you as many climaxes as you want”“Makes me think of where and how we can make love to each other”“What do you mean” I said.“Well in bed, in the shower, in the lounge, in the kitchen anywhere we fancy”I said “ You’re making me horny already” “ That’s nice cos even feeling a little tender I feel very horny”I leaned over and kissed full on the mouth.Fiona said’ This reminds we the first time we did it. Here on this settee. Only two regrets about that night, after you had taken all my clothes off and I was sitting here legs wide open türkçe bahis with you standing there naked saying “ You are beautiful” as you looked at my pussy. I should have reached forward and sucked your cock and I should have allowed you to kiss my pussy but all I did was to pull on your hard cock and dragged you off to the bedroom”So I slowly undressed her, blouse gently off over her shoulders exposing her breasts, still nice nipples to be sucked which I did whilst I undid the hasp on her skirt, drew the zip down then pulled the skirt down over her legs and threw it side. I knelt in front of her and pulled her panties down and off over her feet. She opened her legs wide, feet still on the floor, “Still a very, very beautiful pussy “I said.I stood up and she reached forward, I undid my belt and the button above the zip. Fiona took the zipper and slowly drew it down, my shorts dropped to the ground, She grabbed my underpants on either side and slid them down to my feet bringing her head close to my now erect cock. I shook my feet and my shorts and underpants dropped off. She took my cock in one hand and cupped my balls with the other and started licking the swollen head of my cock. “ This what I should have done the first time.” She licked me she took my cock into her mouth sucking on the head before deep throating me several times then down to licking and sucking my balls. I said “I need to eat you now cos if you continue you will make me cum all over your face” “We can do that another time” she said as she drew back and leant against güvenilir bahis the backrest of the settee.I knelt down and started to kiss and then lick her open pussy, up and down clit to anus, what a nice clit it is I thought as I took it between my lips and started to suck it. “Stop or I will cum” she said. Reliving that time of more than five years ago. I lifted my head and took my hard cock and aimed it for her cave of delight. But she intervened as she slid the palm and her outstretched fingers down over her wet wide open pussy then up before reaching out to hold my salivated hard cock, wet palm sliding round the head and then her fingers grasping the shaft and sliding her wet hand around the shaft and head. She pulled me towards her as she aimed the head of my cock to slide up and down her wet pussy finally resting at the entrance. This time she just stayed there“Put it in” she said letting go of my rigid cock.I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her wet moist cave. Then pulled it out. She raised her legs high widening her legs at the same time and leaned forward.“ That looks so erotic. I can see your cock as it goes into my cunt where it belongs. Not like earlier today when I saw your cock enter a pussy – not mine, for the first time” I pushed in deeper and pulled out slowly then back in. “How do you feel after this afternoons session” “ A little tender but it so good to have your cock deep inside me.” I could see perfectly as my cock went in and out, seeing on the outstroke the skin around her youwin cunt grasping my cock. I placed my hands on her tits and slowly massaged then rolled each nipple lightly between thumb and forefinger. Then moved down to her clit to massage it between my thumbs, Fiona pushed my hands away “ Not yet, I want to really enjoy the feeling of your hard big and thick cock sliding in and out of my cunt.” However she placed one finger on my cock so that only the finger nail itself was touching the skin as I moved in and out. It was like a mild electric shock and made me want to come so I put my thumbs back on here clit to massage it. “ You’re making me come “ I said “ Well I’m about to come” as her hips started moving up against me and she lowered her legs forcing my thumbs of her clit and bringing our pelvic bones together almost squashing her clit. “Fuck me hard “ said Fiona “I’m nearly there” “So am I “ as I took a few deep breaths to delay me coming.There was an Ooooh and then another louder Oooooh and then a third as she finally came, pushing her hips hard against me as I thrust in holding my cock deep inside her as my cock erupted and I gave a loud grunt of delight. I collapsed forward over her, lying on her tits to kiss her full on. We both lay there in a state of euphoria and exhaustion. “That was so gorgeous much better than this afternoon” “Bed” she said so I put my hands under each cheek of her backside and started to lift her up. She grasped her legs around my waist and I manager to stand up, still with my softening cock inside her. I managed to walk to the bedroom carrying her this way but as we fell on the bed, my cock finally slipped out. We pulled back the blankets and got in between the sheets and she lay curled up back to me with my soft cock between her wet thighs as we both dropped off to sleep.

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