Susanne Submits 4: Shave & Shame Slave


Susanne Submits 4: Shave & Shame SlaveSusanne shaves to show her submission. She fears it a bit. Indeed it has unusual results at our tourist trip”Susanne shave your pube please. It is a symbol of submission. You will be even a little bit more naked to our eyes. I like to study your pussy in detail later today. As soon as we arrive at the secluded spot I have in mind.”Susanne doesn’t know my exact intention of looking in full daylight at the details of her shaven teen-like twat. She poses for a few pictures. First set of two shows the contrast between being dressed to hit old town for a night as a student, and fully nude without any hide: also poses for close-ups, face and pussy:————————————————————————————————————————————————–Susanne first fears her erotic exposure, maltepe escort sitting in front of me, at the steer of my bicycle. She only wears a top and her white wide tennis shirt, which moves up in the wind. Soon we are out of town through all of Westerpark, where we meet people on bicycles, coming from the opposite direction. Every time she keeps her legs closed in fear of what people might see. Soon she relaxes, as most don’t notice anything more erotic than an image of a young couple in love, like famous shots from the Dutch cinema hit ‘Turkish Delight’. There the couple is on their way to their civil marriage. One of them bicyclists even whistles a line of the musical score to that scene in the film.Susanne helps me to select and cut off young twigs from two birch trees at a somewhat secuded spot deep into the dunes, but still far from the beach. We need to walk a few minutes to reach it from the path, used mainly by lovers of nature on bicycle or escort maltepe horseback. Susanne doesn’t dare to ask what I intend to do with them. But she fears it might hurt her bottom again. After her first spanking, by bare hand, before our trip, early in the morning.Susanne knows she is in for something unusual, as she sees I get two ropes from the bag with our beverages. She offers no resistance. I tie her between two birches and tell her to spread her legs wide. I kneel down in front of her to look at the lines of her labia. The inner ones poke out a bit, near her clit. She is even a bit wet inside. More like moist. From fear of pain to arrive before she will get any pleasure. I try the effect of hits with a few twigs at my hand, wondering how hard I shall start to tease her love lips with them. When I look up to her again, I notice her gaze is elsewhere. Full of a fresh fear. I turn around to look.I notice a posh young lady on a horse is halfway the path maltepe escort bayan and our place, intended for privacy. Slowly she lets her sturdy stallion walk up to us. From her heighth she looks puzzled at us. She switchies focus from the switch in my hand to Susanne, tied fully nude to those two trees.Susanne looks very helpless indeed, with both her arms and legs wide spread and a weird gaze of fear and shame in her eyes. I smile at the teen. I take her to be a probably spoiled rich brat from one of the villa’s at the outskirts of one of the villages closest to the dunes. Her eyes are wide. Frown on her forehead from wondering what to say. I am glad with her hesitance and show of insecurity in a situation she never saw before … So I grab the initiative.————————————————————————————————————————————————–As usual, I leave my dear reader here with a real ‘clit-hanger’ cliffhanger. Try your own imagination! What would you do as the man or one of the girls in this sexy situation, without words spoken yet.?All RIGHTS at Prof. Poet-PETER, at ‘Experimental Erotics International Institute’, Amsterdam Thu. 07-06-18

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