Surprise waiting for Leo at home


Surprise waiting for Leo at homeThis is an original fictional story, this takes place around 8pm, Diana is about 23 and Leo is 25.—————-Diana had always loved to surprise her boyfriend, Leo. She had been horny all day and decided that she was going to fuck him good tonight. She slipped on her favorite set of lingerie, a lace thong with matching bra- both light lavender. She grabbed her white satin robe and left it open. She started to hear Leo pulling into the driveway; she ran to the door and stood in front of it as Leo opened the door. Stunned at the sight in front of him he dropped everything. She grabbed him by the shoulders, pulled him inside, and closed the door. Tonight was her night and she was going to do what she pleased to him. She pushed him against the wall and started kissing him hard while playing with this growing cock through his pants. She started ripping his clothes off and throwing them everywhere. Leo was at a loss for word- Diana was never this straightforward, bahis firmaları he knew she must be extremely horny to have attacked him like that the second he got home. She led him to the bedroom where she threw him on the bed, took her thong off, climbed on top of him and started teasing his cock. She knew just what to do that would make him crazy horny.She started to roll her hips and hump him. After awhile Leo couldn’t take it anymore and started begging her to let him fuck her and make her cum. That is exactly what she wanted to hear. She slid him into her pussy so hard and rough they both let out a moan. She started bouncing up and down on his big hard cock of 8 inches. Leo grabbed her big fat ass and started squeezing and smacking it as she rode his cock. Leo could tell that Diana was enjoying the smacking because every time he smacked her ass she would bounce a little harder and her pussy would tighten. He loved the way her tight, warm and wet pussy felt, the tipobet way it felt when she would slide all the way up then back down taking in all of his cock. He moved his arms and placed them on her lower back and started trusting up into her- hard. It felt fucking amazing to her and she started to moan and scream louder.Diana was starting to get close; Leo knew exactly how to fuck her to make her cum all over his cock. He started to fuck her so hard that she started to shake. He felt her pussy get tighter and tighter and her moan louder and louder. Diana was right there; she leaned forward and started bouncing even harder than before- they were both moving together so hard and fast that before either of them knew it Diana was screaming Leo’s name and cumming on his big cock as he fucked her. Once Diana was finished she slid off of Leo, got on her hands and knees, spread open her cheeks and told Leo to fuck her in the ass. This is something they almost never do. Leo tipobet güvenilir mi quickly moves behind her, poured some lube on his cock and slowly started to enter Diana. Moaning she pushed back on hard and forced his whole cock in her quicker than Leo expected- he let out a loud moan and started to go in and out of her. He was moving too slowly for Diana who started to move back and forth rather quickly on his cock. She ordered him to pull her fucking hair and slap her ass as he fucked it like the whore she was. This caused Leo to start to get close, he started to fuck her hard and give it to her like she asked. He started to moan louder and louder and smack her ass every time he was in all the way deep. He grabbed onto her shoulders and started fucking her harder than he had been before, going hard fast and deep- they were both moaning so hard and loud Diana knew that Leo was about to cum and cum fucking hard. She told him it was all his and that she wanted his cum all over her ass and back. He moaned loudly and started fucking harder and deeper. He quickly pulled out, put his hand on his hard cock, stroked it two times and came all over her huge round ass and back.—-Thank you for reading my story let me know if you want more O

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