Suspicious Behavior, Part 4


Suspicious Behavior, Part 4There she was, my beautiful wife of 8 years, on her knees, chest on the bed, her pretty hands spreading her ass-cheeks open to provide access to her tight little anal opening, her whore-cunt dripping with a combination of her recent lover’s cum, my cum and her own cunt drool.I coated my cock with a generous portion of lube and then liberally basted her anal ring and rectum. I then fingered her puckered hole and listened for her tell-tale gasping into the mattress below. Once I heard that, I added a finger.”You allowed me, your Husband” I berated, “to eat your cum filled pussy AFTER you fucked another man!””I…. I…” She didn’t know what to say.I had three fingers inside of her now and she was mumbling incoherently.”And now” I continued, “you’re gonna make it up to me!”I then used two fingers on my one hand and added two fingers from my other hand… Spreading her anal ring to it’s limits.”AHHHHH, FUUUUCCKKKKK!” She moan into the bed below.I rubbed, almost massaged her anal muscle and, as expected, her anal ring responded by spasming and relaxing more. I took that as my que and lined up the tip of my cock to her now slightly gapping anal ring. Once the tip of my cock was properly positioned just inside of her opening, her pretty anal ring circling the osmaniye escort spongy, mushroom head of my cock, I placed my hands on the small of her back.”Since you’re now my whore” I instructed, “Do what whore’s do so well and lean back and take my cock up your ass.”She didn’t move, so I reached under her torso, found both of her nipples between my thumb and index fingers and gave them both a twist!”OWWWW, you Bastard!” She yelled.”It’s SIR to you, whore!” I replied and provided another twist, this time even harder.”Oh FUCK!” She yelled, “Yes Sir…..””Now, lean back’ I continued, “and take your Sir’s cock up your tight, sexy ass!”She did as she was told and slowly leaned back, pausing just as the head of my cock expanded her anal ring the most… And then popped inside of her.”AAAHHHH OWWWWW” she yelled, and then held still.”Good girl” I commented, “Now get accustomed to My size and then push back more”. She was panting as I spoke more.”What were you thinking” I asked, “as I ate you out, knowing that you had another man’s cum inside of you?””Um….” She began to reply, but then took my mind off of her answer by leaning back a bit more on my cock. Another inch slowly disappeared into my sexy wife’s ass.”Oh Baby” she panted, “you feel so amazing filling me up like this. escort osmaniye I AM a whore…. I’m YOUR whore….. You feel so gooooooo”She leaned back even more until I felt her body quake, signaling another orgasm. Her anal ring clamped down and I felt her pussy spit more of it’s sloppy contents out onto my thighs and the mattress below. As she calmed, she leaned back even more until her as cheeks were against the front of my thighs.”Fuck Me, sir” she pleaded, “Fuck me like the whore that I am!””Not until you tell me” I persevered “what you were thinking as I licked your cum filled cunt!””PLEASE fuck me!” She begged.”Not tell you tell me what you were thinking!” I demanded.”I was thinking…… ” she paused”TELL ME!” I yelled”I was thinking” she paused again, but then added, “How HOT it was…. How HOT it was to have you eating my freshly fucked pussy… My freshly fucked pussy…all FULL OF ANOTHER MAN’S CUM!”Now, I don’t know if she was trying to fire me up to fuck her hard, or if she was being honest, but a wave of emotions came over me: I was angry, excited, turned on and most of all, in love with this incredible woman! I placed my hands on each of her hips and began slowly to slide in and out of her tight anal passage.”Yes baby” she chanted, “That’s it… Claim osmaniye escort bayan me as your own. Take my ass, Claim me.”The more excited I seem to get, the more excited she got.”I LOVED knowing” she went on,”that you were eating his cum out of me. I LOVED knowing that your cock was pushing his cum back up into me…..Knowing that YOUR cock was surrounded by HIS cum and that soon, both of your cums would mix toghether inside of my cunt!””You did?” I asked, sounding a bit confused but VERY excited!”YES” she yelled out, “I did… I LOVED knowing it was happening…. And most of all……””Most of all WHAT?” I asked, wanting to hear more….”I want it all to happen again!” She screamed out her taboo confessed.At that point, my eyes rolled up into my head and my cock spasmed and surged huge amounts of thick, creamy cum deep into her bowels. That obviously triggered her next ass-gasm as she screamed out her release, her anal ring squeezing my cock tighter than it’s ever been before. It was, without a doubt, one of the strongest climaxes of my life!As we calmed, I stroked her back and she and I both professed our love for each other, as my softening cock remained just inside of her ass. I then reminder her that where my cock was softer now, the head of my cock was going to stretch her wider as I pulled out, and to prepare herself. I leaned back, it popped out and she screamed into the pillow below.I collapsed on top of her, pushing her flat onto the mattress below and we help eachother until we drifted off to sleep.To be continued…..

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