Summer Of Discovery Ch. 11

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Double Penetration


Mark and Melanie are twin brother and sister. Since the Ferris Wheel/lightning incident several weeks earlier, they had discovered that they could feel what the other twin was thinking about themselves, and what other people were feeling toward their twin. At least, they could feel sexual thoughts, and they found that they were suddenly very hot for each other. Both seemed to be somewhat normal when they were apart. However, when they were together sex was foremost in their minds. At least it WAS that way.

Mark had been dating Melanie’s best friend Sheri, and Melanie had began dating Mark’s best friend Jim. By ‘dating’, I mean they had discovered, with their sibling’s help, that the friends had the hots for their sibling. So, even though the twins had come to enjoy sex with each other every day lately, they each had new partners to discover exciting and different ways of getting close. Now, their cousin, Tammy was visiting from college.

(See “Summer Of Discovery 1-10” for more details of the events leading up to the present.) Enjoy!

Melanie awoke early, feeling horny as usual. Glancing beside her, she saw that her cousin was still fast asleep. Lying there in the still of the pre-dawn morning, she sensed a dream, not hers but her brother’s. He was dreaming about having his penis between his girlfriend’s big breasts, fucking them as she licked his head on every stroke. No wonder Mel was feeling so randy. Mel crept quietly to the bathroom between their rooms, peed, and decided she MUST go see Mark.

She went to the foot of his bed, folded back his covers, and crawled up between his legs, eyeing his hard cock standing up proud as he lie on his back. She licked it and took it in into her mouth, savoring the feel, smell, and taste of her brother’s fine member. She used her tongue and mouth in rhythm with his dream. He thought his girlfriend was sucking him more. After taking more and more of him, almost deep-throating him, he awoke with a start, wondering what was happening. She looked up and gave him an assuring look, never stopping her sucking. He understood immediately and smiled back at her.

Soon, she climbed up his body, his cock trailing its wetness down her chin, over her chest and breasts, past her bellybutton, over her clit, and slid into her wet pussy. She kissed him and moved her butt back and forth, up and down like it was hinged, fucking his long, hard cock with urgency and need. He kissed her with passion while feeling her breasts and nipples, which were hard from her excitement. Faster and faster they fucked like an old churn.

“Cum in me, please? Make me cum too. I love you so much, baby. I sensed you dreaming about Sheri and just had to have you. But we must hurry before Cus wakes up,” Mel groaned.

She fucked him as fast as she could, with him helping by pulling her hard ass cheeks down onto him. In several minutes of this action, they felt their approaching orgasms, then came together in an explosion of cum and clenched muscles. They kissed and hugged each other, feeling utterly spent, not wanting to move.

“Mel, you have to go now. I sense Tammy waking up,” Mark whispered.

Slipping her cotton nightie back on, she scurried over to the bathroom door and entered as Tammy was coming in the other side.

“Oh, good morning. I was just waking Mark up. I’m hungry. Want some breakfast?” Mel asked, heading out into her room.

“Good morning, Mel. Sure. I’ll be down shortly,” Tammy replied.

Mark came in to pee, nude with a half-hardon. Tammy was still there.

“Oh, I didn’t hear you. I really have to go pee. Sorry, but I really gotta go. Wanna help me? Want to hold it for me?” Mark asked with a devilish grin.

She stared as he stood by the toilet with his hands on his hips. She reached around him and grasped his deflating, yet still firm penis in her hand.

“How do you guys do this?” She asked, waving it around.

“Aim it down, like a garden hose. Don’t wave it around like that or we’ll have pee everywhere.”

And he started to pee just as she got it aimed at the toilet.

“Ahhhh. I needed that so much. Good job, Cuz. Now wait for it to end and shake it off.”

“Jeez, you guys have to work more than we do for this. All we do is sit down and let go.” She said, stroking it back and forth and up and down.

“Why is this thing so sticky? Yuk, it feels wet too.” “Didn’t you wash it after sex with your girlfriend last night? Oh, She’s not here is she?” She asked with concern, looking past him into his room to check.

“No, she’s not, and you’d better not tell her about us, you know, doing it that one time. I really like Sheri and don’t want to mess up things with her.”

Without answering her question about being with his girlfriend, he washed off his penis, with her eyes watching his every move.

She grasped it again and said with a smile, “That’s better. If I’m going to have this thing inside me again, I want it to be clean.”

“Ohh? What do you mean, ‘If I’m going to have it inside me again’?”

Smiling, she replied, “Well, after all the stuff going on at the Drive-in the other night, bahis firmaları with me being left out and all, and this wonderful dream I had last night, a girl has needs too you know!”

She put a hand on his shoulder and stood up on her toes to kiss him on his lips, feeling his cock firming in her hand. She didn’t know what was happening, but whenever she was near Mark, or even Mel, she felt warm and tingly inside. It was a new experience that she couldn’t fight. Heck, she didn’t even want to fight it. She only wanted sexual satisfaction, and she wanted it now.

“Would you make love to me, please, Mark?”

How could he say no. She was a hot chick, a more mature college student. He could learn a lot from her, he reasoned. He took her by her hand, led her to his room, took off her nightie and laid her back on his bed. He kissed her all over until she was squirming with readiness, then mounted her, making love to her the way she asked.

Mel sensed everything. It didn’t upset her in the least. She was happy for Mark, getting two hot chicks in one morning. She knew it would be a while before they came down for breakfast, so she made her own and sat back to enjoy feeling the two cousins making love upstairs. Ah, life was good. Her mind wandered to Jim, her boyfriend and Mark’s best friend. She missed him and wanted him too. She sensed that Jim wanted to see her also. That was new, because she previously could only tell what other people were feeling or thinking about her brother, not herself. And he was miles away. Hmm?

Mark and Tammy came down soon to have breakfast together. There is definitely a glow about them from the sex they all had just had. Everyone was smiling and happy, chatting freely and discussing their plans.

“I really need to go see Jim,” said Melanie. “And I know he wants to see me too.”

“And I need to see Sheri too. Should we go meet them somewhere?” asked Mark.

“Sure. Let’s go down to the Chubby Burger and meet them for lunch later. But first, you know we have to get our chores done. Then mom and dad won’t mind us going out. Will you help us out, Tammy? Then we can all go have some more fun this afternoon. You in?”

“Sure,” Tammy replied. “I’m ready. Let’s go get those chores finished.”

They called Jim and Sheri who were happy to meet them at the burger place later. So, off they went doing their work in record time. Then it was off to town in the pickup truck, the three of them, with Mark driving, Tammy in the middle, and Mel riding shotgun, her long blond hair whipping her face in the wind. Tammy enjoyed the feel of Mark’s leg against hers as they drove, sensing pangs of guilt at her feelings for him and the fact that they had just played with and fucked each other a few hours before. And now he was rushing to see his girlfriend. Mark couldn’t wait to see his buxom redheaded girlfriend Sheri. Of course he was aware that he had fucked the two lovely young ladies seated beside him just that morning, but his thoughts now were only on seeing Sheri. Ah, love?

Jim and Sheri were there already and had grabbed the corner booth. Mark hugged and kissed Sheri and slid in beside her as Tammy sat beside them. Mel gave Jim a big kiss and a long hug, not wanting to remove her stomach from his penis that was pressing into it. So they ordered some food, played some music on the jukebox, and enjoyed talking and touching each other, that is, the couples touched each other every chance they got. Mark and Mel could sense everyone’s thoughts, of course, and they knew that everyone here wanted more. Jim and Sheri’s desires were heightened by the presence of Mark and Mel, as was Tammy’s. It was time for something more.

“Hey, let’s go up to Ray’s Creek, Jim,” said Mel. “Tammy, you can come too. It’s pretty and quiet up there and the sun doesn’t set until about nine so we have plenty of time. OK?”

“Sure, sounds good,” they replied.

“You guys take the truck and I’ll get a ride home later from Sheri. We’re just going to hang out at her home for a while. See you all tonight then,” said Mark.

Mel knew Mark wanted to be alone with Sheri and knew the plans in his head, so it was easy to get the next step started. Off the three went in the truck while Sheri drove Mark to her home. Mel knew the way so she drove. It wasn’t far, but the roads got narrower and finally became a narrow dirt road going up to the spot she wanted. Finally, they arrived.

“We’re here. It’s the old swimming hole and it looks like we’re the only people here. That’s good. Let’s go see how it looks,” Said Mel.

They walked down to the water, enjoying the quiet, with only the birds chirping, the wind blowing through the trees, and the occasional clicking insect. It was a warm day and the water looked really inviting.

“Hey, let’s go swimming,” suggested Mel.

“But we don’t have swim suits Mel. How can we do that?” Asked Tammy.

“We can go in our underwear. Why not? No one’s here and we’re all friends, right?”

“OK, let’s do it.”

They removed their shorts, then shirts, revealing an interesting situation: Mel wasn’t wearing a bra so she was standing there in only her red kaçak iddaa boyshort panties, standing tall with her firm cone-shaped breasts heaving with each breath for all to see. Jim just smiled at his lovely girlfriend, and at the sight of her cousin, who was now clad only in a lavender bra and matching bikini panties, and looking pretty hot herself with her shorter blond hair and firm breasts and butt. He hadn’t seen too many other girls’ bodies, especially in these circumstances.

“Mel, what are you doing?” Tammy almost yelled.

“I seldom wear a bra in summer. I don’t mind. You’ve both seen me, so who cares?” Mel reasoned.

“I don’t mind!” snapped Jim, smiling from ear to ear.

“I bet you don’t,” said Mel, rushing into his arms and giving him a big kiss and hug, making his big bulge grow instantly. “Last one in’s a rotten egg.”

And she ran off toward the water, boobs bouncing up and down as she dove into the water, followed closely by Jim and Tammy. They laughed and swam, splashed and dunked each other and had a good time. Of course, the water made Tammy’s underwear translucent and her parts showed through almost like she was nude. And Mel was even closer to being naked. This had an effect on Jim. His boxers could barely contain the bulge that was growing at the sight of these two very sexy women. Mel began groping a feel under the water, even jumping into his arms while wrapping her legs around his waist. She pressed her pussy against his cock and wanted even more of it. Jim was embarrassed to be getting a hardon so he left to swim some laps and cool down.

Tammy caught Mel alone while Jim was doing laps and whispered to her, “You were right. He is a stud. I’ve never seen a bulge like that before.”

“Yeah, and it even gets bigger than that. You should see it when I suck him or ride him,” Mel teased back. “And he likes you too, you know?”

They played some more and Tammy came back to Mel and asked, “What do you mean that he likes me? He’s your boyfriend. I can’t believe my innocent little cousin is talking that way about her boyfriend.”

“I mean that I can tell that he likes you, and that your sexy body turns him on. I saw how he was checking you out when you undressed. I can read his mind, you know. Oh, don’t worry. I don’t mind. I can read your mind too, and I know the thoughts that you’re having right now about him, wondering what it would be like to hold that big cock in your hands, to take it in your mouth. You’re getting turned on thinking about it.”

“What? I’m not thinking about him. What are you saying? You can’t read my mind.”

“Oh, I forgot that we didn’t tell you yet. Sorry.”

“Tell me what?”

“OK, when Mark and I got struck by the lightning, we were touching, holding hands, and I guess because we’re twins, it awoke something inside us that made it where we can read other people’s minds when they are thinking about our sibling. And another interesting side effect is that it made us kind of hypersexual. I mean, we’re horny all the time and it seems that everyone that is near us gets more turned on too. It’s not a bad problem. So, when I say you are thinking about Jim’s cock, it doesn’t bother me because I know it’s not your fault. And he can’t help being turned on by you when he’s with me. I’m getting used to this by now.”

“Wow, that’s hard to believe.”

“Believe it. It’s real. Like now, Mark is in Sheri’s bedroom, fondling her large, white breasts and kissing them. She’s stroking his nice cock, making it big and hard. It won’t be long before they’ll be making love in her bed. I can’t believe that guy. This will be his third time today! You know, this is something new. I can “see” him and he can “see” me right now. He knows what we are doing here right now. That’s the new thing, that we can do this over a greater distance now. It used to be that we had to be close together for it to work. This is the first time we’ve been able to do it across town.”

“What do mean, “see” him, or how do you know what’s happening over there?”

“I mean I see what ever he sees in his mind, whatever he’s thinking about, and what people are thinking about him. Like, I know Mark is turned on by seeing us here without clothes on, and Sheri is getting very horny in turn and wants Mark.”

“And what do you mean, it’s his third time today?”

Taking a deep breath and smiling, Mel decided to tell her everything, “I mean, I know about you catching Mark in the bathroom today, and playing with him, helping him go pee, and fucking him in his bed. I felt or “saw” every bit of it, as I did the first time when I set it up for you two to meet when he got out of the shower. I would have had to masturbate from it, but… Well, do you know when you were wondering why his cock was so sticky and you thought it was from seeing his girlfriend or something? It wasn’t. I woke him up this morning by sucking his cock, then fucking him. You almost caught us! That’s why I know this will be his third time today. And his third woman.”

“Oh, my GOD! You can do this! And you’re fucking your brother?”

“Making love is more like it. I love him very much. We just can’t keep kaçak bahis our hand off each other now, that’s all. We didn’t do anything before the lightning and were about as normal as any other kids. Like I said, it’s a problem, but not really a bad one. And, if you think Mark’s got a nice cock, wait until you see Jim’s. It’s huge. And I do plan to have him today because we haven’t done it since the drive-in when I was sitting on him.”

“I knew you guys were doing something over there. It really turned me on, you know.”

“Well, we’ll see what happens but I know he can’t refuse me. Here he comes.”

Tammy was stunned at the revelations made to her by her sweet, innocent little cousin. Her mouth was physically open and her mind was reeling at the thoughts and implications of the things Mel had been up to. And she had no knowledge at all about the camping trip. That would really have blown her mind.

Meanwhile, over in Shari’s house, Mark and Sheri had been making out since the minute they arrived there. He had her blouse opened, her bra removed, and was fondling and sucking her big, white breasts while trailing kisses on her mouth, neck, shoulder, to her hardening nipples. The pretty redhead was moaning from desire and anticipation. She smelled sweet, like a flower garden on a warm summer day. Like Mel was just saying, Mark was horny, and the people near him became that way too. They hadn’t done anything together since the drive-in either, and that was just a blowjob from her. She wanted more today and knew she would get it.

“Hey, Mel just told Tammy about our little gift. They’re all swimming in their underwear up at the Ray’s Creek swimming hole,” Said Mark.

“Really? And you can sense Mel from here?” Asked Sheri.

“Yeah. That’s strange, isn’t it? She realized it too. It’s just like I’m there with them. I see everything. Tammy’s in her wet bra and panties, Mel is only wearing panties of course, and Jim is trying to hide his growing cock. I think he’s going to be in for a surprise later, if I know my sister.”

“I bet. Wait ’til she sees Jim’s big thing. I bet there aren’t many guys in her whole college like him. But I’ve got you and that’s all I want right now,” She said, rubbing his cock through his pants while kissing him.

She unzipped his pants and unbuttoned them, allowing access to her desired object. Sliding her hand down his stomach and over his underwear, she reached in the opening and pulled his growing member up through the top, feeling and stroking it with her soft hand while they kissed and he squeezed her big round globes. He hurriedly removed his pants and shirt while she continued stroking him. He tossed her blouse aside and attacked her shorts. With one motion, he lowered her shorts and panties over her hips and down her long white legs, and off, tossing them after the blouse and bra.

“I don’t know why I wear sexy panties for you. You barely even see them,” She frowned.

“Some day we’ll sit around all day in our underwear, but right now, I have something else on my mind,” Mark replied as he lowered his head, licking and kissing his way down her soft white body, to her nipples, stomach, legs, and flicked her little clit with his tongue. Her tight little pussy tasted delicious.

Back at the creek, the three had their fill of swimming and realized the dilemma of leaving the water in the state they were in. Mel didn’t care, but Tammy was practically nude with a stranger, Jim, whose large penis would be impossible to hide.

Mel suggested, “I’ve got a blanket in the back of the pickup. I’ll go get it and Jim and I can take off our underwear and lie down. Tammy, you can take off your panties and bra, hang them up with ours to dry and come join us, OK? We’ll just enjoy the sun and rest for a while.”

Mel hurried to the truck, grabbed the blanket, and spread it in a small clearing surrounded by bushes. Just as she removed her panties, Jim joined her and removed his briefs. They hugged and Mel couldn’t help copping a feel of Jim’s cock, even stroking its growing length before they lay down together in a spooning position with Jim in the middle of the blanket, his hand holding Mel’s firm breast. When Tammy saw that they had lain down, she joined them and removed her panties and bra, hanging them with the other objects in the bushes to dry out. As she lay down, she couldn’t help noticing how sexy the two naked bodies looked lying there together, and what a fine, firm butt Jim had. She was nervous but soon relaxed and went into a deep calmness with the warm sun beating down in the late afternoon, the birds chirping, and the faint sound of the water rolling down the creek.

Next to her, the two lovers looked calm on the outside but there was a storm brewing inside them. Jim’s cock grew large in the crack between Mel’s butt and legs, so large that something had to give. Mel lifted her upper leg, allowing the big cock to slide between her legs and smack into her bare pussy lips. She moaned softly and grabbed the upper half of it with her hand. He pushed forward at the feel and she replied by lowering her leg and pressing her butt back to meet his hips. Jim was caressing both breasts by now while Mel stroked him, making him rise to his biggest size and length. After a while of the handjob and pussy rubbing, she lifted her leg and tried to insert his cock into her wet vagina. He resisted.

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