Summertime Memory


Summertime MemoryLil’ s*s (Anna) and I where laying around nude by the pool in the relax center of my home, and, as the year was coming to an end, sharing some memories. Anna left her man this past March and started hanging around hubby and me a lot more, which has been nice for the both of us. Anyway, we both agreed that one of the best memories of the years was from the summer.We live a short drive from the ocean where the beaches having rolling sand dunes. One day in July hubby, Anna and I went to beach to enjoy the sun. For some reason the beach was not crowded that evening and we found a nice sand dune that was secluded and blocked the cool ocean breeze. Hubby is not much for the sun so he had brought a book and a fold up chair, found a nice spot to set that up while lil’ s*s spread out her towel on the sand. I laid out my towel between them. Anna was on her knees when she popped the top of her bikini off, setting her lovely round boobs swaying and said ‘I’m going to get a real tan.’ She then pulled off her bikini button revealing her golden blonde mound which glistened in the sunshine. ‘When I was with Thomas, he never let sunbathe nude in public. It is nice to do what I want now.’ she said as she lay on side exposing her beautiful naked body to hubby and me. ‘Come on s*s, don’t be such a prude, take your bikini off. I am sure your husband will love feasting his eyes on two hot naked women!’ Anna added.Now normally I am a little shy about exposing my body it in public, but since we were secluded in the sand dune and there were not many other people about, I thought why not saying ‘Well… maybe just the top,’ as I undid the upper part of my bikini and freed my breasts. ‘Jeez, you really are prudish,’ Anna chided me. ‘Come on, off with the bottom too. You don’t want your hubby just staring at my bush do you?,’ she said as she stroked her fur patch teasingly. ‘Besides,’ she continued ‘there’s nobody around and what’s the big deal anyway? If a man sees our naked bodies we are just going to make his day and if a woman sees us we’ll only make her jealous. Come on, take them off!’ It was no use resisting, so I pulled my bottom off too. ‘Now lay down,’ she told me ‘and we will let that husband of yours spread the suntan oil all over are bodies with his nice strong hands .’Husband did as he was told. He started with Anna working her body over really good with his hands. Anna just lay there enjoying his hand caressing her skin. He saved her breasts for last. By the time his hands started massaging her boobs, her nipples had hardened. It was a lovely sight to see him oiling her breasts. Hubby was thoroughly enjoying it too as he his thumbs brushed gently over her stiff titties. When he had finished Anna, he started illegal bahis oiling me. It was quite a wonderful massage, his strong hands working the sun tan oil into my skin. He finished off, just like he had done to Anna, with my breasts, which he kneaded like dough. The way he teased my stiff nipples was a exhilarating feeling. Hubby went back to his chair and book. Anna and I lie there absorbing the warmth of the sun’s rays. It felt so nice to have the sun engulf my body with my eyes short, almost dozing off after a while. As I lay there, I felt as if I could feel hubby’s eyes groping both Anna and me. It was so tranquil lying there and feeling all this.After a while, I felt a heavy drop of something thump down on my chest. I opened my eyes to see hubby kneeling beside me, his bathing trunks pulled down to his thighs, jerking his stiff shaft. Just then he let a thick shot of his seed fly over me and splat on Anna’s face, neck and chest. He knelt beside me jerking off and sending his male love juice flying over me and splatting down on Anna’s breasts. The last couple of shots he pumped onto my chest. Anna loved it; she rubbed his spunk all over her boobs, then kissed her fingertips one by one. Hubby said he was sorry, but he could not control himself. After having rubbed the oil on our bodies, the sight of our lovely boobs and bushes basking in the sun was too much. Anna said there was no reason to apologize and that he was welcome to jerk off on her anytime he felt like it. She sat up and leaned over to lick the last drops of cum off the tip of his penis. When she finished she said ‘God, Jannika, I love being around “hubby” he is sure full of surprises!’‘Oh Jannika, what a wonderful memory that is,’ Anna said as we lay next to each other on the lounge chairs by the pool. ‘I can still remember the tangy salt taste of his spurt in my mouth. Mmm…it was so nice’ As we lay there regaling each other with the recollection of that summer day, we were both petting ourselves as well. Anna started to finger herself and I could hear how wet she was as she slid her fingers in and out of her sopping pussy. I could feel that I was getting wet now too. We lay there with our feet on the ground, our legs spread wide apart enjoying ourselves. ‘Oh God, Jannika, it is so nice just to lie around during the Holidays,’ her fingers slopping in and out herself now. I was rubbing my little happy button pretty good by this time. ‘Let’s get hubby to spray us again,’ she suggested suddenly. I called him, he answered from upstairs and I asked if he could come down to the relax center for a moment.‘Holy cow look at you two,’ hubby exclaimed as he walked in and saw us playing with ourselves. ‘Could you shoot a load on us like you youwin did this summer? Please?’ Anna pleaded. ‘With pleasure,’ he answered, losing no time in undoing his pants and pull out his already swelling love stick. ‘Wow!’ he exclaimed ‘Just look at those two hot, soaking-wet cunts! Keep working ‘em you two.’ And we did. Anna really got into to teasing him, licking her love juice off the fingers of one hand in a very sexy manner, wrapping her tongue around them while her other hand worked away on her love slit, her fingers sloshing in and out. By now, I was rubbing my clit furiously between my index and middle finger while enjoying watching hubby stroke his thick, throbbing cock. He was standing there between our loungers about even with our knees, taking in, for what must have been for him, the amazing sight of two females playing with themselves with their overheated love nests. For me, it was fantastic to see the swollen, purple head of his member pop up and down in his fist as he kept stroking himself.‘Cum for us. Shoot your load all over us now!’ Anna commanded. That was about all the encouraging hubby needed. The first shot flew out of the tip of his wand and landed on my neck and face. He aimed the second shot at Anna and his white hot cum arched over her, splatting on her cheek and hitting the towel on the lounge cushion with a dull thud by her head. I had turned my face up to see were it landed, just as he rocketed his next load right under my chin, splashing me with some real force. He shot at Anna again, who opened her mouth now, catching part of the flying love juice. Anna started to giggle like a giddy little school girl as hubby blew his next shot at me. All the while I had been working my clit, so about the time this shot landed on me, I could feel my orgasm ready to hit. Hubby was groaning, I was moaning and Anna was pummeling away at her pussy. Hubby’s last shot landed on my tummy as I was squirming in the throes of my climax, just as I heard Anna start to cum with a ‘Yessssssssss!’ as her hips bucked up and down.After she had cum, Anna’s fingers went to work collecting his salty treat from where it had landed on her body. Rubbing it around her tits and then licking her fingertips. The manner in which she did this was really quite seductive. Hubby was still standing between us with a beautiful rock-hard erection, the last couple of globs of his semen clinging to the head of his cock. Anna said, ‘Come here!’ and he moved up towards us. We both grabbed his stiff member as our tongues went after those last bits of his treat. Our tongues met as we licked his love pole clean of that warm salty treat.Suddenly, Anna grabbed my cheeks with both hands, forcing open my mouth and pushed youwin güvenilir mi a nice glob of his white cum onto my tongue with hers. She then opened her mouth wanting it back and I gave it to her. Hubby let out a nice sigh, obviously enjoying the slutty show Anna was putting on. Anna swallowed what she had gotten from me with a soft moan of contentment. ‘That was better than this summer,’ she said as her lips met mine in a tangy kiss.As we both lay back down on the loungers, I could feel hubby slide two fingers inside me and from the moan that Anna let out, I knew he had done the same thing to her. Anna and I held hands. His fingers went right in my still moist slit and started massaging my g-spot. It was heavenly. After a few minutes, during which I assume he was letting his fingers perform the same magic on Anna, he started to wiggle my clit side to side with his thumb. Anna and I squeezed each other’s hands in delight. He really does have soft, magic hands. Anna and I were both moaning with pleasure now. After a little longer of this treatment, he squeezed his hand tight together while still massaging the g-spot and working the clit. That orgasm hit me like a volcanic eruption!! I screamed and heard Anna scream at about the same time, squeezing each other hands so hard it was unbearable, but we could not let go, the both of us screaming ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’. He kept up the pressure on our hot boxes with a relentless vengeance as we screamed and then started to beg for mercy while our hands finally let go as our bodies contorted and twisted in almost unbearable delight, Finally, he stopped. I was exhausted. Anna lay next to me, sweating and just breathlessly uttering ‘Oh my God, oh my God’ over and over again as her body was still shaking in the aftermath of what must have been a cosmic explosion for her. I let out an ‘Ohhhhh’ that seemed to sap every last bit of everything out of me. Hubby still had his fingers inside of us. I was so sensitive, I dreaded the idea of him pulling them out of me. I just wanted to lay there in the afterglow of that ecstasy forever. Wow! is all I can say.I glanced over at Anna, she looked as if she had passed out. She was silent now, her body not moving, her chest gently heaving and her face filled with the most serene expression of joy I have ever seen. Hubby rapidly, thankfully, withdrew his fingers from Anna and me at the same time. We both let out another involuntary sigh. The last thing I remember was the slurping sound of hubby sucking our love juice off his fingers.Some time later, I awoke from the most blissful state imaginable. Hubby had thoughtfully covered our naked bodies with towels. Splotches of hubby’s cum were now caked on my neck and chest. I was still exhausted, but at the same time felt so alive. Anna awoke with a sweet sighing ‘Oh’, hardly knowing where she was. When she came to, she said, ‘Oh Jannika, that totally blew away what happened this summer. Can I marry your husband’s right hand?’

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