SubmissionThe rhythmic click-clack of her three-inch black stiletto heels against the concrete ground reverberated off the walls of the alley, intensifying the sound as if it were a hundred pair of feet instead of just the one. Had it been night instead of day she never would have chanced walking through the dirty alley with its discarded trash and wandering bums, but it was not night and the alley was the only short cut that she knew of. Hidden in the midday shadows a dainty pale wrist lifted revealing a golden wristwatch with hearts for hands and a diamond encrusted above the twelve. Currently the big hand was on the nine and the little hand torn somewhere between the one and two, while the second hand continuously ticked around in a ceaseless reminder that even if you were standing still the rest of the world was still moving. Time stops for no one. Her small wrist dropped back to her side to dangle freely. She was already fifteen minutes late. This would not please him. And when he wasn’t pleased he got rough, violent even. She knew this yet did not move to speed up or quicken her pace, nor did she worry. In fact she slowed her pace considerably, the click-clack dimming and quieting as she reached the end of the alley and shadows and stepped out into the light.She was a small girl, barely over five feet tall—five-foot-three to be exact—but she gave off the feeling of someone much taller due to the proud way she held her head high as she walked out of the alley and turned a corner walking down a well-populated street in downtown Los Angeles. Other than her height, the first thing of note was how white and smooth her skin seemed, like porcelain or alabaster. Despite the extreme fairness of her complexion her skin still maintained a healthy glow to it, giving her an almost ethereal appearance. The stark whiteness of her skin stood out even more against her ruby red lips and scarlet mane which hung in a silky mass down to her waist. However, the most startling aspect of her visage was without a doubt her odd violet-hued eyes, which were both pale and oddly vibrant. It was not only the odd color of her eyes but also the look of sadness and weariness in them, as if she had seen and done things that made her appear far older than her mere twenty-two years. Her eyes were that of a person who had been to hell and had made it back only to find themselves even more lost and confused than ever. She attracted stares from nearly everyone she passed. A few bold males even whistled and howled at her, calling her ‘baby’ and even more annoying, ‘sweetheart.’ Yet her gaze remained fastened ahead as she was determined to be on her way. Of course upon realizing that she would not stop for their catcalls their terms of endearment quickly turned insulting and degrading, in a heartbeat she’d went from ‘baby’ kaçak iddaa to ‘bitch’ and ‘whore.’ Yet she never broke her stride even when she pulled her pea coat tighter around her small waist to fight the chilling breeze.Eventually the street narrowed and the people dissipated as she neared her destination. She crossed her hands over her chest as the wind picked up and rocked her small frame, causing her neat hair to blow to and fro all over her head. She was beginning to regret not wearing more clothes, but she knew he wouldn’t like that. In fact, he had asked her to come naked under the thick black coat, and she almost had until she opened a window in her apartment and felt the chill. But she reasoned that he wouldn’t be too upset once he saw the black mini skirt and matching lace up corset she’d decided to wear instead. No, she knew he would like it. He who liked to rip off her clothes, even her jeans, before he even spoke a word to her. He who used his mouth and hands to cause her just as much pain as pleasure. Suddenly she stopped walking and turned to look up at a three story brownstone building. Her violet eyes darted up to the fifth floor windows where, she imagined, he was staring down at her burning holes into the top of her head. She sighed as she pushed open the black metal door to the building and stepped inside. She was greeted almost immediately by the suffocating heat and heady aromas of the newly renovated building. As the door slammed shut behind her she nearly jumped out of her skin, but didn’t turn back. Even now it was too late to turn back. She walked over to the elevator of the lobby and pressed the button to bring it down. Out of habit she toyed with the gold chain around her neck; it was the only piece of jewelry that she wore besides the watch. She twisted it until the nameplate lay flat against her chest. It was a gift from him. Once she had left it home by accident. That day she had to catch a taxi home since she could barely walk. Now she never saw him without it.The bell rang announcing the arrival of the elevator. She stepped inside the large cubicle alone and waited until the doors closed before she pressed the appropriate button. The fifth floor. His floor. As was usual, she began to get nervous and breathe heavily as the elevator made its way up. Once she had even pressed the emergency stop button and gotten off on the third floor with the intention of leaving, only to find herself on his doorstep after walking the two flights up. That day he had made sure to leave marks. Now as she stood in the corner of the elevator she contemplated leaving, but then the bell rang and the doors opened. She was on the fifth floor. She walked out of the elevator and headed confidently down the hall, knowing she could not turn back. This was her addiction and she bahis siteleri would continue to give in to it until there was nothing left of her. She knew it and she knew he knew it. It was the reason he was able to do all those things to her with a smirk on his face. Because she wanted it. Craved it. And as long as that was a fact then he would continue to be the one to give it to her. She stood in front of his door unmoving. Her pale violet eyes stared at the golden 5H at the top of the black metal door. Slowly she lowered her eyes to stare at the small circular hole in the center of the door. As she had known it would be, the peep hole was dark. He was watching her. Emboldened and slightly annoyed she stared back, her gaze cold and unblinking. She felt her eyes begin to burn and reflexively she blinked, looking down at the floor beneath her feet. She heard the two clicks as the locks were drawn back. Looking up she saw bright light seeping through the peep hole, as she had known it would. Gripping the brass knob lightly she held it, inhaling deeply before she turned it and pushed the door open slowly. Exhaling she let it go as the door swung open wide revealing a spacious living room devoid of furniture except for a black leather loveseat and a circular glass coffee table positioned in the middle of the room. Four large floor-to-ceiling windows devoid of curtains showered the room with sunlight. The door hit the back wall and then swung back towards her slowly. He was nowhere in sight. Sighing she stepped into the room and shut the door behind her, drawing the locks. Turning she walked boldly over to the loveseat and took off her coat, folding it neatly and placing it on the arm of the chair. Now inside the room she looked around taking in her surroundings, something she did every time she saw him. To her right was an open kitchen with a marble island in the center surrounded by high stools. No table. Decorated in black and white, the kitchen was virtually spotless. Matching china sat unused in the dish holder next to a spice rack and cutting board. The industrial refrigerator with icemaker hummed softly as she stood there breathing it all in. She heard running bath water suddenly and her head jerked quickly to her left where a long corridor led to the master bedroom and bathroom. At the end of the corridor was a large broom closet which she knew was filled with bed sheets and cleaning supplies. The water continued to run for a few seconds and then it quickly shut off. She imagined him sitting on the edge of the large claw foot tub running hot water. He loved to take steaming hot baths when he was done with her. Sometimes she was allowed to join him, soaking her sore and aching body into the hot water in front of him while he washed her with a sponge. Most times, though, he liked güvenilir bahis to bathe alone. She never complained when he did. She didn’t realize she was daydreaming until her eyes began to glaze over. She blinked the fuzz away and stood there a moment longer simply staring down the corridor as she contemplated what to do. Most times he would be sitting on the sofa waiting with the door unlocked. In those cases all she had to do was stand in front of him and wait for him to give her instructions. Most times he just ripped her clothes off, if she was wearing any, without a word. But sometimes she would arrive to find that he was not in the living room but in the bedroom or kitchen. Those times she would wait standing in the living room until he acknowledged her. Usually she didn’t have to wait long. But today she was late.A minute passed and then another before she realized that he wasn’t coming out. She sighed distractedly as she contemplated leaving. But she knew that if she left she would never be able to come back. Not because he wouldn’t let her but because if she did come back she would be severely punished for leaving. No, leaving was out of the question. Inhaling a breath of fresh air she smoothed down her skirt and walked slowly down the narrow corridor, her heels clicking loudly against the hardwood floors. He knew she was coming, if he didn’t want her he could always call out and tell her to leave. She prayed he would, knowing that it was the only way she would walk out of there. She came to the bathroom and stopped. The rather large room was just as spotless as the kitchen and decorated in the same black and white tile with a matching shower curtain and towel set. The curtains were parted and she saw that the tub was half full, but empty. Puzzled for a moment she then realized that he must have left the bathroom when she was daydreaming. That or he was able to teleport and hadn’t told her. As if he told her anything else.Now knowing her destination, she continued on walking towards the bedroom. Her heart sped up just a little and her mouth became dry as she closed in on the bedroom not really knowing what to expect. She stopped in front of the open bedroom door and turned slowly on her heel, staring into the room. Large with a high ceiling, the bedroom was almost as big the living room with two large windows taking up an entire wall. Unlike the rest of the apartment the room was carpeted in thick navy shag which contrasted beautifully against the bare white walls. In the left corner of the room sat a black chaise with a matching foot stool. A large walk-in closet with sliding glass doors occupied a wall next to a large black dresser and mirror. A large King-size sleigh bed sat in the center of the room adorned in blue bed sheets and a comforter with four large pillows. As with everything else, the bed was impeccably made despite the fact that he was sitting on the edge of it. He stared at her blankly as she entered the room slowly and closed the door behind her, locking it.(To be continued…)

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