super heavy black bear


super heavy black beari went over to this guys house and having only seen his photo on this hook up site i saw only his face.. he did not post a body shot and i had no idea he would be well over 300 pounds.. at first i was not sure about this because i had never been with such a heavy guy… he is probly double my weight.. but we talked and before i knew it we were both naked and he is sucking my dick and me his.. pretty soon he is laying out a place for us to move from the sofa to the floor on some cushions… some how i ended up on the bottom with him on top of me grinding his dick into my ass… with me pushing my ass up into each of his downward buca escort thrusts… we went at it for some time with him grunting and telling me how good i felt.. and me telling him not to stop.. he is kissing the back of my neck and shoulder arms and this is so hot…we were turning into a big wet puddle… if this guy had not been so easy going and easy to talk to i would not have been so easy with out the help of some liquor… but getting naked with a guy is such a turn on and after he met me at the door almost naked (he was wearing a pair of very skimpy shorts and flip flops) just hanging out at his house around the pool waiting for escort buca me to arrive…and with his almost naked body next to me on the sofa talking and rubbing my leg i was feeling the need to get naked too… and it was not long before i was being felt up with his hands and being pressed down into the sofa with his huge body… all the while he is kissing me i can feel his hands squeezing my ass and as he was grabbing a cheek in each hand he very easly rolls me on top of him and is grinding me into his dick and huge belly… back to the story.. i am under this guy and after quite some time he dumps a huge load on my ass back and legs.. he buca escort bayan gets some towels and cleans me up enough to lead me back to his shower and i can now feel all the cum after i get cleaned up and we make out some more and i leave telling him i will be back to atleat swim in the pool this time(that was part of how he got me over there in the first place.. hot day cool pool you can guess the rest of bait the poor white guy over and bust his ass with a nice black dick)… but i have to admit even if he did not have a pool i will be going over there for some exercise in and out of the pool that is…mmmm but next time i will have the whole day to stay…. maybe even the night… wow will i be covered in cum if i stay the night…mmmmm that will be so hot to wake up in the morning covered with dried cum all over my body… shower and do it all again

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