Sub basement dream


Sub basement dreamIt was over.  It was exactly one year ago today I was planning a very serious, life altering experiment and that experiment has come to an end. One year… One year to find myself and figure out what the fuck I’m doing with my life. One year goes by really fast.Let’s back up… Halloween 2011 I moved from New York to Philadelphia on a whim.  A man I barely knew offered me a chance.  A chance to get on my feet in a new city where I had no family and no friends… so grabbed that chance and ran with it.  I set a deadline and by January 2012 I was on my feet with a job, a place of my own and a sense of accomplishment I could not deny.But I was alone.I spent months this way.  Working long hours behind a bar and going home to an empty house; no friends, no family, no cable.  It was…… lonely.  No one in my new city happened to catch my attention.  Every man I passed by seemed to stare or compliment me but none were worth a second glance on my end.  There was one man, though…He was a coworker and I’ve always had a strict “no fraternizing” with coworkers rule.  It never ends well… But he caught my attention.  He caught my attention because I didn’t seem to catch his.  If he were to talk to anyone in my vicinity, he would walk away when i’d pass by.  It was almost like he was avoiding me.  So I respected his choice… but I took notice.One day… he noticed me.   I was at work early for once.  It was an ordinary day, other than the fact that I was early.  So I decided to use my extra time to my advantage and go to the sub basement for back-up bar supplies that I usually steal from the kitchen.  As the elevator door opened, he stood there.  I guess great minds think alike because antalya escort he had a cart of kitchen supplies with him.  Made sense, he did work in the kitchen. As I politely passed by him, he turned and asked if I needed help.  It was my first time down there so I accepted his offer and led him to the storage freezer.  I had no idea where anything was down there so I was greatful for the assistance.  He unlocked the chained freezer for me and led me way in the back to get what I needed. The freezer was tight and crowded but I insisted on getting the item myself since I did go all the way down there to get it.  As I slid by him, I accidentally grazed my ass against his hidden erection.  What began as an accident quickly became a lingered, cheap feel.  It had been so long since I felt a man‘s touch that even an accidental one was welcome.  This touch was electrifying.  It was dirty and wrong and secretive and over as quickly as it happened.  He pulled away.  Now I remember… He’s not interested in me.  I don’t even look at him. Embarrassed that I just caressed my ass against my coworker, I grab the juice I came down for and quickly turned to leave.  But there he stood, facing me in front of my exit.  I pretended that I didn’t notice him blocking my way and went to exit anyway.“Do you need anything else?““No.  I think I got it.““Are you sure?“Well I was sure I didn’t need any other bar supplies but something gave me the feeling that wasn’t all he was referring to.  Maybe it was his tone of voice.  Maybe it was him slowly putting his hand on the small of my back… but something gave me the feeling he was willing to help me out with more than juice. I didn’t know how to answer.  If I escort antalya say yes, I’m the new bar slut.  If i say no, well…. I didn’t say anything.  I just stood there like a deer in the headlights frozen by fear.  The fear of giving in to my desire rather than my moral obligation to class.  I’m a lady not the new bar bitch to be banged in the basement.  So I stood there…As I stood, he repeated the question as he stepped into me.  He was slightly taller than I so his lips lingered an inch above mine as he whispered,  “Are you sure?”.  As I stood still and silent, he slowly took the juice bottles out of my hands and placed them on a shelf.  He leaned in towards my ear and whispered one last time, “Are you?” And that’s when I realized if I don’t respond, he’ll stop.  So I nodded.Before I could complete my nod, in one swift motion, he had me up against the shelves, his rock hard dick bursting through his loose chef’s pants penetrated my clit through my pants.  His touch was firm yet gentle, forceful yet tender.  As his tongue ravaged my neck, I tried my best to stay grounded but his tongue quickly searched for new ground to cover.  Frustrated by my shirt, we simultaneously snatch it off.  I found this funny, he seemed to as well.  We giggle together, maybe it was the shirt or maybe it was the circumstance as a whole but in that giggle we made eye contact and I felt another spark.  All modesty flew out the window in that moment. The tables had turned.  I kissed him so fiercely, I caught him off guard.  I was soaking wet, horny and unleashed.  I had to have him.  I untied the draw string of his pants and threw them to the ground… He was stunned.  I used his reaction to my advantage antalya escort bayan and grabbed his dick.  It was throbbing in my hand, my mouth craved it but I was quickly distracted.  As I freed his cock from its confines, he simultaneously discovered the piercings on my nipples and my throbbing clitoral erection.  A place I had begun to refer to as no mans land had  formed a warm river and he had discovered it. He must have been surprised because when his fingers felt the moisture my grado had to offer, he instantly dropped to his knees and yanked down my pants, panties and all.  He engulfed my swollen clit like he was licking a dripping ice cream cone.  I couldn’t hold it in any longer… I tried my best to muffle my moan but it was too good.  His tongue tickled, caressed, scooped and flicked my clit in patterns couldn’t imagine.  Just when I thought the best had come (because I did) he touched my g-spot.  I lost it… I no longer wanted to taste him, I didn’t even want to feel him, I simply didn’t want this pleasure to stop.  My reaction made him dig deeper, lick faster.  I grabbed his head and held it tight in my pussy.  He wasn’t stopping until I said so.  I came so hard, I lost control of my legs and knocked half the storage items off the shelves. When he was done, he stood up, pulled up his pants and wiped his face on his sleeve.  I was speechless, motionless.  He looked me up and down, evaluating my condition I suppose, and asked, “You good?“I nodded. “Would you like me to take these up to the bar for you?“I nodded.He turned to walk away, to go back to work.  I couldn’t let him just leave!  We didn’t discuss this.  Had to stop him but I couldn’t move.  I was still trembling from my orgasm.  So I made the biggest gesture I could… I cleared my throat.  I guess it was enough because he responded, “Don’t worry.  This is our secret.“  And he left.I wanted to call out to thank him but then I realized, I didn’t even know his name.

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