Suzy’s New dog


Suzy’s New dogNot a story I wrote but by my good friend David, with his permission of course. (dasx2….read his stuff they really are good) Enjoy xxHi my name’s Suzy, you might remember that I used to be Annie’s sub, then Her full-time slave when I retired.Then we split up, still friends of course, but now I’m in a regular relationship with my gorgeous Mauritian girlfriend Anita.Suzy had gone to the dog rescue centre to collect Toby her new 3 year old Red Setter.The rather attractive 40-something female vet insisted that Suzy needed a collar and dog leash.Suzy’s hands automatically went to her throat to feel where the steel collar had fitted for the months of slavery.The vet gave her a strange look: “sorry – no; I meant for the dog”.”Oh, of course – my mistake” replied Suzy, stroking Toby’s head.”I’ve trimmed his claws, but you might need these, if you’ve got wooden floors”. The vet handed over two pairs of tiny dog-sized socks: “he’s still very boisterous, and um.. likes the ladies, if you know what I mean”.Suzy looked perplexed; Toby sniffed her bottom.“You’ve heard of ‘doggy position’? Just make sure he’s wearing these if you are on the floor with him”.Suzy still look confused: “you mean… having sex with him?”Toby’s head was now buried firmly between Suzy’s thighs, starting to make her juices flow.”He was very well trained by his last owner, but she couldn’t give him enough daily exercise – he loves to run – I expect you do too”.Suzy thought of Anita’s last playful bondage session as she fitted the leather collar and dog leash to Toby.Suzy imagined how they could both share Anita’s hot body while she struggled against her bound wrists.Toby was up on the vet’s table when Suzy opened her eyes, the tip of his erection in the vet’s mouth.”Oh I’m sorry – you’d better pay up and go before I do something silly with your lovely hound”.SmannellBack home, following his nose, Toby made a beeline for their dirty washing basket and pulled out one of Anita’s black thongs.”No Toby! Bad Dog! You mustn’t do that!”Toby was laying flat, stretching out the thong between his front paws, slavering his long tongue over the delicious central white stain.Suzy was often tempted to do exactly the same after stroking Anita sakarya escort to a crashing climax after a long day at the office, but now needed Toby to love her own flavour too.Her clean black Lycra running shorts fitted perfectly over Toby’s head, holding his nose to the crotch area waiting to become flavoured.Wow he was well trained – Toby rolled onto his back, legs spread, cock rising – Suzy couldn’t resist a quick rub to check out his size.He fitted very nicely in her hand – just a hint of pre-cum emerging from the tip, to be spread down the length of his shaft; making him wriggle in anticipation.Pulling on her shorts: “Come on Toby, it’s time for our run, I think we are going to have some fun”.At the sound of the word ‘run’ Toby was on his feet and bounding down the stairs two at a time, handing his leash to Suzy to clip on, then they were out of the door, his special socks in a pouch attached to his leash.Toby was happy running alongside his new Mistress, occasionally slowing to sniff the air or Suzy’s Lycra-clad backside.RunningSuzy’s usual route took her past the funny road-sign with the missing apostrophe opposite The Oak and then the village school, but today she had to stop to let all the little ones stroke Toby.For some reason, village girls massively outnumbered the boys at school, so in their version of kiss-chase when caught, two little girls would pin a boy to the playground railings, stealing a kiss, while an older girl pulled down his trousers.Toby responded to the sight of the girl on her knees going down on the boy’s tiny pink cock by jumping up and rubbing his growing doggy erection against Suzy’s thigh, she began to wonder what else her new dog enjoyed.Suzy dragged him away, panting and continued their run up Woodhouse and then across the footpath to Enham.It was very hot and in the rush to get out, Suzy had forgotten her drinking bottle. She tied Toby up in the car park and dashed into the supermarket on the Newbury Road to get an enormous bottled water to share with Toby.Suzy still couldn’t get used to paying for stuff by just tapping her running watch at the checkout and hadn’t noticed the young couple in the queue. The girl in the blue sundress looked familiar, escort sakarya but Suzy couldn’t place her until she slipped a hand into her boyfriend’s shorts, bringing out the most enormous erection.”Hello Suzy” she purred “remember that amazing massage you and Ellie gave me last month, with him just watching. We’d like to return the favour – in fact David here is very keen to show you our dogging van outside”.Fran led the way, collecting Toby and opening up the well-appointed sex bus; David’s hands were everywhere, exploring inside Suzy’s Lycra top and shorts.Head down and tail up, Suzy and Toby eagerly slurped water from the filled dog bowl, while Fran stroked Toby’s erection and David loosely tied her hands and investigated Suzy from behind.Once Toby had slaked his thirst, Suzy watched as he licked up Fran’s thigh to her already wet pussy – his lolling tongue making her go a bit wild as she held his ears and rode his long snout.Meanwhile David had pulled down Suzy’s shorts and eased in a fat erection, gripping her hips and thrusting hard into her gooey depths, matching Toby’s growls of delight.Anton LakesPulling up her shorts and stuffing her breasts back into her Lycra top, Toby and Suzy staggered out of the love bus and continued their run to the park, cum dripping from their cock and cunt respectively.Suzy let Toby off the lead to race around the lake, he must have stopped to sniff every tree and leave his own mark, while Suzy rubbed her crotch through the Lycra, scanning the park for male or female talent.Fran emerged, half-naked, from behind a tree, looking rather smug: “come here, quick” she called.Suzy was about to ask “How did you get here so quickly” when Fran stuck her tongue down Suzy’s throat and rubbed her bare breasts against Suzy’s arm..David was kneeling, handcuffed to the tree, shorts around his ankles – cock at perfect mouth height as Suzy sank to her knees to devour him.Sucking hard, Suzy barely noticed Fran removing her Lycra shorts and pulling on Toby’s four special socks, lifting his front paws up onto her shoulders and his lovely cock entered her in classic doggy position.Fran popped in her spare Princess Plug just to make sure Toby didn’t stray upwards.Oh, this was sakarya escort bayan good – Toby slobbering all over her back, fucking deep, while she slobbered all over David’s cock; Fran masturbating hard.Toby had cum pretty quickly, pumping gallons of hot sperm into Suzy, but his knot held him fast.Fran managed to distract him by rubbing her empty bottom over his face – Toby pulled out to fuck this new round pussy, impaling the girl’s backside.Sucking Fran’s pussy, Suzy could only think of Anita’s sweet nectar; waiting for her at home with a glass of chilled Sancerre, but first they had to get a shower.Home again”Hi honey, I’m home” Anita called up the stairs.”Oh shit” swore Suzy “she can’t find us like this”.Suzy hurriedly bundled Toby out of the shower, wrapping him a large towel on the floor.Anita stripped off her hot office clothing, to join Suzy in the shower, mistakenly dropping the sticky black thong right in front of Toby’s nose.Inside the shower cubicle Anita and Suzy kissed, rubbing soapy breasts together and gently fingered each other towards a climax.Outside the shower cubicle Toby, having sucked the thong dry, was desperate to investigate the owner of this exquisite flavour, so followed them obediently into the bedroom.Generally, Toby distinguished the brown arse hole he was supposed to avoid from the succulent pink pussy lips he lived to lick, by colour, but of course Anita was brown all over.What confused him even more was when Anita inserted a purple feeldoe strapless strap-on and proceeded to fuck Suzy face down on their bed.Fortunately Toby was able to stand over Anita upturned butt without his socks and without scratching her, initially plunging his long tongue then longer cock into her beautiful brown arse, fucking rapidly.Toby and Anita howled in delight as he emptied his balls into the third beautiful lady today, while she brought Suzy off with the feeldoe.With Toby still stuck fast in her deliciously tight backside, Anita rolled off her lover and flipped Toby over onto his back.Anita supported her weight in a sort of reverse anal cowgirl position above Toby, while Suzy knelt between her legs easing the bulbous end of the feeldoe in and out.Anita looked down in amazement: “is this position even possible” she asked no-one in particular.“I doubt it” woofed Toby “but I’m just a dog”.“No idea – I didn’t write this bit” replied Suzy, swapping the feeldoe around to embed the sticky cock end into Anita and bring her off.

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