Summer Suspicions

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I didn’t know what was going on. My sex drive was decreasing, almost like I was already satisfied without having sex or masturbating. Normally I wake up with a hardon, normally I jackoff in the shower or have sex with my girlfriend regularly but lately I haven’t wanted to do either, the urges were just gone. I thought about going to the doctor because I knew a 19 year old guy shouldn’t have this kind of problem but 19 year old guys don’t do doctors much either so I figured I’d wait and see if anything changed.

I did try and figure out when this started if anything in my life had brought it on. To my best recollection it began at the beginning of summer so I thought about what that could mean and what had changed. The only thing I could think of was my sister had come home from college. Lisa, my sister, is a few years older than me and studying to be a nurse. Once she was done with school for the year she had returned for the summer, but that was the only thing that had changed.

It wasn’t until mid-July that my suspicions of what was happening to me turned to something sinister. I woke up one morning and went to the bathroom to take a leak and my urine stream sprayed in three directions. The only time that happens is after sex or tossing off and the dried semen clogs my hole. I didn’t wake up with my sheets gross from a wet dream or remember having one and I knew I hadn’t masturbated either so what the hell? When I left the bathroom after cleaning up the mess I ran into Lisa.

“Hey, baby brother. How’d ya sleep,” she asked, smacking my ass like in sports.

“Okay, actually really well. I don’t think I even dreamed.”

When I said this, the look on her face seemed strange like she knew I hadn’t as well, before I said it. I began to put things together. Sister comes home, my sex drive drops, I wake up with dried cum in my cock and have been sleeping really good and not dreaming that I can remember. And Lisa was acting a little strange all summer toward me. I caught her watching me mow the lawn with my shirt off and she has been more touchy-feely than usual. I decided to do some investigating that night because something was just not right.

Before I went to bed I adjusted my webcam on my computer monitor to focus on my bed. Then I started recoding video, turned off my monitor to hide that fact and went to bed like normal. I sleep naked, have since high school. When I woke up the next morning I couldn’t remember dreaming and my cock was soft, which never happened before Lisa came home. I had to pee but was too curious to see if the webcam had picked up anything.

Getting on my computer I stopped the recording and had to wait a long ass time for it to save and render the long video since I had recorded almost eight hours. I really had to pee so while it was working I quickly went to the bathroom and hurried back to my room, shut the door and locked it. The video was almost done, and I started it at the beginning. There I was, stripping down and getting in to bed. Luckily I have a streetlight outside my room that sends light into my window giving me a decent picture because when I turned off my room light it got much darker. I used the settings on my computer player to brighten the image as much as I could and then began fast-forwarding to see if anything happened.

Suddenly, about three hours in a saw a blur pass the screen, making me jump and stop the video to regular speed. To my shock and amazement I saw it was Lisa. She had something in her hand and was wearing her little nightshirt she sleeps in. I leaned forward, watching the screen with all my attention when someone knocked on my door, making me jump. I scrambled to stop the video.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“Lisa, can I come in?”

“I’m not dressed, what do you need?”

“I’m a nurse, Luke, it’s not like I haven’t seen everything before.”

“What do you want, Lisa,” I said ignoring her comment.

“Just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out today, maybe go to the beach or something?”

“Yeah, maybe… I guess.”

“Okay, well, I’ll talk to you at breakfast.”

I waited a few seconds before turning the video back on and the volume down. I watched with increasing alarm as my sister pulled back the sheets very slowly to uncover my chest and arms. Then she put the thing in her hand on my shoulder just above my bicep. I looked at my arm in real time, seeing if I could see any remnants of what she had put there. In the video it looked like a round patch and stuck to my arm. I couldn’t see anything now but when I smelled my arm I noticed a distinct aroma, like alcohol or some kind or solvent.

After Lisa put it on my arm she stood by my bed for probably ten minutes, waiting. Her back was too the camera and I could swear she was rubbing herself with her hands in front but with the bad video and light I couldn’t be sure. After she waited she reached out to me and shook me. I didn’t wake up! She even called my name and shook me again. The patch was a drug! My sister’s drugging me!

If that wasn’t enough to freak me out canlı bahis what happened next surely did. She pulled my covers completely off my body and grabbed my flaccid cock. My mouth dropped open. My sister was stroking me, and my cock hardened as I slept. Then to my amazement she leaned over and started sucking it. I stopped the video, leaned back in my chair and stared at the frozen image of my sister’s mouth halfway down my shaft. My fucking sister was molesting me as I slept!

I felt my cock roll over, looking down it was growing on its own, something that hasn’t happened for a while. The idea of Lisa sucking me had conflicting results. Naturally I was disgusted but also turned on. I wondered how long she had been doing this, and the answer was simple. Since she came home from school. It explained everything.

My cock hardened completely as I stared at the screen and I started the video again, too curious to stop. Lisa sucked me for a good while and it was now obvious she was playing with herself as she did it. Her free hand was just grinding away between her legs as she sucked and stroked my cock with her mouth and the other hand.

When she stopped she stood up and pulled her shirt off. My mouth dropped. I never saw my sister as attractive before. I mean, fuck, she’s my sister. But the woman on the screen, now naked, was gorgeous. Her breasts were firm, round and matched her thin athletic frame. They weren’t too small but just perfect. Her shapely bottom was amazing capping off her long legs. Her brown hair in a pony bounced gently against her sexy back and I noticed, as she turned, she had shaved her muff clean. My body just laid there, with my cock bouncing to my heartbeat. It was surreal to watch myself like this and not remember anything.

Lisa climbed onto my bed, crawled over my body and grabbed my cock again. She gave it a few strokes before tearing open a condom with her teeth and unrolling it onto my stiff shaft. Once it was unrolled, she lifted herself up, pulling me vertical and eased down onto my cock. I looked down at my throbbing penis between my legs, oozing now plentifully. The penis that I now knew had been in my sister’s pussy, who knows how many times. My hand went naturally around it; I began stroking as my sister began riding me on the video.

My microphone began to pick up her moans as her efforts increased. I watched her grab her perky tits and pinch both nipples as she pounded down on my cock. She played with her clit as she grinded on my dick and moaned in enjoyment. I felt my pleasure increase as I stroked, so turned on by what I was watching. Lisa was riding me harder than a girl had ever ridden me. Just slamming down on my cock like no tomorrow and her noises were getting louder, but since my parent’s bedroom was across the house she feared nothing.

I watched my body, unresponsive, bounce slightly as my bed moved from Lisa’s assault. The girl had stamina and was in great shape. She rode me like that for over twenty minutes before turning around and doing the reverse cowgirl with her hands on my chest and her feet supporting her. This was when I got a great view of my condom-covered cock sliding in and out of my sister’s very wet pussy. The look on her face was pure bliss. It was apparent she was going to cum soon. I heard her began speaking.

“Almost there… Almost there…. don’t you cum yet, Brother. Don’t you go soft on my yet!” she voiced with an angry tint.

About a minute later she began to cum, her body tightened up visually and she started to make small yelps between breaths, almost like a puppy. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, causing my balls to lift. I stood up and ejaculated on my desk and was shocked because of how little came out. It was a pathetic amount of semen, the least I had ever seen. Not only did it not shoot out, the color was off as well, just dribbling out of my slit onto the desk to make a grey mostly clear small puddle. I knew then that my sister had been draining me almost completely during the night.

I heard her talking again, on the video, “Good boy, Luke, you didn’t cum until after I did. I’m training you well.”

I watched as she got off me. My cock was deflating and the condom was full of my semen. She pulled it off me, tied it closed, dropping it on the floor. Then she started sucking me clean, sucking my soft cock, and swallowing the remains of my load! I was stunned. My sister was a fucking slut, crazy whore!

The knock on my door startled me again but worse this time. I had a small load of semen in plain sight on my desk and my sister sucking my soft cock on my computer screen. I stopped the video, found a sock to clean up my cum and asked who it was again.

“Me, just wondering when you’re coming down for breakfast. Mom made our favorite,” Lisa responded.

“I’ll be down in a minute.”

She left again and I shut the video off completely, moving the file to a secure location because I had a feeling my big sister wasn’t done with me especially after the small load I had given that morning. The problem came when I bahis siteleri left my room. How was I going to face her? How was I going to sit at the same table knowing what she had been doing to me? Should I confront her? She I tell my mom and dad?

I decided to do nothing for now, just act normal and give nothing away until I could figure out what I should do. I walked into the kitchen and froze, almost giving myself away. Lisa was sitting at the table in her bikini top ready for the beach and the image shocked me. The video of her naked had changed the way I saw my sister now. Sitting at the table in her skimpy string bikini and her hair pulled back like on the video caused me to stare.

“Finally, breakfast has been ready for a while, Luke,” Lisa said, pulling me out of my thoughts.

I regained my composure and sat down. Mom dished up my plate and sat it down for me.

“So you two are heading to the beach today?” Mom asked.

“Yep,” Lisa said quickly.

“I didn’t say I was for sure,” I said.

“Oh, come on, Luke… it will be fun. I bet there will be tons of hot chicks.”

“Yeah, maybe… don’t really care.”

“Are you feeling alright, Luke,” my mother asked.

“Fine, just don’t think I want to go to the beach today.”

“You haven’t spent much time with your sister this summer. I think it would be fun for you two to spend a day.”

Not spent much time with my sister? Oh if she only knew how much time I had been spending! Mom would freak out. I really didn’t want to go. I wanted to figure out what I was going to do about Lisa and I wanted to finish that video and see what else she had done.

“Please, Luke, just come to the beach with me. I’m already dressed and ready.”

Yes she was, she looked great in her swimsuit and this gave me the opportunity to look at her again without being suspicious.

“Is that new?” I asked.

“Brand new.”

“It’s pretty small,” Mom said.

“I’m a grown woman, Mother.”

“I know, I just forget sometimes.”

I hadn’t taken my eyes off Lisa while they conversed. Lisa’s eyes returned to me, seeing me looking at her.

“Do you like it, Luke?” she asked.

“Sure, it’s okay.”

“Just okay? Wait; let me stand up so you can see the whole thing?”

“Or lack of,” Mother added.

I smiled but it went away quickly as Lisa stood and twirled her body in the kitchen. The bottoms were just as skimpy as the top, leaving very little to the imagination. She looked amazing, and seeing my sister as a sex object continued, and it was her fault.

“Well?” she asked again.

“I have a feeling you’ll be the hit of the beach today.”

“I knew it, you like it. So you’re coming with me?” she asked, excited.

“I guess, I’ll come.”

She hugged me, giving me a kiss on the cheek and smashing her breasts against my shoulder. Normally I wouldn’t have thought anything of it but now everything was different. It was harder than I thought to act normal. My thoughts were betraying me. For one I found her sexy as hell now and the other part of me was angry with her and wanted to rat her out. Talk about conflicted.

She ran off, leaving me to eat, I watched her tight ass all the way around the corner. That’s when I started devising my plan. If my sister was going to fuck me I was going to at least get something out of it and that something was to remember it. But how?


The entire time at the beach, I worked on a plan. The biggest issue was how I was going to stop the patch Lisa put on my arm from working. I didn’t want her to know I was really awake. Her nursing education had given her a way to knock me out. Who knew how many patches she had. I thought about trying to counteract her drug with something else, but that just seemed dangerous and where was I going to get drugs? As I sat on the beach, watching my sister untie her bikini strap and lay on her stomach she asked me to rub lotion on her back. I had done this before and it was nothing then but now? Now was different. Squeezing the lotion out on my hand and rubbing it into her sexy back caused my cock to move again. I was now only turned on by my sexy sister apparently! My hands slipped to her sides, brushing the beginning of her breasts and my cock really started to lurch. I finished up fast, trying to hide my growing boner in my swim trunks. But she asked for me to do her legs as well. I normally wouldn’t have thought a thing about it and just did it so to not give myself away I added more lotion to my hands and proceeded to do the back of her legs. When I approached her butt most of her cheeks were showing from the skimpy suit, I was already half erect and knew if I touched her ass I’d be rock hard. I stopped before her luscious buttocks and sat down.

“I think you missed some,” she said.

“You can reach that yourself,” I countered.

“Must be my new swimsuit, never bothered you before,” she said, grabbing the lotion and spreading it her self with a giggle.

As I sat there, trying to hide my boner, Lisa lying next to me I looked bahis şirketleri at my hands. They were coated with the lotion and this gave me an idea. What I needed was some kind of shield between the patch and my skin. I knew sunscreen wasn’t going to work but something might… but what? My mind was so preoccupied on finding a solution I hardly noticed the hot girls walking by looking at me, some even stopped to talk but I practically ignored them and they didn’t stick around long, probably thinking I was a total ass. Lisa commented on this as well but I think she was actually enjoying my lack of interest, since she had caused it.

On the way home from the beach, Lisa stopped at a convenience store, she said she had something to pick up. She ran in and when she came back I could see the box of condoms through the thin plastic bag but said nothing. Those condoms were for me and I knew it! But they also gave me an idea. Condoms are made of latex; maybe I could use something like that on my body to stop the patch from taking effect.

Once at home I went to my room and began doing research on latex and soon discovered I could get some in liquid form that would dry once applied to something. I left for the home improvement store and found just what I was looking for. By the time I was back it was almost dark. Mom and Dad were watching TV and Lisa was out with some old girlfriends from high school. I went directly to my room to try my new idea and also to watch more of that video.

I quickly discovered the liquid latex might just work perfectly. It dried quickly, moved with my skin and was transparent. When I turned off the lights in my room I couldn’t even see it on my arm. I didn’t know if it would stop the patch but it was worth a try. I hid the container, cleaned my arm off in case someone came to see me before bedtime and opened the file of Lisa fucking me. I skipped ahead to the part where she was cumming and watched it again, which got me hard quickly. I view her clean me with her mouth and then it was all new material I hadn’t seen yet.

After she cleaned me she sat on my bed, staring at me and running her hands on my chest and abs obviously wanting to stay and wanting me hard again. About five minutes later she began to talk to my unconscious body and touching my cock again.

“Okay, little bother… that should be enough time. Come on, get hard for me… can’t waste these patches. Got to get you up twice at least,” she said rubbing my manhood, looking for new life.

“Ah, there you go. I feel it growing now. I knew you could do it,” she said about a minute later.

My cock was growing on screen, giving my sister something to put her hand around and begin stroking until she had me fully engorged again. Thoughts ran through my mind. If the latex worked I would be able to feel and remember everything she was doing. My cock was just as hard as it was on screen now and Lisa had gone back to sucking me. She seemed to really like giving head, taking her own sweet time and it seemed like she was practicing her technique as she did. She worked on taking me deep and holding herself down onto my long shaft as long as she could, before twisting her head and bobbing up and down and sucking hard. I heard a pop on the speakers as she let me out of her mouth while sucking. I couldn’t imagine how good that would actually feel, I had never had a girl take me that deep before or suck me like Lisa was.

My cock was oozing now as I stroked it to my sister’s blowjob. I was so excited for tonight, to try the latex and then I wondered if she would come to my room again two days in a row. Was this an everyday thing or did she give me a break once in a while. I remembered the small load that morning and had a feeling Lisa was doing me every day.

It was getting late. I heard my parents turn the TV off downstairs and I knew they would come and say goodnight so I stopped the video just as Lisa stopped sucking me and turned to get something. I figured it was another condom but never found out since I had to shut it off.

My parents knocked, and came in.

“Turning in soon?” Dad asked.

“Yep, I’m pretty tired.”

“Did you have fun at the beach today with Lisa?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, it was good to catch up. By the way… is she home?” I asked.

“Not yet, but it shouldn’t be much longer, why?”

“Oh, noting just wondering.”

Mom looked at me oddly and they left. I was so excited to try my idea I went to bed early, prepping both arms just in case Lisa put the patch on the other one this time. I made sure to coat a good area from my shoulder to my elbow and even doubled up on the latex hoping the added layer would keep the drug from penetrating my skin.

I was so excited my cock hadn’t gone soft since watching the video again. I lay naked in my bed, too eager for Lisa to come in to sleep, just listening for her arrival. Around midnight she finally came home. I heard her walk past my door and stop before continuing off to her room like she was listening. About a half hour later my door slowly opened and my heart started beating hard in my chest. This was it, the moment of truth. Would it work or would I be knocked unconscious when she applied the patch, to miss out on everything I had been anticipating.

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