student teacher


student teacherI watch you every day up there, writing on the chalkboard. I can barely pay attention to the lessons, those sexy legs that I want to have wrapped around me, those big amazing tits that I want to suck on and play with, and that amazing ass I just want to give it a good hard smack! I know you have seen me watching you, with lust in my eyes. I’ve seen the looks you give me, so full of hot desire and lust.Next week is my final week here; I need to make a move now. I wait until last class of the day, everyone has left. I go into the classroom and over to your desk, I ask you some questions about the homework, I accidentally drop my pen, it rolls closer to you than me. You bend over to get it, giving me a great view down your blouse to your perfect tits. You look up and catch me staring at you.I grin and say “That’s a really nice view there Professor Hope”, “Why …. thank you Johnathan” you say with a naughty look In your eye. “I’ve noticed you looking at me before with that look you have now, you like what you see?” You say as you undo a button. “Yes I do like what see” I say as I reach out and undo another of your shirt buttons. The shirt can barely contain your breasts now, one more button should cause them to pop out. You reach up and undo the next button, spilling your bra covered tits out. I reach over and start to fondle your tits through your bra, as you finish removing your shirt. I lean down and kiss you, deeply, passionately. I then trail kisses down your neck towards the valley between your breasts as you undo buca escort bayan the clasp of your bra, letting it fall to the floor. You moan as I capture your right nipple in my mouth, I pinch and tweak your left nipple at the same time, making you moan louder. I take my hand off of your nipple and trail it down your back towards your perfect ass. I give your ass a light smack, then harder as you as me to do it harder. Your ass is red by the time I’m done smacking it. I lift you up on to your desk, your legs on my shoulders. I grab your thong and pull it down and off. I tail kisses along your inner thigh, slowly heading towards your wet pussy. You grab my head and try to get me to go right to your pussy, I look up and say “Beg me, tell me how much you want this, how much you want one of your students to eat you out.” “Oh, god, please eat me out, make me cum hard. I wanna feel your tongue on my clit, and your fingers inside of me. Please I need this bad!!” you say. I give your pussy a quick lick, “Oh my God, YES, lick it good, mmmmmmmhhh”. I start to lick your pussy, as I finger your pussy, hitting your g-spot. Lick slurp lick as I eat your dripping wet pussy, and squish squish squish as I finger your pussy. I then start to tease your asshole with my other hand, slipping a finger in your ass, making you moan loud as you cum, covering my face in your juices. I stop and walk around to the side of the desk, take my cock out and tell you to suck it. You turn your head and start to tease the head of cock, licking it, making it harder. You start to suck on it, taking it deeper and deeper into your throat. Once I’m hard enough I go back to between your legs, rubbing my hard cock on your pussy, teasing you. “Do you want my cock in you, you dirty little slut? Tel me how bad you want it in you, sliding in and out of your pussy” I say. “I want your hard cock in as deep as you can get it in me; I want you to pound my pussy as hard as you can, make me cum hard, please. I’m begging you” you say. I rub my cocks head on you pussy again, pushing it into your hot wet pussy as your juices are dripping down your legs. I push my cock into you as hard as I can, burying myself deep in your pussy, my balls slapping on your ass as I pound your pussy mercilessly. Faster and faster I go, your pussy dripping juices everywhere, your tits bouncing all over the place, your moans echoing off the walls as I thrust into your pussy again and again, and again. Over and over.I stop long enough to flip you on your stomach, grab your arms from behind, and force my cock back into your pussy. As I fuck you doggy style on your desk, I give your ass a good smack. I grab your hair, pulling it a bit, I ask you who’s a dirty little slut, you yell “I AM!” “You am what?” I ask you, You yell again “I AM A DIRTY LITTLE SLUT, PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER.” I answer by smacking your ass again and increasing the speed of my thrusts. All you can do is moan as I fuck you hard and fast, you pussy is dripping wet. While I fuck you doggy style, I notice that you have buca escort a butt plug in. I grab the butt plug, and give it a tiny twist and say “Do you want to be fucked in the ass now?” “Yes, I love cock in my ass, please fuck my ass, I’m close to cumming, and I want to cum with your cock in my ass” I grab the lube I had brought just in case, using my fingers to lube your ass up, getting it ready. My cock slide out of your pussy, and pauses at your asshole, pushing against it, slowly entering you. You moan so loud I hear the windows vibrate a bit, as I push my cock all the way into your ass, till my balls hit your clit. I pull back and thrust back in again as I give our ass smack, leaving a red handprint. You moan loud as I thrust again, your tits swaying in the air, just above the desktop, your nipples drag across the desktop as they swing back and forth. You give one last loud moan before you cum HARD, squirting everywhere, again and again you squirt, leaving a large puddle of pussy juices on the desk and floor. As I pull out of your ass, I push the butt plug back in. We have to dress quickly as its Friday and security closes the school early. We just barely finish dressing and cleaning up when a security guard looks into the room and tells us we need to leave as the school is closing. We walk tot eh parking lot, we exchange numbers, and before you leave I give you a deep kiss on the lips as I grab your ass. “Don’t you forget to call me, we need to get together over the weekend for some more fun” I say. As we leave, I notice my ex-girlfriend giving me and you a dirty look. What possibilities are there for this weekend? What is the ex-girlfriend going to do?Dedicated to MrsHopeTell me what you think, comments, suggestions.

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