Surprise for an old Daddy guy


Surprise for an old Daddy guyMy BF works out in a gym and likes us to get into group sex scenes. I’m not really a pro, more like my BF likes to see me get fucked in different situations that make him so hot and horny. We are both pretty kinky. He gets excited and thinks up crazy sex stuff for us to do. Never a dull minute. In addition to being a nasty nympho fuck slut, I have Daddy issues and can get pretty excited pleasing an older guy and showing him a really good time. One day, my BF took me to a nice hotel and brought along an old guy that he owed a golfing bet to. Would I put on a good show for them. He promised this old guy was a very dirty old man, about 50 something and loved to suck young pussy. I got nude and ready for action. I used a vibrator on my shaved pussy snatch that is really nice and very smooth. I put some sex cream on it to make it super super smooth and slippery , and illegal bahis I came a few times and got my clit all swollen and excited. When this old guy saw how kinky I was, his dick got hard in his pants. My BF told him that I was a nasty slut, who was his sex slave and would do whatever he asked. To pay off his golf bet, the old guy, could play with me the rest of the day and all night. Now my BF is bi, so he likes cock too. I got in bed, and the old guy (who I started calling Daddy) started rubbing my pussy and sucking it all over. He sucked my clit really good, and I came. I used the vibrator again and let them watch me pleasure myself, while they rubbed their dicks up real hard. I came a couple of times more with the vibrator. Daddy then put his hard dick in my cunt and took his time fucking me. My BF fingered Daddy’s butt hole, and pretty soon Daddy came in my cunt. Then my BF illegal bahis siteleri went down on me and liked up the cum. My BF is so nasty kinky. My BF made me kneel doggie style and spanked with with an open hand. My butt cheeks got very warm and bright pink. Then Daddy spanked me even more, really hard and said I was a naughty nasty little girl. I loved it. Daddy turned me over and stuck his dick in my mouth and ordered me to suck it. My BF sat in a chair in the room and enjoyed watching the show. Daddy almost came in my mouth, but he pulled out and started fucking my swollen cunt again, and sure enough he shot his cum wad into me. Daddy then asked my BF if he really could play with me all day and all night. Daddy said since he was a teen-ager, he liked getting into slut gang bangs and wanted to pass me around to some of his pals. As it just so happens, I like all the attention canlı bahis siteleri of several men putting their hands all over my naked body, sharing me to cream their dicks in my pussy. I feel like a primative goddess slut bitch and feel very sexy and powerful to get guys hard and horny. Plain raw a****l sex is so exciting. So I ended up getting gang banged by 5 guys for hours. The best part was when my BF showed the other guys how to DP me. That if they put some cream around my asshole, I could take dick up my butt, while I had another dick in my cunt. Being double penetrated is a really very nasty thing to do. And to let gang bangers use me like that lets me know what a filthy degenerate slut I am. I don’t care. People may not understand this, and I don’t really understand it myself, but I just really really like being used by men as a nasty slut. I like being a sub to nasty old guys who talk dirty to me. Just the thought of being nasty and getting spanked and fucked turns me on. I’m so nasty that I like to tell stories about my kinky trips. Did you beat your meat, while reading this? I hope so. My pussy is throbbing right now.

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