Submissive to Master


Submissive to MasterThere once was a girl named Jenni, She loved to be naughty and to be submissive to one master only. But the problem she had was finding a master who could do that for her. Then one day she found a glorious master who knew what she wanted. He knew that Jenni loved being controlled and he knew that she loved to please him. And one day she told him about a fantasy of hers. And he told her “play out your fantasy for me Jenni, like a good girl.” She did as she was told, she got on her knees and stripped naked for her master. She crawled over to him on her hands and knees, then said “master I’ve been a good girl, please may I have your hard cock” as she kneeled down in front of him begging like the dirty girl she was. Then he stood up and smiled down at her and said “beg me again but do it better or else you will get nothing Jenni.” She stayed kneeling, knowing that her pussy was getting so wet for her master. sincan escort She ached to have his hard cock and to be controlled by him. She looked up at him and said “master please please, I’ll be a good girl to you, I need it master please.” He looked at her and smiled, then he unzipped his pants and slid them down. His massive hard cock sprang free. Her eyes widen as she saw how massive her master was. She looked up at him and then moved closer to him. She smiled then she begins sucking on the tip of her masters enormous cock. Then sliding it deeper into her mouth, as her master watches her and says “good girl Jenni.” She takes her masters hard cock to the back of her throat gagging on it. Then she suddenly stops and looks up at him and says “master may I please play with my wet pussy as I suck on your cock.” Her master looks down at her and says “yes you may” so she reaches down into her black cotton panties and starts escort sincan rubbing your little wet clit. Then she goes back to sucking her masters massive cock. Taking it deep down her throat, making her gag as she starts to finger her wet pussy. Pushing two fingers inside her pussy. She keeps sucking her masters cock, gagging over and over as she takes it deep down her throat. She continues to play with her wet pussy, she looks up at her master and shes the smile on his face. Then he grabs the back of her head and pulls her hair making her suck so deep and passionately. He then pulls her off and says “stop playing with your pussy and come her and have masters hard cock.” She stands up and slides her black cotton panties off then bends over for him. He walks up to her and slaps her cute bubbly ass. “I see how wet you are for me you dirty girl” he says to her then teases her. By rubbing the tip of his hard cock on the outside sincan escort bayan of her wet pussy. She moans and squirms, as she begs for her masters hard cock “please master, fuck me hard, please.” She moans out as she feels her pussy getting dripping wet for her master. Then he suddenly shoves his hard cock deep into her, making her moan out. He reaches up and pulls her hair and he fucks her deeply and hard. Then he slaps her ass with his free hand, making it sting a bit. As he fucks her so deep making her scream out, then he slaps her ass over and over. Until he leaves her ass cheek red, then he suddenly pulls out and says “come here, on your knees and take my cum like a good girl.” She quickly kneels down and he cums all over her face and into her mouth, she swallows his cum. And then smiles up at him and says “was I a good girl master?” He looks down at her and pats her head gently. “You were a very good girl today Jenni. Always be a good girl and master will give you his hard cock more often.” Then he slides his pants back up and zips them up again. And she stays kneeling down, waiting until the next time she has her master’s hard cock again.

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